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I hope you found this article helpful! I'm Kyle, the creator of this site, which is probably pretty obvious after seeing the name. Like most, I've had my fair share of difficulties and a pretty bumpy road while trying to find success online, which is why I put togetherthis guide so that others can get started right the first time around.

Is Be The Boss Network a Scam? My Review Of It

Be The Boss NetworkIf you are looking to “be your own boss” then you might have come across this site called Be The Boss Network. I’m guessing you are suspicious of the legitimacy of this site, probably due to all he work from home scams that plague the internet.

If you are wondering is Be The Boss Network a scam, the answer is no. But there are definitely some things that you need to be aware of when it comes to joining this network and the programs that it promotes.

Be The Boss Network Overview

Be The Boss Network is nothing more than a job finder. Basically its just a big directory of MLM business opportunities that it helps match you up with.

It is free to sign up for and during the sign up process you will give your phone number, email, name, along with your personal goals and interests so that it can match you up with jobs that will be to your liking.

On the flip-side, BTB Network can also be useful for new mlm business owners who are looking to expand. If you own a mlm business you can get it listed in their directory and this will increase your chances of being found, hopefully increasing your workforce.

What Type of Jobs BTB Network Provides

BTB is all about mlm’s. For those who may not know, mlm stands for multi-level marketing. This means that there are multiple levels within the business and that you can earn money from those beneath you on lower levels.

MLM’s use what you call a direct sales business model. They don’t sell products in stores. Instead they use a independent distributors to market and sell their products. These independent distributors can be anyone…. you, me, your cousin… anyone can join.

As an independent distributor you get to work from home and you can work as little or as much as you want to. You pretty much are your own boss in a sense, although there are rules you have to follow.

How You Make Money

There are 2 main ways that you can earn money with mlm’s. It doesn’t matter what mlm you are looking at, they all have the same basic compensation plan. You can either make money from product sales to the general public, or you can make money by recruiting in other distributors and earning commissions from what they do.

Recruitment of other distributors is key if you want to make a lot of money. Top earners in mlm’s like these all have one thing in common, they have massive downlines, have climbed their way to the top, and earn nearly all of their money from the efforts of those beneath them.

The 2 common mlm structures that you will see are binary and uni-level. Both are focused around recruitment and honestly I don’t feel like explaining them too much. All you need to know is that they are all about recruitment of other distributors.

The Problem With These Business Opportunities

The problem with mlm’s is that very few people make good money. The recruitment style structures that they have make it nearly impossible to make good money unless you recruit, recruit, and recruit like crazy. Of course most distributors will be low on the structure so most people fail to make good money. That is why businesses like these have extremely high turnover rates.

There is a lot of money making potential without a doubt, but the reality is that only so many people can make it to the top and earn good money. Because in order to earn good money there has to be a lot more people at the bottom which the top will be earning off of.

These pyramid style compensation structures will never be good for the average person. I just reviewed several mlm business opportunities recently (Nucerity International, Organo Gold, Enagic, etc.)

Final Thoughts on Be The Boss Network – Scam?

This place is in no way a scam. All it does is matches you with mlm’s that you might have interest in. One thing you should know however is that you will also get emails about mlm’s that they think you might like. So be prepared.

While mlm’s are legitimate business opportunities, most people are destined to fail and that is my main problem. You have to be really good at recruiting and have that salesperson type of personality to really make big things happen. Personally I have nothing like that in my personality so I sure won’t be using BTB at all.

But anyways, use this site at your own risk. Just know that most mlm’s make their business opportunities appear very luring and better than they actually are.

Questions, comments, concerns? Leave them below in the comment section and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

Is Wealthperx a Scam? What I Think About It

WealthperxWondering is Wealthperx a Scam? I’m guessing you were probably told about this “club” from someone who is in it and wants you to join. Am I right? The reason I’m saying this is because members can make money by getting others to join and this seems to be why so many people are questioning the legitimacy of this business.

In this short post I’ll be reviewing Wealthperx for you and going over what you should know. I’ll be covering all that is included with a membership here, the business opportunity offered, and more.

Wealthperx Overview

Wealthperx is primarily a lottery club that you can join to get free tickets and to enter into lottery pools to have higher chances of winning. Additionally they also offer savings on ordinary shopping and on vacations.

This place used to go by the name LottoMagic but has since changed its name, probably because they no longer deal with just the lottery.

