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American Consumer Panels – Scam or Can You Really Make $25-$45 Per Hour Testing Products?

American Consumer Panels claims to offer a very lucrative product tester job that pays $25-$45 per hour, but what's the catch? Is this job really as awesome as it sounds or is there more to this that they aren't telling you? Is it possible that American Consumer Panels is a scam that is just going to be a waste of your time?

Unfortunately there is a catch, and it turns out that this is not a place I recommend to my readers. Why? Well… You will see in this review. I will be going over what American Consumer Panels claims to be, how they tell you that the product tester job works, requirements, the application process which is very strange, fake reviews, how I think they might be scamming people and more.

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American Consumer Panels Review

Name: American Consumer Panels

Opportunity Type: Product testing jobs

Recommended?: Absolutely NOT, more than likely a scam

What Is American Consumer Panels?

American Consumer Panels (ACP) claims to be a consulting firm that specializes in product testing and product development work. They have a very nice and professional looking website, which makes this seem like the real deal.

The reason you are here is probably because of the in home usage testers, or IHUT job, in which you get to test products from home, get paid good, and get to keep the products most of the time. I mean who wouldn't want a job like this?? Not only does it pay good and is very easy, but it also is very flexible it is something you can do around your current job.

Product testing jobs like this are something that have been around for a while. Before companies launch products on mass scale, they want user feedback. Many times they hire third-party services, such as American Consumer Panels in this case, to conduct the research for them and get user feedback. It is common to see paid survey sites, such as Pinecone Research, pay people for product testing like this. However, the survey sites I have come across that pay people to test products do not pay nearly as well as American Consumer Panels, which is one of several red flags that I came across while reviewing this company.

If you are considering applying to become a product tester, I would definitely suggest that you read this entire review to the end because there are some serious concerns that I will discuss. 

How The Job Works

Everything seems to work just as it should, and there aren't really any red flags here. The job description is accurate and does seem completely legitimate.

The first thing you will have to do, not all the time but sometimes, is sign a nondisclosure agreement for the products that you are going to be testing. The reason some companies will want you to sign one of these is because the products maybe having been released to the public yet and they don't want you going around telling everyone about them.

You will be provided with a daily schedule that tells you what you are to be doing, such as product usage and recording daily general entries, etc. You are going to have to keep good documentation of your testing. This usually includes things like journal entries, snapshots, recordings, etc.

According to their website, you are also required to attend Skype meetings online, usually 2 to 3 times per week, with brand managers, account managers, and other high up people.


One of the reason is that this is such a sought after job is because there is no experience needed. You must be 18 or older, but don't need any sort of experience or degree. All you need is a high school diploma, which most people have.

And of course they also want you to be able to follow directions, write reviews, pay close attention to detail, be honest, and be able to work 15 to 20 hours per week.

As far as equipment goes, you must have a computer with reliable Internet and the camera or phone that is able to take pictures. 

How Much Do They Pay?

As I mentioned earlier, they claim to pay $25-$45 per hour and you are guaranteed to 15 to 20 hours per week. I mean seriously… Who wouldn't want a job like this? It sounds like a very easy and relaxing job, and with pay like this… Sign me up!

It sounds amazing and all, but this is actually a red flag for me. I just don't get why they would be paying people this much to test products. I have come across product testing jobs in the past, and I know that they can vary a lot and how much they pay their testers, but paying up to $45 per hour seems like a heck of a lot. Just doesn't really seem realistic to me and seems a bit too good to be true.

But anyways, to review this place and more depth, I decided to apply for the job to see what would come of it… Ian this is where things started to get pretty strange as you will see.

Applying for the Job - Okay.. This Is Strange

When you start the application process you will be guided through a series of five questions. These are just simple yes or no questions and you have to answer yes to all of them, which most of you probably well.

These are simple question such as whether or not you will be able to work the required amount of time, whether you will be willing to sign nondisclosure agreements, if you are willing to leave detailed feedback in your reviews, and a few others…

After you have made it through this series of questions, which should only take a minute or so, you will then have to enter your email address so that they can communicate with you if you are approved. 

All sounds good up until now. It seems like this is just a basic prescreening which most people would pass easily.

But after this is when things got weird…

The Strange Part

After submitting your email you are then asked to fill out your demographics and consumer profile by following two steps, which include 1) joining MySurvey and 2) VIP Voice, which are both paid survey sites…

Now what they tell you is that you will be joining the survey sites just to fill out the initial profile surveys so that they can get more information on you. If you have ever joined a paid survey site before, you know that demographic information that goes into creating your profile is important.

When you sign up for the sites you will be taken through some short surveys that will require you to submit information on your education level, income level, hobbies, household size, marital status, etc. All survey sites ask you demographic type questions like this so that they better know who you are in can better match you up with surveys.

But the big question is… Why are they asking you to join these panels? Why can't they just ask you these demographic questions themselves and not have you join to third-party sites?

I don't know… It just sounds very strange to me. At the bottom of the page they state that while you will be able to earn rewards on the survey sites, the real job here is with American Consumer Panels...

So in summary... They are using these survey sites to "establish your consumer profile in demographics".

I guess I'm okay with that, although it does sound very strange, but there are a few other major red flags that I also came across which make me more suspicious that this could very well be one big scam. The next thing I want to talk about its fake reviews, because it seems like this company may actually be going out of their way to create fake reviews in order to make this opportunity seem legitimate.

Fake Reviews - Red Flag

One thing that I always like to do when looking into a job opportunity like this is to read reviews from people who have supposedly worked the job before. I want to hear from people who are IHUT's (in home user testers) to see what they have to say.

There are a fair amount of reviews out there, mostly on the independent review site Glassdoor. The reviews are mixed, but I am hesitant to believe that they are truthful. It seems that the negative reviews are legitimate, but all of the positive reviews are fake.

Why do I think all the positive reviews are fake? Well… Because they seem to be very general and most of them seem to be saying pretty much the same darn thing with slightly different wording. It just doesn't seem realistic, and something else that doesn't seem realistic is that most of these positive reviews were posted within a very short amount of time. This company has supposedly been offering this user tester job for years, so why wouldn't there be some old reviews of it and why wouldn't the reviews be more spread out?

It just doesn't seem realistic. An example of one of these seemingly fake positive reviews you can see here…

Now don't think that fake reviews are out of the question. I have seen many opportunities before that have had many fake positive reviews. Reviews are a great way to gather some helpful insight, but you can't trust everything you read. A lot of times companies will actually pay people to leave positive reviews for them.

Not only do the review seemed fake, but let's not forget about the very strange application process which seems a bit fishy. These two things couple together are really making me think this might be a scam. In addition to all of this, there are also reviews claiming exactly that… That this company and job opportunity is a complete scam.

People claim that this is just one big ploy to steal your information… They advertise the job but just want you to give up your data so that they can sell it. Many people who have signed up for this job are complaining about getting multiple emails each day from the survey sites that ACP referred them to…

That is just an example of one of many negative reviews. In the negative reviews seem much more believable. Most of the people agree that is a scam that is in place to steal your information, but they don't all say the same exact thing with slight changes in wording. They seem to be a legitimate and they are also spread out as far as the time-frame goes, which raises no red flags.

Also, the possibility that this could be one big scam to steal your information is also not out of the question. People's personal data is worth money and this definitely would not be the first time I came across a scam involved in "data harvesting" as I call it. Some other "data harvesting" scams that I've reviewed include Reward Survey and

What's Really Going On Here?

Is it possible that this is just one big set up?… One big fake opportunity that's entire purpose is to steal peoples' personal information?

Well, it is definitely possible and it is seeming that this very well may be the case more and more.

The crazy part is that, although this company claims to have been in business since 2006, I cannot find one single reliable review on the user tester job. If this job really were as amazing as it is said to be, and really did pay up to $45 per hour than I would expect the people who do have these jobs to be leaving some pretty darn good positive reviews. But I'm not seeing this and this is very unusual.

There Is No Product Tester Job!

It seems that the logical conclusion is that there is no product tester job. It likely is just one big ploy to harvest personal data from people… As mentioned.

They tell you that somewhere around 97% of applicants do not end up getting the job, which leads you to believe that if you go through the application process and don't get contacted that this is just because you weren't selected. However, it seems that this is just a lie to keep people from thinking it is a scam when the reality is no one is getting selected for the product tester job because the job doesn't exist in the first place.

I Hope You Didn't Use a Good Email Address

Remember how I went over the application process and at the end you had to enter your email address? And also, when you sign up for the two different paid survey sites that you are referred to you also have to enter your email address. Well… If you already went through this process I hope you didn't enter a good one.

The reason I'm saying this is because you are going to be bombarded with emails you have no interest in. You will be receiving emails for paid surveys that they paid survey sites are offering and you may receive other spammy emails as well.

More Signs It Is a Scam

There are a few other red flags and signs that this may be a scam that however briefly.

#1 - The Website Was Just Created in 2015

One of such as that, as mentioned above, this company claims to have been around since 2006, as it states that the bottom of their website…

However, I cannot find anything showing that this is true in anyways. There is no information about this company prior to 2015, which is far from 2006.

I did a WHOIS search for their website, and found that it was created in 2015. Now of course she could say that maybe they had a different website prior to 2015, but nonetheless, this is strange.

#2 - Inactive Facebook Page

Something else that seems very fishy is that their Facebook page was created in 2016 Ian shows it very very little signs of activity. On the Facebook page there's literally a couple of very basic posts and nothing else. This definitely does not seem like something you would see for a reputable company that has been around for over a decade.

#3 - Can't Even Get In Contact With Them

On their website they provide a telephone number that you can call to talk to someone from the company. I decided to give it a try to see what I could find out as far as the product tester job goes. The phone number listed is (917)677-2043.

