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Is ClixStarter a Scam? – Here Is Why You Should Avoid This Program

ClixStarter scam


We are told that ClixStarter involves 3 billion people, uses more computing power than the NSA and also makes use of a time machine–but unfortunately most of what we are told is incredibly misleading.

Is ClixStarter a scam? Well, not entirely–but ya, pretty much–and in this review I’ll be going over why.

So don’t buy in yet–and if you did you are going to want to request a refund after you read this.

*Luckily you have 60 days to get a refund because this product is being sold through Clickbank.

ClixStarter Review

Okay, so let’s first start off with the sales pitch.

The idea is that Google gets tons of of people using it to search for information, about 40,000 searches every second–which the spokeswoman describes as “Google gives out 40,000 free money tokens every second”–because free traffic coming from Google can be monetized if you have a website that is getting that free traffic.

*You can make money with free traffic in many ways, such as by placing ads on your site, affiliate marketing, etc.

She claims that it has been very competitive, “until now” because her and a friend have created some sort of “time machine” that is going to allow you to create Web pages about search-terms that no one else has created yet.–which means there will be no competition and you will easily rank high in Google.


Sounds good–but of course this isn’t nearly as good as it seems.

Why This Is NOT Going To Work Out As You Are Told

#1 – Other People Are Doing It 

First off, there are plenty of other people out there that are already doing this. This is not rocket science and there are plenty of other people trying to get their websites ranked in Google for search-terms that hopefully have a lot of searches in the future.

For example, there are tons of websites out there where people write articles about the new iPhone that is coming out, the upcoming TV series episode, and all sorts of things. It is always easiest to get your website ranked in Google and get traffic when you are one of the first ones to publish an article targeting a specific keyword, so naturally everyone tries to be the first.

And because there are many people already doing this it makes getting your website ranked in Google high enough to get a lot of search traffic a lot harder.

#2 – Predicting Future Traffic Is NOT Easy

Sure, if the next iPhone is coming out in the coming months then there is obviously going to be a lot of search traffic from people looking for more information on it. And if there is an election coming up then it would be easy to predict that there are going to be many searches related to the election happening soon.

But while we have a general idea of what information people might be searching for, there are a lot of unknowns and accurately predicting what exactly people will be searching for is much more difficult than it may seem.

Oh ya–but of course the lady claims that she and a friend have created a “time machine” that is going to do this for us… right..y

#3 – Not All Traffic = Good Money

What you definitely need to know is that not all Google traffic equals good money. She acts as if you will just be able to “reel in” money every single day like it’s nothing and even shows stacks of cash in the video presentation…


But in reality things don’t work this way.

For example: If you are able to get your website ranked in Google for the search term “iPhone X Review” then you are going to be able to make a lot of money from the traffic coming in through this search term, because many of the people coming to your website are likely interested in making a purchase, which is the reason they are reading a review about the new phone in the first place.

However, If you get ranked under a search term like “funny dog barks at mailman”–this search term doesn’t have near the potential to make you money because the people searching for this keyword are just going to be interested in watching a funny video, not purchasing anything.

You can always make some money with ads via Google AdSense and what not, but there can be a massive difference in earning potential depending on what search term you are ranked for.

The “Time Machine” You Get Access to Isn’t Really a Time Machine

The spokeswoman talks about the software she created being able to predict the searches people will be typing into Google and says it’s as valuable as being able to predict lottery numbers, movements in the stock market, etc–but of course this is not even close to being true.

The “time machine” tool that you get access to if you buy into this searches for 3 types of keywords…

  1. Keywords for new products that are launching
  2. Keywords for news stories
  3. Keywords for viral stories on social media

It is not actually a time machine at all and really isn’t all that great. You can find keywords in all of these categories without any sort of “time machine” tool like this and people that are experienced in particular niches are likely going to be much better at targeting future keywords than you are with the help of this tool.

Another Massive Problem With This

So first there is the tool just mentioned that finds you keywords. Next up you will get access to a software that generates you a web page around the different keywords you want to rank for. Basically what it does is posts content from other websites, spins it, and then publishes it as your own content on your own web page.

This sounds good in theory, but unfortunately content spinning like this does not work out well, not nearly as well as it used to. The problem is that computer generated content, especially from low-quality softwares like what you get here, often create content that is confusing and it does not make much sense. Not only that, but Google is well aware of content spinning software like this and is a lot smarter than the crappy software you get access to. Google doesn’t like spun content because it lacks value and has low readability, so it doesn’t rank it well.

This type of thing used to work years ago but those days are long passed.

Lots of Red Flags

Besides the fact that the spokeswoman lures people in by making this opportunity sound like the greatest and easiest way to make money ever, by simply earning “Google money tokens” using the “time machine” she created–another major red flag is the fact that…

We Have No Idea Who Is Behind This!

Who is the spokeswoman? We have no idea.

Likely the person that is actually speaking in the video has nothing to do with this system / program. She is more than likely just someone who got paid to read off a script.

So we are supposed to buy into a program that allows us to earn free “Google money tokens” with the use of a “time machine” and we have no idea who the person behind it really is–doesn’t exactly sound like a very good program to get involved with.

Conclusion – Avoid

One thing that I haven’t mentioned yet is that I actually make a living ranking websites in Google and monetizing website traffic in a variety of different ways–so I know how it all works–and I know that this type of program is simply not going to work out.

The bottom line is that there is no way around hard work. If you ever come across a system like ClixStarter here that sounds a little bit too good to be true, it likely is. Luckily you didn’t fall for this scammy system, so good for you. But unfortunately a lot of people are going to be buying into this and that is only going to lead to disappointment once they find out it doesn’t work and was a waste of money.

If you have an interest in creating small websites that get free traffic from Google and making money from this the right way, then I would highly suggest taking a look at how I make a living online–where how can I ever exactly what I do, how it all works and how beginners can get started.

Alternatively you could also take a peek at my top picks for making money from home.

Please feel free to leave any comments or questions down below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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