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“Congressional Checks”, Scam by Zachary Scheidt? – A Review You Should Read First!

Congressional Checks Scam


Congressional Checks Scam

Zachary Scheidt claims that there is a new provision to the tax code that allows ordinary everyday Americans to collect “Congressional Checks” on a regular basis without doing any work. He lead you to believe that all you have to do is add your name to some list to begin collecting these checks. But can you really trust what he says? Or is this all just a bunch of misleading hype to sucker people in?

Unfortunately much of what he tells you is either a lie or very misleading. Throughout this review I will be going over the absolutely ridiculous video presentation that I came across for these Congressional Checks and all of the deceptive information given out.

I’m guessing that you are suspicious of the claims that Zachary makes. After all, you are reading my review of it right now for additional information. It’s a good thing you are because if you were to buy into this thinking that you are going to add your name to some list and start collecting these “Congressional Checks” then you would just be disappointed.

The Sales Pitch – Deceptive To Say The Least

So I came across this whole “Congressional Checks” thing after finding an ad on Yahoo that you can see below. Dad said that there was this new law that allows the benefit of collecting a monthly check from the US government. This ad was below the featured headline stories on the Yahoo homepage…

But anyways, it doesn’t really matter how you came across this “Congressional Checks” sales pitch. There are probably many different ads and marketing tactics used to sucker people in.

What Zachary tells you is that there was a last minute provision added to the tax plan that could put in extra $6235 or more in your pocket this month and every other month. This “last minute provision” is section 199A. How does this provision allow you to collect these checks? This is something that he never explains… Probably because it’s not true.

He tells you that congressmen are collecting millions in free checks from this provision but most Americans have no idea it even exists. He really tries to strike a nerve and get you fired up because of course no one likes politicians passing laws and making provisions in which they benefit more than the everyday American.

He goes on to show a bunch of screenshots of these “Congressional Checks” that people are supposedly collecting but the problem is that they are all fake. He should people, such as “Kevin L” acting checks for as much as $44,577 but this is all a lie…

And then there was “Sharon L” is really getting a check for $27,897…, Which is also a lie.

About half of the video presentation consists of him just showing these fake checks to make you think that this opportunity is much more incredible than it really is. Why do I say that all of these checks are fake? Well because as you will see there are no such thing as “Congressional Checks”.

Throughout the video presentation I also noticed that he kept saying that I had to act “before June 13”. The funny part is that you could tell the “June 13” part did not fit in the video. You tell it was pasted in there because Zack’s voice sounded different when he said that part. The reason for this is because this part of the video keeps getting updated. Whenever it reaches a June 13 the video will just be re-edited to say a later date. This is nothing more than false scarcity to try to get people to buy into this as soon as possible.

I would also like to point out that all of the quotes that are displayed in the video presentation, such as this one from “Harry F” are more than likely fake as well. There is no proof that the quotes are reeling anyone could have easily made them up, which is likely based on the other misinformation given during the presentation.

Are These “Congressional Checks” Given Out By The Government?

The marketing tactics used here are quite poor. The information given is very unorganized and seems to go against itself at some points.

For example, the ad that I clicked on Yahoo stated that these checks were being given out by the US government, but during the video presentation Zach tells you that this has nothing to do with Social Security or any government program. So this obviously makes no sense.

What The Heck Are “Congressional Checks”?

If you ended up sitting through the entire video presentation, which was like 40 minutes long, then you may have started to figure out what these “Congressional Checks” are that he is talking about. He never gives you a straight answer at all throughout the entire presentation but there are a few clues that you may have caught.

He tells you that there are “fiscally transparent entities” that are benefiting from this new tax provision and are required to make regular payments to their partners. He also says that “nothing is guaranteed” and that “all investing carries risk”.

Yes you heard me correct.… He is now talking about investing which he never mentioned once before. Why is he talking about investing? I thought all I have to do was add my name to some list to begin collecting these checks? After all that is what he tells you early on.

“Congressional Checks” Do Not Exist

As I’ve been saying, these “Congressional Checks” do not exist. They are just a name that Zach made up as part of his luring sales pitch to sucker people in. The same goes for the BS “freedom checks” sales pitch that you may have heard.