I gave the number a call and they said in an automated message that due to the high number of applicants for the product tester job, they would not be able to speak about this particular position and that if I wanted more information I should check the FAQ section or I could also email them at

So anyways... I sent them an email and patiently waited a reply. I was just asking some simple questions about the job see if I would get any reply at all and sure enough, I didn't. Instead this is what I received…

This email address that they gave me doesn't even exist! Yet another major red flag for the books. The more and more I look into this company and job opportunity, the more and more it seems like a scam to me.

Final Thoughts - Avoid

It is still a bit difficult to really determine whether or not this is an outright scam, or a legitimate opportunity for a legitimate company that just has very bad communication and a lot of suspicious signs that could possibly be explained.

However, this is definitely not a job opportunity I would recommend applying for due to what I have found. My guess is that this is a scam, I'm just not going to definitively say that it is. You can come to your own conclusion on this.

Just think about everything for a second… The job sounds too good to be true right off the bat. I mean making up to $45 per hour with zero experience as a product tester??? That seems insane. And then of course there is the whole thing where they refer you to sign up for paid survey sites, which really makes no sense to me. Why they can't have you submit your profile/demographic information directly to them is beyond me. In then there is the whole thing with the fake reviews, which I think most people would agree with me of their fake. Then there is the fact that this company claims to have been around since 2006, yet it seems to have no existence before 2015. There is the inactive Facebook page which is something you don't normally see with a company that is supposed to be legitimate. And lastly there is the fact that the email address they give you to contact them is a fake and does not exist.

So we have...

  • A job that sounds too good to be true
  • An application process that is very strange and doesn't make much sense
  • Fake reviews
  • No company history
  • An inactive Facebook page
  • An email address that does not exist

I don't know about you, but this isn't something I would get involved in, nor do I recommend.

So anyways, I hope you enjoyed my review and found it helpful. If you are looking for a legitimate way to make money from home, I would highly suggest taking a look at how I make a living working online, which is something that you very well might be interested in. I'm not going to get into it all here, but you can click the button below to learn more…

Also, leave any comments or questions down below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

Clickbank University 2.0 Review – Scam or Good Opportunity?

ClickBank University 2.0 is promoted as a way to earn 6-7 figures a year from home. They claim that it can help you generate ClickBank commissions like clockwork and that if you join today you can even earn your first commission by tonight… But come on now… Is it really this great?

We all know of ClickBank and we all know they are a legitimate and reputable company, but is there online marketing training program really this amazing? Is this program the answer that is going to save you from the robots taking over the workforce? Or is it possible that ClickBank University 2.0 is a scam that I would recommend avoiding? 

In this review I'll be going over (hopefully) everything that you need to know to make a better and more informed decision of whether or not this is a good program for you. I'll be going over everything from the training, to the tools, a massive upsell, the support, the real cost, pros v cons and more. This review is going to be pretty lengthy and detailed, so you can use the quick navigation below if you want to jump to a certain section 🙂

Clickbank University 2.0 Review

  • Name: Clickbank University 2.0
  • Product Type: Digital product creation and online marketing
  • Cost: $47/mo + massive upsell
  • Angle Double Right
    Recommended?: Yes, mainly for people looking to create their own digital product

What Is Clickbank University 2.0?

ClickBank University was founded in 2013 by Matt Hulett, Adam Horwitz, and Justin Atlan. It has went through a lot of changes over the years, which is why is now called ClickBank University "2.0". And even with it being the newer version, things are still evolving… Training being updated and as such as times change.

But anyways… CBU 2.0 is a digital product creation and affiliate marketing training program that is mostly geared towards beginners looking to get started making money online via ClickBank. Overall the program is good, and it is nice that you learned straight from the source (ClickBank themselves), but there are a few downsides that I will go over in this review.

Can you really join today and start earning commissions by tonight? Sure… I guess it is possible, but it really isn't likely. This is just some typical somewhat misleading online marketing.

The Training

When it comes to the training that CBU 2.0 offers, there are two different paths that you can take. You can choose to learn to make money as an affiliate or as a vendor. When this university program first opened up, there was only training for becoming a vendor, but since then they have added affiliate training as well.

Overall the training is well laid out, easy to follow, and very professionally made. It is in video format, has lots of screen tutorial videos, and also can be viewed in written format, which can be better at times.

No matter which path you take, you will notice that once you get to week 3 the proceeding content is locked, and to unlock it you have to email the CBU team. They say that this is this way to keep people on track and keep them from jumping ahead. Now I'm not sure exactly how true this is, but I do know when it comes to "make money online" programs like this people do tend to get a little bit too excited and jump I had at times… But whatever the case I think it is a bit unnecessary.

Below I will go over each of the two training programs in more detail so you know what you're getting yourself into…

Affiliate Training Program (8 Weeks)

The affiliate training program is an eight week program called ClickBank Affiliate Mastery.

Now if you don't know affiliate marketing is, let me explain this briefly before jumping into the training: affiliate marketing is when you promote products online and earn commissions when you help make sales. It is particularly good for beginners looking to make money online because you don't need to create your own product or sell something that is yours… You just promote someone else's product.

The ClickBank Affiliate Mastery course is taught by Adam. The eight weeks are focused on the following…

  • Week 1 - Affiliate Marketing on Clickbank
    • This is going to be just a basic introduction to affiliate marketing on ClickBank
  • Week 2 - Understanding Affiliate Marketing
    • Here you will be given a general overview of the process
  • Week 3 - Finding Your Passion
    • It it is important that you find products that you are passionate about to promote, which is what the focus is in week three.
  • Week 4 - The Ultimate Affiliate Funnel
    • This week is focused on funnel creation
  • Week 5 - Free, Free, Free: Always Over-deliver
    • Here you will learn about over delivering as a way to lure in new customers, in particular by giving away something for free
  • Week 6 - Writing The Perfect Swipe
    • In week six it is all about writing a good swipe to help convert more customers
  • Week 7 - The Email Blueprint
    • Email marketing is a big deal. You have probably heard people say that the money is in the list. Well… And this week you will learn about email marketing and how you can use it for affiliate marketing.
  • Week 8 - Scaling and Expanding
    • Lastly... You are going to want to know how to scale and expand your affiliate marketing business so that you aren't stuck doing all the tedious small tasks that you originally did.

Now an eight week training program is fairly lengthy and seems like it would provide a great deal of information, however there are complaints about this training not being nearly as detailed as it could be, and even outdated in some areas.

There could be more tutorials going over exactly how to go about doing the steps, rather than just giving broad overviews. Knowing what to do is one thing, but actually going through the process is different.

As I said, this affiliate training program is something that they added to the ClickBank University more recently, which is nice, but it is lacking in areas in there are other affiliate training programs out there that I would recommend, which I will go over later in the review.

The vendors training is where it all started for CBU...

Vendors Training Program (12 Weeks)

The ClickBank Product Mastery course is 12 weeks long and is taught by Justin. It is a longer and more detailed course, which makes sense because this is where CBU started and creating your own product as a vendor is more complicated than simply promoting other people's products.

The 12 weeks are as follows...

  • Week 1 - How Everything Works + Setup for Success
    • Week 1 is basically an introduction to how everything works, duh, and focus is on getting things set up.
  • Week 2 - Finding Your Product Niche
    • Just as with affiliate marketing, when you create your and products you are going to need to figure out which niche you want to go into. Coming up with a niche can be difficult but this is very important because you want to create a product in a niche that you are passionate about.
  • Week 3 - Creating Your Avatar
    • Who are you and what are you like? How do you want to be represented? This is all about creating your Avatar, which might seem somewhat unnecessary, but I'm glad to see they are including this in the training.
  • Week 4 - Course Content Creation & Outsourcing
    • As the title suggests… This is all about creating your content and outsourcing, which there's a good chance you are going to want to do.
  • Week 5 - Your Perfect Upsell to Maximize Sales
    • If you are familiar with ClickBank products then you are well aware that they all have upsells. ClickBank products are famous for their up-sells… Usually 2 to 3 of them which can be annoying. However… These upsells can make you money and this is the focus of week five.
  • Week 6 - High Converting Sales Copy
    • Week six is all about creating a good sales copy, which is obviously very important.
  • Week 7 - The Easy VSL
    • VSL stands for the video sales letter, and these can be very effective. You we'll see just about every professional promotion out there containing a VSL... This is because they work.
  • Week 8 - Finalizing Your Product Via Builder
    • Here the focus will be on the ClickBank Builder 2.0 tool that I'll discuss below.
  • Week 9 - Getting Up On Clickbank
    • Here you will be taken through the process of getting your product and everything up on ClickBank.
  • Week 10 - JV Managing
    • When you create your own product you can have affiliates promote it, just as you would for other people if you were to go through the affiliate training that I discussed above. JV stands for "joint venture" and this is all about working with affiliates, which is easy to do through ClickBank.
  • Week 11 - Split Testing
    • Not much to say here… Split testing is absolutely necessary.
  • Week 12 - How to Scale
    • And lastly of course there is scaling. After you have your business up and going, now it is time to scale.

Tools & Other Resources

In addition to the training, you will also be provided with other resources, some necessary and some not, that will be helping you with your online business.

Toolkit & Traffic Center

The toolkit in traffic center is basically a library that shows you how to use different tolls for automating your business, some free and some not, along with some training on driving traffic to your offer.

The tools that you are referred to use our third-party tools, which you will be able to get a discount on through ClickBank University. There it's a lack of training when it comes to actually using these tools, but you can easily find tutorials on YouTube if you want to. However, it would be nice if there is more detail in this training program.

When it comes to the "traffic center", there isn't much to be said. Overall the training is seriously lacking and only focuses on running Facebook ads in doing Instagram shout outs. Not only could there be more detail provided on both of these advertising methods, but what about SEO, Bing ads, Google AdWords, using Facebook pages and Facebook groups for advertising, what about Pinterest??… The list goes on.