One of the main things that Wealthperx offers is a mlm business opportunity. With this, members can get paid for people they get to join, as well as the people they get to join, and the people they get to join, and so on.

What You Get

Ok, so pretty much you get 4 things when you join Wealthperx (depending on the level you join). You get savings discounts, free lottery tickets, and you get access to their business opportunity. I will go over the business opportunity later but as for now I’ll explain a bit about the savings and lottery parts of it.

Its a Savings Club

As a member you will be able to save money on all sorts of things. This includes savings from supermarkets, to amusement parks, to vacation packages, to restaurants and more. There is nothing I can complain about here. You are saving money…. whats not to like.

And a Lottery Club

The point of joining this club is to increase your chances of winning the lottery. When you join you will get free tickets for various lotteries. You will be entered into a pool with 7 other people that are in the same lottery. When anyone in your pool wins, you get 10% of that.

And yes… this is legal. Its not really any different then a bunch of friends getting together and doing an office lottery pool.

The Membership Levels

There are 6 different memberships: 3 for people just looking to enter the lottery and savings club, and 3 for people that are looking to also get access to the business opportunity.

For Players

  • Bronze – $30/mo
  • Silver – $60/mo
  • Gold – $120/mo

With these memberships you will get everything that I discussed above except you will not get access to the business opportunity that Wealthperx offers. The difference between these memberships is the amount of vacation package discounts you get and the lotteries that are available to you. With the Bronze you only get entered in 1 Florida lottery while with the Gold you get entered in multiple.

For Directors

For a director membership, which is what allows you to make money selling Wealthperx to other people, you are going to have to pay double. For example the Bronze Director Membership will cost $60/mo instead of the $30/mo that it would cost you just as a player.

The Compensation Plan

I mentioned earlier that this is a mlm business. For those who don’t know, mlm stands for multi-level marketing and this means that you can make money off of recruiting other people into the business beneath you.

There really isn’t too much information I could find about the compensation plan here, but I do know that the mlm structure goes down 5 levels deep. This means that you can earn commissions from the people you recruit in (1st level), the people they recruit in (2nd level)…. and so on down to 5 levels.

You will be earning these commissions on a monthly basis from each recruit beneath you because everyone is paying a monthly membership fee. Additionally you will also be able to earn 10% (minimum) of any director’s lottery winnings that is in your downline.

Conclusion on Wealthperx – Scam or Legit?

From what I see Wealthperx is in no way a scam. They are very transparent and what they tell you that you will get… you will get. There are no hidden costs or anything of that nature. You get what you see.

The only complaint I have is that the lottery is not a good way to make money…. at all. Most people lose obviously. Sure you have better chances of winning when you are in a pool like they enter you in here, but I just don’t know if it is worth the price paid.

The business opportunity is something you can make decent money with but that is a whole other ballgame. Now you are going to have to promote this opportunity and this isn’t as easy as it may sound. I make a living doing online marketing and traffic generation… it ain’t easy, especially if you don’t have a foundation to start with.

Overall I like what I see with Wealthperx but it might not be as amazing as you think. Join if you wish to, you don’t have to worry about being scammed, just don’t expect to get rich.

Questions, comments, concerns? Leave them below in the comment section and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

Is Nucerity International a Scam? – My Review

NuCerity InternationalWondering is Nucerity International a scam? With businesses like this a question of it being a scam or not is logical. There are some “shady” aspects to this business that I’m going to make known in this review. Because you are wondering if this place is a scam or not I’m guessing you were probably asked to join the business with claims of being able to make good money.

But is this place legit? Can you make good money? Is it worth your time? I’ll be going over a few things that you should definitely know about that people in the business probably will not tell you and I hope I can answer these questions for you.

Nucerity International Overview

Nucerity International is a mlm company that sells skin care products. From what I have read and heard online the products are pretty good and I can’t really complain about anything there. But I’m not here to talk about the products being sold. I’m here to talk about the business opportunity offered.

Nucerity does all its selling and marketing under what you call a direct sales business model. This means that their sales force consists of a bunch of independent distributors running around, which anyone can become.

Cost to Join

There is no required cost to join, unlike many similar mlm’s. Of course you are going to have to purchase some products at wholesale price because you are going to be selling them to make money, but the amount you buy and what you buy is ultimately up to you.

They do have starter packs available starting at $150 and going up to over $1,000. These packs are designed to give you a boost when getting started and come with a range of products that are good for those just starting.

