My top picks to Make money online

These aren't just ways to make money online... they are ways to make money online that allow you to be your own boss, have the flexibility to set your own schedule, work from wherever you want (that has internet), and so on.


My #1 Pick - Affiliate Marketing *This is how I make 90% of my income

Best Place to Start = Wealthy Affiliate

Affiliate marketing is when you promote products online via affiliate links and earn commissions when you help make sales. The great thing about this method is that you don't need anything to sell... you simply promote products that are already proven sellers. 

This is how many people get started in the online marketing world because of it's simplicity and little to no startup cost... not to mention the huge potential for making money that it has.

I actually got started back in 2015 with affiliate marketing and have turned it into a $6k+ per month income, thanks to the tools and training offered at Wealthy Affiliate that helped me get started.

  • Great for beginners
  • Lots of earning potential
  • Requires little to no startup cost
  • Easy to get started in

You can learn more about affiliate marketing here


#2 - Start a Blog

Best Place to Start = SiteRubix

Blogging is another great way to make money online and be your own boss. You have probably heard stories of moms who blog for a living working from home... but anyone can do it. You can write about anything... it doesn't have to be "mommy stuff".

This is also something I have experience in... hence the name of the site you are on right now, ''.

Blogs take a while to get going but they can be very rewarding and have great potential for earning passive income. And... there are plenty of ways to monetize a blog. You can do affiliate marketing (as discussed above), advertising, sell an ebook, and so on.

SiteRubix is a platform where you can create a blog for free, making it an excellent place for beginners to start.

  • Lots of earning potential
  • Requires little to no startup cost
  • Lots of ways to monetize
  • Great way to earn passive income

Don't know where to begin? Then I suggest Wealthy Affiliate. This training program provides all the training and tools you need. They incorporate SiteRubix into the training so that you still get a free blog, but also get all the training that goes around it. 


#3 - Setup an E-commerce Store

​​​​Best Place to Start = Shopify

You've probably heard of people making thousands of dollars a day selling products through their Shopify store. While not all that common, it does happen. 

I actually had my own Shopify store a few years back and at one point was making $100+ a day in profit. It's nothing great but I know others who were the people making thousands a day.

The downside to it all is that it requires substantially more startup cost and this makes it a lot more risky than blogging or affiliate marketing. You are going to have to run paid ads and this is where the risk really comes in. But the income potential is definitely there.

  • Lots of earning potential
  • Requires decent startup cost
  • Not quite as beginner friendly as affiliate marketing

If you do decide to go this route then Shopify is definitely the way to go when it comes to creating your site. However, you are going to need training and I don't have any specific training courses that I recommend.

For those looking for just a little bit of extra money on the side (emphasis on "little")...

The following allow you to sort of "be your own boss" and work when you want, but they don't have much income potential...


#4 - "Get Paid To" Sites

Best Place to Start =Swagbucks

While I don't particularly care for "Get Paid To", or GPT sites, because of their very low income potential, I'm still including them on the list because some people out there may like this sort of opportunity.

GPT sites are websites that pay you to do things like: sign up to an email list, subscribe to some newsletter, complete an online survey, sign up for a free trial, pay games, watch a video, and so on.

They are incredibly easy to make money with but you will NOT make much money. I consider them a waste of time honestly. That said, if you are going to join a GPT site I would recommend Swagbucks. 

  • Super easy, requires little to no brain-power
  • Low earning potential
  • Pretty boring

You can read my full review on Swagbucks here


#5 - Paid Survey Sites

Best Place to Start =PaidViewPoint

A lot of people call GPT sites "paid survey sites" because they offer paid surveys, as does Swagbucks mentioned above. However, when I refer to paid survey sites here, I'm talking about sites that are completely focused on paid surveys.

As you probably already know, paid surveys are a very easy way to make money, but again, a way that is not very rewarding. You will not make much... usually $2 at most per survey and you also have to consider all the surveys you won't qualify for.

I would recommend PaidViewPoint if you are just looking to take some surveys. They are a very reputable company and treat their members well.

  • Very easy, also requiring little brain power
  • Low income potential
  • Can be boring and frustrating

Read my review of PaidViewPoint here

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