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My Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate


[This Is By Far My No 1 Recommend Program For Beginners Looking To Make Money Online]

If you are familiar with me and have been on my blog often you probably know that I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate. This is where I got my start in online business and I can pretty much attribute nearly all of my success online to this particular program.

And if you don’t know me then here you go: My name is Kyle, hence… “Kyles-Blog.com”, and I make money online. And enough of it to live off of.

But I don’t consider myself a guru by any means, I don’t consider myself to be a genius or anything special really. I’m just a guy that came across a good opportunity and put in the work that it takes to become successful. You can read my “about me” page if you want to learn more about me. But basically basically back in 2015 I was desperate to make money online because my girlfriend was applying to med-schools all across the country and didn’t know where she would end up. I need geographical freedom so that I could go where she would go and an online income was the solution.

Fast forward a bit and here I am now making $6,000+ a month online doing this stuff. I never would have believed it back then but I guess hard work pays off.

But I’m probably getting a little ahead of myself here. I didn’t even introduce Wealthy Affiliate yet so you have no idea what it is, what its all about, or anything.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is an online business training platform. You could kind of think of it as an “all inclusive” type of deal. As a member you get the training you need to build an online business; you get the tools that are required to do so; and you get the support that everyone needs every once in a while when you get confused or stuck on something.

When you sign up at Wealthy Affiliate you have access to a step by step training course that will take you from nothing at all to having your own online business up and running.

The way they teach you to make money online is by promoting products. Its called affiliate marketing and this is when you promote products online for companies. Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Apple, Nike, Macy’s… every big retailer has an affiliate program that anyone can sign up to for free and make money doing this. And when you do this you are not an employee, you are simply an independent contractor that can work as much or as little as you want to.

To summarize how this business model all works here you go: you promote a product, someone clicks your promotion, they are directed to the online store (Amazon for example) to buy it, they purchase the product, you get paid a commission.

Its a great business model that I still make 95% of my online income from.

What Makes Wealthy Affiliate So Great?

Whenever a beginner or newbie comes to me and is looking for a legitimate way to make money online I always point them over to Wealthy Affiliate. The reason is that I know it works because I am living proof.

But there are many reasons for this. Wealthy Affiliate is a great way particularly for beginners to get started because it is simple, it is affordable, and support that is available is great.

Its Simple

The training provided here really could not get any better as far as I see it. It is laid out in a step-by-step manner and guides you along each part of the process. There are video tutorials for all the lessons and these make it very easy to follow along with because they show and explain to you what to do and how to do it.

On top of the training being very simple and easy to follow, the business model here also makes this great for beginners. Affiliate marketing is an excellent choice for beginners looking to make money online and is often the path many big time online marketers took when they got their start in the online world.

The reason it is so great for beginners is because all you have to worry about is promoting products. You don’t have to develop your own product. You just choose a product that is already a good seller and promote it, earning commissions from each sale you help make. You don’t have to deal with customer service or any of the complications that come with selling your own products either.

Its Affordable

Wealthy Affiliate offers a free membership which is almost unheard of in this industry. You hear about free trials all the time but WA’s free Starter Membership is something you can keep for life. This membership is a way for newcomers to “test out the system” without risking a penny.

It provides training, access to tools, and 2 free websites + hosting along with some other things I probably can’t think of at the moment.

Wealthy Affiliate also has a paid membership but this is something you can do after you already get your online business up and running. Even the paid membership is very affordable and well worth the price considering what you get with it.

When I started I was a scam victim and if the free membership wasn’t offered I might have never joined in the first place. I’m glad things turned out the way they did though.

The Support Is Great

Support is a must when it comes to online programs. Online courses and programs are notorious for lack of support. You don’t get that “in-class” guidance with most of them.

Wealthy Affiliate is very good in this area. There are numerous ways that you can get support as a member so getting stuck on something is really not a problem. When I started out I had no problem getting through the training. Sure I would get confused at times but I made it through without hassle.

One of the best ways to get instant support is through the live chat feature inside WA. You can literally get help within minutes here.

A Look Inside Wealthy Affiliate

Just to give you an idea of what all Wealthy Affiliate offers I’ll give you a look at some of the training along with some tools that you will have access to.

The training

When you join you can immediately start training. There are 5 core courses with 10 lessons in each. These will walk you through the process of getting your online business up and running. They are very well laid out and are easy to follow.

Just to give you an idea of what to expect, here are what the 10 lessons in course 1 will be about…


Now I know this may seem a bit overwhelming at first but what you have to realize is that it is broken down step by step. This training is seriously not hard to get through at all. And I honestly mean that.