The Compensation Plan

There are 10 ways that you can earn money with Nucerity International’s compensation plan. I’m not going to be covering all 10 of them but I’ll go over what I consider to be the main ways of earning.

Retail Profit

Retail profit is the simplest and most straight forward. You earn money when you buy products from Nucerity International at wholesale costs and sell them at a markup. You can also sell products through your own Nucerity International website and have them shipped to the customer automatically.

Team Volume Bonus

The team volume bonus is all about recruitment. This bonus comes from a binary structure where you have 2 people beneath you, 2 people beneath each of those people, and so on. You build up this team beneath you by recruiting other distributors and you will earn commissions from the team as a whole.

An illustration of a binary structure is on the right.

Team Matching Bonus

The team matching bonus is also all about recruitment as well. This is a unilevel structure and basically here you will be earning money from people in your downline and their own teams. You can earn up to 8 generations deep but when you start out you will only be able to earn on the 1st generation beneath you.

Moving Up The Ranks

If you want to unlock the entire comp plan you need to move up the ranks. As you see with the example here of the Team Matching Bonus, you will start out just earning from 1 generation deep but as you move up you can earn from all 8 generations…

Now you may be wondering.. well how do you move up the ranks?? The answer is RECRUITMENT. With each rank the required personal sales volume remains the same, so you don’t have to sell any more products on your own to move up. However, the team sales volume increases with each rank, meaning you need to recruit more people.

The Reality of This Business

The reality of this business is that the majority of people will not make good money. The comp plan favors recruitment to the point where if you don’t recruit you aren’t going to make good money. This mlm business model makes it so that only the top few percent of distributors make the majority of the money.

There is definitely a lot of potential to earn here but most people will fail.

Unfortunately I was not able to find an official income disclosure by the company to prove my point here but I have reviewed enough similar mlm’s to know that this is how it works. With a comp plan like this it is the only way it can work.

I just reviewed Organo Gold, Enagic, My Daily Choice, and some other mlm’s. Its the same story with all of them.

Conclusion on Nucerity International – Scam?

I do not consider Nucerity International to be a scam. They sell legit products and although they do put a lot of focus on recruitment, the money still all comes from product sales (although much of this is from new distributors buying).

The main problem here is that many people are mislead into thinking that this is some amazing business opportunity when the reality is that most people will not succeed. If you want to join this then go for it, the choice is yours. Just know what you are getting yourself into.

Questions, comments, concerns? Leave them below in the comment section and I’ll get back to you 🙂

Is Organo Gold a Pyramid Scheme Scam or Not? My Review

Organo GoldOrgano Gold offers a business opportunity that anyone can join in on. However, many people are hesitant to join due to the recruitment style nature of this business model. This business does share many resemblances to a pyramid scheme but that does not necessarily mean they are one.

If you are wondering is Organo Gold a pyramid scheme then I am writing this for you. In this short post I’ll be going over how this business operates, how it could be a pyramid scheme, the compensation plan, and more.

Organo Gold Overview

Organo Gold is a mlm company that sells coffee, tea, and products with an ingredient called Ganoderma, which is an Asian mushroom that supposedly has a lot of health benefits.

Like many mlm’s, much of their products are based on hype and don’t have much scientific evidence to back up some of the claims that are made. But I’m not really here to talk about the products. I’m here to discuss the business opportunity.

Organo Gold markets its products exclusively from the work of independent distributors. They don’t sell in stores and this is what you call a direct sales business model. The pyramid scheme side of things comes in when you look at the mlm structure they have. With this multi-level structure distributors can actually recruit in other distributors and earn money from what they do.

How You Make Money

Ok, so pretty much there are  two main ways to make money as a distributor. You can go out and sell products yourself and on your website and earn money from that , or you can go out and recruit new distributors into the business and earn money from what they do.

While selling products yourself is very important, and you actually have to maintain a certain level of direct sales in order to move up the ranks, recruitment is also a key component for making money in this business. And recruitment is where you will make the “real” money.

If you were to look at any big-time earner in this business I can guaranteed you that they are recruiting like crazy.

The Pyramid Scheme Side of It

Ok, so in the compensation plan that Organo Gold has in place there is both a binary and a uni-level structure in place. Below you can see the difference between the two.

They both are formed from recruitment of new members and with both you will earn money from those beneath you. But with the binary structure there are only 2 open positions below each person and with the uni-level structure there are infinite positions.

I don’t really want to get too into both of these. The important thing to know is that you can make money by recruiting people in beneath you in 2 ways here.

