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Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Scam? – What You Should Know

So it’s the end of November and I’m guessing that you probably have been seeing the promotion everywhere. Maybe you’ve seen it advertised online, maybe you have been bombarded with emails about it… But what the heck is going on here. Is this some sort of Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday scam?

After all, while Black Friday is well known for its incredible deals it is also well known for incredible scams. Is this just another one of them?

In the short post I want to go over what exactly is going on with this Black Friday special that Wealthy Affiliate is having and why it is being promoted so heavily. I’ll let you know what the upsides and downsides to it are and hopefully paying a more clear picture for you.

But first, what is Wealthy Affiliate? You probably already know this, but in case there’s anyone reading this that doesn’t, here’s a short summary of what this place is…


Wealthy Affiliate In a Nutshell..

In short, Wealthy Affiliate is an online business training platform that is mostly focused on affiliate marketing. The reason I call it a “platform” is because they are just your typical training program that provides the training and leaves you having to go out and buy the tools necessary. Wealthy Affiliate takes sort of a “holistic” approach and provides the tools needed to implement the training and be successful.

As a member you get access to the step-by-step tutorial training, tools like the website builder and more, technical support and access to the community where you can network with thousands of other like-minded individuals, some of which are veterans and have been making money doing this for years.

So you know what Wealthy Affiliate is, but what is the deal with this Black Friday sale? Why is it being promoted by everyone as the greatest thing ever?


What’s The Deal With the Black Friday Sale?

The Black Friday sale that Wealthy Affiliate is having doesn’t give you anything extra.


  • Don’t get additional training
  • Don’t get access to any new tools
  • Don’t get any special support
  • don’t get anything extra… At all

There is nothing that you are getting with the Black Friday special that other premium members of WA are not already getting. The Black Friday sale is all about a discount on the membership price… It’s all about saving money

and giving you something for less than you would normally have to pay



How much are you really saving?

So you probably know that there are two memberships available at Wealthy Affiliate… They have the free Starter Membership in the paid Premium Membership. The free membership is a great way to get started, but if you are serious about making money online then upgrading to premium is pretty much a necessity.

That said, the Premium Membership can cost you a pretty penny. The normal price for this membership is…

  • $49/mo
  • or $359/yr

You can save a good bit of money if you pay on a yearly basis, but that is still $359 a year. HOWEVER, with the Black Friday sale you can save even more and become an all-inclusive Premium Member for $299. In one of the nice things is that when this time rolls around next year, you can pay the same $299 for the following year, and every year after that. You always get to pay that discounted price and the money you save can really add up.

  • Black Friday sale = $299/yr (and discounted every year you are a member)


The 2 Types of People This Offer is For

Before I answered this question, let’s first take a look at the different type of people who may be interested in this Black Friday special offer. As far as I see there are two different types of people that can take advantage of this…

#1 – Complete Newbies Who Have Never Done This or Have Just Started

So maybe you or a complete newbie. Maybe you just joined Wealthy Affiliate and are still a free Starter Member or maybe you haven’t even joined yet and are just thinking about it.

If this is you then you can potentially save a lot of money right off the bat, because this opportunity only comes around once a year. HOWEVER, you also have to be careful. Since you are new to this you don’t really fully know what you are getting involved with and the last thing you want to do is spend $300 on something that you later find out isn’t a good fit for you.

So if you are a newbie looking at this offer… Be careful. If this is something you see yourself doing for a long time in the future, then go for it, but if not then it may be a better idea to just become or stay a free Starter Member and test out the waters more to get a better feel for the system.


#2 – Premium Members Looking to Save More Money

And then you have the people that are already paying Premium Members but are looking to save a little extra money. You would think this would be every Premium Member that exists, because he wouldn’t want to save some extra money, but I only recommending taking advantage of this Black Friday offer to certain premium members.

Similar to what I just said, I would only recommend taking up this offer if you are a Premium Member that can picture yourself doing this for a while in the future. If you’re still hesitant that you want to build an online business with Wealthy Affiliate long-term then it may be a smarter choice to just stay with the monthly payments so that you won’t lose as much money if you quit.

However, if you are someone that is serious about this and foresee yourself working from home in the future, then why not take advantage of the discount offer? Even if you are already a paying Premium Member you can still take advantage of this offer and in the future you will only have to pay the discounted $299 price every year.


But is it really worth it?

If you follow the training, but in the work, and eventually go on to make good money with this, potentially even making a living out of it, then is it worth it? I bet you would say Heck Yeah… But if you start the training and slowly fade away, losing focus and eventually giving up, is it worth it?

The answer just depends on the results that follow, which of course you will not know before-hand. That said, the potential that it gives you to make money online can definitely be worth the leap of faith and the initial investment.


It was worth it for me..

Now if you have never been to my blog before then you probably don’t know who I am or my story. And I guess I should’ve introduced myself earlier… My name is Kyle and I’ve been making money online since 2015.

To make an incredibly long story incredibly short, I started looking for ways to make money online back in 2015 and wasted a lot of time before coming across Wealthy Affiliate, which I decided to give a try because it seemed promising. And now I’m here making a living online, consistently over $6000 a month and often times much more than that which you can read more about here if interested.

So was it worth it? For me it was most definitely and I attribute much of my online success to having found this training program in the first place.


What You Need to Know Before-hand


So obviously this isn’t a scam. It is just a nice discount on the normal Premium Membership that is offered. And as you can see Wealthy Affiliate can definitely be worth the investment. I am just one of the many people I know that have been successful with the program and have been able to turn their online business into a sustainable money maker. You can definitely make money with Wealthy Affiliate. However, there are a lot of variables at play and there are definitely a lot of people that fail.

What you need to know before hand is that this definitely takes a lot of hard work and if you are not motivated and really focused, if you only “kinda sorta” want to make this work, then there’s a good chance you could fail as well.

The time and work… There is no substitute. There is no middle ground. It takes both time and real work. While we all want some a shortcut “push-button” system, one of the realities I have come to learn over the years is that systems like this don’t exist… They are called scams

But anyways… I hope this short post help to put everything into perspective a little better for you so that you now know what exactly this Black Friday special is and whether or not it is something you should take advantage of.

The advantages of the Black Friday special include…

  • Discounted price of $299 for a years membership
  • This works out to be just $0.81 per day
  • Recurring discount for every year you remain a member
  • Access to everything that normal Premium Members get
  • Satisfaction knowing that you just saved some money 🙂

The discounted price is great and all, but the last thing I want to leave you with here today is that this is not something you have to jump into. Only buy into the offer if you are serious about this and foresee yourself doing this for an extended period of time in the future.


>> Get the Discount… a Full Year of Wealthy Affiliate for Just $0.81 a Day! <<

Comments or questions? Please leave them down below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Special 2018

What is the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday special and is it really all that "special"?

Maybe you got an email about the Black Friday special that Wealthy Affiliate is having from me or somebody else, maybe you saw an ad for it, whatever the case… I'll tell you all you need to know about it.

Just like pretty much every other business out there, Wealthy Affiliate is offering a massive discount for the black Friday holiday, if you want to call it a holiday. This makes the offer all the more enticing and passing it up can be regrettable. But before I get into the cost and what all you get with this special discount, I first want to share with you my story with Wealthy Affiliate…

My Story - From $0 to Over $6k Per Month!
... Working For Myself Online

As you see from the title, I am now making over $6000 per month thanks to Wealthy Affiliate. This all comes from working online implementing what Wealthy Affiliate has taught me and using the tools this place has provided me with.

So if you are wondering if you can really make money with Wealthy Affiliate, the answer is YES.

I started out back in 2015 with absolutely no experience and no one to help me. After stumbling across Wealthy Affiliate, I soon realized it was a game-changer.

To make a very long story very short, it took me a while but I now make a living working online and I am very grateful for having come across Wealthy Affiliate in the first place and for not having given up early on.

And when I say I make "over $6k" per month I am actually speaking on the conservative side. You can see from the example below that I sometimes make well over $6000 in a given month, but I just say $6000 because I have been consistently making over this amount for a while now. 

Below you can see some of the many screenshots of the money I make online, going into my PayPal and bank account.

Starting off, we have money coming in from Panthera Interactive (an affiliate network)...

*I'm not going to get into what these companies are and what types of products I'm promoting to make this money. Just know that this money is made via affiliate marketing, which is when you promote products online and earn commissions when you help make sales (which is what is taught at WA).

$759.20 from a single source! And guess what… I made even more the previous month… Making $926.40... 

And we can't forget about Google AdSense. I don't make all that much from this advertising service, but an extra couple hundred dollars a month isn't too shabby…

These are just some of the many examples I can give you from my many online streams of income, not counting others like Amazon Associates for example. Waking up to emails like that pictured below happens on a regular basis… And it is all the result of hard work and the help from Wealthy Affiliate.


Is Wealthy Affiliate Really Free? – Kinda, but Not Really

Is Wealthy Affiliate really free? I know people say it is, but is it really?

Well… As you can see from the title of this review, it isn't really… But it kinda is.

I know, I know… This doesn't make sense, but throughout the short post you will understand what I am saying. In a nutshell, what I mean by this is that Yes, there is the free Starter membership inside Wealthy Affiliate, but this isn't going to do you much good all on its own. While it is technically possible to make money with this, you more than likely won't.

But anyways, I will go into detail on all of this so that you have a better idea of what you're getting into. I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for several years now, so I know what I'm talking about when it comes to this and I'm not going to sugarcoat it.

What Exactly Is Wealthy Affiliate?

The  first order of business is to talk about what exactly Wealthy Affiliate is. You might already be well aware of this, but those who aren't here you go:

Wealthy Affiliate can best be summed up as an online affiliate marketing training platform. However, this is not your typical affiliate marketing training program. I call it a "platform" because there is more than just training, similar to Solo Build It. Wealthy Affiliate also provides the necessary tools to make money with affiliate marketing, such as free websites and hosting (these are actually free).

Basically, Wealthy Affiliate is like an "all-in-one" type of deal. While there are lots of other online marketing tools you can go out and buy separately, Wealthy Affiliate provides all the necessities. 

Why Everyone Says It Is Free

There is a good research you hopped on Google, Yahoo, or Bing to do some research on this after coming across Wealthy Affiliate being promoted as "my free recommendation", "100% free training", "get started for free", and so on.

I'm even guilty of this. When I first started out promoting WA I definitely wasn't the most honest person online and was just looking to make some quick money. However… Things have changed over the years and a lot of what I see in online marketing is pretty disgusting. 

There are a lot of people out there promoting Wealthy Affiliate and not all of them do so in a very honest way. While it is technically true that you can "get started for free", many of the people promoting Wealthy Affiliate leave out a lot of important details… Details that most people wish they knew beforehand… Details that I will be sharing with you here.

A Look at The Free Starter Membership

WA has to memberships, their free Starter Membership and the Premium Membership that you have to pay for.

Just about everyone starts out with the free Starter Membership because it provides the beginning of the training at WA. There isn't really any point in paying for the Premium Membership early on, because you are going to have to go through the beginning training regardless.

What You Get

As a free Starter Member you get the following…

  • Access to course 1 of Online Entrepreneur Certification
  • Access to phase 1 of Affiliate Bootcamp
  • 2 free websites + hosting
  • Use of the website builder
  • Access to Jaaxy (the keyword research tool)

Sounds pretty good right? Yeah… That's because it is pretty good. With this membership get access to the first course of the Online Entrepreneur Certification as well as phase 1 of Affiliate Boot camp, you get to free websites and hosting, use of the website builder, and limited access to Jaaxy which is the keyword research tool.