They really cut it short with the traffic training in this is definitely a disappointment. Without traffic you don't get any sales… It doesn't matter how good of a product you created or you are promoting… Traffic is the "lifeblood" of online business, as some people call it.


On the platform you also have access to interviews that the ClickBank guys did with gurus such as Gary Vanderchuk, Mike Whitefield, Tony Almeida, and many others. These are fairly in-depth interviews, usually around 30 minutes or so, and are on a bunch of different topics that have to do with online marketing. They could be focused on things like branding, pre-selling, etc.

You can get nice little nuggets of information from these interviews, but they really aren't anything that special. They will give you some good broad ideas that are definitely helpful, but that's about it.

Add-on Training

In addition to all of this, you also get add-on training that is focused on various aspects of online marketing, such as advertising, copywriting, YouTube ads, etc. It it is nice that they do provide some additional traffic training here, but I would still like to see more.

One of the good things is that by being a CBU 2.0 member you also get access to new courses that are added in the future, but of course we don't know what these will be.

Clickbank Builder (Builder 2.0)

ClickBank Builder 2.0, or just Builder 2.0, is the massive upsell that I mentioned in the beginning of this review. After you join ClickBank University 2.0 you will be pushed to purchase this upsell, which costs a massive $594.

Now it isn't completely necessary to purchase, however in the training there is some focus on this and they pretty much act as if you have already bought it, so if you don't buy you may feel a bit lost at some points.

But anyways… ClickBank Builder is a sales funnel creation software where you can drag-and-drop different elements around to create really nice looking sales funnels to promote your ClickBank offers.

Basically it allows you to create small sales funnel websites designed to get people to purchase your product, or the product you are promoting. It might be worth buying if you are serious about creating your own product, but for complete beginners that are looking to get started with the affiliate marketing side of things, this probably is not for you.

The sales funnels that you will be able to create through ClickBank Builder 2.0 will be hosted by ClickBank themselves. This gives an advantage over other similar software out there, because it allows you to seamlessly integrate your funnels with your ClickBank offers.

Thrive Architect by Thrive Themes is a good, much cheaper alternative. This is what I use for all my sites.

Support... Is It Any Good?

When it comes to programs like this, support is essential. There is nothing worse than getting involved with some training program, getting lost at some point (which is pretty much inevitable) and then not being able to get the support you need to get back on track.

I remember when I first started out online in 2015 and how lost I was at times. I've been there and I know what it's like.

But anyways… Is the support offered with ClickBank University 2.0 any good? Or are you going to get lost and receive absolutely no help… Just being another number in the system lost for good?

Well… Yes there is support. There are several different ways that you can get help if you have a question or are stuck on something. You can get help via the weekly live Q&A, the CB forum, or the support team.

Weekly Live Q & A

Maybe I should have listened this above, but it is a form of support so I am talking about here.

The weekly live Q&A day is just as it sounds. It is a live Q&A session where you can ask questions and hopefully they will get answered… Emphasis on "hopefully". From what I have read these Q&A sessions are basically just a bunch of random questions being answered and are best for newbies.

They don't really have any focused and for many people are probably just going to be a waste of time.

The CB Forum

Another way that you can get help if you are stuck on something is through the forum. You can ask any question on the forum and hopefully it'll get answered, maybe by one person and maybe by several people.

The form appears like this…

I was reading some old reviews and apparently this form has improved a lot over the years. It has become much more organized and active, however it is still lacking in my opinion.

I read one review where someone mentioned that you have to login to a different portal to access the forum. This is a good point. Having to log into somewhere else just decreases activity. It would be nice if this form was contained right along with all of the training and everything else at CBU.

I'm a member of Wealthy Affiliate, which is my top pick when it comes to affiliate marketing training, and they are well known for their very active and lively community for them. So maybe my expectations are just too high when it comes to this.

The Real Cost

So let's talk about price for a bit. You have the $47 per month membership and you have the massive $594 upsell for ClickBank Builder 2.0, which isn't mandatory but is definitely pushed on you hard, AND… You can't forget the other tolls that you are referred to along with the fact that the traffic training they provide to you is focused on paid traffic and not on all of the awesome free traffic generation techniques that exist.

This is just something to keep in mind if you are looking to get involved with CBU 2.0. I really don't think that the course is overpriced by any means, there is plenty of value considering the membership price. The only questionable price would be for the ClickBank Builder 2.0. Sure... It is a very easy to use software that you can create really awesome funnels and landing pages with, but $594?? That seems a bit steep.

Pros v Cons


  • Straight from the source - You learn how to do affiliate marketing or so will your own product on ClickBank from ClickBank themselves. Right off the bat that sounds like a great idea... certainly a bigillion times better than scams like the CB Cash Code program.
  • Very professional - The training is very professional and good quality. Sure, is lacking in areas, but it is well laid out and there was obviously a lot of work that went into creating it all.
  • Good way to create your own product - This course, in my opinion, is pretty good if you are looking to create your and digital product. ClickBank is a great marketplace for selling digital products and the vendor training is on the better side.


  • Lacking traffic training - As I've mentioned multiple times, there is a lot more training they could have provided when it comes to traffic generation. If you are a vendor then much of the traffic will be handled by affiliates, but if you are an affiliate this is going to be more important. It is definitely still important for both product vendors and affiliates however.
  • Forum could be more active - Community forms like this are often overlooked. Back when I was a beginner I received is so much help through forums by other members I don't know if I would've made it without them. That said… The CBU forum is getting better but just isn't as active as it could be.
  • More expensive than it seems - As I've discussed, things are going to get more pricey than they may seem at first.

Is Clickbank University a Scam?

I think that is pretty obvious ClickBank University 2.0 is not a scam. The and the reason I am including this section and my review is because I know a lot of people are going to be asking it.

CBU 2.0 is a professional training program developed by ClickBank themselves, which has a pretty good reputation for being one of the larger digital product marketplaces out there, although I would say it is declining over the years, but nonetheless it is a good program.

I guess you could say that some of the promotional material out there for CBU 2.0 is somewhat misleading, such as how they lead you to believe that you can join today and start earning commissions tonight, but it is still far from a scam.

Final Opinion

There or lots of different reviews out there on this program, some good and some bad, mine is a bit in the middle. My final opinion is that this training program is best for aspiring vendors that want to create their own digital product, but I think there are better options for people looking to get into affiliate marketing.

There it is a heck of a lot going on here and I think it might be a better choice for them to separate the two training programs, vendor and affiliate, in definitely add additional training to the affiliate side of things, in particular when it comes to traffic generation which should be a major focus.

My Recommendation

If you want to be a vendor and make money selling your very own digital product, then this is definitely a program I would suggest getting into. Truth be told, I don't know all that many other programs out there that I can compare it to when it comes to this, but from what I see this is definitely a program that could get you to your end goal… Which would be making money selling your product on ClickBank.

That said, if you are looking to make money as an affiliate marketer, which is probably the easiest way for beginners to get started in online marketing, there are better options out there. My recommendation would be Wealthy Affiliate, which is actually where I started back in 2015 when I first started looking for ways to make money online.... And I now make a living doing this which goes to show that it works.

Wealthy Affiliate is pretty much solely focused on affiliate marketing and provides a heck of a lot more in depth training when it comes to this. It is just a much more rounded training program for aspiring affiliates and is definitely my recommendation for such. I'm not going to get into it all here, but you can click the button below to read my full review of Wealthy Affiliate:

Any questions or comments? Leave them down below in the comment section and I will get back to you as soon as I can 🙂 Also leave your own review for CBU 2.0 if you have one, as I am sure it will benefit other readers of my review here.

How to Increase Website Conversion Rate – This Tip Is So Easy!

How to Increase Website Conversion Rate

You can have all the website visitors in the world, but if they don’t convert… What is the point? This is why it is important to know how to increase website conversion rate so that you get the most out of the website traffic you already have.

What I’ll be going over today is an incredibly easy way to increase website conversions if you want already doing this.

Some website owners take the “throw enough mud at the wall, some of that will stick” approach. Basically they put most of their attention on driving more traffic to their website, and not enough on website optimization. What if you could throw mud at a wall, but increase the chances of that much sticking by optimizing the service of the wall? Wouldn’t that be better?

I know it’s a stupid comparison but that is basically what you are doing when you are optimizing your website for conversions. You already have traffic coming in, which may or may not be converting, and you want to increase the conversions that you get on that existing amount of traffic.

The Obvious.. This Is a Given

When I first started implementing this strategy I saw a very noticeable difference in conversions on my website. However, there are going to be some people that probably won’t notice a difference and for good reason.

First off, the website traffic you are getting must be relevant. You can’t be driving people to your website with clickbait… These people will leave no matter what.

The offer you are promoting must be something of interest to the audience. If you have a website about dog toys and you are promoting an offer on Harley-Davidson tailpipes, this is obviously a horrible idea and no matter what you do the conversion rate is going to be next to nothing.

So if you have traffic coming in that is totally irrelevant to your site, or are promoting an offer that is totally irrelevant… This probably isn’t going to work for you.

Something That Will Increase Conversions at the Flip of a Switch

So lets say that you are doing everything right… The traffic that is coming to your website is fairly targeted and the offer you are promoting is a good one.

Well what if I told you there was a way to instantly increase the conversions on your website… To get that existing traffic that is already coming into convert more, which means selling more products, more people opting into your mailing list, whatever the case may be.

Would you say this sounds too good to be true? Well… I agree with you… It does sound a bit too good to be true, but the fact of the matter is that it is not too good to be true.

The Almighty “Exit Pop”

Have you ever heard of a “exit pop”? In my opinion this is the holy grail for increasing website conversions, or at least one of several very effective and easy to implement ways to increase conversions.

