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Is Crypterium a Scam? – What You Should Know



CrypteriumCrypterium claims to be the future of banking and the JP Morgan of cryptobanks. But is all the hype surrounding it true? Or is Crypterium a scam like the many other opportunities that seem to be popping up all the time?

One things is for sure… in cryptoworld you can never be too careful with . Its very important to do a little research on the different opportunities that exist before getting involved. The goal here today is for me to help you with the process. In this review I’ll be going over what exactly Crypterium is, how it works, the tokens it offers & whether you should buy them, and the team behind it all.

Crypterium Review

Ok, so supposedly Crypterium is the JP Morgan of cryptobanks but what exactly does this mean? Well.. it doesn’t mean much. They are just making this claim to hype themselves up and basically say that they are the best.

The truth is that Crypterium is still very new. Its just starting out so we don’t really know how well it will perform. What I will say though is that they are set out to do big things and if they can deliver what they want to its going to be pretty great.

So What Does Crypterium Provide?

Crypterium offers a platform for lending where you can get anonymous loans, they offer a way to make contactless payments, but their “claim to fame” is their virtual Crypterium card (basically an app you can use on your smartphone), which is what most people will be using this for.

With Crypterium’s virtual card you are able to make payments in any cryptocurrency at over 42 million places (online and offline) around the world. You are able to use your virtual Crypterium card anywhere that accepts Visa, Mastercard, or Union Pay. Most people that hold cryptocurrencies are just holding them with the hopes of cashing them in for fiat money one day. Most cryptocurrencies you can’t really even use all that much…. but what if you could? That is where Crypterium comes in.

You are able to get use the Crypterium app on your phone to use your virtual card. They use NFC protocol with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay.

Merchants will also be able to benefit from Cryperium. They will be able to accept payments in all cryptocurrencies and then have it exchanged for fiat currency at the lowest rate.

The Crypterium Tokens? Should You Go Out and Buy a Ton?

The tokens that Crypterium offers are what powers their platform. They are ERC-20 complaint which means that you can store them in Ethereum wallets such as MyEtherWallet, which is safe and convenient.

There are different ways that they can be used such as for getting loans through the loan services that they offer. However, many people will probably just hold onto tokens because you can use them as “gas” and get rewarded in CRPT  from the user transactions that occur on a monthly basis.

So should you invest? This is something that you will have to answer. I think this could really grow and if this happens then tokens are going to go up in value, which is what every investor wants.

A Look at The Team Behind Crypterium

Its always important to take a look at the people behind projects like this to make sure its legit or not. As far as Crypterium goes, they have a decent sized team, all of which you can look at and view profiles for on Linkedin. They have people with experience in cryptos, experience in FinTech, and other areas but there is no one that really stands out and has an amazing track record.

But of course just because there are no stellar members on the team doesn’t discredit what they are doing. After all, Bitcoin’s founder is someone (or group of people) that we still don’t know the identity of.

So I don’t really know what to think here. There are so many scams out there and its hard to trust places.

The Future of Crypterium

Of course only time will tell how successful this becomes but as far as I see it they are set out to do big things and this could become a massive business.

They are focused on providing a very much needed service that the everyday crypto holder can make good use of as well as merchants. Just think about it? You could go shopping and use your phone to pay for something with any cryptocurrency that you may have… and merchants will be able to accept any cryptocurrency and have it automatically exchanged for fiat money.


I’m not going to tell you to invest or give you any sort of advice like this but I will say that I don’t think this is a scam.

I know you have to be careful with all the cryptoscams like EthConnect & Crypto Money Maker going around, but this doesn’t seem like one.

I really hope that things do go as good as they seem they could. It will be nice to be able to use cryptos easier, which will also bring a lot more newcomers into the crypto space.

However, I’m hesitant to invest in this. I do think its over-hyped for how early on it is and I don’t trust the team behind it 100%.

Anyways… that’s it for this short review. I hope you enjoyed and if you have any comments or questions be sure to leave them below…

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  1. well I am not too sure I am one of the investors in cripterium (I Invested 4000 got a receip contract)
    but as they became live and the ico was over the transfer never made it to my wallet
    So they are to still give me the coins in my wallet.Their customer service including their founders( ie Gleb) promises to get someone to get back to me.Why him himself with all that power and pull wasn’t willing to solve that issue with a phone call doesn’t speak well for this organization

  2. You are going to start hearing numerous stories like Ted’s as virtually no one is getting their tokens delivered. It’s been 11 days and only 10% are delivered. According to etherscan there have been no transfers for more than 15 hours and the tone on Crypteriums telegram page is becoming more concerned. I hope this isn’t a scam as I invested in this OCI but the current situation looks very worrisome. Hopefully they are just having technical problems but who knows.

    1. Lets hope that its just an overload of transactions to process that will get taken care of. You should stop back later to update us on your situation.

  3. I’m in the same boat as ted. I followed their instructions for transferring tokens to my Ledger Nano S via MyEtherWallet and nothing has arrived. Perhaps 24 hours is not long enough, but my other crypto transfers to my wallet are typically completed within 12 hours.

  4. I never liked the looked of crypterium. I hope every gets there moneys worth and doesn’t get ripped off. That’s the kind of crap we don’t need.

    But Kyle, your previous post about DasCoin. They offer global Crypto payment, look up Brian Semkiw Carta worldwide and Daspay. It’s fact, it’s happening, and look MLM isn’t everyone’s favourite cup of tea but it worked and DasCoin are smashing their targets.

    The are about much more than just that though.

  5. I am an investor in #Crypterium I invested $800 USD..

    They were quick to take my money but when i went to withdraw my tokens they said it will take up to 7 days.. it has now been way past the 7 days and NOBODY has received their tokens.. yet only 5 people have come forward to say they received their tokens which I think is a lie.. I think those 5 accounts claiming to receive their tokens are accounts controlled by Crypterium them self..

    Now that has been said ‪Everybody check this address ‬


    ‪And ask yourself.. why would #crypterium send over 3 million CRPT tokens to this one address in NUMEROUS transactions yet everybody else has not received their CRPT tokens.‬

    ‪They are doing a #exitScam‬

    ‪We have been #scammed‬

    I wish I never invested

  6. Hello, came across your blog re Crpt. No sign of my 200 tokens- 10 days ago. My eth wallet works fine. Their customer service person was answering questions live Friday past saying taking many days to transfer etc. They didn’t put enough “gas” imho. Just searched Etherscan under my address, no transaction from CRPT. Concerned a bit now. Could be lost for ever-we’ll see. thanks, SA


  7. A follow-up is warranted here to let the nay-sayers and skeptics know that this wasn’t a scam ICO. My CRPT tokens finally arrived. As to why it took 12 days to transfer them, only the people at Crypterium can answer that, but to their credit it needs to be known that they have delivered the tokens as promised. I have participated in many ICOs and most of them have transferred my tokens within minutes/hours so waiting nearly two weeks for my CRPT seems quite excessive. Regardless, I now have them safe and secure on my Ledger Nano S. 🙂

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