However… Can you actually make money with all that you are provided in the free Starter Membership? This is the big question that needs to be answered.

If the answer is yes, then claims that Wealthy Affiliate is free would be the honest truth with nothing left out. However, if you can't make money with this free membership is then calling WA free is a bit misleading… Because only part of it is free and the part that is going to make you money you have to pay for.

The Big Question: Will You Be Able to Make Money With It?

So will you be able to make money with the free membership? Unfortunately based on what I have seen over the years and based on my own experience, it would be highly unlikely that you make any money while you are a free Starter Member. If you want to make money with affiliate marketing then it you more than likely are going to have to upgrade to the Premium Membership which will unlock a lot more training, support, and use of the tools.

Some of the more notable reasons why you will likely not make any money as a free member include the following…

*NOTE: As a free Starter Member you will get access to some Premium features for the first seven days. But after that your account will be downgraded so that you get the bare minimum.

1) You only get .SiteRubix websites

One of the reasons you will likely not make any money as a free member is that, as a free member, you will only get access to .SiteRubix websites at WA. The two free websites that you get are these .SiteRubix sites. This is nice and all, because it allows you to get started for free without purchasing your own domain, but this will greatly hinder your ability to make money.

What are .SiteRubix websites exactly? They are what you call "subdomains". They are not independent personally and domains. They are basically domains that are part of a main domain. So .SiteRubix is the main domain, and your site would be the subdomain.

For example, your website would appear as, with your domain in front of the main domain.

Why is this a problem besides looking weird? Well… There is talk in the online marketing world that subdomains do not rank as well as main domains, but I don't really know how true this is.

The main problem with subdomains is that you will not be able to get accepted to many different affiliate programs and you also might be able to make money with advertising services such as Google AdSense. The reason for this is that affiliate programs and Google AdSense will want you to have your own domain. When you have a subdomain you don't actually own it and you are not in full control of it. This is at least what I understand to be the reason for many places requiring urine domain.

2) Limited training

Another major reason why you will likely not make any money with the free training is because the training is very limited. You will enjoy access to the entire level 1 of the training, which is awesome, but this will give you much more than a foundation.

The entire Online Entrepreneur Certification course is 5 levels, each consisting of 10 lessons. You get access to the first 10 lessons, but the other 40 lessons you do not. Only getting access to 1/5 of the training is obviously going to greatly hinder your chances of success.

And this is just with the core training… The Online Entrepreneur Certification training. You also will be limited on the Affiliate Bootcamp training and you will not get access to the weekly live training and more.

The training gives you all the basics, such as understanding the process of making money, choosing a niche, building your website, studying up that website creating some content, getting the menus set up, and basics of keyword research… But you don't learn how to best incorporate affiliate links, write effective content that converts, how to really connect with your audience, increasing conversions, and a lot of other intermediate and advanced stuff.

You just learned the basics.

Below you can see the 10 different lessons included in level 1 of the training…

If you are completely new to this and would go through the entire first level of the training and then decide that you can take it from there… And not upgrade… You will likely veer off the path and make a wrong turn at some point, which will just lead to a lot of wasted time.

This beginners training is great and all, but this isn't even close to all that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. In fact, beginner stuff like this can pretty easily be found elsewhere online for free… Very easily actually.

3) Limited use of tools

As a free member you will also have limited use of the tools available at WA.

For example you will only be able to get to use the keyword research tool, Jaaxy, with limited access. You will only be able to perform 30 keyword searches with it which is a nice little trial, but doesn't provide you with much ability to really do research and find some good targeted keywords.

Now if you are completely new to this all then you may not know exactly what keyword research is, or how important it is, but you should know that it is extremely important. Keyword research is how you target specific keywords and rank high in the search engines. Without it will be spinning your wheels posting in the same place. You can write the best content in the world, but if you aren't targeting good keywords then it is probably going to better to have not written it at all. 

So a good keyword research tool is absolutely necessary when it comes to this business model.. And 30 free searches just isn't going to be enough moving forward, although it does give you a good feel for things and a good start without any risk.

You will also not be able to purchase your own domain and host it there, which as I discussed above is pretty important.

4) Limited community support

Another limiting factor is how I see free member you will not be able to receive the abundance of community support that Premium Members have available to them.

Getting support from like-minded members that are going through the same thing you are going through, or have already been through what you are going through, is something that should not be overlooked. When I first got started I received a good deal of help from the community and I don't know if I would have made it without them.

As a free Starter Member you will not have the ability to send people private messages. This rate they are really cuts back on your chances of getting the support you need.

In addition to that, you only be able to get access to the beginner level of the training course and because of this you will only be able to participate in the discussions that follow those beginner lessons. At the end of each lesson there is a discussion area, or common area, in which people often ask questions and get help. Of course you will not be able to do this for any of the more advanced training because you do not have access to that.

*You will also not have the tech support that you will likely need somewhere down the road… When you encounter some technical problem with your website, which you are bound to sooner or later.

Think of It as a Test-drive 

The best way to think of the free membership is as a test drive. While it is unlikely that anyone will make money as a free member, it is still better than nothing. Wealthy Affiliate is not obligated to give away a free membership.

This free membership allows you to test out the system risk-free. You have absolutely no money invested when you join and you can get through the beginning stages to see if it is something you think you would like and want to move forward with. If it just isn't for you, then no harm done… You can quit without having lost any money. And if it is something you want to continue with… Then you can become a Premium Member to move forward.

The only thing is going to cost you is time. Of course you have to sacrifice a little bit of time to test it out, and you could say that time is money, but at least it is free when it comes to money directly.

With the free membership you will be able to really get to know the process and how everything works. As I discussed above already, with the training that you are provided with you will be guided through the steps of choosing a niche, building a website, creating some first content, doing some keyword research and so on. Although this training is very basic and for beginners, you will at least learn the basics of things to get a good idea of this business and will thus have a better idea of whether or not this is something you want to continue with.

> Test Drive The System as a Free Starter Member <

The "Not Free" Part of It

So now I want to talk about the "not free" part of it… The Premium Membership and what all you get with it. Becoming a Premium Member it definitely has its advantages. There isn't any guarantee that you will be successful and start making good money as an affiliate marketer after becoming a Premium Member, but it gives you such an advantage over the Starter Members that it isn't even close.

Premium Member Benefits

There are many benefits when you are premium. All of the problems with the Starter Membership I discussed above, that will greatly hinder your chances of making money, are no longer problems as a Premium Member. You will be able to use your own domain, you will get full access to all the training, you will have more tools at your disposal, and you will get all the support you need.

Premium Training

Obviously, you get access to all of the core training… All of the Online Entrepreneur Certification training. This includes the other 4 levels shown below…

In addition to that you also get access to the live weekly trend classes that go on every Friday. These are on various aspects of online marketing and you can always get some helpful tips. It is also nice they can ask questions in real time on these live webinars which can be a big help.

But it doesn't end there.

You will also get access to all 12 of the training classrooms that cover everything from website development & programming, to social engagement and marketing, to email marketing, video marketing, PPC and more. This classrooms are filled with training… Much of which has been created by members of the community, many of them which you could call "experts".

Premium Tools

As a Premium Member you will get much more access to Jaaxy, the keyword research tool I talked about.

As you already know, this is incredibly important. If you do not have a keyword research told and you are trying to make money online as you are taught at Wealthy Affiliate, you simply will not succeed… There's no way around this. Keyword research tools allow you to analyze keywords and find ones that are good… So that you can rank high in the search engines and drive free traffic to your website… Which of course you will need to make money.

There is still the ability to upgrade to a higher membership inside Jaaxy, but this is not necessary. You absolutely have enough of what you need to make money with the access to get to Jaaxy as a Premium Member.

Premium Support

There are multiple ways that you will be able to receive support.

You will have 24/7 tech support at your side through what they call SiteSupport. I have used this support tens of times over the past years and have never had a problem. As I stated earlier… YOU WILL run into tech problems somewhere down the road and you will likely need tech support when these problems arrive.

You will also be able to send private messages to people directly, which is how I communicate with a lot of people at WA. And if there is a specific question you want to ask the community, and possibly get many answers, you can do that as well.

Something that I didn't mention earlier, which you don't get access to as a free member, is the live chat. This is something that can be incredibly helpful for beginners because you can hop on the chat and receive help within a matter of seconds. It doesn't really matter what time of the day you hop on there, the live chat is usually pretty lively and you can usually expect to get help very fast.

And of course since you have access to all the training, you will also be able to participate in the discussions below each training lesson.

Free But Not Free

So as you can see… Wealthy Affiliate is only partly free and the free part will likely not make you any money.

If I, with my years of experience in this business, decided to join again as a free Starter Member then I absolutely could make money with what is provided… The free .SiteRubix websites, limited use of the keyword research tool, and the limited training… But that is only because I already have a lot of experience under my belt. I am already part of affiliate programs so I would not have to apply to new ones and a personally owned domain would not be entirely necessary; although the keyword research tool would still be limited, I would already know what I am doing to make the most out of my 30 free searches; and of course I would already have a lot of experience in know a lot more having already went through training.

But if I could go back in time to when I just started, I can pretty much guarantee that I would never have been successful had I not upgraded to Premium. The free Starter Membership gives you a lot of great free stuff and allows you to test out the system, but it does not provide you with that extra push to keep you on track and hope you get to where you need to be.

So next time you see someone claiming that Wealthy Affiliate is "my 100% free training" or something along those lines, don't fall for that crap. These people are just trying to make money a little more easily and unfortunately in the world of online marketing somewhat deceptive tactics like this have become commonplace.

Not a Member Yet? You Can Join Wealthy Affiliate Here & Get Started as a Free Starter Member (remember to think of it as a test drive).

Anyways… I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope it cleared the air on a few things, allowing you to walk away with a better understanding of what exactly you are getting as a free member and what you can expect. If you like that, share, if not you don't have to.

Also, leave any questions or comments down below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

What Is Solo Build It? – A Scam or Good Opportunity? [Review]

Solo Build It Review

Solo Build It (Solo Build It!) is said to be an "all-in-one" platform for building a profitable online business, but is this place really worth getting involved with? Can you really become a "solopreneur" by following the step-by-step training and simply doing as you are instructed?

What is Solo Build It exactly and is it a scam?

All these questions are important and should definitely be answered before getting involved in a training program like this, which could cost a fair amount money and take up a lot of your time. In this in-depth review I'll be providing you with all of the information you need to know, good and bad, so that you can make a more informed decision for yourself of whether or not this is right for you.

This review is in-depth and lengthy, so feel free to use the quick navigation menu below to jump around 🙂

Solo Build It Review

Solo Build It, or SBI as I will be referring to it, used to go by the name Site Build It in was founded way back in 1997 by Ken Evoy. It wasn't until 2017 that the name changed to SBI.

SBI is an online marketing training platform that provides step-by-step training for teaching people how to build their own online business, and ultimately make money with it. In addition to the training it also provides the tools needed to make all of this happen.

Membership is available at a monthly or yearly price, being $29 per month or $299 per year, which may seem like a lot but really isn't considering what all you are provided with.

Overall I think that SBI is a good program, definitely not a scam, but there are other options out there as well as I will go over in this review.

In a Nutshell

As I said, SBI is in online marketing training platform that provides you with the training and tools for creating a profitable online business, which is why it is referred to as an "all-in-one" platform.

One point that they really try to make clear in promotional material is that SBI does not just teach you how to build a website, but rather build a business that you can monetize. This is likely the reason that SBI changed from "Site Build It" to "Solo Build It", or at least that is what many people think.