Don’t know what an exit pop is? You have probably seen them before but just aren’t aware of the terminology. Exit pops are those pop ups that appear on a website when you are about to exit the website. You know… Those pop-ups that say “Wait… Before you go”or something along these lines that might be annoying sometimes.

There are all different sorts of exit pops out there, ranging from sale promotions, newsletters sign-ups, free guide promotions, etc. A few examples you can see below…

Why are these so effective? Well, because the people that see these are going to exit your website without converting… Then these pop up and give you one last chance to convert them into customers, people on your mailing list, etc.

How Can You Get These Exit Pops?

So how can you create these exit pops on your website? There are different ways you can do this, but installing plug-ins is probably the easiest way, and is how I do it.

There are many different plug-ins out there that allow you to create these exit pops, some of them free and some of them you have to pay for. Of course the free plug-ins don’t offer all the features and aren’t quite as good as the paid ones, usually, but there are some decent exit pop plug-ins out there such as Pop-Up CC Exit & Conversation Popup Builder.

What I Recommend

If you are pretty new in the game, or your money is tight, you may want to just start out with a free plug-in, but if serious and if you have the cash then Thrive Leads is my recommendation and is what I use.

What the heck is Thrive Leads?

Thrive Leads is a plug-in created by the highly reputable Thrive Themes company, which is entirely focused on creating plug-ins/themes for increasing website conversions. They are masters at conversion optimization and there Thrive Leads plug-in is one of the best out there for WordPress users.

It is mainly geared towards increasing conversions when it comes to capturing leads, which means getting more people to opt into your mailing list, but it also can be used for promoting various other offers.

When I started out using exit pops, I was first using a free plug-in (can’t remember what the name was) and later moved on to Thrive Leads which has proved to be well worth it for me

Why Thrive Leads Is a Beast

This it is a plug-in that you have to pay for, but is well worth the price and below I’ll be going over some of the reasons why I love it so much.

#1 – Very Appealing Visuals

With Thrive Leads you can make a very nice looking exit pops. Of course what is the nicest looking is and always the best for conversions, but sometimes it is and even if it isn’t, there is an easy way to test between different designs and see what converts the best, as I will go over shortly.

The drag-and-drop visual editor inside Thrive Leads is a big deal. This allows you to easily drag different elements of design wherever you want and makes it a simplistic process to create awesome looking exit pop designs. Below you can see a screenshot of a few of the many elements that are able to be dragged and dropped.

#2 – Plenty of Options

“exit pop” is just one of many options, can choose when you want something to appear – many different banners

The examples of exit pops that I showed above are only a few of the many different ways you can display these exit pops. You don’t need to have something that pops in at the last second and covers up the users computer screen… You can also create small ribbons that appear at the top of the screen, boxes that slide into the screen in one of the bottom corners, and so on.

You should also know that the “exit pops” are just one of many options. The reason I am focusing on them is because I found to be incredibly effective for increasing conversions, but you can also choose to have offers displayed after a specific amount of time, immediately when the page loads, when the user scrolls down a certain percentage of the page, and so on.

In there are so many things you can do with these pop-up boxes. You can use them to simply promote a product, such as by saying “wait! 50% off” and providing a button to a product; or you could integrate an autoresponder and have people opt into your mailing list. Lots of possibilities.

#3 – You can Categorize Offers

This is something that can make a big difference and is definitely not something you will be getting with free exit pop plug-ins.

With Thrive Leads you are able to show certain offers on specific pages, within certain categories on your website, and vice versa you are also able to choose not to show certain offers on certain pages, categories, etc.

So let’s say you have a website about dogs. You have many different categories and let’s say that one category is on “dog tricks” and another is on “dog toys”. You could set up offers for some dog trick e-book to be displayed on the pages that fall into the “dog tricks” category and you could set up offers for some awesome dog toy to be displayed on pages that fall into the “dog toys” category.

So in a nutshell you can display highly targeted offers which will definitely convert better than just one site-wide offer.

#4 – A/B Split Testing… Holy Crap This Is Important

Something else that you aren’t going to see with any free exit pop plug-in, or at least none that I know of, is the ability to do A/B split testing. With split testing you are able to test different designs against each other and see which leads to better conversions.

What you could do is create two totally different pop-up boxes and see which converts better, which is what many people do. Or you could also create one pop-up box, make a duplicate of it, make some minor changes to it, and test between the two.

What Thrive Leads will do is display the two different pop-up boxes to an equal number of visitors and see which converts the best… Then you can simply select the one that converts better to be displayed.

Exit pops alone are going to be able to increase your conversions, and split testing is going to further optimize your exit pops so that they increase your conversions even more.


>> You Can Get Thrive Leads Here <<

See It In Action

I found a nice tutorial video for setting up Thrive Leads on YouTube that you can see below. This will give you a better idea of what all has to offer and, if you do get it, how you will go about creating these pop-up boxes…


The Cost.. Is It Worth It?

The way prices work is you can purchase licenses for a certain number of websites. One license is good for use on one website. The prices are as follows…

  • 1 License – $67
  • 5 Licenses – $97
  • 15 Licenses – $147

They also have a Thrive Membership where you get access to 25 licenses along with all of the different plug-ins and themes that Thrive Themes creates, which as I said are all focused on increasing website conversions. This costs $19 per month and is what I personally have.

So Is It Worth The Price?

For many and many others it definitely was, but the answer to this question really depends on your website. You’re getting some traffic that you think could be converting better, then this plug-in could easily pay for itself in a short period of time.

However, if you are getting only, let’s say 20 visitors a day to your website, then this probably isn’t going to produce very noticeable results and it might take you a while to recoup your investment.

Final Thoughts

Exit pops are one of the easiest and best ways to increase website conversions that I know of. It is like turning on a light switch. If I were to turn off the exit pops on my websites right now I would see an immediate decrease in conversions, I know this for a fact because I have done it.

The bottom line is that exit pops do work and that Thrive Leads is the best plug-in that I know of for creating one that are really good-looking and high converting.

It is also worth noting that Thrive Themes offers very good support for people who purchased Thrive Leads. This is one of the upsides to paying for a premium plug-in like this… You get all the support you need so that you don’t have to worry about glitches, technical problems, not knowing how to do something, etc.

So anyways… I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful. If you aren’t already using exit pops then you should give it a try. You can check out Thrive Leads on the official website here if you want to purchase.

Is 25 Dollar 1 Up a Scam System or Good Opportunity? – What You Should Know

25 Dollar 1 Up Scam

There is this new system out called 25 Dollar 1 Up that is said to be an amazing opportunity for those looking to make money online. They say that 98% of the work is done for you in that pretty much all you have to do is plug into the system to start generating sales. But is it really as easy as you are told? Is this system as incredible as it seems? Or is this just another overhyped opportunity that is going to be a waste of your time and money? …. Is 25 Dollar 1 Up a scam?

In this review I’ll be going over what you should definitely know about this place before hand. They make it seem like it is the greatest opportunity that has ever existed on planet Earth, but the reality is that this sort of system has many downsides to it and overall I don’t really recommend these types of things. Sure… You can make money with the system as they tell you, but is it really worth it? You will see what I mean after reading this review.

25 Dollar 1 Up Review

25 Dollar 1 Up calls themselves a “digital franchise” and even compares what they are doing to what McDonald’s and other very popular franchises are doing… Except they are franchising strictly in the online space.

If you landed on the sales page for the system then you are greeted with a video presentation talking about how amazing this opportunity is. They tell you that 97% of people fail to make money online in that of course you are going to be one of the profitable 3% here today.

You are told that 98% of the work is done for you because the system and products are already in place. This is a duplicatable system and all you have to do is buy in and follow along.

But things are never as easy as they seem, are they? Especially when it comes to making money online that seem to be a heck of a lot of scams and when things seem too good to be true, they often are. Luckily for you, you went with your gut feeling and decided to do some extra research on this particular system before buying in. Something didn’t sit right with you and you just didn’t trust everything you are told. That is a good thing… Because as I said, the system is not as good as it seems.

How It Works

25 Dollar 1 Up is just another one of those systems that people buy into to make money online and then make money online by reselling the same darn system to other people.

How it works is like this… You first have to pay a $10 hosting fee. This is a one time fee and you could think of it as sort of an “admin fee” to keep the system running. Then you will have to select one of their products packages. The Gold Package is the cheapest at $25. So in total you will need at least $35 to get started. The different packages are as follows…

  • Gold package – $25
  • Platinum package – $100
  • Diamond package – $250
  • Enterprise package – $500

The Gold Package Will give you access to training, pre-made ads, a tracking system and more. This is the most basic package and all of the more expensive packages will build on the previous. For example, the Platinum Package will give you everything that the Gold Package gave you and it will also give you the ability to hook up the system to an autoresponder as well as placement of banner ads so that you can promote various other offers within the system.

Then there are the Diamond and Enterprise Packages that offer more tools and training.

But that isn’t all that these packages offer. In addition to getting access to more tools and training when you buy the more expensive packages, you also get the ability to earn larger commissions when you recruit people into the system.

You can only earn commissions on the product packages that you have the end of those that are lesser in price. So if you have a Gold Package then you will only be able to earn $25 commissions. If you are at the Gold level and recruit someone in who joins at the Diamond level then you will not earn from that sale. Since that joining at a higher level then you, the sale will get passed up to someone else who actually is a Diamond member.

The Compensation Plan

The compensation plan that the system has in place is called a “reverse 1 up” plan. The way it works is like this: you get to keep your first sale and then your second sale is passed up to the person who recruited you in, which is called your sponsor. This second sale that you get is called your “qualifying sale”. After making that sale you are then qualified and you will then receive all the other sales for yourself.

The same thing will happen with all of the people that you recruit in. All of their second sales will get passed up to you.