But you don’t have full access to the entire compensation plan here until you move up the ranks, unlocking more and more features as you go up. For example, the uni-level structure has 9 levels. The people you recruit are your level 1, the people that your level 1 recruits are your level 2… and so on down to 9 levels. So you can potentially earn money from those people 9 levels beneath you but in order to get to that point you need to move up all the ranks.

There are 12 ranks total. The thing that I don’t care for with the rank structure is that you are forced to recruit new distributors into the business if you want to move up the ranks. And since moving up the ranks is how you get the chance of earning more money… you are more than likely going to go out and recruit.

So Is It a Pyramid Scheme?

What separates a legit mlm from a pyramid scheme is the amount of revenue they make from product sales to the general public vs recruitment. When a mlm relies too much on recruitment for revenue this is when it crosses the line.

So does Organo Gold rely too much on recruitment? That is the real question. They obviously push distributors to recruit because it is a requirement if you want to move up the ranks. However…. it is also a requirement to make direct sales yourself. So there is still emphasis put on direct sales.

Honestly, I still think that Organo Gold is a legit mlm and not a pyramid scheme. They do lean a little close to the line between the two but there is just not enough to call them a pyramid scheme.

Conclusion On  The Organo Gold Business Opportunity

While Organo Gold is not a pyramid scheme as far as I see it, it still is not the great business opportunity that some people may lead you to believe. The fact of the matter is that with mlm structures like this that favor recruitment so much very few people make good money. Only the top few % make the good money while those at the bottom do not.

I have reviewed dozens and dozens of similar mlm’s (My Daily Choice & Evolv Health recently) and they are all the same when it comes to this.

Organo Gold’s official income disclosure proves exactly this… 86.34% of distributors make less than $600 per year…

Some people go on to make good money but most people do not. Just know what you are getting yourself into and if you still want to become a distributor than go for it.

Questions, comments, concerns? Leave them below in the comment section and I’ll get back to you 🙂

Is 50 Cent Freedom a Scam? My Review Of It

50 Cent Freedom50 Cent Freedom claims to be one heck of an online money making opportunity. But can you really trust this place when it makes such bold and unbelievable claims? Or is 50 Cent Freedom a scam just like the many other similar scams circulating the web.

I recently came across this program and knew I had to take a look into it after reading about it. The reality is that the income claims made about this program are extremely inflated. Although it is possible to make good money with 50 Cent Freedom it is highly unlikely that you will.

50 Cent Freedom Overview

50 Cent Freedom is pretty much the classic Ponzi scheme. You earn money by getting other people to join in. The amount paid to buy in from new members then goes to pay off existing members. There are no products offered here of any kind and the only way to make money is from recruitment.

They claim this is one of the easiest way to make money available and even say that “EARNING A MONTHLY INCOME IS EASY A CHILD CAN DO IT” with this system. They also claim that if you invest just $0.50 to buy into this program you can turn that into over $8k per month. So pretty much they are telling you that you can easily turn this $0.50 investment into a full-time money maker.

However, the reality is that this just isn’t going to happen and I will explain why shortly.

How It Works

When you join for $0.50 you get place in a 3 x 4 step matrix. Basically what this means is that there are 3 positions open beneath you that need filled and this goes down 4 levels deep, with 3 open positions beneath each person.

Total there are 81 openings in the matrix. You can fill the 3 positions beneath you or if someone else in your upline or downline recruits more than 3 people then the extras will automatically fill openings.

In order to unlock each level of the matrix (4 total) you must pay an entry fee. The entry fee per level is as follows.

  • Level 1 – $0.50
  • Level 2 – $1.50
  • Level 3 – $5.40
  • Level 4 – $100

And if you want any chance of making any decent money at all you are going to have to pay to unlock these upper levels. The potential income per level is as shown…

Additionally, when you buy into this scheme you will also get access to a 10 website rotator where you can promote 1 link and potentially earn money from 10 different sites. This is a common scam advertising technique that I see all the time.

The Real Cost

So as I mentioned you have to pay the additional fees to move up the levels if you want any chance at all. So its going to cost you a lot more than $0.50 as you were led to believe.

Total it will cost you $106.90 if you pay the entry up to the 4th level.

Will This Actually Work Out?

While this absolutely could work out and you could make as much as they say you can…. it more than likely will not. For this to work out everything would have to go perfectly… you would recruit your 3 people in and so would everyone else and the entire matrix would be full.