Building a website is a necessary part of the process, which you do learn, but is still just one part of the process, just one piece of the puzzle.

What Solo Build It Is All About

There are a lot of different approaches you can take to make money online when it comes to building out your own website… But what is the focus of SBI?

I'll go over this and a lot more detail below, but the focus is on building a website around quality content, with the hopes of ranking in search engines such as Google and Yahoo, thus attracting free traffic to your website which you will then be able to monetize by advertising, promoting products, etc.

The Focus Of The Training

The focus of the training is all around CTPM, which stands for content, traffic, presell, and monetize.

  • Content - This is all about your website... creating quality content that will rank in the search engines and convert
  • Traffic - Of course every website needs traffic to make money and there is obviously going to be a large focus on this.
  • Pre-sell - Pre-selling is all about gaining trust from your audience, getting visitors to trust you before you try to sell to them. 
  • Monetize - And of course the ultimate goal is to make money.

Core Training at SBI

When you join SBI the first thing you will do is get started with the Action Guide, which is a 10 day course that takes you from nothing, to being able to make money with your website. However, don't think that you will actually be making money in 10 days… This can be extremely misleading and just because your website has the potential to make money does not mean it is actually going to be making money.

I'll get more into this in a bit, but anyways… Here is what you will be doing the first 10 days, which you can complete your own pace…

  • Intro: The 10-DAY BIG Picture
    • Gives you the big picture
  • Day 1: Master the ALL-Important Basics
    • Basically somewhat still and introduction
    • Learn more in-depth about CTPM
  • Day 2: Develop Your Best Site Concept
    • Focused on brainstorming and choosing a niche for your site, which is what your website will be all about
  • Day 3: Brainstorm More Profitable Page Topics
    • Will learn about keyword research and develop a list of keywords you can target on your site to bring in traffic
  • Day 4: Investigate and Plan Monetization Options
    • Here you will look into monetizing your site and try to plan out the best approaches for this
  • Day 5: ​Refine Your Site Concept and Register Your Domain Name
    • You will determine the "voice" you will take with your site... how you will represent your brand (which is you) in your particular niche
    • You will also register a domain at this point
  • Day 6: ​Build a Site That Gets the Click!
    • Now it is time to create your website, well... the start of it anyhow
  • Day 7: ​Build Free Traffic From a Variety of Sources
    • You will learn about driving traffic to your site and the best ways to go about doing this; a large focus is on free traffic from search engines
  • Day 8: ​Develop Relationships
    • This is all about developing relationships and trust. Covered here will be newsletters, social sharing, setting up a contact form and more
  • Day 9: ​Know Your Visitors
    • It is important to know your visitors if you want them to convert, and that is what this module is about. You will learn how to analyze your traffic to imrove conversions
  • Day 10: ​Monetize
    • Finally... here you will set up your first method of monetization. 

What you may not know is that I make a living doing what SBI is teaching people to do… Getting websites ranked in the search engines and monetizing them via different methods. After all, you did come across my website here after searching around the Internet (via Google, Yahoo, etc.) did you not?

So I can tell you with complete certainty that it would be incredibly unlikely, it very very very unlikely, that anyone is going to make any money in the first 10 days… And if they do it would be luck.

The "All In One" Part of It

Lets talk about this "all-in-one" stuff for a bit. It seems like a lot of different programs out there claim to be "all-in-one" but then often leave you needing more… So that you have to go out and buy some other service here or some other product there to make things happen.

When it comes to SBI, they really are an all-in-one platform. I mean sure, there are always additional products/services that you can go out and purchase, but they provide you with everything that is necessary to building a business of this sort.

What All You Get

Of course the core of it all is the step-by-step training, which will take you through the whole process and show you exactly what to do and when to do it. Below I've broken down what you get into the four different focuses of this program, the CTPM...

1) Content
  • SiteDesigner - Tool which allows you to create a website easily with pre-made templates
  • BlockBuilder - Tool that allows you to drag and drop website designer
  • Hosting - You get hosting with your membership
2) Traffic
  • Analyze It! - Analysis tool provides suggestions to increase conversions and search engine rankings on pages before you publish them
  • Search engine tracking - Allows you to easily track your rankings
  • Click analysis - Provides stats on clicks so that you can see what visitors are doing and improve conversions
3) Pre-sell 
  • Email newsletter publishing - Can create customer newsletters 
  • Autoresponder - Allows you to send out automated messages to subscribers; can also integrate your forms with other autoresponders, such as Aweber and Getresponse
  • Socialize It! - Social media sharing tools
4) Monetization
  • Private Monetization Headquarters - Provides information on increasing conversions, many different "how to" methods explained

So as you can see... this is "all-in-one". As I mentioned a little bit ago, I make a living doing this kind of stuff online, so I know what all you need to be successful with this type of business and this platform provides all of that.

You have the training which is going to guide you through the process, you have the tools to help you build out a website, you have the tools to be able to find keywords that you can target so that you can attract free traffic through the search engines, you have social media told along with an autoresponder, etc.

If anything, I would say that SBI actually provides more than is absolutely necessary.


Confused? Here Is a Better Explanation

I know this all can be confusing so I'll try to explain it as in-depth, yet as simply as possible what all is going on here:

What you will be taught to do at SBI is create a website that will get ranked in the search engines and receive free traffic (visitors) whom you will then be able to monetize by advertising, promoting products, etc.

You will be brainstorming and planning everything out before you really start to take action, but the main elements of this business model can be summed up in 4 steps...

  1. First what you will have to do is come up with a niche, which will be the topic your website is focused around. Maybe you want to create a website around horses, maybe around gymnastics, maybe something specific like teaching dogs tricks, etc. The first step is figuring this out and making sure that there is the potential to profit.
  2. After figuring out what you want your website to be about, of course then you have to build the website. With the tools SBI provides you will be able to choose a design that you like from pre-made website templates. You will also be able to use BlockBuilder, which is the visual editor, to drag-and-drop elements of your website.
  3. The next part of the process is creating content that is going to rank in the search engines, such as Google and Yahoo. This content will be focused around the niche that you just chose. You will be able to use the keyword research tool provided to find keywords you will be able to rank with in the search engines. If this all sounds confusing, it really isn't. The take away here is that you will be writing blog posts/articles to get ranked in the search engines.
  4. And of course the last step is monetization. You choose a niche, you bill your website, and you created content that is ranked in the search engines. You now have traffic and it is now time to monetize that traffic. There are a bunch of different ways to do this, but two of the most "beginner friendly" ways to do so or by placing ads on your site and by promoting products.

Can You Really Make Money Doing This?

Of course the goal with all of this is to create a profitable online business, but is this something that is realistically possible?

Well as you already should know, yes it is possible… Because this is how I make a living and I know many other people that do the same, not necessarily making a living but at least making some decent money with it.

So yes it is realistically possible, but failure is also realistically possible. There are many advantages to creating an online business rather than a traditional brick-and-mortar business, but failure rates are still pretty darn high and there is no doubt that a lot of people end up failing.

I'm throwing this info into this review because I think it is important that everyone knows they certainly aren't guaranteed success.

Important: Don't Get The Wrong Opinion

Almost forgot... I wanted to explain a bit more on why you will NOT be making money in 10 days, as the training might make you think.

The reason mostly comes down to this methods focus on ranking in the search engines. You need traffic in order to make money and the focus here is getting traffic from Google, Yahoo, etc. The problem is that none of the search engines rank new websites very well at all. So when you first start out the new website you can be doing everything right, but still not getting any traffic, or extremely little… This is just the way it is.

You have to gain the trust of the search engines before they will start raining you while in before you will start getting decent traffic. This can take months, and certainly CANNOT be done in 10 days.

What Is The Support Like?

When I first started looking for ways to make money online back in 2015 there's a good chance I was in a similar situation to what you are in now. ​

I know how important it can be to have good support. Maybe you don't know this, but if you don't you will become aware. Unless you are a genius, you will get stuck at some points in the training and probably have a few technical problems along the way. Support is a must in without any support there is no doubt the failure rates would be much higher.

Luckily, SBI does provide support. The 2 main ways you can get support are as follows:

1) First off, they have a 24/7 support team on standby. These people will be able to help you with most things, but it is important to know that this is not some team of "gurus".

2) There are also private forums in which you can use to communicate with other SBI members. This is something that really can come in handy because you can talk to others who are going through the same process as you, or maybe have already went through it and have been successful.

In addition to this, there is also the Private Tips & Techniques Headquarters section which includes updates on what is going on, new developments, deleted content, changes, etc. within the program. 

Site Build It vs Wealthy Affiliate

For those of you who don't know, Wealthy Affiliate is another online business training platform that is very similar to SBI, and… I am very familiar with it because this is the program I used to get started you money online back in 2015.

Overall, both programs are good. They both provide the training and tools necessary when it comes to this sort of online business.

However, I would say that Wealthy Affiliate excels due to its much more lively/active community and it having more training overall.

The community aspect is a big deal. When you are able to communicate with other people who are doing what you are trying to do, you can learn a lot in this can really help increase your chances of success.

I also like at Wealthy Affiliate provides weekly live training webinars in addition step-by-step training that is already laid out for members.

That said, one of the upsides to SBI is that they provide more tools. For example, they provide an autoresponder tool so that you can send out automated emails to subscribers, whereas Wealthy Affiliate does not. I wanted both provide all the very essential tools that are absolutely necessary for this type of business.

I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate overall, mainly because this is the program I use to get started with the end is pretty much responsible for my success, but both are good.

You can read my full Wealthy Affiliate review here for more information.

Is This a Smart Path for Beginners?

I know a lot of people reading this are probably beginners looking to make their first penny online. But is this a smart path for beginners to take?

In my opinion is one of the best ways for beginners to get started in the world of online marketing. It provides a very affordable and a low risk way to legitimately make sustainable money online. Most of the focus is on free traffic, so you don't have to worry about advertising costs and all of that. With both programs discussed above it is an all-in-one type of deal.

Not only is this method affordable, but the focus also is mainly on promoting products and advertising as a way of monetizing your website, which means that you do not have to worry about creating a product, dealing with customers, etc.

Affiliate marketing, which is when you promote products and earn commissions when you help make sales, is probably the most popular way for people to first start making money online and for good reason... It is one of the easier ways to go about doing so.

Final Thoughts & What I Recommend

Solo Build It is one of the few good online marketing training programs in a cyber world full of scams. The program is built around a legitimate improvement way to make money online, provides the training and tools necessary to be able to make money this way, and is affordable in price.

Overall SBI is definitely one of the better programs out there.

But should you join?

Because on the other hand we have Wealthy Affiliate which is another online marketing training program that teaches the same method the making money online. It is also affordable and provides all the training and tolls necessary.

Both programs are good, but my recommendation would have to be Wealthy Affiliate. This is what I know works from years of experience, being a member there since 2015 when it all that started.

My Suggestion:

Read my Wealthy Affiliate review for more info:

Please leave any comments or questions down below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂 you enjoyed this review and found it helpful. If you are a member, or were a member of SBI, then I would appreciate your thoughts on it all as well. I'm sure they can benefit other readers of my blog here.

The Super Affiliate Network Review – Legit or Big Recruitment Scam?

The Super Affiliate Network Review

There are a lot of people out there promoting The Super Affiliate Network as an easy way to make money online, but is it really that easy? How much money are people really making with this program? Could this all possibly be one big scam?

There are definitely a lot of questions that should be answered before buying into a program like this, especially when you see other people saying that The Super Affiliate Network is a scam… You should at least be a bit concerned and do further research.