They make sure to tell you multiple times that this is not a MLM. However… It is very similar to a MLM. Although the compensation plan does not consist of multiple levels, it is very similar to a MLM because you keep getting sales passed up to you from your recruits’ recruits, and the people that they recruited in, and the people that they recruit in, and so on.

It is pretty much the same darn thing is a MLM without actually being a MLM. It’s tricky.

Is It Really As Easy As It Seems?

The answer is No, this is not as easy as it seems. Sure, much of the work is done for you. They tell you that 98% of the work is done for you, which might be close to being true, but still does not mean that this is going to be easy by any means.

They provide the pre-made ads, email swipes, training, the products and system are already in place… Pretty much all you have to do is focus on the marketing. All you have to do is promote the system and get people to join.

That said… This is not an easy task. I have been involved in online marketing since 2015 and I have seen numerous very similar systems come and go over the years, including Copy My Cashflow, Copy The Millionaire, Ad Copy Pros, etc. The trend with these “make money online” systems is that they are all duplicatable so that people can just join and start promoting the same system. HOWEVER, most people still fail with the systems and for good reason… It just simply is not that easy.

Much of the training is focused on using social media marketing to promote the system. Once again… Much easier said than done. Most people joining the system who do not have large social media followings are going to find it difficult and will not see many referrals coming in.

Something else worth mentioning is that there is no ability to get search engine traffic with a system like this and in my opinion search engine traffic is some of the best traffic you can possibly get.

Is This Sustainable?

As I mentioned above, I have seen many systems very similar to this come and go over the years. The reason they come and go is because they are not sustainable. They never last for all that long and this is because they do not work all that well. They run their course… Grow in popularity and then fizzle off and die.

One of the main reasons that I do not recommend systems like this is because the get people hooked on the system. They make you 100% reliant on the system to make money online and when the system disappears from the face of the earth, so does your stream of income. It is nice to be provided with a system that is already in place that you can promote, but because of this you aren’t learning to do much yourself. You might learn some basics when it comes to marketing, but the educational value provided here is lacking a lot.

Systems like this don’t provide much real value. You buy into them to make money online and then are provided with tools and training so that you can promote them to make money online. Where is the value in that? They compare themselves to McDonalds, but they do not offer anything even relatively close to the mouthwatering Big Mac that McDonald’s has become famous for.

And another reason why this business model is not sustainable is because it will likely get shut down if it grows in popularity too much and becomes too big. What I say this? Well… The FTC has been cracking down on programs like this and has recently shut down MOBE and Digital Altitude.

Final Thoughts – Not a Good Choice

Can you make money with 25 Dollar 1 Up? Absolutely… But the real question is will you make money with this system? And that is an entirely different question. You can absolutely buy into this system if you want to, I am not stopping you, but based on my experience and having seen systems like this before, plenty of times before, it is definitely not something I’ll be recommending.

This sort of system does not provide you with much value, it makes you reliant on the system, and it is a system that will likely not be around for all that long based on what I have seen with other similar systems.

If you are a beginner looking to make money online then why I would suggest is Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is an online business training program that actually teaches you how to start your own profitable and sustainable online business, one that isn’t reliant on a single system. This is actually the same place I got started with back in 2015 when I first started looking for ways to make money online and I am now making a living working online… Which goes to show that it does work.

But anyways… For more information you can click the button below to read my full review.

Questions or comments? Please leave them below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

Is Card Cash a Scam? [Review] – Buyer Beware

is CardCash a scam

Card Cash buys and sells used gift cards at discounted prices, which is great if you are looking to save some money on your next shopping trip or get rid of old gift cards you have laying around. However… Can you actually trust this place or will you just end up getting ripped off? Is Card Cash a scam that you should be avoiding?

These are important questions that should be answered before using a site like this. There are definitely some concerns when it comes to buying/selling used gift cards. In this review I’ll be going over how Card Cash works, their protection plan, complaints and more.

Card Cash Review

Card Cash is an online secondary gift card marketplace that was founded back in 2009. They buy unwanted gift cards from anyone looking to sell theirs and they do so at a discounted price. Then they turn around and sell them for a bit more, yet still at a discounted price.

Most people reading my review here are probably looking to buy gift cards rather can sell. The purpose of doing this would be to save money of course. You will be able to buy a gift card for a lower price than it is actually worth. For example… You could find a $20 gift card for Burger King that only costs $16 for example.

They have gift cards for over 1300 different brands, so there really is no reason that anyone should be able to find one that they could use.

Overall I love the idea behind this secondary gift card marketplace. It is a great idea… But the problem is that it is very difficult to make it work out, which is why you hear so many stories about people getting scams. Card Cash does have a protection plan to protect buyers, but as you will see in the complaint section of my review here, you have to be careful.

How It Works

The gift cards that you find on this site may be completely unused or they may have been used and still have a remaining balance. You find it all here.

Many of the gift cards are what you call “e-gift cards” and the transfer process can be done completely online, whereas others may require the cards be shipped to you physically, which happens via USPS.

It’s pretty simple how it works. You search through gift cards and find something that you want, you buy it, they either supply you with the card numbers or ship the physical hard to you.

Selling Gift Cards

As I mentioned, most people reading this probably aren’t looking to sell gift cards but I will touch upon this briefly anyhow.

If you are looking to sell you will be able to get paid up to 92% of its value, although usually much less.

Once you go to the sell area, you will be able to select what type of gift card you have, enter the remaining balance, and click on the “get an offer” button. This will automatically spit out an offer at you. Below I was just messing around and was looking at the offers they would give me for gift cards of $100 value at multiple different brands. As you can see most of the offers were between $60 and $70, while the offer for a Walmart gift card was $89.

So it just all depends on the gift card.

How Big Are The Discounts?

Just like the amount you will be able to get paid varies when you sell a gift card, the discounts vary a lot as well.

Generally speaking, you can get much better discounts for gift cards that are in less of a demand. A Walmart gift card, for example, isn’t going to be sold at much of a discount because it is one of the most demanded gift cards there is.

If you buy a Walmart gift card you will probably only get it at a discount of around 1% or less. If you buy gift card for a place like CVS or Walgreens, you might be able to get at a discount of 5 to 15%. That if you buy some lesser-known brand name gift card you might be able to get a discount of up to 35% or so. It all really depends.

Is CardCash Safe?

Are so many concerns when it comes to a place like this. You hear stories about sellers scamming people… Selling gift cards and then using the numbers after they get their payment, and so on.

That said, Card Cash does have a 45 day protection plan which is put in place to protect the buyers from being scams. Basically this 45 day protection plan allows you to get a refund on any gift card you purchase within 45 days if the gift card does not work, does not have the amount of money that was stated when you bought it, and so on. It just protects you against fraud within the first 45 days.

After the 45 days are up you are on your own. So if you are looking to buy gift card I would definitely only buy one you are planning on using in the near future, before the 45 days are up.


If you go on independent review sites, like SiteJabber for example, you will find a plus store I of complaints about Card Cash. While many of the complaints may be undue and premature, there are a lot that you should be aware of. Some of the more common complaints I’ve come across include…

Getting Scammed

The amount of people have gone scammed on CardCash is many, which is very concerning. There are all sorts of different complaints about being a scam, such as buying gift cards that been denied by the merchant at the counter for being fraudulent, buying gift cards that turned out to have a $0 balance, with some people even claiming to have bought multiple like this, and so on.

There are some buyers claiming that CardCash is actually in on the whole scam. They claim that CardCash will drain your gift cards to $0 after the 45 day protection plan is up. This way they get to steal the money and are no longer obligated to protect you. Now I am not sure how true able to claim like this is, but it is still worth mentioning because I have heard it more than once.

Won’t Give Refund

Now many of these complaints shouldn’t be all that big of a deal. I mean if you buy a gift card and it turns out to have a zero dollars balance you should be able to receive a refund within 45 days… No big deal.

However… There are a lot of people claiming that this place does not honor their refund policy. They claim that their 45 day protection plan is a joke and they will deny you your refund for some stupid reason.

Now this is a problem.

Horrible Customer Service

Another complaint worth mentioning is their horrible customer service. Apparently this is just atrocious. Many people have complained about trying to resolve some sort of issue with the customer service team and just end up getting automated messages that did not help someone bit.

Where this becomes a big problem is when you’re 45 days of protection are about to run out and you are trying to get your refund but they aren’t responding. Then next thing you know the 45 days have passed and is because the customer service was absolutely horrible and would not get back to you. Now you are screwed.

Final Thoughts – Scam?

When I first came across Card Cash I was really excited to have found the site. I was only disappointed that I hadn’t found it earlier. I mean, buying gift cards at a discounted price in getting more for your money… Who wouldn’t want that? It’s an incredible idea.

That said… Now I am very hesitant to use the site and do not recommend it to everyone. I would not call Card Cash a scam but I would say that there is a good possibility you could be scammed one using the site. For this reason I would only recommend that the people who are risk takers. If you are willing to take the risk and know that you could potentially be scams, then go for it. I’m definitely not saying that you will be scammed for sure. There are also good reviews out there from people who have bought gift cards that have worked. These positive reviews often get drowned out by all the negative reviews though.

So if you are going to use the site just know what you’re getting yourself into.

I hope you enjoyed my review and found it helpful in one way or another. Please leave any questions, comments, or concerns below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

Money Finder USA Scam – Avoid This Place

Money Finder USA Scam

Money Finder USA, a.k.a. Money Finder USA Central, claims to be a place where you can claim lost or unclaimed money, but is it really what it appears to be? The answer to this question is NO. This is does not provide the amazing service of a claim to.

Is Money Finder USA a scam? The answer to this depends on what your definition of a scam is. Personally I do call this a scam and you will see why in this review.

Money Finder USA Review

Okay, so Money Finder USA aims to help reconnect people with their lost funds. But what are these lost or unclaimed funds that they are talking about?