I just don’t see the likelihood of this happening being very high.

Conclusion on 50 Cent Freedom – Scam?

In closing I would say that yes, this program is definitely a scam. It lures people in with false hopes of making easy money when that more than likely isn’t going to work out.

Not only is this a ponzi scheme, which I don’t care for at all, but it is a low quality ponzi scheme. It provides no value at all and is basically just a big transfer of money from newcomers to people that have already been there.

Making real money online takes real work. There is no “easy” method to making money online. This is the realization I have come to over the years of making my living working online. That is the way it is with anything in life. There are no shortcuts.

Anyway, that’s all I have for this review. I definitely do not recommend anyone count on making money with this program. If you buy into it then its not the end of the world because it is cheap, but just don’t expect much.

Questions, comments, concerns? Leave them below in the comment section and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

Is Enagic Kangen Water a Scam? My Opinion On This Business Opportunity

enagicEnagic has a business opportunity that anyone can join in on and make money. But is it really as good as people claim? Or is Enagic Kangen Water a scam that is going to be a waste of your time?

It can be luring to work from home because of all the freedoms that come with it. Unfortunately it seems that most work at home opportunities fall short. Enagic seems to have a decent business opportunity here but there are definitely some downfalls to it all. In this post I’ll be going over what you have to do if you join this business, the compensation plan, and some income statistics.

Enagic Business Opportunity Overview

Enagic is a mlm company that sells water ionization machines. Ionized water has health benefits but there is also a lot of hype surrounding it and even un-backed claims that it can cure cancer and more.

I do think that Enagic’s products are good. They seem to be good quality and seem to work as intended. But what I want to go over here is the business opportunity, not so much the products.

This company operates under a direct sales business model. This means that their products are not sold in stores. Instead, they have independent distributors do the marketing and sales. Anyone can join in as an independent distributor with no sign up fee and can make money selling these products.

What is also very important to note is that this is a mlm business opportunity. This means that you can recruit in other distributors beneath you in your downline and make money off of them.

The Comp Plan

Honestly the compensation plan here is pretty confusing. Its like one I have never seen before and they call it the 8 point system.

Basically how it works is like this…. When you start out and make your first 2 sales you will make $340 off of each one. Once you make another sale you will get $680 which you will continue to get up until you have 10 sales. Then you will enter the next rank and get $1,020 per sale. And this continues on like this with the maximum being $2,040 per sale.

I don’t really want to get too much into it here and I found a video that does a good job explain it , so here you go if you want to learn more about it…. (I do not own this video and it is for educational purposes only):

What I Really Like About This Comp Plan

I like how this compensation plan does not force you to recruit other distributors into the business. I have reviewed many mlm’s over the years and often times they will force you to recruit in order to move up the ranks and earn more money.

Now of course recruitment for Enagic is beneficial, and you can move up the ranks faster because your downline will make sales for you as well, but it is not a requirement.

The Reality Of This Business

Although recruitment is not required, it still is obviously a big component of the compensation plan and is necessary to maximize earnings.

Because of this mlm recruitment style structure, it is going to be difficult for most people to make good money with it. As with just about every single mlm out there, I wouldn’t be surprised if only the top few percent of distributors at Enagic make good money. That is just the way it works because you need to build a big downline to really bring in the money, and the majority of people, which will be low on this pyramid-like mlm structure will not be able to make good money.

I was not able to actually find an official income disclosure that shows income statistics here but I have reviewed enough mlm’s to know this is the reality of it (reviewed My Daily Choice & Evolv Health recently ).

Enagic Business Opportunity Conclusion – Scam?

I definitely do not consider Enagic to be a scam. Their products are high quality and seem to be all around good. And although recruitment is pretty much essential for making good money, you are not forced to recruit.

Another plus that I came across it that they have an A+ rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau). This is not always the best indicator of legitimacy but it does add some credibility.

Overall Enagic is one of the least “scammy” mlm business opportunities that I have come across and if its something you would be interested in then go for it. Just don’t underestimate the difficulty of selling these high priced products.

Questions, comments, concerns? Leave them below in the comment section and I’ll get back to you 🙂


Is CouponCabin a Scam? My Personal Review

couponcabinCouponCabin is one of many coupon/cashback saving sites that you can use to save money and earn money back on your purchases, both online and in-store. But is it worth joining this place? Or is CouponCabin a scam that is going to be a waste of your time?