The truth is that these checks he is talking about are really dividend payments that you are able to collect from investing in company stocks. Misleading isn’t it? The whole time you were led to believe that you could easily collect of these checks by adding your name to a list and now you find out that this whole thing is about investing in stocks and collecting dividends.

Zach’s Free Book “Congress’ Secret $1.17 Trillion Giveaway”

In Zach’s book he identifies some of these entities that you can invest in which will supposedly pay out the highest dividend, or what he calls “Congressional Checks”.

This book is given away for free and he told you that you will be shown exactly how to collect these checks. He tells you that this book will not be sold anywhere in that he wants to keep it a secret that only a small group of people know about. But of course this is just another pile of BS that he feeds you wish doesn’t make any sense because their advertising this opportunity everywhere.

The book supposedly has a $39 value but all you to do is pay a $4.95 processing fee.

Why is he giving away this book for free and only requiring you to pay a processing fee? Well because this book is just used as a way to get people to sign up for “Lifetime Income Report”, which is an investment newsletter that Zachary Scheidt is the editor of. You will be signed up for a 30 day free trial of this newsletter and if you do not cancel before the trial is up you will be charged for an entire year, which is where they make all their money.

A Look at Lifetime Income Report

Lifetime Income Report is a subscription-based newsletter published by Agora Financial (which is well known for shady marketing tactics like this by the way). The subscription is purchased on a yearly basis and with that you will receive 12 copies of the newsletter, one every month. Each copy will provide investment advice and look into a new investment opportunity. As a subscriber you will also receive email alerts if there are any immediate actions that need to be taken for recommended investments.

I actually wrote a review of Lifetime Income Report already, and the newsletter itself doesn’t seem to be all that bad, the main problem seems to be from the ridiculous sales tactics used to get people to buy into it.

Is This All a Scam?

Well I guess that would depend on what your definition of a scam is. If your definition of a scam is something that provides zero value then this would not be a scam because there is some value provided here. But if your definition of a scam is something that is deceptive and extremely misleading then this would be considered a scam.

The truth is that there is value provided in Zach’s Free book and the Lifetime Income Report newsletter. Zach is very experienced and really was a hedge fund manager as he stated. So he definitely is someone that has the ability to provide good advice. However… People are lured into this opportunity in a very deceptive way. You are lured in thinking that you are going to be collecting these checks by signing up to some list and what is really going on here is you are getting signed up for his newsletter service, which has absolutely nothing to do with collecting checks in this manner.

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I hope you found this article helpful! I'm Kyle, the creator of this site, which is probably pretty obvious after seeing the name. Like most, I've had my fair share of difficulties and a pretty bumpy road while trying to find success online, which is why I put togetherthis guide so that others can get started right the first time around.

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  1. Hi Kyle,

    I sincerely want to Thank You for breaking this particular presentation apart for me. Yes, I bought a subscription from Angora Financial. Also, cancelled within 30 days …. too much hype for me. After relentless searching – with many variables I finally came up your post. I don’t take kindly to being *scammed* at all! Worse is the fact that intuitively I knew better and still choose to follow thru, thus beating myself up! I’m so grateful to you for *breaking* down all the variables I was questioning. Presently, I am doing swing trading and I’d appreciate if you’d email me your website pertinent to crytos, if you in fact have one.
    Again, THANK YOU!

    1. Hi Jan. I don’t have a website that really talks about trading cryptos or anything like that. I’ve thought about creating one when I have the time but I’m not too sure yet.

      1. Klye:
        I’m always looking online to do work at home legally. Have come across many scams. I’ve been scammed before so now I’m real careful on not getting scammed again. Even though I’m careful sometimes you get caught up in it.
        I’ve learned you should not have to pay to get a job. They are suppose to pay you. Not the other way around. Which is another thing to they have these web- sites that you have to pay to join. And you may or may not get a job.
        With all this technology people can hide their identities and get away with it.
        Thanks for the info.

      2. Thank you sir, I almost bought into it.. thats until i heard the book pitch. I did my own research due to the information act. that was passed years ago for full disclosure. Realized then it was a bunch of hot air and not legit except within the grey areas of the law.