Unclaimed funds can be a number of different things. I guess it would be better to describe this sort of thing as unclaimed assets because what they’re talking about here is unclaimed money, stocks that are in your name, inheritance, overpaid bills, uncashed dividends, security deposits, IRS refunds, and bank account funds that are rightfully yours.

There are many different websites that reconnect people with unclaimed assets, so it’s not like this is some unheard-of thing. However, this site is basically a middleman that provides no real value. This site doesn’t actually you find unclaimed assets… It simply directs you to the websites that do help you.

The site provides no real value. It is nothing more than a waste of time that is going to give you a headache at the end of the day, and I will show you why.

How It Works

Step 1:

The first thing that you will be directed to do will be fill out the information form. You will have to enter your name, email address, street address, and telephone number.

Step 2:

Next you will be provided with a bunch of offers. This is nothing more than advertising and Money Finder USA is getting paid to do this.

There will be all sorts of offers that you will have to click through, including ads for life insurance, credit cards, credit scores, and I even had an offer presented to me about some guide about investing in cryptocurrencies.

You will have to click through all of these stupid advertisements that you probably don’t even care about before you get to what you were looking for in the first place, which are the websites that provide the unclaimed asset recovery service.

Just to give you an idea of what I am talking about here, below are a couple screenshots of some of the offers that were displayed to me. There is no way of skipping ahead of these offers. You have to click through them one by one and the reason that Money Finder USA is making you do this is because, like I said, they are getting paid for advertising here.

Step 3:

I finally after all of that nonsense they provide you with several different options for looking up unclaimed money. Two of the options that I was presented with include:

  • – A government run site that helps people find unclaimed money that is held by the federal government, such as tax return money and things like that.
  • – This site helps people find a variety of different unclaimed assets.

Why I Would Avoid This Site

Will first of all, there is absolutely no point to it. Anyone could just go to the USA.go or websites in the first place seem totally avoid using the site. But there is even a bigger reason why I would strongly suggest not using the site.

The reason is because if you do use the site you will end up with a ton of spam emails in your inbox in you also will be receiving a bunch of sales calls that I’m sure you will not like.

How do I know this? Well… Just look at the fine print underneath the information form that you are supposed to fill out. When you fill out and submit this form you agree to receive daily emails from several different places along with text messages and/or calls from this place’s marketing partners.

They provide a link so that you can see all of the marketing partners that you may be receiving calls/text messages from. I clicked on that link and it seems that it is have a bunch of random partners that are going to be getting in contact with you. As you can see below, some of the sales calls/messages that you will be receiving will have to do with law, braces, credit reports, and other things.

A Sneaky Site That Is No Help To The User

As I have said, this site provides no real value to the user. It lures people in by making them believe that is going to help them retrieve unclaimed assets, when in reality the entire purpose of this website is to get people to agree to receive promotional emails, text messages, and sales calls.

This website makes money from advertising and certainly does not care about your unclaimed assets at all.

Many Scams Like This

You might think that this is a rare occurrence, but in reality it is not. I have reviewed other scams that have to do with claiming unclaimed assets in the past, such as NorthAmeriCorp and other scams run by Trevor Harris.

Luckily this scam is not all that bad. All they do is get some of your personal information so that they can annoy you with marketing, whereas some of the other scams out there will basically steal money from you. Some of them will require you to fill out a worksheet to claim unclaimed money and include a “processing fee” when you send in the worksheet. What you will find with these types of scams is the you will never receive that money back, or any money for that matter.

Final Thoughts

Okay, so in my opinion this place is a scam. They act as if they provide a legitimate fund recovery service when in reality they just direct you to other services and take down your personal information so that they can sell it for marketing purposes.

But anyway, I think that is enough for this review. I hope you enjoyed it and found it helpful.

Please leave any comments, questions, or concerns below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Is Thrive Themes a Scam? – 2018 Review Having Used It For a Couple Years

Is Thrive Themes a scam that you should avoid using or can you trust this place and should you be using it?

Well the short answer is that NO, Thrive Themes is not a scam. I have actually been using Thrive Themes for a couple of years now and I’m finally getting around to writing this review. I have tested out most of what they have to offer and have a lot of experience with it. This website that you are on right now is actually running on one of the Thrive Themes.

Thrive Themes Review

Thrive Themes is a service that provides conversion focused WordPress themes and plug-ins. They provide a variety of different themes and plug-ins which I will be going over each of in detail. The main focus with what they provide is on optimizing conversions. It’s not about getting more traffic to your website it’s all about making better use of the traffic that you already get to your website.

The company was started by a guy named Shane Melaugh who works as the CEO. What’s really nice to see is that Shane is very active publicly and often sends out emails, video tutorials, and keeps members updated with what is going on with Thrive Themes.

Overall, over the past couple years I have been very pleased with Thrive Themes and what they provide. There have been a few hiccups here and there but using the themes and plug-ins for my websites has really helped boost conversions and if you are someone that isn’t happy with the conversions you are currently getting on your WP site then Thrive Themes might be something really worth considering.

If you want to jump ahead to any part of this review you can do so here:

A Look at The Products

Thrive Themes products

As I said, they provide a variety of different plug-ins and themes. I’ll first be going over the different plug-ins…


Thrive Architect:

Thrive Architect is probably their “main product” if you want to call it that. And what this is, is a drag-and-drop visual editor that makes creating beautiful looking pages very easy. It can take a little while to get used to using but once you get used to it is very nice.

With the editor you can easily create buttons, columns, icons, opt in forms, styled lists, content reveal sections, and in abundance of other page elements just by dragging them anywhere on the page. What is also nice is that once you have various elements on a page you can drag them around and move their positions to wherever you want to.

They also have pre-made templates that you can use based on what type of page you are looking to create, such as a webinar page, a sales page, a homepage, etc. This is really nice because when you first start using it they’re going to be so many options you won’t know what to do. This will give you nice template to start with and then you can edit as you go along to make it yours.

So in the screenshot below I chose a template landing page for a video course which you are able to edit any part of, and as you can see over on the left can drag any of these elements onto your page to add it where you please.

Thrive Leads:

This has probably been my biggest help when it comes to increase conversions. Thrive Leads is there a list building plug-in. What it allows you to do is create sign up forms and integrate them with different autoresponder services such as Aweber (which is what I use), GetResponse, and pretty much all the other big ones out there.

When you are creating sign-up forms you will be using the same Thrive Architect drag-and-drop editor as above. And they also provide different templates for different types of sign-up forms to make it easier on you.

You will be able to make sign-up forms that slide into your page, pop up when the person is about to exit, you can make ribbons at the top of your page or bottom, you can insert sign-up forms anywhere inside a page and more.

If what is really awesome about Thrive Leads is that you can use different sign-up forms on different areas of your site. You can set it up so that when sign-up form will appear when someone is visiting a page within a certain category while another sign-up form will appear in a different category. This is particularly great if you have a very broad site and not a narrow niche site.

And what I have found to be very effective for increasing conversions here is the A/B testing feature. What you can do is test different optin forms against each other to see which performs best and you can set it up so that the better performing form will automatically keep running while the one with worse performance is eliminated.

Thrive Ultimatum:

This is a scarcity plug-in. What it does is provides various different types of countdown timers that are proven to boost conversions. And again when you are using this you will be using the same drag-and-drop editor to create your different countdown timers.

So if you are selling a product or maybe you are giving away a free course on something, you can add these custom countdown timers to show visitors that they better take action soon. You can set them up so that they start and end on certain times dates or you can do what is called an “evergreen campaign”. Evergreen campaigns are pretty awesome because you can make it so that a countdown timer starts with every individual visitor and if they leave that page to come back at a different time the timer will pick up where it left off. I’m not exactly sure how this works, because they say that they do not use simple IP address tracking, but anyways all and knows that it works because I have used this myself plenty of times. Even if the same user goes back to your site on a different device it will still pick up where it left off.

There are many different ways you can use this Evergreen campaign feature with Ultimatum.

Thrive Optimize:

This is a plug-in that allows you to perform split testing, or A/B testing, for pages that you created with Thrive Architect. So let’s say you just created a sales page and want to test it against a different sales page. You could create an entirely different sales page and test the two against each other or what you could do is easily duplicate your current sales page with the click of a button, change a few things around, and then test them against each other.

So just like how you could run the A/B tests with Thrive Leads you can use this plug-in to do it with entire pages.

Running split tests is probably one of the easiest things that anyone can do to increase conversions on their website, yet many people/businesses aren’t doing it. You can read this article I found to see how incredible split testing can be. But of course you will need a decent amount of website traffic for this to be effective.

Anyways… back to the review…You will be able to test your pages against each other based on different conversion goals such as optin form submissions, page visits, or revenue generation. When you choose to test two pages against each other this plug-in will automatically distribute an even amount of traffic to both pages. You will be able to go into the background of your website and view all the statistics of how well the different pages are performing with this plug-in.

Thrive Headline Optimizer:

This Headline Optimizer plug-in performs a simple job but can have a pretty big impact on conversions. All it does is helps you optimize your page/post headlines. You use it to test out different headlines and see which one is the most effective.

Headlines may not seem like that big of a deal to you, and they never seem like much of a deal to me at first either, but they should be taken seriously. They are the first thing that your visitor will see and can have a big impact on whether or not a visitor sticks around to read what you have or leaves.

So basically what you will be doing here is creating a bunch of different variations of your headline and running them against each other to see which performs the best. You will be able to set it up so that the best-performing headline is automatically selected as the winner and becomes the official headline of your page/post.

Thrive Ovation:

Here’s a plug-in that makes it easy to put testimonials on different pages/posts on your site. With this plan you’re able to capture testimonials from users, manage them in the back end of your site, and even import them from social media.

Testimonials are often something that is overlooked when it comes to many sales pages but they can be pretty effective. They are a great way to show social proof and proved to readers that what they are looking at really is as good as it seems.