If you don’t already know, I love to test out new ways to save and make money online. Its a hobby of mine. And when I don’t need to put any extra effort into making some extra money, that is as good as it gets. So I had to take a look into CouponCabin to see if its any good. In this short post I’ll be reviewing this program and going over a few things that I think it is important to know.

CouponCabin Overview

CouponCabin is a savings program that is free to join and anyone can use it to get coupons and cashback on purchases that they make. They are partnered with over 3,000 stores that you can shop at and get these coupons and cashback.

Both online and in-store coupons are offered, mainly online ones.

Overall the cashback percentages offered here are decent but nothing phenomenal. Extrabux and TopCashBack seem to have better offers.

How It Works

Once you become a member of CouponCabin you can start getting cashback right away. To do this you will go to their website and search for the store you are interested in shopping at (alternatively you can get the CouponCabin app if you have a smartphone).

You can search for a store directly by using the search box or you can search by store category. Once you find a store you want to shop at you can click on it to view all the details about offers that store is currently having. This will tell you the cashback offer, the coupons available and any restrictions on using the offers.

Using cashback is as simple as clicking the “shop now” button and being directed to the store to shop as you normally would. Using coupons you will have to enter the coupon code at checkout.

How Much Can You Save?

This all depends on the store. Some stores offer very high cashback percentages while most of the big name stores have lower offers. Here is an example of some of the offers available right now as I write this…

These are decent cashback amounts and I would actually say they range on the better side from what I have seen from other cashback sites, but they are nothing too special.

As for the coupons there is no telling what you might save. These vary a lot and you can find some pretty good deals.

Getting Paid

Once you have a balance of $7 you are eligible to get your cashback sent to you. You can choose to receive it via PayPal, check, e-gift card, or by Chase payments.

Personally I like to use PayPal because of the speed of the payment but the choice is yours.

The Browser Extension

CouponCabin has a browser extension that makes things easier for you. It is available for Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and FireFox. Basically what it does is alerts you when you are online if there is a chance you can get cashback or use a coupon.

So if you go on Walmart’s website and forget about getting cashback, this will alert you and make it easy to save.


Not really much of anything to complain about here. I mean after all, you are getting cash back for free. So whats to complain about?

There is actually one complaint that you should be aware of. And this is not receiving cashback as you are supposed to. This is a common complaint from every cashback program that I have reviewed and unfortunately it is pretty much unavoidable.

The problem is that the tracking code that tracks your purchase will get “messed up” and will not relay the purchase information back to CouponCabin as its supposed to. This is rare but it could happen.

Conclusion on CouponCabin – Scam?

CouponCabin is definitely not a scam. Overall they are a decent cashback/ coupons site. Their cashback percentages are decent and they offer a lot of coupons. One of the things I really like is that they also offer in-store coupons, although not much.

But I would still give 1st place to Extrabux at this point. They seem to offer higher cashback and their browser extension could not make it any easier.

Update: BeFrugal is what I would place at the top of my list. They offer good cashback, have a good reputation, there are lots of stores to shop at, and more. You can read my review of BeFrugal here.

Also, you might want to Read My Review of Ibotta. This is my favorite in-store cashback app. It is really nice for earning money back on grocery shopping and things like that.

Is My Daily Choice a Scam? – A Look At This Business Opportunity

My Daily ChoiceMy Daily Choice may sound like one of the best business opportunities out there but as with anything, there are downsides. Is My Daily Choice a scam? No… I definitely wouldn’t go as far as to say that, but there are some negative aspects to the business that everyone should be aware of.

When it comes to network marketing businesses like My Daily Choice you have to be careful. A lot of them get a bad rap for the inherent recruitment style business model that they have and rightly so. Usually the majority of people that join these biz ops fail to become successful and to make good money. In this short post I’ll look into the compensation plan that MDC offers as well as how much affiliates actually make.

My Daily Choice Overview

My Daily Choice, or MDC as I’ll be calling it for short, is a network marketing company that sells nutritional sprays, brain enhancement products, and a savings program where you can get discounts from thousands of merchants.

Like most network marketing companies, their products are largely based on hype and do not seem to be as incredible as they claim. But I’m not here to review the products I’m here to talk about the opportunity.

Anyone can join MDC as an affiliate and make money selling their products. And the shady side to it all is that affiliates can also recruit other people into the business and make money off of them. This is what you call mlm, or multi-level marketing, when you can recruit people in beneath you like this and earn from them.

