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Millionaire Edge System Review – Wow… What a Scam

Millionaire Edge


Millionaire Edge

Millionaire Edge claims to be a system that can supposedly generate you over $10,000 per day. But is this really true? Of course it is not! Millionaire Edge is a scam, nothing more and nothing less. I review scams like this all the time. There are plenty of them out there and as a good rule of thumb to avoid most of them, if things sound too good to be true than they probably are.

I’m guessing since you’re reading my review here that you are suspicious of the claims made by the system. This is good… When it comes to “make money online” products you have to be really careful. Many of them claim to be able to make you tons of money online but really only make the creators tons of money online.

But anyway… In this review I will be going over why the system is nothing more than a big fat scam that you need to avoid.

Millionaire Edge System Review

The sales page for the system starts out like typical get-rich-quick scheme. They tell you CONGRATULATIONS and act as if you have just won the lottery. It is actually fairly comical how they do this. If I remember correctly they actually showed a graphic of an alarm clock being smashed and told you that you could smash your alarm because you’re going to be able to quit your day job.

The spokesperson that is talking behind the video keeps mentioning this “My Online Business” system that he is using to make all this money online. He claims to be a millionaire several times over and tells you that you also can be a millionaire very easily with the system. Supposedly you can master the system in six easy steps by this time next week where you will then be making over $10,000 per day.

And of course it all requires barely any work. The guy claims to work on this stuff less than one hour per day. And to make things even better he claims that there is “no way you can lose money”…

However… This Is All a Bunch of BS

Everything about this sales pitch is a bunch of BS. You cannot trust anything you hear here.

There is absolutely no proof that this system works. I know that the guy shows you income statement screenshots in the video but these are very easy to create and there is no proof that these are actually real. There is no sort of proof at all that any of what he says is real. However, I do have some proof that some of what this guy says is a lie.

First off, he tells you that you are number 68 out of 70 in line to get access to this special system. But this is not true. This is just false scarcity and is intended to get viewers to buy in as soon as possible. You could go back to the site in a week or a month from now and it would be telling you the same darn thing.

All of the testimonial videos that they display are also completely fake. As soon as I saw these videos of people claiming they are making tons of money with this system I knew they were fake because I recognized some of the people in these videos. They are not real members of the system. Instead, they are paid actors from the digital marketplace called Fiverr. Fiverr is a place where you can hire people do create promotional videos and a variety of other things. These people are nothing more than paid actors who are saying what they are getting paid to say.

As you can see below I took a screenshot of the one person from the video presentation along with a screenshot of this person’s profile on Fiverr…

How To Easily Avoid 99% Of Scams Like This

Like I said in the beginning, there are many more scam “make money online” programs then legitimate ones out there. One way you can easily avoid them is by using the role of thumb I also mentioned earlier… If something sounds too good to be true than it probably is.

The fact of the matter is there is no super easy system that can have you generating over $10,000 per day in just under a week. If there were systems out there that were that easy then everyone would be getting in on them, including me. But I am staying far away from the system because I have reviewed quite a bit of scams out there and this particular one has all of the common scam characteristics. It reminds me very much of some other get-rich-quick scams I’ve reviewed such as Amazing Shortcut, Optimize Success Portal, My Online ATM, etc.

And if there really was a system out there like this why would these people be giving it away to the public? I know they usually tell you that you have been carefully selected or some BS like that, but we all know that isn’t true. And I know they also usually say that when you make money they make money but many of the times that is not true either.

But anyway… Just by sticking to the role of thumb and avoiding programs/methods/systems that sound too good to be true you can avoid 99% of the scams out there. When you come across something like this proceed with extreme caution at the very least.

Millionaire Edge Conclusion – Scam

Millionaire Edge is really nothing more than a sales funnel to sucker you into some other scam system that will never work out.

When I review systems like this that seem like obvious scams from the start, I look into them beginning with the mindset that they are already a scam. Then what I do is look for any reasons to be proven wrong. I am looking for any sort of proof that they might actually be legitimate. In this case I found absolutely no reason to believe that this system is legitimate in any way. Everything I have seen points to it being one big fat scam that everyone needs to avoid.

Of course it is your money and you can do with it what you wish, but I certainly do not recommend anyone buy into this.

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