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Best Online Jobs That Pay Through PayPal

online jobs that pay through paypal


online jobs that pay through paypalThere are a lot of online jobs that pay through PayPal out there but I’m going to be specifically going over what I consider to be some of the best. I make a living online and first started out making money in the online world back in 2015. I have tried and tested many ways to make money and what I’ll be going over here I know to be legitimate either from experience or because I have extensively researched and looked into them.

When it comes to making money online you have to be careful what you choose to pursue. There are way more scams out there than legitimate online work opportunities and it is easy to fall for them if you do not know what to look for.

Types Of Online Jobs That Pay Via PayPal

Before I get into what actual jobs I recommend that do pay with PayPal, I first want to go over what types of jobs these include. Some of them only have the potential to make supplementary income while others have the potential to be a full-time money maker.

What I’ll be going over includes content mills, online gig platforms, paid survey sites, affiliate marketing programs, and cashback apps. I’ll even be going over what I personally do to make a living online.

The Following ALL Pay Through PayPal


Textbroker is what some people would call a content mill. Basically what you do to make money here is write content for websites. Websites go to Textbroker when they are in need of content and would like to buy it. They pay for posts/articles and Textbroker pays people to write it.

you can read my full review on Textbroker here.


Fiverr is a freelance platform where you can market all types of digital skills. If you are good at graphic design you can make money with this. If you want to create video testimonials you can make money doing this. If you have skills in digital marketing you can make money with this as well.

Here you market your own skills. You set up a profile and people/companies come to the platform and hire people as they see fit. There are many people that make a living one Fiverr but it isn’t easy to get started.


PaidViewPoint is one of my favorite paid survey sites out there. Here you can make money by taking simple and short surveys online. They usually take around 10 minutes or so to complete and one of the reasons that this place is a favorite of mine is because they treat their members well, which differs from many of the paid survey sites out there that don’t care about members at all.

PaidViewPoint is best looked at as a way to make extra money online. It is not something that you will be able to make a living with by any means but it is a legit and nice survey site.

You can click here for my full review of this place.

Wealthy Affiliate – #1 Pick

Wealthy Affiliate is where I make most of my money online, about 95% of it. This place is an online business training program that provides you with the tools and training to make money via affiliate marketing, which is when you earn commissions promoting products online.

I started out in 2015 with no experience at all and now make over $5,000 a month, which I never thought was possible.

This place is made for beginners and the training starts out assuming you have no experience. If you are looking to make a living working online for yourself then this is my suggestion. You should know that it takes a while for you to actually start making money though, so if you are in need of immediate income this isn’t for you.

You can read my full Wealthy Affiliate Review here.


Ibotta doesn’t really fit in too well on the list but you can make money with them through PayPal online so I thought I’d mention them anyhow.

Ibotta is a cashback app that you can make money back with when shopping. They give you cashback on normal purchases that everyone makes, which is why I think they are awesome.

If you aren’t using a cashback program/app you need to be, and Ibotta is one of the better ones out there.

Click here for my review of Ibotta.

A Few Things To Think About

When it comes to making money online with PayPal there aren’t many “real” jobs that you can find. Its not like you are going to find a virtual customer service job for Apple, or Amazon that pays this way. Most big companies do not pay this way.

Most online jobs that pay through PayPal are more freelance type jobs. And most of them you can’t make all that much money with. You have your paid survey sites which don’t pay much. You have your PTC (paid to click) sites which I didn’t mention but they don’t pay much either. You have your content mill sites which don’t pay much for your time but you can make decent money with some of them. You have your gig marketplace type sites which you can make good money with if you have skills to market. And then you have your training program sites like Wealthy Affiliate that train you to make money online and give you a way to do it.

Sure there are probably a lot of other ways to make money with PayPal online as well but as I said, these are what I am familiar with and have either tried or looked into a lot and am very familiar with.

If you are a beginner with no real skills and are looking to make money online and get paid via PayPal then Wealthy Affiliate is what I recommend. But make sure to read my review here first to make sure its something you would be interested in.

Questions, comments? Leave them below and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

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