One nice feature within the training is a checklist where you can check of each task as you move along. This makes it so that you follow along better and don’t get lost.

The Tools

It seems that the website building part of this all is what really makes people nervous. The reality is that no one should be nervous about this. You don’t need any tech skills or anything like that. The days of coding and building a website on your own are in the past.

Wealthy Affiliate has one of the easiest to use website builders that I know of. Building a site can be done in 4 simple steps and here is a screenshot inside WA to show you this…

There are other tools that WA provides, such as the Keyword Research Tool, but these are things you will learn how to use in the training.

What Other People Think About WA

As with anything no matter how good it is, there are always going to be people that complain and don’t like it. But overall the general consensus about WA is very good. People like it because it gives value and doesn’t lead you on into thinking you are going to make it rich in the next week.

By the way, I should have mentioned that if I haven’t already…. you won’t “get rich quick”! This takes time and hard work, which is what anything in life worth having takes.

Anyway… here are a few screenshots of reviews from WA members, two of them which have been members for many years…

The Cost

Wealthy Affiliate has 2 memberships that they offer. They have the free Starter Membership that I mentioned earlier and then they have a paid Premium Membership, which is how they make money and stay in business.

The free Starter Membership is something that you would probably expect to not be all that great because it is free but it actually is pretty darn awesome. With this membership you get access to Course 1 that includes 10 lesson, Phase 1 of Affiliate Bootcamp with another 10 lessons, and you will get access to 2 classrooms of training. You will also get limited access to the keyword research tool and you will get 2 free websites plus website hosting.

The Premium Membership gives you everything that WA has to offer. You get all 5 training courses and all 5 Phases of Affiliate Bootcamp, access to all 13 training classrooms, unlimited use of the keyword research tool, unlimited website hosting, and a bunch bunch more.

The Premium Membership is absolutely amazing. It give you everything you need and there are no hidden costs or upsells after that. However, I still always recommend that beginners start out with the free Starter Membership. It is just a better choice because its completely risk free and you never know if you really are going to like something until you try it. So my advice would be to sign up for your free Starter Membership here.

This same free Starter Membership is how I started out back in 2015. Its changed some with updated information but the membership is just as good as it was back then. It gives you a free start and if its something that you can see yourself doing for the long-run you can always upgrade your membership to premium later on if you wish.

If you want to get started for free with the Starter Membership you can CLICK HERE to create your free account or you can click the link I provided below. This will take you to the page at Wealthy Affiliate where you can easily create your account.

==> You can create your free Starter Membership account here

Some Personal Proof That This Works

The method of making money online that Wealthy Affiliate teaches you takes time and real work. But one of the nice things about it is that you can continually build upon your income more and more. This business is very cumulative in nature and you will start out earning nothing. Then you can build that up to earn $10 a day, then $20 a day, then $30, and $40, and $50, and on and on.

It is not uncommon for me to have a day where I make over $200, as you can see with my Wealthy Affiliate account screenshot below…

I have actually had several days where I have made close to $400. Unfortunately I forgot to take a screenshot of my account for those days and I can’t go back in time and take one.

There is definitely a lot of potential here.

And to show you the cumulative nature of this business and how you can increase your income more and more here is a screenshot of my earnings over a 12 month period. As you can see I was really able to grow my business. I started out with nothing, went on to earning a little, and now am making a living doing this.

UPDATE (11/2017): I’m making consistently over $6,000 a month now. This is a testament to the cumulative nature of this. Pretty awesome stuff…

UPDATE (10/2018): It’s been a while since I posted an update but things are still going strong and steady!

My Best Advice

Wealthy Affiliate is a great training program that anyone looking to make money online should try out. What they teach is not overly complicated and there is really no good reason why you shouldn’t be able to be successful if you are smart enough to follow along with what I am writing here. I’m serious when I say there is nothing really that hard to do. It just takes time and hard work.

So if you are willing to put in the time and work then why not go for it? You have nothing to lose by joining as a Starter Member for free.

Just go for it. Sign up here for free and see what you think. Put in the work and you could be making a living like me soon enough.

==> Sign up for free at Wealthy Affiliate here

Oh ya, and I know this can be very confusing and you probably have all sorts of questions. Just leave your questions, comments, or concerns in the comment section below and I’ll get back to you soon. I will usually reply within a day 🙂

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I hope you found this article helpful! I'm Kyle, the creator of this site, which is probably pretty obvious after seeing the name. Like most, I've had my fair share of difficulties and a pretty bumpy road while trying to find success online, which is why I put togetherthis guide so that others can get started right the first time around.