In this review I hope to provide you with all the necessary information so that you can make a more informed decision on whether or not this program is right for you. I will be going over pretty much everything you can think of in this review, from what exactly The Super Affiliate Network is and what it is focused on, the different memberships, pros v cons, how much affiliates are really making and more.

This review is going to be pretty detailed and lengthy so I have provided you with this nice little quick navigation menu below if you want to jump to a certain section :-)…

What Is Super Affiliate Network?

First up... What exactly is The Super Affiliate Network? And by the way, I will be referring to The Super Affiliate Network as "SAN" throughout this review just to let you know.

SAN is an online affiliate marketing membership training program that was created by Misha Wilson in 2015. The program is set up to give beginners a clear step-by-step blueprint for making money with affiliate marketing and provides many "done for you" features.

Is It really 90% "Done For You"?

It it is often advertised as being a "done for you system" that requires little work. But is this true?

The answer is, yes… It is true. Much of the system is already set up and in place for you, because the focus here is on getting members to promote the system (SAN) to other people.

So you already have the sales funnels in place, the products in place, etc. Essentially all you have to do is go out and promote the system.

SAN In a Nutshell

SAN is low to high-ticket affiliate training program that focuses on getting members to make money online by promoting the various SAN products and memberships. It is similar to Legendary Marketer if you are familiar with this.

Like many other "make money online" programs out there, SAN lures people in with the hopes of making money online and then pushes them to make money online by further promoting the brand.

And when I say it is a "low to high-ticket" program, what I mean is that the entry-level membership in products are low-priced but there are much higher upsells waiting, which will cost you thousands of dollars and you can also make thousands of dollars promoting them.

Memberships & Products

Basic Membership ($47/mo)

The basic membership is the introductory membership that people start off buying into. Whenever you see SAN being promoted this is what they are pushing you to buy into.

It is often advertised with a $1 trial for 30 days, and then $47 per month after that. However, if you decide to skip the one dollar 30 day trial, you can get the membership at a reduced price of $37 per month from the start.

This basic membership starts you off with a three week boot camp which consists of 21 modules. This will give you the basics and teach you about list building, email marketing, selling, in the mindset that you need to have to be successful.

In addition to the training you will also be assigned a coach that will help guide you through the process. However, some people claim that these "coaches" just try to upsell you on the next most expensive product within the SAN line-up.

Premium Membership ($97 one time)

The Premium membership is a one time charge of $97 that will give you access to the Solo Ad Success Formula course, which you can guess is all about solo ads.

What are solo ads? They are email based advertisements that you pay for. Basically what you do here is pay owners of large email lists to advertise your offer to their list.

You have to take into account that advertising like this is another expense that comes with this business model.

Super Affiliate Monthly ($47 one time)

This is a $47 upsell that is pushed on you when you first join the network as a new member. With this Super Affiliate of so you get access to monthly video newsletters from Misha about the current state of online marketing, what is and isn't working, etc.

Pro Membership ($2,497 one time)

And then this is where the "high ticket" products begin. The Pro membership is a whopping $2497, but is only a one time charge. When you are a pro member you access to everything listed above, plus Authority Hacking, Systematic Profits, Magnetic Selling Machine, Push Button Swipe File Collection, Pro coaching and more.

You also get access to the private Facebook group, which in my opinion is a pretty big deal. Here you will actually be able to connect with people outside of the SAN, but still talk about SAN. This gives a little more sense of freedom to communicate.

As a pro member you also get access to the new products second on the future.

Maui Intensive Mentoring ($12,497)

And lastly is the Maui intensive mentoring, coming in at $12,497. This gives you access an in person mastermind event that lasts four days and is hosted in Maui, where believe Misha lives. These events are capped off at a limit of 20 people.

This is where you get some serious inside access and are able to network with the top marketers in the SAN. You also get to meet Misha himself.

Topics discussed here can be about anything really, marketing funnels, sales machines, email marketing, etc.

Confusion About Memberships

There are a lot of old reviews of The Super Affiliate Network which list products that no longer exist and ones that might/might not exist. There is definitely some confusion around The Super Affiliate Network and if anyone could help me clear things up I would greatly appreciate it.

For example, what happened to the gold and silver Pro Membership? Now it seems that there is just one Pro Membership. And also what happened to the "All In Experience" product package that they used to have? This was priced at a whopping $17,000 and give you everything SAN had to offer.

It appears that SAN is going through some structural changes and I can't help but wonder if this is due to the FTC cracking down on recruitment schemes like this, which I will get into later in this review.

The Compensation Plan

When you first get started in SAN you really have no idea what you are getting too, little do you know that you are entering a funnel system that slowly pushes you to buy the next most expensive product in an attempt to make more and more money.

The affiliate program they have in place is 2 tiered. What this means is that you can earn commissions from the people you recruited in directly as well as the people that they recruit in. However, the amount of commissions you will be able to earn will change drastically depending on what type of member you are. Below I will go over how much you can earn as a basic member, as a premium member, and as a pro member.


Basic Member

As a basic member you will be able to earn 70% from the sales made from your personal recruits and 5% from the sales that those recruits make when recruiting in other people. This his for when you or your recruits sell the Basic Membership.

When you or your recruits sell the Premium Membership you will be able to earn 40% and 5% respectively.

Premium Member

As a premium member you will earn the same 70% and 5% commissions from the Basic Membership, but you will also earn 70% and 5% commissions from sales of the Premium Membership.

Pro Membership

And this is where things crazy. As a Pro Member you will be able to earn 70% from your sales of the Basic Membership and Premium Membership along with 20% from the sales of your recruits.

Additionally, you will be able to earn 34% from your personal sales of the Pro Membership along with 17% from your recruits' Pro Membership sales. This is going to be a pretty large number since the Pro Membership costs $2497. It equals out to be about $850 when you recruit someone in who purchases this membership.

The Catch... A Big Funnel

The catch is that you can only earn commissions on the Pro Membership sales if you are a Pro Member yourself. This is the type of thing you are not told early on and have no idea about when you are first joining.

You have no idea that you will be pretty much forced to purchase the next upsell in an attempt to increase earnings. This is what most people call a "pay to play" opportunity. You first have to dish out the money in order to get the opportunity to make money back on that investment.

Concerns About This Affiliate Structure... Pyramid Scheme?

There are definitely some concerns when it comes to this 2-tiered affiliate structure, which allow you to make money not only from your personal product sales, but also from the sales that your recruits make.

Is a pyramid scheme? I wouldn't call it such, but I would say that it does make this opportunity more likely to be under the FTC's radar because it increases incentive to recruit as many people in as possible, although that was pretty much the goal all along anyhow.

The Real Cost of This

Now that you have read my review this far, you probably have a pretty good idea of how much it actually costs to get involved in an opportunity like this, however I want to discuss it a bit more.

As you can see below, this is often advertised as a good way to make money online even if you are on a "shoestring budget", meaning you don't have much money to spend. However, I strongly disagree with this.

In a perfect scenario what you would do is join as a Basic Member, then make enough sales to purchase the Premium Membership, and then make enough sales to eventually purchase the Pro Membership… Moving your way up the ladder as you earn money. However, this often is not how things actually work and most people will have to invest their own hard-earned money.

Can't Forget About Advertising Costs Too

Furthermore, you also have to remember that there are advertising costs if you follow along with the training as well.

The focus of the training you receive at SAN is on paid advertising. This includes solo ads, Facebook ads, YouTube ads, and PPV… All of which cost money and all of which further make this opportunity not all that great for someone on a "shoestring budget". 

You also have to realize that with recruitment based programs like this there is a lot a competition among members, which drives the price of advertising up and also saturates the market, ultimately making it more difficult to make money. However, the same goes with anything.

Pros vs Cons


  • Step by step training
    • From the research I have done in from what I have heard, the training is very well laid out and leaves no room for getting lost. This is good for beginners that want all the guidance they can get. 
    • Is also worth mentioning that there are lots of video tutorials and the training is presented in a very easy to follow manner.
  • 90% "done for you"
    • This I consider both a pro and a con. It is a pro because… Well… A lot of the work is done for you and he wants to do work anymore, right?
  • $1 trial
    • It's pretty obvious why this is a pro. The one dollar 30 day trial allows you to test out the system with extremely little risk, so that you can get a feel for it in see for yourself whether or not you want to get involved further.
  • Money back guarantee
    • I have seen a few complaints online from people claiming is difficult to get your money back, but it seems that overall SAN does honor their 30 day moneyback guarantee.


  • Can be very expensive
    • Obviously this program can be extremely expensive. In the online marketing world we call these "high-ticket" programs for a reason… It can get extremely expensive if you follow along with the system and buy into the upsells.
  • Focus on promotion of system
    • This is a major con in my opinion. I just don't care for systems that are advertised as great ways to make money online, in than just focus on getting people to promote the system so that they can make money online. This is pretty much the definition of a recruitment scheme in my opinion.
    • Sure, you can definitely apply what you learn here to any online business, but it is overwhelmingly focused on getting members to go out and promote SAN to others.
  • Future concerns
    • As I will discuss in a bit, there are some serious future concerns that I want to touch upon.
  • Misleading promotions
    • I have come across The Super Affiliate Network quite a few times before and many of the promotions I have come across have been incredibly misleading, such as "Super Affiliate Success System" for example. It is often promoted as some incredibly easy way to make massive commissions online and they don't really give you much detail on what you are really getting into. You have no idea the true cost in the true focus of the system.

Is Super Affiliate Network a Scam?

The answer to this question is largely based on opinion, but I think that many people out there would consider it to be a scam. It depends… Do you think that recruitment schemes are scams?

It is pretty obvious that The Super Affiliate Network is a recruitment scheme. They lure people in with promotions of being a "done for you system", in which they are obviously talking about all of the pre-made sales funnels and products that they have in place for making money promoting The Super Affiliate Network to other people.

So is a scam? I'm going to leave this question up to you to answer.

Future Concerns - Will It Get Shut Down?

Whether you think that SAN is a scam or not, the fact of the matter is that the FTC has been cracking down on programs is very similar to this recently and whether or not SAN could be shut down in the future is definitely not out of the question.

Digital Altitude's Aspire program along with the much more similar MOBE program were both shut down by the FTC recently and this raises some concern.

It would really suck to buy into SAN, spend a bunch of money hoping that you can go out and promote the system to make it all back, and then the entire thing getting shut down by the government. When that suck?

MOBE was incredibly similar. It had the same type of 2-tiered affiliate structure and sold the same type of online marketing products/memberships that were geared towards getting members to promote the system to others.

They were shut down in spring of 2018 (or maybe it was early summer) for fraudulent business practices, which I think me and they came down to how the opportunity was often promoted in a very misleading way, which I also just discussed how The Super Affiliate Network is also promoted in this manner.

Who Super Affiliate Network Is Best For

First off... It is obviously for someone who is confident in the system and is not think it will be getting shut down anytime soon. But furthermore, it is also for someone that has some extra money to spend and is looking for in the easy way to make money online, since much of it is "done for you", although it really isn't easy.

This is not for someone who is looking to create their own sustainable business. The reason for this is because of all the "done for you" stuff, which just makes you more reliant on the system. You don't learn how to create sales funnels, create websites, anything like that. All that stuff is done for you and you are pretty much completely dependent on the system… If the system goes under so do you.

How Much Are Affiliates Really Making?

This might be the most important question yet… How much are affiliates making with SAN?

I can say all the negative stuff that I want to, but if affiliates are showing high incomes than SAN must be a good choice… Right? Well… Unfortunately they are not.