Thrive Clever Widgets:

Thrive Clever Widgets is a plug-in that allows you to optimize the widgets you have on your website. With this you are able to set up the widgets so that they only show on relevant pages/posts, which is similar to what I talked about with Thrive Leads where you can set it up so that certain sign-up pages appear on certain categories of your site.

So if you have a website that is about dogs, cats, and unicorns, you can set it up so that dog related widgets only appear on the dog pages of your site, cat related widgets only appear on the cat pages of your site, and unicorn related widgets only appear on the unicorn pages of your site. This plug-in is all about displaying relevant widgets on relevant pages which as you can imagine can definitely improve conversions, no matter what type of conversions you are seeking.

Thrive Quiz Builder:

This is one of the more recent additions to their list of available plug-ins. With the quiz builder you are able to build fun quizzes that lure people in and send them in different directions. You are able to set up quizzes where the answer of each question will lead to a different result.

Quizzes are proven to be an effective way to grab people’s attention and get them to interact on the website. And of course besides this they are also good at directing people to pages/posts on your site that they might like based on the answers they have provided.

You will also be able to look at the statistics of these quizzes and see how many people are giving certain answers. This allows you to better get to know your visitor base so that you can provide more helpful information which in turn will lead to better conversions.

Thrive Comments:

There really isn’t much to this plug-in but it is nice, much nicer than the normal comment sections on WP websites. What this does is allows you to make the comment section of your website much more engaging. Visitors will be able to share comments on social media as well as up-vote comments.

This will hopefully lead to more visitor engagement which can actually have a positive impact on your SEO.


I’m not going to go into detail on all of the different themes that they offer but I’ll give you a basic overview.

As I am writing this they have 10 different themes that you can choose from. They all differ a bit with how they look and their focus but provide much of the same features. As you can see below here are three different theme examples, two of them having more of a magazine type look while the one on the bottom being more of a blog type theme…

Some of the benefits to having a Thrive Theme rather than many of the other WP themes out there include…

  • Fast loading
  • Have landing page templates
  • Fully mobile responsive
  • Build in features so that you don’t need as many plugins (for ex: social media sharing buttons)
  • Training & support (tutorials, etc)

Personally I use both the themes and the plug-ins provided by Thrive Themes, but you do not have to do this. You can still use all of the thrive plug-ins with other WP themes if you would want to.

Training at Thrive University

Thrive Themes also has what they call Thrive University where they provide training on various aspects of online business. Much of the training they provide uses the Thrive Themes products, but they also provide training on things like creating E courses to build your email list, using the art of persuasion to get people to opt in, launching products successfully, etc.

Most of the training that is provided is free for everyone but some of it is exclusive for paying members. The training is broken down into different lessons and most of it contains video tutorials to make into simple as possible. As an example of some of the training here is a screenshot I took of three different courses they are offering right now… And this is three of many.

Is The Support Any Good?

Okay so what about the support… Is it any good? If you have been the victim of bad support in the past then you know how big of a roadblock this can be. If you have little to no technical experience like I do, then having good support is a must.

Luckily I can say based on my own experience that Thrive Themes provides excellent support to members and to people who pay a one time fee to purchase their various products, which I will go more over in a bit.

They have a support forum that you are able to go into where you can ask any question on any of the different products, or just as a general question. I have used their support service many times over the past couple years and have never had a problem with it. If you are like me you are sure to run into a few problems here and there and having support that you know is able to help you out is comforting.

And what is really nice is that you can actually have the support staff go into your website and fix problems for you if you would like. What you would do in this situation is enter temporary login details in a safe form inside the support area, explain the problem in as much detail as possible, and someone on the support staff will do the fixing.

Of course you do not have to do this but it is nice if you are in a rush or just do not feel like dealing with whatever problem it is.

What Are The Prices Looking Like?

And now onto the prices, which everyone needs to know before even thinking about buying.

The price will vary a lot depending on what you want to buy. What you can do is purchase any of the plug-ins or themes individually or you can purchase a yearly membership which will give you access to everything.

If you purchase different plug-ins or themes individually the prices will vary depending on the product. So let’s take Thrive Architect for example. There are three different purchase options if you want to buy this plug-in individually. These include…

  • For 1 site = $67
  • For 5 sites = $97
  • For 15 sites = $147

And if you want to purchase a Thrive Membership then you will pay what equals out to $19 per month, but you will pay annually which will be $228. This will give you unlimited use of all their plug-ins and themes on up to 25 different websites, which is probably plenty for most people reading this. But then they also have their Agency Membership which equals out to $49 per month and gives you use to all their plug-ins and themes on up to 50 of your own websites and your clients websites.

I personally have the Thrive Membership for $19 per month because I have no need for anything more.

Also, when you are a member you will get unlimited support. When you purchase one of their plug-ins or themes with a one time payment you will only get access to one year of support, which is another big benefit of being a member.

Conclusion on Thrive Themes – Is It Worth The Price?

There is no doubt that Thrive Themes works as intended. The whole purpose of all of their products is to increase conversions and they do a very good job at this. If you are using a free WP theme or something that is very basic without any plug-ins that are focused on optimization then I can pretty much guarantee that you will see a big increase in conversions just by using Thrive Themes products alone. Like I said, I’ve been a member for a couple years now and there has never been a time where I have even thought about canceling my membership.

Not only do all of their products perform great, but they are always coming out with new plug-ins/themes and keeping them updated.

The Thrive Membership is definitely going to give you the most bang for your buck but this gives you access to everything so if you have no interest in using much of the products then it might not be a good choice for you. If you are looking to start out small and just test one thing out then I would go with Thrive Architect, which is sort of their main product and is the drag-and-drop visual editor. Thrive Leads would definitely be my second choice and I have seen some pretty good leaps in conversions using this plug-in.

Get Thrive Themes Here

Here is a great tutorial video that I found where Shane (CEO of Thrive Themes) goes over how to build page with Thrive Architect from scratch. Its around 25 minutes long but you can just take a quick look to see for yourself how it all works…

Postal Job Source Scam – This Place Will NOT Get You a Postal Service Job!

Postal Jobs Source scam

Postal Job Source claims to offer a service to help people get jobs working for the post office but unfortunately this is not true. This place really is nothing more than a scam that is going to steal your money and in this review I’ll be showing you how they do this.

This type of scam is somewhat hard to spot. It comes across as being legitimate because they don’t make any really ridiculous claims of being able to make you rich or anything along those lines. All they do is claim to offer a service to help you get a legitimate job working at the post office. Sounds like something that could be true right? I agree with that, it does sound like something that could potentially be the real deal but, like I said, this is a scam.

Postal Job Source Review

The website that I came across this Postal Job Source was However I came across another review of this place and it seems that they have multiple websites that all point to the same exact scam so if you came across this on a different site it is still the same thing.

As I said, all the service claims to do is help get you a job. They tell you that you will be able to start out making $14.92 to $33.10/hour, new experiences needing, there is paid training, and the job security is great. In the thing about all of these claims is that they are true for Postal Service workers which makes this scam so convincing.


Years ago I actually tried getting a job at the Postal Service as a delivery driver so I know a good bit about the jobs they offer. They are good jobs, some of them pay pretty decent in the job security does seem to be good.

HOWEVER… This place is a scam so if you do really want to work for the post office then apply directly to their website and not through this site.

How They Scam You

So you might be wondering, “well how does this place scam you?” Well they do so by making you pay for some registration package. They tell you that the U.S. Postal Service requires you to take an exam that will determine whether or not you get employed, so you need to pass this to get a job. And this registration package that they provide to you will give you everything you need to study to be able to pass this exam.

Here’s a screenshot I took from their website and what they tell you:

The registration package cost $48 and what I found pretty funny is that it somehow has a 200% moneyback guarantee. What the heck? How is this possible at all? How can they possibly make a guarantee like this? It makes absolutely no sense from a business standpoint. If this were true anyone could make $48 for free by buying the package, failing the U.S. Postal Service exam, and then getting a 200% money back refund.

This is just silly and is a major red flag of a scam.

A Look At The Company Behind It

Okay, so it’s always important to look into the company behind job opportunities like this to check out they are legitimate or not. On Postal Job Source’s website they tell you that they are not the Postal Service. They tell you that they are a private employment service that simply helps you get hired by the Postal Service…

So then what is this company that is behind all of this? Well if you go to the Contact Us page of their site you will see there address listed.

So what I did was searched for first address the posted to  find out more about this business. I found that the business name is “Labor Services”, which I remember them saying they were a division of somewhere on the Postal Job Source site.

On the Better Business Bureau’s website there isn’t much going on with this business. It has supposedly been in business for 22 years but only has three customer complaints and a zero reviews. What’s funny though is that one of the complaints is about being scammed by a fake mail processing job that required the person to purchase a package of study material just as the scam we are going over here does…

And also one of the other complaints that was posted for this business came from someone claiming they purchased some study material package for a fake mall clerk job.

Yep… Its a Scam Alert

When doing my research into this I came across an article written by the Federal Trade Commission warning consumers about these exact types of scams. You can read the article if you want to here but I’ll summarize it for you: Basically what it tells you is that this Postal Job Source website is a scam. Of course it doesn’t tell you this directly but it warns you about these places to a T.

What the article says is that there are scam artists out there that trick people into purchasing study materials to get a high score on the postal exam when they likely are completely worthless. They also tell you that a high score on the exam does not ensure you will get a job and that there is no good way to actually study for the exam anyhow.

Here is a small screenshot of part of the article:

Conclusion on Postal Job Source – Scam

Scams are getting trickier and trickier these days. The “get-rich-quick” type of scams are easy to spot. They make ridiculous claims about getting rich overnight with automated systems and fairytale type things like that. But this Postal Job Source scam is much more sneaky and much more legitimate seeming.