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  1. Hi,

    You mention that it takes time and hard work, but you don’t actually state what that work is, what is hard about it(is there research you have to do and if so how much and where?), and how much time does it takes (per day, per week, etc).
    Your listing about doesn’t show how many hours you worked.

    Can you specify??

    Also, on the listing above, it states the number of clicks on your site, obviously the more clicks the better chance to make money…..so how do you get your site to be available to the user, do you need to pay to get your site to bubble to the top of available websites? So is that one reason why the starter program only makes a lesser amount?


    1. Hi Teresa,

      The work you will be doing consists of writing blog articles on your website that you can easily create inside WA. You can write about dogs, golf, makeup… your website can be on anything really. You will get traffic to yours site by getting your content ranked in Google. This is free to do but obviously it takes work, which is the writing part of it.

      I started off working part time because I had another job. I was working about 2 to 3 hours a day. Then I slowly started making more and more and eventually quit my job. Now I work about 5 hours a day doing this.

  2. Can you tell me the website you have been making so much money with? Because this has an Alexa rank of 11,348,413. So, you must be joking if you would tell me that this is the website from which you make money. I’m just being honest bro so don’t get offended.

    Anyways, the article looked great but could you prove the legitimacy of your earnings by telling me the website’s domain name.


    1. My most profitable site is onlinefinancialsuccessstory.com. I don’t know the Alexa rank of it. I get about 2k visitors a day on it all from SEO.

  3. I don’t know what website you want me to put on this ; but I put you site on the website request. My experience is very small; and I was gullible to fall for too many websites before I found more about scam sites in you review. I got taken by too many programs (at least 2 programs too many), at thousands of dollars in debt. I hope more people will find you site reviews so they won’t be scammed the way I was. I want to work in my spare time learning on my new computer. Have more questions about this new computer than (carter has liver pills) as quoted. Need to make money as soon as can. Am just getting started with wealthy affiliate as you suggested. Need pointers from time to time. Where do you talk to your support team for pointers with computers. Help please.

    1. Marjorie I hope Wealthy Affiliate is what you are looking for. For technical support there is the SiteSupport team at WA. You can always ask other members for help to. You can contact me directly at WA through my profile.

  4. Dear Kyle,

    How are you and nice reading about you and youtr advise and strong motivation. I have been reading about you and WA for days now and I have registered and account with WA but hoping I will be allowed to use the free membership to learn about online affialiate marketing. To be honest with you iam just a fresh and enovice in this field and neither do I have my own website or know how to build one for myself. Please you said above that WA have free membership account where frash begeners can be trained and equiped first before they will make payment to become a paid membership…but mine immediately registering took me payment page and I cannot go any further nor able to click on anything to work unless a pay.

    Dear Kyle, like I asid aove I am a feah and a novice to this but trust me I can do anything my heart accept to do and this what my mind accept to do and I will not take me much to know it…I really need help from you to have some training either through the free membership or any way.

    I will look forward for your advise.



    1. Hi Nobert,

      The reason for the problem is because Wealthy Affiliate does not allow free memberships in certain countries, including Nigeria, Pakistan, and some others due to spam reasons.

      But I will see if there is a way around this.

  5. Dear Kyle,

    I really appreciate your kind and quick response to me…I really appreciate your effort and I have no blame for the WA because they are right on their decision as truly millions of African youth do engage on stealing from people through the internet. But believe me, there are still billions of Africans who are still God-fearing, truthful and genuine and I fall to that group who although genuine but suffering from the consequences of the record the bad once have left stuck in the name Africans.

    Kyle, Please help me out because I really want to learn and ready to work very hard to earn money, but I cannot do this if I cannot get trained first, and I go through the training from the paid membership it will take me some time while my subscription will be running and to tell you the truth I am just a hustler, not a rich person…Please help me out in this regard. There is no job, I’m just struggling to have something to do, and after thinking of it all I am certain that this medium is the best way to start it and really make because of the internet and its marketing will never be out of date, so it’s my dream and I am here.. Please help me and let me in.

    Kyle, please I am depending on you, and waiting to hear from you as fast as the first.

    I will appreciate your kind help,


    1. Hi Nobert. Unfortunately only the premium membership is offered for Nigerians. I know its not the best choice to start out but it is only $19 for the first month. The choice is yours. I’m sorry that it is this way.

  6. Hey Kyle!

    I really enjoyed reading your article. Quite inspiring and exciting.
    I have a deep passion in writing articles and creating content and I’m sure i would really benefit from Wealthy Affiliate.

    However when joining the site I was immediately informed that the Free Membership is not available in my country and I’m directed only to the payment page for Premium membership.