According to the official income disclosure statement of SAN, which is legally required, an incredibly minute percentage of affiliates make enough money to live off of, or even close to that. You can check out the table below which I took a screenshot of directly from the official website…

Also on the income disclosure page they state that "the average partner spends between $3000 and $12,000 in expenses per year as they build their business", yet "less than 2% earns sufficient commission to cover their costs of The Super Affiliate Network products".

That pretty much sums it all up right there… Affiliates are spending more money for these high-ticket products than they are making back from trying to resell them to others.

Again, the statistics come straight from The Super Affiliate Network and the only reason they make these publicly available is because they are legally required to do so. 

So maybe SAN isn't quite as "scammy" as the infamous MOBE was, since they are making it apparent that you more than likely will lose money.

*Note: It is also important to note that these figures shown above, only from affiliates of the SAN. There is no way for SAN to measure income from their members that is coming from outside sources. As I stated earlier, it is possible to apply what you learn from SAN to any online business, HOWEVER… There probably aren't going to be many people earning other streams of income because of the main focus being on getting members to promote SAN.

What I Recommend - A Much Better Option for Beginners

While there are some people that have success with The Super Affiliate Network, although very few, this is not something I'm going to be promoting or recommending by any means.

There are a handful of reasons why I would not recommend getting involved with The Super Affiliate Network. The training is great and all, but it is ridiculously overpriced (the higher ticket products)… And it is carefully designed this way to give affiliates more incentive to promote the products, of course after they purchase them themselves.

A Much More Affordable Option

A much more affordable option, and a program that I can say works from my personal experience, is Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate happens to be the same program I got started with back in 2015 when I first started looking for ways to make money online. And now I make a living working online, which goes to prove that it does work.

Not only is Wealthy Affiliate a much more affordable and honest training program, but it also teaches you how to build your own sustainable online business that is not reliant on any one source of income, such as how SAN members become reliant on SAN as a means of income.

But anyways… If interested click the button below to read my full review. I'm not going to go into detail here.

Please leave any comments or questions down below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂 Also, if you have your own personal review of The Super Affiliate Network then I would also appreciate it if you left that down below as well. I'm sure other readers can benefit from what you have to say.

Can You Really Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate?

Can you really make money with Wealthy Affiliate

There are so many people online promoting Wealthy Affiliate, but of course this does not mean it is a good opportunity. Can you really make money with Wealthy Affiliate or are the people promoting it just doing so before actually making any money themselves? Is this all just one big scam that gets people's hopes up for no reason?

In this short post I'll be taking a realistic approach when it comes to making money with Wealthy Affiliate. If you are familiar with my blog here, then you know I have been a member since 2015 and actually promote Wealthy Affiliate myself… HOWEVER, I will not be giving you the typical spiel on how great and amazing it is… I'll be telling you what most people won't… It isn't all puppies and rainbows.

But first off let me go over what exactly Wealthy Affiliate is. I know you probably already know this, but for those that don't  here you go…

What Exactly Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing training program that has been around for quite some time. What it does is provides a step-by-step training course to teach anyone, including beginners, how to begin in affiliate marketing business with their own website online.

The focus of the training, as the name suggests, is on affiliate marketing. This is when you make money online by promoting other people's products and earn commissions when you help make sales, which is a common way for online marketers to first get started because they can simply promote products that are already proven to sell.

In addition to providing training, Wealthy Affiliate also provides the tools necessary to get going, such as to free websites, keyword research tool, hosting, and so on.

But anyways… Onto the main point of this post… Can you actually make money? You can read my full Wealthy Affiliate review here if you need more info on this.

Yes You "Can" Make Money, But Will You?

I think it is fairly obvious that you "can" make money, but the real question is whether or not you actually will make money, and if so how much?

You could also make money by setting up a lemonade stand at the end of your driveway, but obviously this is not going to be something worth pursuing because you will make very little money.

Lots of variables at play here

One question I get a lot from people is "how long will it take me to start making money?", And unfortunately this is a question that I can't really give a good answer to because there are so many variables at play here.

This depends on the competition in your chosen niche, the price of the product you are promoting along with the commission percentage, how much work you put into it of course, and so much more.

Why Some People Call Wealthy Affiliate a Scam

It seems that just about every program out there is being called a scam by some people. Now some of these, rightly so, because many are scams, but even a lot of good programs out there are being called scams.

It doesn't matter what type of "make money online" program you are doing research on, you will find people calling it a scam. It could be focused on affiliate marketing, drop shipping with Shopify, selling on Amazon, and various other legitimate ways to make money online… People screaming scam is something that is going to be inevitable.

While a heck of a lot of different programs out there online are scams, and you have to be very cautious, there are a lot of good ones out there as well. So why is this? Why are programs that are proven to work also called scams?

Well… Because some people really do believe with 100% certainty that they are scams. These are the people that fail, and with everything there are always going to be some people that fail.

It also seems that the word "scam" is thrown around a lot more loosely when it comes to online programs due to the anonymity that comes with online programs in not being able to see it in person who is really behind the operation.

Lets Talk About Failure

One thing that you definitely should know is that a heck of a lot of people fail when it comes to making money online. This goes for every program out there, or at least everyone that I have come across. Wealthy Affiliate is no different… It is a great online training program that teaches a proven way to make money online, yet a large number of people do end up failing.

So why do so many people fail?

Well… There could be a number of reasons, some of which I'll discuss below…

  • Giving up too early 
    • This method takes time… There is no way around it. Everyone wants immediate satisfaction, but you will not get that with Wealthy Affiliate. This of course leads to many people giving up early and is no doubt one of the major reasons that people fail. You can't really expect to make money within the first month… It just isn't realistic. And even if you have followed the training for two months without any income coming in, this still isn't really all that uncommon.
  • Over-promotion
    • I see this quite a bit… People get a little bit too excited with their affiliate links and start throwing them all over their website, making a spammy mess that no one wants to see. This never works out. Visitors going to your website do not want to see that and will realize that you are just trying to make money off of them… So they want click on your links and thus you will not make any money. Not to mention that Google dislikes this kind of stuff and you may see it affect your rankings negatively, which is a massive deal.
  • Choosing a crappy niche
    • When you first get started one of the first things you will do is choose a niche. This will be the topic you choose to build your website around and it is very important that you choose wisely. You have to think ahead when choosing your niche… What products will you be able to promote that are related to it? There are almost always products to promote, whether it be a physical product or a digital products such as an e-book, but some niches you will definitely find it more difficult than others. 
  • Doing a poor job with content
    • If you are familiar with Wealthy Affiliate at all, then you know that the business model it teaches is focused on content. Content is king and you will be writing a lot of posts/articles for your website and your particular niche of choice. You by no means have to be an expert in any niche, nor do you have to be amazing at writing, but you do have to put some effort into this. I have seen people that write the most awful posts, often full of overly promoted affiliate links, and expect to make money. And going even further, I have also seen people who try to cheat the system by copying and pasting, which is something that will never work.

How many people fail?

This is something that I have often wondered myself, yet I have no idea the actual statistics are. There is no doubt a fair number of people fail at Wealthy Affiliate and end up giving up in the long run, but I really have no way of knowing or measuring this.

All I know is that yes… A lot of people do fail and this is something that you should keep in mind.

How Much Money Are People Making & From What?

There are lots of examples I could give from people failing and complaining that this does not work, but I also give hundreds of examples from people who are actually making good money and have seen success with what Wealthy Affiliate teaches.

One for example, is this guy who made $500 in a single day…

*I have linked to these screenshots to the actual posts inside Wealthy Affiliate, so just click on them if you want to read the full posts to learn more.

And then We have a longtime veteran at Wealthy Affiliate it was able to earn over $10,000 in a single month…

And then here is someone who earned $500 off of a single commission…

There are many different success stories out there, and I also like to point out that I too have made over $500 in a single day before, although I typically do not earn this much.

Where are people making money?

Of course just showing you some screenshots from people who claim to be making a time money isn't enough… You need to know where people are making this money.

Unfortunately this is something else I can't really provide all that good of an answer to. There are so many different places that people are making money, it would be a waste of time to try to explain this.

For example, the person above who wrote the post titled "my first $500 commission!" Made a single $500 commission within one week of signing up for some new affiliate program. Then I give you multiple examples of different affiliate programs I am making money through, such as Panthera Network where I promote many different offers, and MaxWeb where I mainly promote different health products from a health related website I have…

Right now I am making money from probably over a dozen different sources, ranging from promoting health products to sunglasses to Wealthy Affiliate to advertising via Google AdSense and more.

The possibilities to what you can make money with are seemingly endless.

Is There a Way to Guarantee Success?

If there is a way to guarantee success than I am unaware of it. However, you can definitely increase your chances of success by being consistent with your work. Consistency is important.

As I've already discussed, giving up too early is easily one of the main reasons for failure when it comes to this method for making money online. It is a slow process and many people give up early on because they do not see any money coming in, so they assume that it either doesn't work or is a scam or something like that.

Sure, some people do get lucky in the land on a goldmine right away, but the large majority of people don't, including myself.

My Story

I started out at Wealthy Affiliate in late 2015 and didn't end up seeing success for a while. There are plenty of times where I contemplated giving up, and came very close to it at times, but ended up sticking around and eventually making a little bit of money… Then a little bit more… And eventually making a living at it, which is where I am at now.

When I started my very first website was in the fitness niche. I wasn't aware of all of the competition at the time, and soon found that my small site was no match for large companies like Health and Fitness, Men's Health, and so on. Looking back at it, I probably could have made some decent money in this niche if I had stuck with it, but at the time it seemed like just way too much competition with no room for me to make any money.

Fast forward to today and I have multiple websites, I two that promote natural health products and several others, one of course being my blog here where I mainly promote different "make money online" opportunities such as Wealthy Affiliate as well as promote some other random products.

What I Recommend for Beginners

There is no doubt that a lot of people fail at Wealthy Affiliate, yet this is still my recommendation for beginners looking to get started making money online. Not only have I found success with it myself and know from experience that it works, but there are many logical reasons why it is a good place to get started, some of which include…

#1 - Low Cost

The Wealthy Affiliate training program and the focus of the training is a very low cost compared to what you see with a lot of other programs out there, especially considering what you get as a member, which includes website hosting, SSL certification, 24/7 tech support, and of course all of the training.

Additionally, the training at Wealthy Affiliate focuses on free traffic generation methods, mainly on SEO, which is great for people looking to get started without spending much money. You can load your money really quickly when it comes to paid advertising if you don't know what you are doing, which is a big reason why paid advertising can be a disaster for beginners.

#2 - Sustainable Business Model

Affiliate marketing, which is the focus of Wealthy Affiliate is training, is obviously a sustainable business model that is here to stay. It isn't going anywhere and I know a lot of people who have been making a living as affiliate marketers for over a decade.

This is something you can bring and study money with if you know what you're doing.

#3 - "Easy" For Beginners

And the last reason that I will mention is that it is "easy" for beginners to get started with. Now I am saying it is "easy" with quotation marks, because of course a lot of people fail… So how easy can it really be?

The reason I say is easy is because I do consider it to be easy compared to the many other methods to making money online that are out there. Just think about it… There is no need for creating your own product because you just promote products that are already out there. There is no need to deal with returns, customer service, etc. because again, you are actually selling the product you are just promoting them.

Ecommerce is something that I was involved with for over two years, and while I did have some success with that, I can definitely say that affiliate marketing is more suitable for beginners.

Affiliate marketing is actually how a lot of online marketers get started which makes perfect sense.

Why Wealthy Affiliate

Well, like I mentioned, Wealthy Affiliate is where I got started and I know from experience that it works.