        1. Jason, can you share what you got from the Information Act, or tell me how you were able to receive full disclosure? Or how to start the process.Thank you. I am on FB messenger karen may jones, or Youtube channel trytocookthis. At your own convenience, K Jones

  2. Zach also says to click the BUTTON below. There is no such BUTTON. This is another thing that tipped me off that it is all a scam.

  3. If it sounds too good to be true,it probably is. Just always keep that saying in mind. And it will save us all money and heartache down the road.

    Thanks for your blog, Kyle
    Mary T.

  4. Can you give me your appraisal and view of the Oxford Club. Which is another newsletter subscription that talks about Dark Trades in the stock market

  5. Hey, Kyle. You are a very good author. Jan and Mary say they did not let themselves be scammed. Well, I did. To the tune of $2300. I’m lost my checking account and been turned over for collection (possibly legal action). I deposited a check from a man I didn’t know well. I thought I had all bases covered, but it bounced back 4 days later, and who has $2300 when the bank gave it out?

    Patricia – there laws against “scamming”. The problem for the authorities is they can’t track these people down. Once they think they have gotten all they can on this scem, they move on to something else!

    But I still want to find something that will give me big checks each month. Have any other ideas(lol)?

  6. Thank you very much for the info on this guy Zack. I was laughing when I was reading through his scam. Waiting to see how much it would cost. So I thought I’d look up Congressional Checks up, because it really sounded fake.Thank you again… Shannon

  7. Kyle:

    I fell for Zach’s pitch and ordered his book and sent him $4.95. The book never came so I called the number they gave for Agora Financial. I was told that the book was never intended to be mailed. It was sent by email only. So they emailed me a book. Nowhere in it was any instruction on how to receive a Congressional check. When I called them back, I was told that I had ordered the wrong book so they emailed me another book. Of course it didn’t give any instructions on how to receive the Congressional checks either. I say it is a scam. Fortunately I am only out $4.95.

    Noel Carpenter

    1. Thank you Noel for your response here. I was almost very tempted to get this so called book to collect “congressional checks” to help eliviate some financial strain im going through. Its only $4.95, right? Well, as stated by someone else, if it sounds too good to be true…… So, I decided to do my own research. Didnt Zach say something in his presentation about doing our own research? Or maybe I read it under the “Terms and conditions” link. Yeah, it reads that there are no garuntees. Hmmm? Any questions we have, we should contact a professional in “Our” locality. Uh huh. After the 30 day “trial” we’ll be billed $99 for the subscrition for the year. Question, its September, so does that mean it will be prorated?? No?? Hmm. Then there was the word “investments”. I thought this video was about how to collect government money, basically for free? Why would I want to “invest” when I’m currently unemployed, hardly no money, and this was a video about “free” money from the government. I loath scammers. They prey on the poor relentlessly.

      And Kyle, thanks for your blog.

    2. Thank you, Noel, for sharing your story. It will help many people for sure to avoid to get trapped. Very very appreciate for your honesty , it’s real helpful

  8. I listened to one of their pitches for pot stocks millionaire and paid 39.95 for a list , never got one then they wanted 49 or 59 dollars for the list which I paid and still didn’t give any list next thing I knew they wanted 1200 and $95 for the list of the top four needless to say I did not fall again for their bull all they’ve ever done is get you to chase the moon and give you the spoon I do not deal with them anymore

  9. Kyle,
    I thankyou for the truth, I thankyou for taking the time and research in doing this blog.
    May God bless you.
    I’m finally starting to get smart and look things up, and stop being so naive and trusting.
    Thanks again!
    Warmly Brenda

  10. I think that anything that sounds to “good to be true” is really not too good. As soon as I heard Zach say: “there is risk in investment” I said to myself: “NO WAY!!” I learned when my college professor lost his investment in 401K. He lost about 50%. That was sad. Working all those years and losing all his life savings. He actually retired a year later. ( I would too, why kill yourself saving when what you save goes down the drain??!!)

  11. Kyle,

    You started with Wealthy Affiliate in 2015. But you have disclosed that about two years later in Feb. 2017, you were still making only $354 per month. Your income didn’t really start to take off until the second month that you disclosed (March 2017, $1146.50).