Cost To Join

You are required to pay the price to join this business. The cheapest starter pack that you can buy is $59.95 and the most expansive is $599. The unusual thing about buying these packs is that you can actually buy higher ranks. You can buy your way up the ranks from the start if you buy the more expensive starter packs.

The Comp Plan

I’m not going to get too into the compensation plan here because there is a lot too it, it is pretty confusing, and honestly it would take forever to explain. But I will give a good overview of it.

When you start out as an affiliate you can make 25% of the product cost, which is the difference between wholesale price and the retail price.

That is great and all but the main money maker here seems to be recruitment. From what I can see the people making the good money are those that have recruited in tons of people and are now earning from their efforts.

There are several ways you can earn from the recruitment style mlm business model here. The Team Commissions structure is one of them. This is a binary comp structure which means there is a left and right side. Each person has 2 positions beneath them that need filled. Once you fill those 2 positions the more people that you recruit will spill over and fill any open positions in your downline.

As an affiliate you will start out earning 8% of the smaller leg in the binary structure. But as you move up the ranks you can earn as much as 20%.

The Reality Here

As with any mlm that is based around a recruitment style business model like this, it is very difficult to make money. The way it is set up the top few make the good money while those at the bottom struggle.

In order to make good money you need to recruit like crazy to build up your downline and move up the ranks.

Unfortunately I was not able to find any official income disclosure released by MDC but I have reviewed enough mlm’s like this (Evolv Health & Pruvit recently) to know that with a comp plan like this not many are going to make money. It is highly likely that 96+% of affiliates don’t make enough money to live off of.

Conclusion on My Daily Choice – Scam?

I wouldn’t call MDC a scam although I do feel that there are a lot of people getting scammed due to the recruitment nature of this business. The problem is that there is so much incentive to recruit that this often leads to affiliates recruiting by deceptive means.

You just have to know what you are getting yourself into. Some people that join will go on to make good money but the overwhelming majority of people will fail to do so. Its a tough business model to make it in. It gives people a lot of potential but makes it extremely difficult.

Questions, comments, concerns? Leave them below in the comment section and I’ll get back to you 🙂


Is Data Dollars Pro a Scam? – My Review

Data Dollars ProIf you are looking to buy into I urge you to take a minute and read my review. This program isn’t exactly as great and amazing as it may sound. And its no wonder you took the time to do a little extra research. The bold claims made by this program are enough to make anyone suspicious of it.

Is Data Dollars Pro a scam? I would not say it is entirely a scam but it is somewhat of one. And what I mean by this is that it does provide some value to you but it is not nearly as great as they make it seem, like I said. In this short post I’ll be going over the truth of the matter here and give you a better idea of what you may be getting yourself into.

Data Dollars Pro Overview

Data Dollars Pro reviewI know I’ve been calling this a program but that is a little over the top. Data Dollars Pro is just an ebook that teaches people about freelance writing for the most part.

It is very long, close to 100 pages I believe. Basically what you are looking at here is a book that will give you tips, refer you to other sites that provide training and tools, and gives you information and advice on using freelance sites.

Freelance typing is a great work area to get into, don’t get me wrong. Its a growing field and honestly I see it growing for a while into the future. But will Data Dollars Pro give you the push that you need to start making good money in this field? The answer is no it will not. You cannot trust this place at all and it was made for nothing more than to make money by deceiving people and leading them on with false hope.

Some Lies You Should Be Aware Of

Everyone wants proof of the lies so I’m going to give you proof. Do you remember some of the people that Jenny (the spokesperson) mentioned? The people that used Data Dollars Pro and are now making a lot of money typing online?

There was Sarah, who she claims averages around $275/day and only works 2-3 hours a day.  Are you kidding me? That’s around $100 per hour! And then there was Adrian who used to work at Walmart and now makes $5,500 per month typing online. And then there was some other people.

But the problem here is that all these people are as fake as can be. They are made up. Here is a screenshot of “Sarah”…

And here is the picture of here on DepositPhotos, which is a stock photo site that anyone can buy this photo from and use it online…

This is just one example, but all of these people are fake and made up.

The Good & The Bad

There really isn’t too much good about this program. It does give some good advice but it is nothing special that you can’t find easily just searching around on Google. I don’t think this program was even made by an expert in the field. It was more than likely thrown together by an amateur online marketer just trying to make some money.

It doesn’t provide you with much. Its not like it actually hooks you up with high paying typing jobs as it leads you to believe. Instead it just gives you advice of where to go and how to get the jobs. All the work is on you.