I have looked into quite a few other affiliate marketing training programs out there, and while some others are good, Wealthy Affiliate is definitely one of the better ones, and my opinion the best. 

One of the major differences that I have noticed with Wealthy Affiliate is the whole community aspect to it all. With many others they have their training laid out for you, but there is no good way to interact with other members and get help. At Wealthy Affiliate the community is very lively it is very easy to get help from people who have been doing this for years, such as from me.

And of course the step-by-step training is great along with the tools that are provided to you.

Get Help From Me... a Full-Time Affiliate

If you want to join Wealthy Affiliate and want a little bit of extra guidance after joining then you can join through my referral link here…

I mean, if you going to join why not get some extra help from someone who does this stuff full-time?

Yes, I will get credit for you joining through my referral link and I will make a commission off of it, but this just gives more incentive for me to help you stay around and succeed.

I'll be checking in on you regularly and helping guide you along the way. This is a little bonus that most people who join do not get. 

Legendary Marketer Review – A Great Way To Lose $20,000+

Legendary Marketer Review

Is Legendary Marketer a scam? Can you really make money with this program? How much money can you potentially lose?… These are all questions that are very important and should definitely be answered before diving into a program like this.

If you came looking for answers on Legendary Marketer then you are right we need to be. In this in-depth review I’ll be going over (hopefully) everything that you need to know about Dave Sharpe’s Legendary Marketer program.

And I’ll tell you what… I’ll cut straight to the point here… No Legendary Marketer is not a scam, HOWEVER there is definitely a lot of very misleading promotional material out there and you do not want to get involved with this unless you truly know what you’re getting involved with. You can make money with this program but it also can be a great way to lose $20,000 and more.

What Is Legendary Marketer?

Legendary Marketer, found at, is a high-ticket online marketing training program and more. Besides providing training on lead generation, finding products to promote, building your own digital products, advertising.. just to name a few… It also provides coaching/training on becoming a true independent entrepreneur.

In addition to all of this are also a lot of “done for you” components to this program. There’s a good chance you came across what is called “Duplicate Dave“.

Duplicate Dave” is just another name for the Legendary Marketer program. The reason is called Duplicate Dave is because of all the “done for you” components, which allow you to easily duplicate a system that is proven to sell.

Okay… Maybe I said that in a confusing way… What I’m trying to say is that there are pre-made sales funnels, ads, emails, etc., that you can use to simply promote the Duplicate Dave system to other people and make money.

In a Nutshell:

Legendary Marketer is an online marketing training program that is designed to help people start making money online, develop their own online businesses, scale, and even potentially grow them to massive proportions. There is a lot of really good training within this program but what creates most of the controversy around it is the duplicatable system and how many people joined the system and then go out to promote it to others.

Much of the training, and pretty much all of the “done for you” components, or focused on getting members to go out and promote Legendary Marketer to other people. You get training focused on selling the same system to other people and also get the resell rights to the different “tiers” of training that you have purchased yourself.

I’ll go more into detail on all of this soon.

The program is very similar to The Super Affiliate Network (if you’ve ever heard of this place) but in my opinion a little better.

Who Is This Dave Sharpe Guy?

Dave Sharpe talks about how he has made over $170 million in sales online. It is this really true?

Well, I can’t say with 100% certainty, but I am guessing it very well could be true. Dave Sharpe has been around for a while and is well known for being highly successful when it comes to online marketing.

He is probably the most well-known for his involvement with Empower Network, which was a high ticket program (somewhat similar to Legendary Marketer) that was basically a pyramid scheme. It collapsed a while back and tons of people lost tons of money. There are plenty of reviews on the Empower Network that you can look into if you want to.

So this really there is a monkeywrench into everything doesn’t it? The day was involved in a high ticket program that most people would probably consider it a scam… Not a good sign.

That said… Legendary Marketer is much different and much more legitimate without a doubt. In fact, it has no pyramid -like structure so it cannot be considered a pyramid scheme by any means.

“A System For Promoting The System”

There are many different promotional videos out there online for “Duplicate Dave” and Legendary Marketer, which are one and the same. Much of the promotional material focuses on franchising and why starting a franchise business is the way to go.

Dave tells you that 1/10 traditional businesses fail, but 9/10 franchise businesses are successful in the real world. I looked this up and according to this is true in some cases. So why not apply the franchise model to online business?

This is essentially what Dave is doing with Legendary Marketer. You can buy in and then resell the same system to other people, earning commissions this way. By doing this you do not have to work on developing your own product/service or anything like that. And as I mentioned earlier, you are provided with many “done for you” components to make it even easier.

The “killer ads”, the sales funnels, the email follow-up series… It is all done for you.

Good or Bad?

This can somewhat be looked at as both good and bad. There is no doubt that much of the focus of Legendary Marketer is on promoting the same system to other people, in which the ethics of this business model could be questioned. However, this franchise model makes it easier for complete beginners to get started online, people who have no product to sell and have no previous experience in online marketing.

Another downside to this is that you aren’t really going to learn how to do much for yourself. For example… You get sales funnels that are proven to convert when it comes to promoting Legendary Marketer, but you aren’t going to be taught how to create your own killer sales funnel if you want to promote another offer.

Sure.. There is absolutely no reason why you can’t apply what you learn here to other online businesses, but the focus is on promoting Legendary Marketer and this is much easier to do.

The Products & Cost To Get Started

Okay… Now let’s talk about the different products in the cost to get started with this program.

I have seen it described as a “pay to play” system. This means that you have to pay for the different products before you can earn money promoting them. There isn’t just one product within the Legendary Marketer program. There are multiple products ranging from $30/mo up to $12,000. You only are able to promote the products that you personally have purchased.

So for example: if you buy into Legendary Marketer’s Club for $30 per month, you will only be able to make money selling this product to other people. If you want to make large commissions selling the expensive $12,000 product, you will first have to purchase that.

The different products that are within Legendary Marketer in the commissions you can earn  reselling them are as follows…

You can also become a free affiliate and earn commissions but the amount you will earn as such is not even relatively close to what is shown above.

Also, there used to be a product called Legendary Lifestyle Experience that was priced at $30,000. This included meet ups in exotic locations and one-on-one training with Dave, but I have no idea what happened to this product… It is not listed anymore.

Anyways… I will briefly touch on all of the currently available products below:

1) Legendary Marketer’s Club ($30/mo) – This is your introductory course and is what you will normally be funneled into buying when you see promotions for “Duplicate Dave” and such online. This course provides introductory material on all sorts of things, such as advertising on Facebook and YouTube, lead generation, marketing on Facebook and YouTube without spending money, and you also get access to weekly live webinars.

And again, with this you also get all the “done for you” stuff, such as the sales funnel, landing pages, different types of ads, a massive 45 day follow-up email sequence, and more.

2) Traffic Rolodex ($247 one time) – This products is all about traffic generation. It is a bundle of a courses and provides more advanced in detailed advertising training than the Legendary Marketer’s Club product discussed above. You will learn paid advertising from experts who are actually good at doing what they do, you will be shown how to set up campaigns for Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and so on.

Also… One thing that, my eyes that they teach you how to make your landing pages compliant so that you don’t get your account banned. Facebook is a real bitch when it comes to banning advertising accounts. I’ve had my account banned multiple times in the past and it is one heck of a hassle trying to get them to re-enable it. So it is very good to see that they teach you how to do this the right way so that you don’t have to deal with all this crap.

3) Affiliate Business Blueprint ($2,500 one time) – This blueprint is obviously all about affiliate marketing, which is what you are doing if you are going to promote Legendary Marketer to other people. Affiliate marketing is when you simply promote products online, that aren’t yours, and earn commissions when you help make sales. This is a great business model for beginners.

Unlike the Legendary Marketer’s Club, this product focuses more on affiliate marketing in general, and is in all about promoting Legendary Marketer to other people.

4) Digital Products Business Blueprint ($2,500 one time) – Have you ever wanted to create your own digital product, such as an e-book? Well then this blueprint will help. Here you are guided on creating your very and to show product based on your knowledge.

5) Coaching & Consulting Business Blueprint ($2,500 one time) – This is a blueprint for starting your own coaching/consulting business online. You will be guided through identifying a niche, developing a sales pitch, delivering your product/service, and scaling your business.

This type of thing is probably not for the majority of people reading this review… It is more for those that are advanced and most people reading this probably don’t have an interest in it.

6) Events & Masterminds Business Blueprint ($2,500 one time) – Here is another blueprint that is pretty darn advanced and probably not for the majority of people reading this. This blueprint is all about setting up your own mastermind live event. It covers things like hiring people for the event, selecting a post venue, etc.

You can certainly make a heck of a lot of money hosting live events like this if you are good, but this is very advanced.

7) Legendary Marketer Mastermind ($8,000 one time) – And then come the mastermind events. This event consists of a three day life meet up with top online marketers. The focus here is on lead generation and conversions.

These events are held at locations in the US, often times that places like mansions.

8) Legendary Entrepreneur Mastermind ($12,000 one time) – This is another mastermind event that consists of a three day in person made up. However, this is more advanced and more for someone who is looking to become a true entrepreneur, in all senses. Topics at this event include health, wealth, wisdom and growth.

Definitely Not a Good Choice For Everyone

If you don’t have much money to spend and you don’t have any prior experience in online marketing, then this might not be that great of a choice for you.

As mentioned, the Legendary Marketer’s Club is focused on duplicating the system… Getting you to go out there and promote it to other people. If you’re going to continue on this path then you’re going to want to be able to earn higher commissions, which means you will want to purchase the more expensive higher ticket products to sell.

Now if everything went perfectly, you would be able to sell enough Legendary Marketer’s Club memberships to cover the costs of the next product, and you would then sell enough of the next product to cover the cost of the next product… And so on. But of course things don’t work out this way most of the time and you will have to invest money with the hopes of getting it back one day.

What I Like About It

There is no doubt that there is a heck of a lot of value provided when compared to the cost, in particular with the Legendary Marketer’s Club membership. It only cost $30 per month and comes with an abundance of training.

I don’t think anyone can really argue that you get way more than they pay for here.

However, this is common when it comes to high ticket programs like this. Often times the introductory product is low-priced and provides significant value. This way you get a lot of people to join the system, in which they then get up-sold on the more expensive products.

Pros v Cons


Good quality training

Dave knows what he is doing and in this program the other people that provide training know what they are doing as well. This is by no means a program that provides low-quality or outdated training. The training is up-to-date and is proven to work.

When it comes to people complaining about Legendary Marketer, I don’t think anyone is really complaining about the quality of the training. If you see complaints, they are probably complaining about misleading promotional material making it seems easier than it really is, it costing more than they were led to believe, and so on.

30 day moneyback guarantee

Of course there is also the 30 day money back guarantee.

Now I know a lot of people out there are probably worried whether or not this is actually real, and I can assure you that it is. I know there are a lot of scams out there that will claim to provide a guarantee but will never follow through with it. Legendary Marketer will honor this guarantee so there is no need to worry here.



This it may sound a bit weird… Above I said that the training is good quality and provides a lot of value, yet here I am saying that is overpriced. Well… It is both.

There is a lot of value here, but with the higher-ticket products there is definitely some massive overpricing going on. Just think about it… Affiliates that sell the Legendary Entrepreneur Mastermind for $12,000 are earning a $4800 commission. Why such a large commission? Why not just sell the product for cheaper in the first darn place?

The reason there are such massive commissions is because this creates increased incentive to go out and promote Legendary Marketer products to other people. The prices are inflated for this reason.. Not all of them however.