    I actually found this a little bit offensive and quite unfair. Why is it that those willing to undergo the training must pay first?

    I have read a number of your articles and I was impressed by the fact that you kept warning your readers against scam sites that ask you to pay before you have even undergone any training session or started earning.

    I was really excited about joining WA because you had successfully convinced me (and many other readers) that this is not one of those scam sites. However, it seems that I was wrong.

    There is no way you can ask us to immediately pay for the premium membership with no guarantee that I will earn a dollar or that I will enjoy what the site has to offer.

    I don’t really understand exactly what risk the site is taking by offering us an opportunity to first try out the Free Starter Membership before we can choose to upgrade as premium members.

    Anyways, Good luck!

    1. Hi Angie,

      There are some countries that are banned from the free Starter Membership due to spam reasons. This is unfortunate but it is just the way it is. I don’t recommend the premium membership to start out either but its your only choice so I really don’t know what to tell you.

      What country are you from by the way?

  7. Dear Kyle,
    Omg, I am telling you, I can barely stand to open my email, cuz of all the get rich quick scams. I have bought into two, but did nothing with them. “Profit with our sites” and
    “paid to send emails” Heard of them? Anyway, I am a single mom in need of just lil extra money $100-$200 a week. Can I do WA on my smartphone? And is this available in India. The free start up one?

    1. Hi Krista, yes I have heard of both of those programs.

      Unfortunately the free membership is not available in India. This is one of the few countries where it is not. Also it might be possible on a smartphone but I definitely would not recommend it. It would make it extremely difficult.

  8. So checking into a few things and seems there are some information that seems to contradict itself. One of the sites that shows up says you started this in 2015 but another says 2016. Also some of the reviews on this page there are quite a few spelling mistakes that do not add up to people who want to write blogs.

    1. Hi Steve,

      What site says I started this in 2016? I joined WA in 2015 just to be clear. And spelling mistakes are part of the job. They happen and they happen to everybody. I fix what I can but I’m bound to miss mistakes hear and there.

      If you could point me to some of my spelling mistakes it would be appreciated. I’ll fix them.

  9. Hi Kyle,

    I’m a wealthy affiliate member who started in 2015 and didn’t really know what I had as far as training until recently. I recently upgraded to premium after building my own blog with external hosting. WA definitely makes Internet Marketing easy for those who are just starting out. It’s common for people to have a little skepticism after being burnt by other programs.

    I randomly ran across your’s and another WA member’s websites. I read them for inspiration especially since I’d like to quit my day job as well one day.

    So if you just so happen to be reading through all the comments on Kyle’s site like me, just take the step and join the WA family. I’m enjoying the training so far. It’s thorough, easy to understand and straight to the point. The founders are amazing for offering as much as they do. Feel free to put all doubt aside and give it a shot. You won’t be sorry you did.

    1. Stephon, nice to see another Wealthy Affiliate member stop by. I hope you achieve your dreams and end up being able to quit that day job soon!

  10. Hey Kyle,

    I’m fortunate with having a great job that I love, however I have friends that are struggling in their jobs and wishing they could quit. What would you say a realistic time is for making let’s say 2K a month suing this program ?


    1. Martin honestly there is no real good time frame I can give you. For me it took quite a while, over 8 months. But then again I wasn’t focused in the beginning, nor did I really believe it would work. There are people that make this much in less time and there are people that it takes even longer. One thing is for sure… this does take time, so if you don’t have time then this isn’t for you.

  11. Hi Kyle,
    Thank you for all your information. I’m a retired person looking to begin a second career in the internet world but it is scary out there. I’ve done a lot of research and there are a lot of scams out there. Your blog is interesting and WA seems like a way to go. I’m going to try to sign up for the free starter and see how it goes. Wish me luck! I do appreciate it. I will keep you posted. Teri

  12. Hi Kyle. I am just beginning to build my affiliate website, but I am not a member of WA yet. I really need to make between $100 – $250 dollars a day guaranteed in 30 – 60 days, otherwise WA is not worth it to me. I need a work at home system that will make money as soon as possible.

    1. Hi Frances. I’ll be honest with you. The method of making money online that WA teaches is great but it takes time. It is extremely unlikely that you will be able to make $100 – $250 per day in 30-60 days. So I wouldn’t recommend it in your circumstance.

  13. Do you have to recruit others to make money or is it blogging to direct traffic to companies like Macy’s, Walmart, Target, etc.?