    Are these number accurate? If so, I guess we can look forward to earning very little during the first two years with Wealthy Affiliate.

    1. Yes they are accurate but that example I gave is just for one offer I started promoting to show the potential. I was making money before that, although not all that great. Also, I started at the end of 2015.

      I’ve seen other people make money in less time and others completely fail…. you can’t really compare too much to others.

  12. Thanks so much for all the info! I’ve been scammed not once but sadly a couple times. Now I’m doing my research before I get caught up in anything. The wealthy affiliate info gives me a good feeling and look forward to starting soon. I too want success from an online business. My children are my motivation to work hard and never give up. Thanks again! I’ll chat with you on the inside =)

      1. Yeah I agree with everyone supporting you thank you Kyle. I ran across an email he sent me saying the deadline is September 13, so many lies.

          1. My deadline was October 18th but thank God I do not jump to do anything without first investigating it. Thank you for exposing these scammers and saving our bank accounts. They know times are hard right now and figure we will jump at every FREE dollar. NOTHING is free in this world. Thanks again.

  13. thank you for your information about the scam I did watch the video but I did not fall for it. I did my homework first. I would really like to find on line work that was not a scam. My husband was injured in the line of duty as a police officer so I am unable to work a normal job. If you could email me some on line jobs that are real I would really appreciate it. We live on my husband disability but its really not enough. Thank you for your blog Christine

    1. There are ways to get gov’t checks, but you need to purchase an reit in bldgs. the gov’t owns or medical trusts. They range in price from$11-$20, but pay a real nice dividend. To make it worth while you need to own a lot.

      Good Luck All

  14. Hi Kyle-

    Thanks for your deep dive into this group of “characters”.

    About 6 months ago, my friend purchased a subscription from Agoura called the “Takeover Alert” and has been kind enough to share it with me. To date, neither of us has made any real money following their suggested tips. Most have not panned out at all.

    It comes as absolutely no surprise that they are scam artists, as my friend tried to get out of his annual subscription and it is all but impossible for him to get his money back! They want to offer him another year for FREE! Isn’t that rich, another year of a worthless product.

    Again, thank you for educating the public on this company. It’s refreshing to know there are still some good people out there.

    Sincere Regards-

    Bill B
    Kona, Hawaii

  15. Great blog – this is needed for just about EVERYTHING that is out there now. When we google the title, it should come up with your blog first – 🙂 Thanks for breaking it apart and for wanting to help everyone. Take care!

  16. The first giveaway was the pic of a “Congressional Check.” I am no authority on govt. checks but anything coming from the US government says “Department of Treasury” I believe. Refunds, etc…what a HOR’s paycheck says/looks like I don’t know but I’d guess it would say Dept. of Treasury or Vice-Versa. Back when people still got SS checks for Disabilities or Retirement I can’t recall. But “Congressional Check?” That would mean that there’s some sort of financial institution connected to or run by Congress. That’d be news to me…and the members of Congress. Heck, they’d be cutting themselves checks as fast as Taco Bell runs through my digestive system. On Snopes it says that these “checks” are applicable to a tiny percentage of people mostly in States with NO State Income Tax or persons with large expenses (like very expensive machinery, etc) and I assume Self-Employed (like me) except I have State Taxes and I’ve never bought more than 20K in equipment. And that was not an average year in that department. So thank you for confirming what I was almost certain a misleading ad. I am curious if the ad on your site about working from home is from you or an advertiser? I’ll check it out, at least it’s not a MLM scam I’m relatively sure. You think this was a long comment? I write fast and could write on and on about the plague that is the MLM (but it’s not a pyramid!!) schemers….regards, Steve.

  17. Thank you very much, Kyle, for saving people to not get trapped. Thank you for helping to understand about this blurry story with congressional checks.

  18. Hello. You have been so helpful! Yes, I’m a sucker; I was sent a thing on congressional checks and followed through. But, I don’t have a checking acct. Got 3 more emails and last one said sorry yada yada yada. Thought I saved the emails to show someone else, not. So, put it in Google search and found you! So, scam it is and very thankful I have a debit card now.