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Is Survey Savvy a Scam? My Review

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survey savvySurvey Savvy is one of many paid survey sites where you can actually make money taking short online surveys. But are they any good and actually worth your time? Or is Survey Savvy a scam that is going to give you nothing but a headache?

I decided to sit down and finally write this review because I know there are a good bit of people out there that are looking at this site and wondering if they should sign up or not. In this post I’ll be going over how you make money, how much you can expect to actually make, some complaints and more.

Survey Savvy Overview

Survey Savvy is a site where ordinary people like you and I can make easy money taking online surveys. These surveys are conducted for the purpose of market research. Big companies pay a lot of money to get opinions from consumers and that is what these surveys are doing. Survey Savvy gives you money as an incentive to complete the surveys in the first place.

They also have what is called SavvyConnect which is an application that pays you just to have it installed on your computer. I’ll talk more about this all.

How You Make Money

The first thing you will have to do is sign up. This is free to do and only takes a minute. After that you will have to complete your profile. To do this you will have to answer all sorts of questions about your household, income, education, and much more. This is important to fill out accurately because it will be used to match you up with surveys that are appropriate to you.

Survey Savvy will then email you survey offers that they find are good for you.

Most surveys you can expect to take anywhere from 5 – 25 minutes and pay between $0.50 – $3.00, with the longer surveys paying more.

One of the great things about Survey Savvy is the cash out threshold. You only need $1 in your account to be able to cash out. This is much better than most sites, some of which require $10+ before you can do so which can take a while to get to.

Also, the SavvyConnect application that I mentioned is pretty cool. Its just an app that runs in the background and monitors your behavior. You will get paid for each month that you have this active.

How Much Can You Actually Make?

Survey Savvy isn’t that great when it comes to making money. This is the norm nowadays with paid survey sites. I just reviewed Panel Opinion & MyPoints the other day (2 other survey sites) and its the same story with them.

First of all, the surveys offered here are nothing special by any means. They pay right around what the industry standard is… which is not much. As I said, $0.50 to $3 per survey is what you can expect.

Second, there just aren’t that many surveys available for you to be making much money. You can only expect a handful of surveys per month.. but of course this is largely dependent on your demographic and the needs of Survey Savvy’s clients.

In order to start earning from SavvyConnect you will need to have it installed for at least 30 days. From what I have heard you will get paid somewhere around $5/mo for each type of device you have it installed and active on (tablet, phone and PC).


When doing my research I found all the types of complaints that I expected to find with a survey site like this. Of course there are people complaining about getting kicked out of surveys, getting their accounts shut down, etc. But with any paid survey site you are going to get kicked out of some surveys. This is just part of the screening process. And as for those getting their accounts shut down, many of them were probably in violation of the terms of service.

The only complaints that I have is the lack of opportunity to earn and the low pay.

There just aren’t enough surveys available to take and taking surveys along with having SavvyConnect installed are the only ways to make money.

The low pay was something that I was expecting but I’m still going to complain about it because its something that needs to be known before you sign up.

Conclusion on Survey Savvy – Scam?

Survey Savvy is not a scam in any way. They provide a legitimate service and you really can make easy money here. But I definitely would not recommend them for everyone out there. I would recommend this place to people looking for an extremely easy, near brainless way to make some extra pocket change online. If you are looking to make decent money then this is just not for you… nor is any paid survey site.

If you are interested in joining I would also recommend that you look into SwagBucks. They are another paid survey site that offers more surveys and has other ways that you can make money.

But if you are looking for a way to make real money online in your spare time then I would suggest checking out this program. This is the same program I got started with back in 2015 and I am still a member today…. which is a testament to how good I think it is.

I’m making $5k + per month online right now and I owe pretty much everything to what I learned here.

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Questions, comments, concerns? Leave them below in the comment section and I’ll get back to you soon ?

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