One of the good things about this program is that it is sold on ClickBank. This is a trusted digital marketplace and the good thing is that you can get your money back pretty easily if you decide you don’t like the product and feel you were ripped off.

Conclusion & Final Thoughts

Freelance writing can be a very lucrative and good job to have but it is not easy to get into. There is a heck of a lot of competition and this program sure as heck isn’t going to give you much of an advantage. I would not recommend this program at all because I just don’t think there is enough value provided here. It is only $37 but still… its just nothing great.

There are a lot better freelance typing training programs out there. I know that there is a pretty good course called Write Your Way To 1K by Elna Cain, if you are interested in that. It has a lot of good reviews and is made to actually help people.

Something else that I would recommend is taking a look at how I make a living online. I make small blog-type websites like this and 99% of what I do consists of typing. It would be right up your alley and I think you might like it since you were looking into online typing jobs.

I’ve been doing this since 2015 and really enjoy it. If you are interested in learning more you can read a post I wrote Here where I go over what exactly I do, how it all works, and how people with no experience can get started doing the same.

–> You can learn more here


Is Extrabux a Scam? My Review of This Cashback Program

extrabuxEarning some money back on your online shopping is a must nowadays in my opinion. Places like Extrabux make this possible and very easy. But is Extrabux worth your time or are there better options out there? Is Extrabux a scam that is going to just end up leaving you discouraged?

Before you sign up for this place or not it is important to know how it works, how much they pay you, and some of the common complaints that are floating around about this cashback program. In this post I wrote I’ll be going over all of this.

Extrabux Overview

Extrabux is what you call a cashback program. Anyone can become a member here for free and earn money back on their online purchases that are made through their site. They are currently partnered with over 2,500 different stores so there is no good reason why anyone shouldn’t be able to save money using this program to shop online.

You might be wondering how they can pay you money to shop and the process is simple really. You see Extrabux gets paid commissions to refer people to these online stores from the stores themselves. So if you to to through Extrabux and buy something, they get paid a commission from Amazon. They then give you some of this commission back in the form of cashback.

How It Works

After you sign up, which takes about 20 seconds, you can start earning cashback immediately. After you login you can browse for the stores you wish to shop at. You can search for stores by category, letter, or you can search for specific stores by using the search bar.

Below you can see that I searched for stores that begin with “W” and found Walmart, which is a store I am interested in shopping at…

When you find a store you wan to shop at you can click the “Start Shopping” button that appears beside it. This will redirect you to the store where you can do your normal shopping.

Also, many of the stores here have coupons that you can use. As you can see above, Walmart has 40 coupons available at this time. You can use these by entering the codes at checkout.

Summary of the process: You go to Extrabux. You find a store you want to shop at. You click on it and are redirected to the store. You shop there. You earn cashback.

Also there is a browser extension that they have which makes this process even easier. I’ll go over this soon.

How Much Can You Save?

The amount that you can earn in the form of cashback is totally dependent on the store. Generally I would say you can expect the bigger stores to pay you anywhere from 1.5 – 4% cashback whereas some of the smaller and lesser known stores will pay over 20% cashback in some situations.

And as for the coupons, these vary greatly. You can save a good bit of money using coupons on this site but you never really know when you will find good ones that you can use.

Getting Your Money

When you shop your cashback will be credited to your account within a week. Once you have accumulated $10 in your account you are eligible to cash out. You can choose to receive your money via PayPal or by check in the mail.

Personally I prefer PayPal just because it is faster and easier, but the choice is yours.

What I Really Like

Extrabux has a browser extension that is available for Google Chrome. This makes things even easier than they already are.

Normally you would have to go to and click on the store you want to shop at in order to earn cashback. But if you download the browser extension you don’t have to do this. You can go straight to the store like you normally would and earn cashback.

Conclusion on Extrabux – Scam?

Extrabux is definitely no scam and I would say it is on the better side when it comes to cashback sites. I have reviewed dozens of these sites looking for the best one and this is pretty good (TopCashBack is another good similar site). They offer decently high cashback amounts and it doesn’t get any better than using the extension that they provide. So all in all I like what I see here.

Also, you might want to read my review of Ibotta. This is my favorite in-store cashback app. It is really nice for earning money back on grocery shopping and things like that.

Questions, comments, concerns? Leave them below in the comment section and I’ll get back to you 🙂

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