Focused on self promotion

A lot of people really do not like programs that supposedly provide you with a way to make money online and then teach you to make money online by selling the program to other people. This is definitely an understandable complaint about Legendary Marketer, however I will say that there is also a lot of good training that is not focused on promoting the system.

That said, this is something that I definitely do not care for.

The coaches/salesmen

Something that I didn’t mention is that when you join you will be assigned a “coach”. However, many people havecomplained about these coaches just being sales men that try to get you to purchase the next more expensive products so that they can earn their money.

This is something that is common when it comes to high-ticket programs and I certainly do not doubt that this is the truth.

How Much Are Affiliates Making?

Since much of the focus within this program is on promoting it to other people, you may be wondering how much affiliates are actually making.

Well… This might come as somewhat of a disappointment, but according to the official income disclaimer, “the average annual gross income for affiliates is projected to be between $500 and $2,000”. So if you take the median of this range, you get $1250…. Pretty disappointing.

Now of course this is the estimated average annual income for affiliates of the system, not counting people that have used Legendary Marketer training to promote other various offers. However… There probably aren’t all that many of these people due to the fact that much of the system pushes members to become affiliates and promote it to other people.

Seeing in extremely low average income like this makes me question the success rate that Dave talks about, which he claims is that 9/10 franchise businesses tend to be successful. I guess this depends on what you consider successful and it also really depends on the particular franchise in question. Not all franchises have the same success rates.

I was recently reading an article on Forbes about the worst vs best franchises to buy. What you get involved with makes a big difference, which I think is common sense.

Promotional Content Is Misleading

One of the main reasons for me writing this review is to help clear the air on what exactly Legendary Marketer is. There is a heck of a lot of misleading promotional material out there and often times it leads people to believe that this is going to be some super easy way to make money online.

The income disclaimer tells it all… If it were super easy than a lot more people would be making a lot more money.

What you have to remember is that the people promoting this are doing so to make money themselves. They are promoting it as some amazing way to make money online, but if people don’t buy into it then they don’t make money online in the first place.

There are all sorts of ads out there for this system along with many different websites and sales funnels. I actually reviewed a website called End Financial Stress Now a while back that is a sales funnel for the Legendary Marketer system.

Do You Have To Worry About This Business Getting Shut Down?

One concern that many people have, and if you are concerned about this then you should be, is that this business might get shut down by the government.

Could you imagine buying in, spending a bunch of money, and then the business going out of business… Leaving you high and dry. Don’t think this stuff can’t happen because it does all the time.

The reason some people are concerned about this is because of the whole business model that is running here, where people buy in at a low price and are later up-sold on higher-ticket more expensive products, all the while being pushed to go out and sell these products to other people.

In the recent past we have seen similar online marketing training programs shut down by the FTC. First there was Digital Altitude’s Aspire program, which is basically a pyramid scheme. Now Legendary Marketer doesn’t have to worry about being shut down for this because there is no MLM compensation structure, it is a simple one-tiered affiliate marketing structure.

However… MOBE is a little more similar and they were also recently shut down by the FTC for being a scam… Mainly due to misleading people to buy in without being straightforward about the real costs of the system. And I hate to say it, but Legendary Marketer is pretty darn similar when it comes to this, although not as bad I will say.

My Recommendation for Beginners

Since you are reading my review I am guessing that you at least care a little bit of what I have to say on this matter. Do I recommend Legendary Marketer, in particular for beginners?

While I do see the value in the training provided, and it is definitely possible that you could go on to make good money with this training program, this is not something that I am personally going to recommend. I have two main reasons for not recommending it: 1) I just don’t care for systems like this that really push members to go out and promote the system to other people, and 2) This it is just too darn expensive for many people out there looking to make money online.

I remember when I was first getting started looking for ways to make money online and I certainly didn’t have the money to spend on a program like this. I mean sure, I could have joined for the $30/mo Legendary Marketer’s Club membership, but this will only get you so far as I have already explained… You will have to purchase more if you want a good shot at making good money.

What I Suggest

I would suggested the Wealthy Affiliate training program over Legendary Marketer without a doubt. Wealthy Affiliate is actually where I got started back in 2015 when I first started looking for ways to make money online. It obviously works because I am now making a living doing this online marketing stuff, which I never really thought was possible.

The reason I would definitely recommend Wealthy Affiliate is because it is much more affordable. Not only is the program itself way less expensive, but the training also focuses on free traffic generation techniques, which are very effective and that they are… uhhm… Free! This is compared to Legendary Marketer’s focus on paid traffic generation, which can get pricey.

I’m not going to get into all the details here, but I would highly recommend reading my Wealthy affiliate review by clicking the button below…

Questions or comments? Leave them them below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

Also, what do you think about Legendary Marketer? I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on things and I’m sure other readers would appreciate them to.

Is Stack That Money a Scam? – What You Should Know

Is Stack That Money a ScamStack That Money is an affiliate marketing forum that offers a paid membership. Some people swear that this place is as good as it gets, but is it really? Is STM worth the money? Or is Stack That Money a scam that you should be avoiding?

In the days of the Internet we have access to an abundance of information right at our fingertips. A lot of information that people pay big money for can easily be found for free. In fact, you could become successful with affiliate marketing without paying for any sort of training, forum access, or anything like that. The nice thing about having a training program or a quality for them to guide you in the right direction, is that the information is well put together and will help get you to the end goal faster and without all the trial and error.

In this review of STM I will be going over what I like most, the community, the cost of being a member and whether it is worth it, who it is most suitable for and more.

Stack That Money Review

STM (at is an affiliate marketing community, a.k.a. forum, that claims is for people at all levels of experience. It is true that it contains useful information for people at any level, however, I would not recommend it for everyone and you will see why later in this review.

But anyway… They say that whether you are an IM veteran or a newbie looking to launch your first campaign this is the place for you.

STM was started in 2011 with the goal of being a networking hub for veteran affiliate marketers. Since then they have evolved to be more newbie friendly in because of this have a lot more members that are just getting into the whole IM thing.

STM actually provides more than just education on the forum. They also host a live events although the large majority of members aren’t going to be attending them.

The Cost of Being a Member

The cost of being a member is $99 a month. Now is this really worth it when you can go join one of many other free Internet marketing forums? This is the big question that really needs to be answered before buying in. There are plenty other sites, such as Warrior Forum that allow members to join for free.

Is It Worth The Cost?

It appears that the quality of this forum is going downhill. They still do have a lot of good content, ranging from newbie to expert, but things seem to be taking a turn for the worse.

I was not a member of the site back in the glory days, but I have read a lot of reviews saying that it was better back in the old days. What seems to be happening is that there are a lot more newbie members on the forum that basically just ask questions and don’t really help out much. They don’t really add any value to the community because they don’t have any experience and really anything valuable they can share.

What I Like Most

You will find tutorials, campaign walk-throughs, answers to simple questions, and a bunch of other postings on this forum. My favorite is probably the campaign walk-throughs.


Well because I think getting a detailed look at people’s campaigns can be a big help. You will find ones that have been successful in once I have failed. I think all too much people are guided with what to do but aren’t told or shown enough of what not to do, learning from other people’s failures can be a big help, sometimes I think even a bear help then being shown what to do.

You won’t find many case studies on free forums like you do at STM and this really makes a big difference. There is no doubt that there is some serious value in this.

Major Focus On Paid Traffic

One of the major focuses at STM is paid traffic.

Paid traffic often gets a bad rap because… Well of course you have to pay for it, however it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Sure, it can be a bad thing if you are inexperienced and don’t know what you’re doing because you can really blow through money fast, but you also can get fast and good quality traffic if you do know what you’re doing.

The Community

Like I mentioned earlier, the form seems to be dying down a bit when it comes to quality and valuable advice, teachings, conversation, etc. There seems to be an increase in repetitive questions being asked by newbies and this really decreases the value of the forum overall in my opinion.

That said, I might be talking a little too harsh about STM. At any given time you can log on and be connected with hundreds of other affiliate marketers, so it obviously does still have life.

Another good thing is that, unlike free forums, people don’t just join and then sit on their hands. They just paid $99 to become a member so naturally they are going to be more active to make it worth it.

There are supposedly even some top level affiliates like Charles Ngo and John Chow, who makes over $40k per month (or should I say used to make $40,000 a month… Since MOBE has been shut down), although I don’t know this for certain.

Who STM Is Most Suitable For

As they tell you on the website, they do have information for everybody. They have guides for newbies and they have info for intermediate and advanced affiliate marketers. That said… I would say that is probably a better choice for people who already know a thing or two and have some experience under their belts.

Not That Great for Beginners


One big reason why I wouldn’t recommend it for beginners is because of the cost. $99 per month is a fairly large price and there is no real reason for a beginner to need to pay a price like this. Beginner information and guides can easily be found for free online.

Information Overload

Back in 2015 I didn’t even know about this place but I’m sure it would have felt very overwhelming to me. There is a lot of info and not all that much guidance, which can make it difficult to know what you should be doing and when.

You would think the more information the better, but there is such a thing as there being too much.

They do have the 40 day newbie guide that beginners can go through but I don’t know… it’s good but I feel there is better available. It is definitely better than nothing though. It’s better than going at it on your own.

Paid Traffic

As I said, paid traffic gets a bad rap a lot of the times although it is not necessarily a bad thing. However… I do usually recommend free traffic methods for beginners, at least when you’re just starting out. This way there is less risk involved.

Final Thoughts – Should You Join?

STM is in no way a scam. This is a legitimate forum that also provides some good training. Is it worth the $99 per month? This is debatable but too many people it is.

There are lots of little nuggets of golden information here, one of the downsides being that you have to sift through a lot of other information to possibly find these golden nuggets. Forum style websites like this come with their pros and cons. They encourage people to share whatever they want on the various subjects, and this is great, but things can also get a bit messy and sometimes disorganized.

If you are a newbie and looking for some good guidance to get started in affiliate marketing, I would really suggest taking a look at Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is in affiliate marketing training program that provides very clear step-by-step training. And what is nice is that they also provide the tools necessary to get started, such as a keyword research tool, two free websites, etc.

Wealthy Affiliate is actually the place I started with back in 2015 when I first started looking for ways to make money online, so I know that it works based on my experience. You can click the button below if you want to read my review to learn more…

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my review and found it helpful to some degree. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please leave them below and I will get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

Is Super Affiliate Success System a Scam? – What You Should Know

Is The Super Affiliate Success System a Scam

Super Affiliate Success System claims to be able to force-feed you 4 to 6 checks per month directly into your bank account. It is also said to be able to churn out commissions of up to $5500 on complete autopilot. But what is the catch to all of this? It seems that there is always a catch doesn’t it? Is this program even legitimate or is Super Affiliate Success System a scam that you should be avoiding?

While you can make money with this system there are a few very important things that you should know before hand… Things that they do not tell you. In this review I’ll be going over what you need to know as well as exposing some of the lies they tell you. The truth is that the system is not the super amazing system that is said to be in that there is a big catch to it all.

Super Affiliate Success System Review

Super Affiliate Success System (at has the typical get-rich-quick scheme feel to it. When you land on the website you are presented with a video that portrays the system at some magical fairytale system that runs on autopilot with little to no work, cranking in the commissions.

Of course you are told that you are “extremely lucky” to be on the page in that you will get over $2000 in bonuses just for watching the video. I don’t remember exactly what the spokeswoman said in the video but I believe she tells you that you are one of the lucky few to be selected for this amazing system. But wait…Oh No,… If you don’t act now this video could be down in 5 to 10 minutes…

This is all just what you call false scarcity, which is a marketing tactic used to get people to buy in as fast as possible. But none of it is true. This video will not be down in 5 to 10 minutes and you will go to come back in a week or even a month it will still be there.

