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AZ Sniper by Stephen Ford – Scam Exposed or $1,500 Per Day? [Review]


AZ Sniper Scam

The AZ Sniper system, aka Amazon Sniper, is supposedly some incredible system created by Stephen Ford for making money online… But is it really? He says that you can earn $1500 per day with this system very easily, but there are so many online scams out there that you cannot just trust what you hear on the first go. So is this the real deal or is AZ Sniper a scam?

Let me start off by saying this… If you are thinking about buying into this system then you are definitely going to want to reconsider. The sales pitch is incredibly misleading and this certainly is not the amazing moneymaking system that it is claimed to be. In short… Yes AZ Sniper is a scam and in this review I will be exposing it for being such.

AZ Sniper Review

When you land on the sales page for AZ Sniper you are presented with a video that starts off with the spokesperson, who you later find out is Stephen Ford, telling you that you have been specially selected to watch the video presentation. And right off the bat this sounds a little bit too good to be true. I mean why would you, or I, have been selected out of billions of people in the world? And you probably came across the system after getting some spam email talking about some amazing new moneymaking opportunity. So is this really a special selection or just some tricky marketing tactic?

Unfortunately this is pretty much guaranteed to be alive. I have reviewed many scams over the years and they pretty much all tell you that you have been handpicked to participate, just to try to make the opportunity sound more amazing than it really is.

But anyways… He says that you can make $1500 per day with this “new” e-commerce system and according to some of the testimonial videos that are shown, you only have to click your mouse a few times on the computer to make this work.

However, you definitely cannot always trust testimonial videos online and upon further research I actually found that these testimonial videos are completely fake.

Take the guy below for example… He claims to have been unemployed the end it now makes over $1500 per day, the system completely changing his life. However, this guy is actually a paid actor on the freelance digital marketplace called Fiverr. I have also seen him in other testimonial videos from other scam products I’ve reviewed on my site here.

And the same goes for the other testimonial videos that are shown… It is all a lie. The woman below claims to have been living a very difficult life, working double shifts and living paycheck to paycheck, but then of course the system changed everything. HOWEVER… It is completely fake and she is also a paid actress on Fiverr as well…

That said, just because the testimonials are fake and it definitely seems a scam so far, I was still not completely convinced so I investigated a little bit further.

The rest of the video presentation was filled with fluff and not much real information. You are told that you can get the system set up in no time and that you will start making money…

And apparently people are making over $500,000 on a yearly basis.

You are also told that the website you will be making all this money from is Amazon, which was expected from its name. Things also seem to get even more ridiculous and Stephen referred to the system as a “one click profit system”… Making it seem as if all you to do is click your mouse one time to make these profits.

Red Flags

There are so many red flags that pop up it is hard for me to even know where to begin. However, here are a few that stood out to me and are worth mentioning…

#1 – Too Much Fluff 

Pretty much the entire video presentation is filled with fluff… And little to no details on the system. The guide talks about all the money you can be making and how you can drive around in your new Porsche, relax in your sunset villa, etc. He also talks about how Amazon is making tons of money, but this has nothing to do with the profit you will actually be making… So I don’t know why even bothers talking about it.

#2 – “Stephen Ford”

Another major red flag is this “Stephen Ford” guy. I doubt he even exists. He talks about his life story, being in massive debt and having no job, then finding out how to make money from his teenage nephew… But who knows of the story is actually true. There is new information given that is able to be verified and there is no picture of this guy shown. So it could be easily made up

.#3 – “Less than 10 minutes of work per day”

Stephen claims to be making all his money with less than 10 minutes of work per day. Now obviously this sounds a little bit, or a lot, too good to be true. And as the saying goes… If something sounds too good to be true then it probably is.And when it comes to “make money online” opportunities, it is almost always a scam.

#4 – Profiting In Under a Day

Now this is complete BS and I will explain more on why in a bit. You will definitely not profit in under 24 hours as he lead you to believe.

#5 – Only $37

You should also be a bit suspicious when a system like this is being sold for an incredibly low price, such as only $37 here. A system that makes $1500 per day with less than 10 minutes of work each day could easily be sold for tens of thousands of dollars. I know that Stephen claims he is just trying to be nice guy and help others out, but this is likely a bunch of BS.

How This System Works

Possibly the biggest red flag of all is that there is absolutely no information given on how the system actually works… You have no idea how the system is supposed to actually make you money, and of course you have to buy into it in order to find out.

 That said,I have been involved in online marketing for years now and I know that there are two ways in which an individual can make money with Amazon: e-commerce or affiliate marketing. E-commerce is when you would actually sell products on the Amazon website and affiliate marketing is when you would just promote products on Amazon and earn commissions for helping make sales.

If the system does exist at all, and is in a complete scam, I’m guessing that it is probably focused on affiliate marketing since this is a much easier approach to take.

However, if it is affiliate marketing, you certainly will not be making money within 24 hours. You would first have to have a website and apply for the Amazon affiliate program (called Amazon Associates), which would take a heck of a lot longer than 24 hours.

Sounds Like Older Scams I’ve Reviewed

Another big red flag is that this system sounds very similar to some older scams that I’ve reviewed here on this site, such as AZ Formula and The AZ Code.In fact, is pretty much the same darn thing just with a new name.

Why The Rebranding?

So why would the name of the system be changed? Why would the people behind the system rebrand it?

Well… The main reason I can think of is that it is a scam and it was getting too much negative attention, so they decided to rebrand under a new name and promot it as a new system. I see this sort of thing happen all the time with online scams.

Conclusion – Scam?

While I haven’t actually bought into this AZ Sniper system, based on what I see I am 99% sure that it is a scam. You are certainly welcome to buy into it for yourself and try it out, but this is definitely not something that I’m going to recommend. Everything about this place seems very scammy…. There is no information provided on how you are going to be making money, the person behind it all named Stephen likely doesn’t even exist, there is way too much talk about all the money you’re going to be making, and so on.

Overall this is a very sketchy opportunity and more than likely just another scam. 


If you are a beginner looking to make money online, then I would highly suggest taking a look at how I went from $0 to over $6000 per month online. I started looking for ways to make money online back in 2015 and I have since been able to turn it into a living.

Questions or comments? Please leave them them below in the comment section and I will get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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