If you did get scammed by this place I wouldn’t feel too down on yourself. This is one sneaky little son of a gun and I’m sure there are a lot of people being scammed by it.

If you did end up getting scammed you could always try to get your money back via a chargeback if you used a debit/credit card like MasterCard or Visa. MyChargeBack is one service that I know that helps with this. And of course if you still want to apply for a Postal Service job then go directly through the Postal Service or make darn sure that the third party service you are using is legitimate.

Is ScamXposer a Scam Itself? – My Take On It

ScamXposerScamXposer claims to be a website that reviews make money online programs and exposes scams, but does it really do what it says? Or is ScamXposer a scam itself?

Since you are reading this review I’m guessing you have your suspicions of this website. You are wondering if the information they provide is legitimate or if it is provided all for the sake of making money on their end. In this short review I’m going to be getting over my opinion of the site and some problems I see with it. Is it a scam? I’ll jump straight to the point and tell you that there is shady activity.

ScamXposer…. What Is It?

As I said, ScamXposer is a website that exposes scams. It is the creation of David Harris and is basically a blog type website where he reviews different make money online opportunities. So pretty much, he will review a particular opportunity, talk about what he likes and dislikes about it, and then gave his final opinion where he either promotes the product/program or doesn’t recommend it.

Since he is making money promoting the products that he reviews this brings up the question of whether or not they are legitimate truthful reviews or if he is just writing them to make money. Providing misleading and false information all for the sake of getting people to buy into something to earn commissions is a big problem in the online marketing world. However, there are lots of truthful websites out there that will provide honest reviews of products/programs.

I actually do this myself. If you have read my guide on making money online, you know that I make a living promoting products online earning commissions. Sure, it is easier to make money when you lie and promote every single product there is, but just because this is possible doesn’t mean that everyone out there is doing it. You can make money doing this and still provide legitimate and truthful information.

So Is ScamXposer a Scam?

My problem with ScamXposer is that it does promote programs that I personally would call scams. The mindset behind the creator of this website is also something that I can’t really understand. I have read many reviews on this website and I am still surprised at times. Some programs that I would expect this place to label as scams it calls legit and vice versa. For example, there might be two nearly identical programs out there and this place calls one of them legitimate and the other a scam.

But anyways, I’m not going to get into that here. Instead what I want to do is go over a few of ScamXposer’s top recommendations and my opinion of them, which isn’t good.

#1 – My 10K Model

Above you can see ScamXposer’s top recommendations, where My 10K Model is listed as number 1.

Basically My 10K Model is a sales funnel for a program called Easy 1 Up, which is one of those programs that people buy into to make money online and then they try to make money online by selling it to other people.

Its all a big cycle. You buy in, you are provided with training and tools to promote it, and you then get others to buy in. There are 5 different levels of membership going up to $1,000 in price and they are all focused on getting members to promote the system.

My 10K Model was created by Michael Mansell and is just a big promotion of Easy 1 Up. If you buy in Michael and his team help you get your Easy 1 Up business started and provide you with additional training but the core of what is going on here remains the same… which is getting others to buy into Easy 1 Up so that you can make money.

I am not a fan of recruitment schemes like this. Sure, there is some value provided in this program, but the sole focus here is to make money by promoting the same make money online opportunity to other people.

#2 – Wealthy Affiliate

Based on Scam Xposer’s number one pick I wouldn’t expect them to rank Wealthy Affiliate as their number two pick. Why? Well because Wealthy Affiliate is very different from that above.

Wealthy Affiliate is actually my number one recommended program for newbies looking to make money online. This is where I got started back in 2015 and I now make a living working online for myself, which goes to show that it actually works.

The big difference between the two is that Wealthy Affiliate does not push its members to promote their program. While you can make money promoting Wealthy Affiliate, many members make money promoting products in their own nieces, which is something that Wealthy Affiliate provides training on.

Pretty much My 10K Business Model is everything that Wealthy Affiliate is doing its best to avoid being.

You can read my Wealthy Affiliate review here if you are interested in learning more about this recommendation of mine.

Things Just Don’t Make Sense To Me

ScamXposer’s five recommended Internet businesses list just doesn’t make any sense to me. As I just explained, their number one and two picks are extremely different. They are like polar opposites of each other in the Internet marketing world.

But anyways, let’s take a look at another one of their top five picks. Let’s take a look at survey junkie which is their number fourth pick.

Survey junkie does not belong in this lineup and it makes no sense to put in with the other recommendations. All the other recommendations are ways to potentially make a living working online, or at the very least good money. Survey junkie on the other hand is a paid survey website where you literally are going to be earning pocket change with.

Yet, in their review of survey junkie they do not tell you this. The review post that was written tells you all the good stuff about this survey site and none of the bad. Overall the review comes off overly “salesy”. It seems that they are really pushing readers to sign up for this site. They tell you about the potential to make $50-$100 if you get to sit in a focus group, but what they don’t tell you is that the chances of you actually being able to participate in one of these is extremely rare.

Overall survey junkie is pretty much your typical paid survey website. You will not make much money with this and the review on ScamXposer is very misleading in my opinion.

Conclusion on ScamXposer

From what I see it seems that ScamXposer is somewhat of a scam. But I guess this really depends on what your definition of a scam is. ScamXposer does provide good information but they also provide misleading and poor information which seems to be due to the underlying focus of making money online by promoting these different programs/products.

It seems that ScamXposer is pretty much a hit or miss. I agree with some of the reviews, like Wealthy Affiliate which I do recommend, while others I disagree with. Some provide good information while others provide poor and misleading information. All in all I do not trust this website because of what I just said, which is that the main focus seems to be on making money rather than providing truth.

We are all allowed to form our own opinions on this and this is my own. If you disagree with what I am saying here then I welcome your argument in the comments section below. Also feel free to ask any questions below and I will get back to you soon 🙂

Is Life Coaching a Pyramid Scheme? – What You Should Know

is life coaching a pyramid schemeLife Coaching programs/schemes are becoming more and more popular and with the popularity of the industry comes scammers looking to capitalize and make as much money as possible. Is Life Coaching a pyramid scheme? No, life coaching in general is not. However, there are a lot of very questionable programs/schemes out there that could be called such.

In this short post I’ll be going over what I think about this whole life coaching ordeal and some tips to avoid the blood sucking pyramid schemes that are out there.

Life Coaching In a Nutshell

Life coaching is exactly what it sounds like… coaching people to help them build the better lives that they want. Happiness and a more prosperous life is the goal.

There are many different life coaching programs out there and they focus on many different facets in life, including health and money… most commonly money since money is what everyone wants more of and stands for everything in life (for many).

What you have to watch out for are Life Coaching money making schemes that rely on recruitment of new life coaches more than selling their life coaching products/services to the general public. This industry is filled with pyramid-like schemes like this and I’ll go over why this is and how you can avoid them.

Why The Life Coaching Industry Is Filled With Schemes

Of course this is all just my opinion but I’ll go over why I think the life coaching industry is filled with money making schemes.

The reason is because it is the perfect industry to make money in. In the more unethical schemes out there life coaches sell their products/services as if they are genuinely trying to help people. They come off as very kind and who wouldn’t want to buy a product/service that is going to change their entire life?

Many of these life coaching programs are filled with motivational type products that are supposed to help you change the way you think so that you can unleash your potential for success. However, what many people don’t know is that many of the disgusting money making life coaching schemes are getting you all pumped up so that you can go out and sell their products to other people.

Its the perfect industry for money making schemes like this because much of what is provided with life coaching can be twisted slightly to get members to go out and sell, sell, sell! On top of this they are also able to charge insanely high prices for life coaching products.

There is no good way to valuate products in this industry. How can you put a value on a motivational meeting with a lifecoach? Maybe they teach you nothing so the value should be $0 but maybe they teach you one little thing that changes your life forever. How can you put a value on this? The answer is you can’t.

Life Coaching money making schemes take advantage of this and sell way overvalued products for their scheme to be more effective.

If you look at some of what I consider to be the more unethical life coaching programs out there, like U-Economy for example, here members buy in and then achieve their “dreams” by getting others to buy in. Its program that you are supposed to buy into to achieve freedom and happiness in life, then you just sell the same darn program to others at insanely high prices to make huge commissions, all of which is supposed to make you rich so you can be happy. Programs like this are the most messed up things every.

What to Watch Out For

Life coaching itself is not a pyramid scheme at all, however, as I said, there are a lot of pyramid schemes in this area. So you have to be careful what you get involved with.

If there is any mention of being able to make tons of money selling the same program to other people I would avoid it. Legitimate life coaching services are more focused on actually helping people out and not creating a massive cycle of money and endless recruitment.

The way life coaching pyramid schemes work is they put most of their focus on recruitment. Once you buy in you are then coached and provided with tools so that you can get others to buy in. And when you do.. you make commissions. Then when they go out and do the same you will earn commissions from their sales, and the sales that those people make and so on. Its all a big recruitment scheme.

A legitimate life coaching program will be more product focused. They will focus more on the actual product, what it provides and can do for you rather than focusing on the money that can be made selling it or the money that can be made recruiting in other people.


I’m not saying that legitimate life coaching programs shouldn’t pay commissions like this but if their primary or secondary marketing tactic is telling people about the commissions they can make selling their products then its definitely something to avoid.

Final Thoughts – A Great Industry Plagued With Scams

I hope I’m not coming off too negative here. There are some really great life coaches out there that really are in it for the right reasons. They are trying to help people and make their lives better. Its just that the scams out there are a serious matter and they need to be brought up. The scams that are out there can do the opposite of what they tell you.. they can lead to huge amounts of money being lost.

If you are looking into becoming a life coach or paying for life coaching just be careful out there. Look for people who are genuine and avoid the temptation of making a lot of money fast and easy.

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