    1. Hi Bernice. You don’t have to recruit but there are many different affiliate programs out there, some of which do have recruitment type models. But most of them are like you said, you just refer people to online stores like Walmart, Target, Amazon, etc and get paid commissions if they buy anything.

  14. Hey Kyle, I really like what you said about WA and happy your making money. I’m going to do a little more research, but I’m definitely interested. I kinda appreciate the training process and that it takes time. We all would like fast Money, but they’re usually scams. Just wanted to Thank you Chief for the information and the quick responses to these questions I’ve been reading from others. Wish me luck.

  15. How long did it take you to start making $6,000 monthly? Was it all from this one website or was it several, if so how many? when did you first join wealthy affiliate?

    1. Hi. I joined WA in 2015 and didn’t start making $6,000 a month until around a year and a half later. However, before making $6k per month I was making in the $5,000’s. And before that in the $4,000’s. And before that in the $3,000’s. I would also say that I’m not the best example for this because when I started out I lost focus after a month or so and dedicated less time than I could have. Additionally I was working a dead-end job when I started which took up some time.

      This business model is very cumulative in nature. You start out earning nothing. Then you start earning a little, and a little more, and a little more, and a little more, all while doing the same amount of work from day to day. This has to do with how Google ranks you and such.

  16. Hi Kyle,
    I run a photography business and have been on the Internet since it started. 1994, a small kiosk operator came into my art gallery in a local mall.He explained that there was this new thing he was taking courses in, talked about the World Wide Web and told me that my business was so visually oriented that it would make a fantastic website. I agreed and for a very reasonable fee he had set up a template style website that I could maintain myself, enter new photos, make sales online. So my original domain is still online but was converted to an e-commerce database driven website in 2003. Since than I created my own WordPress website.The point is that I have a strong presence on the Internet. Great organic results if the right keywords are used.My business is small, local based, selling art photos of the cities around the my service area and the rest of the state I’m in. Everyday I get dozens of emails from “Google affiliates”., most want to do seo, build a new site, but recently received a call from someone claiming to be able to build me a website for $350.00 that I could add my art too, they will place the advertisements and I would make a percentage of sales, ranging from 4% to 80%. Sounds tempting, but we all know if it sounds to good to be true, then it’s not. I am definetly getting too old to do what I was doing 25 years ago and would like nothing more than to have a way to sell my photos, let someone fullfill the framing orders. I’d like to self fulfill the orders for prints, but do no framing. The part about placing advertisements for photography equipment sounds great because I have a lot of experience and practical knowledge, so I can easily write blogs about it, make recommendations, show sample photos, etc. I just wonder if it’s really worth pursing and would like to get your opinion.

    1. Hi Tim. First off, I would not pay those people to create you a site and then take 4-80% commissions on sales. That is absurd.

      As far as blogging and promoting products in the photography niche, I do think this is something that you could pursue and make money off of. There are a lot of people that do plenty of research online in this niche before purchasing products. Also, many of the products are expensive which means higher commissions. Will there be competition? Yes. Will it be easy to do? No. But everything takes time and work.

      I have not been personally involved in this niche but just from looking at it this does have potential. Also since you have a lot of experience that is great.

      The choice is ultimately up to you. If you do want to blog and make money promoting products on your website then Wealthy Affiliate is the best place I know of to get started. I guess you don’t really know if you will like it until you try though.

  17. For now I would like to ask you how do you receive your winnings at your home or at your bank and become wealthy-affiliate in order to be able to use.

    And for Portugal it is possible to register for free

    Thank you

    1. Most affiliate programs will pay through PayPal, as Wealthy Affiliate does, or directly into your bank account.

      I’m not sure if you will be able to get the free membership. There are some countries that are excluded. You would have to try to find out.

    1. Hi Graham. They are similar and teach the same business models but the way that they teach them is different. Awol Academy pushes people more to purchase upsells where Wealthy Affiliate has no upsells. Also Awol Academy has “high ticket” products that cost in the thousands of dollars range whereas Wealthy Affiliate includes everything in their premium membership.

      I’m not saying that you can’t make money with Awol Academy but I don’t care for their sneaky marketing techniques and how they operate. Wealthy Affiliate also has more to offer especially when it comes to the community. But I always suggest you do your own research to see whats right for you.

  18. Hi Kyle,
    I just had a quick question about whether or not it’s possible to use a site that’s already mostly set up? I’ve been working very hard to get my blog up and running and I’d hate to start all over again. I own my domain already so that part is already done – take a look? Let me know what you think? Is WA still something I could do or would I have to start all over? Starting over is something I’d hate to do and would resist until it was absolutely necessary…

    Your thoughts are appreciated.

    Lindsey Parkinson