One thing that I found rather humorous is that she tells you what you are hearing “cannot leave this webpage”. She says that you are not allowed to share this info with anyone and it has to remain a secret. The reason this is funny is because this website is open to the public. It is not part of the dark web and anyone can go to it to watch this video presentation and buy into the opportunity.

“Tanya Christensen” a sufficiently the spokeswoman that is presenting the video, but who knows if this woman really exists or not. During the video presentation whenever she introduced herself there is a picture shown that you can see below. I ran a reverse Google image search for this picture and found that it is used all over the place online, on many different websites. What this more than likely means is that the image is a stock photo that anyone can buy and use online. In other words… It is NOT Tanya Christensen…

This is one of the first major red flags because it is something that I can prove to you is a lie.

The Super Affiliate Success System Tanya Christensen

Buy anyways, let’s talk about the system here.

The System You Are Being Sold

You are told that this system can generate you $1000, $2000, $3500, or even $5500 commissions on autopilot and that it was created by a guy named Misha who supposedly gave the system to her.

And of course, like every make money online system out there, this is a “simple done for you system”.

What Is It Really?

Really the Super Affiliate Success System is just part of a sales funnel to get you to buy into the Super Affiliate Network, which is a high ticket affiliate training/mentorship program created by a guy named Misha Wilson.

The program consists of different membership levels/products it is one of the systems that you buy into to make money online and then end up making money online by trying to get letters to buy into it as well.

When you join your provided with online marketing training and tools. Additionally you are set up with “done for you” sales pages, email templates, lead capture pages, etc. so that you can promote the system to other people. So what you will be doing is advertising Super Affiliate Network as a way to make money online and that sending people to the sales page. When they buy in you earn commissions.

The Cost of This.. What They Don’t Tell You

What they don’t tell you is the true cost of the system. The basic membership is only $47 a month and sometimes they have one dollar trials offers going on that you can sign up through. However… This is only for the basic membership. There are multiple other membership going up to Pro Membership which costs $2497…

  • Basic Membership
    • $47/month after
  • Premium Membership
    • $97 one time charge
    • Special offer for new members -Is only available upon initial purchase
  • Super Membership
    • $47/month
  • Pro Membership
    • $2,497 one time charge

And there is more than just of this. The most expensive product within the Super Affiliate Network is the Maui Intensive Mentoring, which costs $12,497. This is the tippy top of the product selection. With this product you will get a ticket for a four day mentoring session from Mischa himself.

The Catch

There is a reason to upgrade through the memberships. Of course each higher-priced membership includes more training and more resources for success than the last. But there is another reason why you are going to pretty much have to upgrade and purchase more expensive products.

The reason is because in order to earn commissions selling these products you first have to buy them yourself. So if you buy in at the Basic Membership level then you are only going to be able to earn commissions when others buy in at the Basic Membership level, which really won’t give you the ability to earn all that much because it is only $47 per month.

If you want to earn big commissions like those talked about in the Super Affiliate Success System sales funnel, then you’re going to have to buy the more expensive products. If you want to have the ability to earn $5500 commissions then your first going to have to spend more than this. This is how other programs like MOBE and Legendary Marketer work as well.

This Is NOT All Done-For-You

One thing that I think is worth mentioning and you should definitely know is that this is NOT completely done for you. If it were already completely done than what would be the point of having people join and sign up for it? If you’re already completely done you would need anyone to join. The system would run on its own. But the reality is that this is not all completely done for you and it will take work on your part.

There are many done-for-you components to the system, such as the premade sales pages that I mentioned. Basically the system is set up so that you can make money with it but in order to make money with it you first have to send people into the system. You are the one that has to go out and advertise the opportunity, collect leads, and send them to the sales pages. Now this might sound easy. It might sound like 99% of the work is done for you, but this is probably one of the most difficult parts of online marketing.

Traffic generation is the lifeblood of online business and it is much easier said than done. I have been making money in the online space since 2015 and I can take this from personal experience. I have experience with SEO, Facebook advertising, Bing advertising, etc. and know how it is.

Final Thoughts – Scam?

I would call Super Affiliate Success System a scam at least to some extent. The fact of the matter is that the opportunity at hand is misrepresented as being much better than it really is. You are told all the good and not told anything about the money that you will have to spend if you actually want to be able to earn large commissions.

I am not a fan of these types of high ticket systems in particular. I find that they sucker many people in and then force them into upsells and to promote the same system to others. Sure… you can apply what you are given to any online business but the focus is on getting members to promote the system.

Besides this, Super Affiliate Network is also out of the budget range of most people. It is just too darn expensive to get started with.

My recommendation for beginners looking to make money online would be programs like Wealthy Affiliate, which is 100x more affordable. I actually started out with the Wealthy Affiliate training program back in 2015 and am making a living working online now, which goes to prove that it does work. Its a great program for beginners in particular but is also a good choice for intermediate level online marketers. I’m not going to get into it here, but if you want to learn more you can read my review by clicking the button below…

Feel free to leave any comments, questions, or concerns below and I will get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

Internet Jetset, Scam or Is This Training As Good As They Say?

internet jetset scamInternet Jetset it is an online business training program that is often advertised as a way to start making money within two hours. But is this training program really as good as it claims to be or a will Internet Jetset scam you in one way or another?

In this review I plan on answering exactly that. I will be going over what exactly this program is, the different training it provides, what I like/dislike and more.

What Is Internet Jetset & Who Is John Crestani?

Internet Jetset, like I said, is an online business training program that teaches people how to make money online. Specifically it provides training in the realm of affiliate marketing, which is where you promote products for different companies online and earn commissions when you help make a sale. This is actually what I do for a living so I know that it is possible to make good money with this but the question is whether or not this training will help you get there. I have reviewed plenty of crap/scam affiliate marketing training programs, like the AZ Code & Insider Profit System for example, that just plain don’t work.

This business model of affiliate marketing is particularly good for beginners because there is no need to create or sell your own product. You just pick products that are already being sold and promote them to earn commissions.

The program’s Creator is a guy named John Crestani. He is actually a fairly big name in the online marketing world because of the success that he has had and has even been featured in Forbes. He was once a college dropout who ended up living in Thailand, moving back to the US to work for a company doing PPC marketing, getting fired, and then went on to apply his marketing skills to his own business, where he now makes over 500,000 a month.

So yes this guy is the real deal and he definitely does have a lot of valuable information to share.

My Overall Opinion

Overall I like what I see with this program. It provides a lot of training and is well put together. Most importantly the training is actually up-to-date and good quality so it’s not like you will be wasting your time on a wild goose chase by implementing training that will never work.

I guess I would say my number one problem with it would be the marketing tactics used to lure people in. This program is often promoted a little over the top in my opinion. He tells you that you can earn commissions in less than two hours with this program, and while this is possible, it would be extremely unlikely. Sure you could… But will you? Heck no.

A Look at The Course

To buy the main Internet Jetset course it costs $47. There are up-sells that I’ll be over shortly but this is the introductory course that is offered. The entire course is broken down into 11 different modules, while actually 12 but the 12th one is an upsell, so pretty much 11. These modules will go over everything from a basic overview, choosing your niche, getting free traffic from Google, leveraging traffic from YouTube, setting up a WordPress website, and a lot more. What’s nice is that the training mostly consists of videos which I think most people can agree upon as being easier to learn from and follow along with.

  1. The Online Business Blueprint
    1. Basic overview of the business model here which is affiliate marketing, which I explained above. He talks about finding products, driving traffic to your affiliate offers, automation, etc.
  2. Intro To The Internet Jetset
    1. Here the focus is on getting started and getting you in the right mindset. He goes over why people fail and how to avoid this. Its all about motivation for the most part.
  3. Choosing a Niche
    1. John goes over the process of choosing a niche and how to find offers that you might want to promote. He provides a list of different affiliate networks that are out there but there are many more that you can do your own research on.
  4. Google
    1. You will learn the power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how to get free traffic from Google and other search engines, which is what I specialize in. He will give you some examples of websites that use this method so you can see what all it entails. You will also learn keyword strategies which are important to SEO.
  5. Youtube
    1. This is all about getting free traffic from Youtube, which is something that is becoming more and more effective.
  6. Facebook
    1. This modules is about getting free traffic from FB. It does not focus on FB advertising. that is covered in a later module below.
  7. Your Website
    1. Here you learn all about WordPress and setting up your website. This covers a lot. You will learn everything from installing your WordPress theme, to writing a blog post, to adding widgets, etc. Beginner friendly.
  8. Copywriting Basics
    1. In this module you will learn how to write good sales copies. If you want to make sales you have to write persuasively. This will help. Ronnie Sandlin is the main teacher of this. He is one of John’s students and apparently very successful.
  9. Launch Jacking
    1. Launch jacking is when you write reviews for products that are about to launch and capitalize on the new traffic that will pour in from all the promotions going on. One of John’s friends Pyong Kim teaches this.
  10. Authority Review Sites
    1. Will go over how you can turn your site into an authority that does well and that people trust.
  11. Facebook Ads for Affiliates
    1. This module is taught by Carlos Cruz, another friend. He has a company that buys Facebook ads and supposedly makes a killing off of them.. over 6 figures a month. Here you will learn all about running successful FB ads, however it doesn’t provide all that much training.
  12. The 12 Week Super Affiliate System
    1. This is a 12 week system that provides 1-2 hours of content Monday through Friday. It will also give you actionable steps to take each day moving forward. HOWEVER… this is an upsell. You won’t get this with the $47 payment… you will have to pay more. A LOT more.

The amount of training within the different modules will vary a lot. Some of the modules, such as the Facebook Ads for Affiliates module does not provide really all that much training in my opinion, but then the YouTube training module provides 14 videos in just that single module, which is pretty darn good. So it varies but overall there is a heck of a lot of training here.

Upsells?? Or Course

Besides the Internet Jetset main course there are also several upsells. You are of course not required to buy these but you are somewhat pushed to.

JetsetLIVE Webinars – Here you will be able to tune into multiple webinars per month and also go through previously recorded webinars. These will cover various facets of online business.

Affiliate Interviews – Here you will learn from what other top affiliates are doing. You will be able to listen in on interviews and learn new tips/tricks which can be very helpful. There also case study shown here where affiliates tested out different methods. I think learning from multiple sources like this can be very important.

Super Affiliate System – And of course this is the upsell that comes at the end of the training, which I already talked about.

Conclusion – Is It Worth Buying?

Well I’m not too sure about the upsells but I will say that I think the main Internet Jetset course is well worth the $47 price. $47 really isn’t much of anything to pay for what you get.

Now you might be wondering… Well why is it only being sold for $47 then? I was wondering this too but it seems that John is probably counting on a fair number of people buying into some of the upsells, which is where he will make most of his money selling all this, because of course he has to make money right? But anyways… You do not have to purchase any of the upsells.

Like I said early on, my overall opinion of this program is good. Another program you may be interested in is Wealthy Affiliate. This is the program that I got started with back in 2015 when I first started trying to make money online and now today I make a living affiliate marketing.

Both programs are good but one thing that I really like about Wealthy Affiliate, which Internet Jetset does not offer, is the community help. Wealthy Affiliate has a very active community forum where you can interact with other online entrepreneurs, which as I mentioned earlier is something that I think can be very helpful. Also Wealthy Affiliate provides a lot more tools for beginners to get started, such as a keyword research tool and website builder.

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