1-Minute Windfalls review

1-Minute Windfalls Review – Guaranteed $4,000/mo or Scam?

So I’m guessing that you came across this 1 Minute Windfalls opportunity and are questioning whether or not it is legitimate. Is it all just a bunch of hype or are you really guaranteed to make at least $4000 every month with these “1 Minute Windfalls”? Or is this all just a bunch of nothing? Is 1 Minute Windfalls a scam that you should avoid?

In this review I will be going over what you need to know about this opportunity before hand. The video presentation is pretty misleading at some points which I want to point out as well as a few lies that were told. Overall I would say that, while you can make money with this, the sales pitch is over the top and a bit deceptive.

1 Minute Windfalls Review

The video presentation for this opportunity is presented by Matt Badiali, who is a veteran in providing investment advice and works as a chief editor for Banyan Hill publications. But anyways, I’ll get more into him later… Right now I want to talk about the video presentation and clarify a few things.

Matt tells you that this opportunity is based around a “little known strategy” where you can make very profitable trades in only 60 seconds. He claims that tons of these windfall opportunities exist and that he is so confident that you can make good money with this that he guarantees this strategy will help you generate $4000 each month over the next year. He even tells you that this is a conservative guarantee and that making $10,000 per month would not be out of the ordinary.

At one point in the video presentation he even tells you that his company is willing to send you a free computer so that you can capitalize on these lightning fast trades. The computer has trading software installed on it that they have been working on for years and the only thing you have to do is pay shipping. But is this really true? How can they just send you a free computer like this?

Well… There is a catch as I will explain later in this review. There is always a catch is in there?

What are 1 Minute Windfalls?

Throughout much of the video presentation you are left wondering what the heck these 1 Minute Windfalls even our. At first it seemed like you are just going to be investing in the stock market and making very fast trades but it turns out this is not how it works. You are told that you can somehow make money with these opportunities before even buying a share of stock.

So what the heck is that they are talking about? This opportunity is based around options trading, and in particular selling options.

A guy named Chad Shoop is the man behind this method. At one point in the video they show Chad helping a few people with no experience make these windfall trades for themselves in a matter of 60 seconds. In the video they show him making a put trade for a several month duration and choosing “sell to open” action. And that is it. After placing the trade the money is automatically deposited into your account, and in the example they show this guy named Chris making $1200 doing this…

Matt claims that this method is incredibly easy and he even compares it to casinos versus gamblers, where you are the casino making all the money and the buyers on the other side, who are buying up your sell, are the ones that are losing the money.

However I’m very hesitant to believe that it is as great as it seems. If it were this easy then it surely will not be once this method becomes more well known in the market becomes more saturated. As with everything, when there are more people doing it the opportunity becomes less profitable.

I am also very hesitant to believe that this is as great as it seems because of the lies that they tell you in the video presentation.

Fake Testimonials

Towards the end of the video presentation Matt shows you pictures of people along with quotes that they have supposedly made about how amazing this trading method is. However… The images that are shown are completely fake and this leads me to believe that the recordings” made her also fake. This is nothing new to me because I have reviewed a few other of Matt’s opportunity sales pitches, such as “Freedom Checks” and providing fake and deceptive testimonials seems to be common.

For example, this guy named Bob Stillwell supposedly made an easy $1000 in just six days with this method. But then I did a reverse Google image search for the picture of him and found that this is nothing more than a stock photo that anyone can purchase online and use as they wish.

Then there was another one, This time the guy’s name was Rui Gonzalez and he supposedly made a 600% gain with this method. But once again the picture is completely fake. I also ran a reverse Google image search of this image and found that it is also a stock photo…

Matt claims to have hundreds of comments like this from people who have capitalized on these 1 Minute Windfalls opportunities. But if they are all fake than this means nothing. 100 fake testimonials proves nothing.

Does Warren Buffet Really Use This Strategy?

He claims that Warren Buffet uses this strategy and has done so to make one time payouts as big as $4.9 billion. That would be crazy if it were true but who knows if this is really true or not. Warren Buffett focuses more on long-term quality investments and to hear that he is using these “windfall” options trading opportunities to make boatloads of money sounds a bit strange.

But anyways, who knows… Maybe this is true.

What You Are Really Buying Into

Matt Badiali, the guy presenting this whole thing, is a geologist that specializes in natural resource investing. He really does have a lot of experience as he claims to and has been around for quite some time. This point in time he is probably most well-known for his investment advisory newsletter called Real Wealth Strategist.

But Chad Shoop is the guy behind this all. From what I can see Matt is just presenting the opportunity.

What you are really buying into is Chad’s Pure Income trading newsletter.  The “1 Minute Windfalls” pitch is just a “special trading dossier” that you get as a bonus. The real purpose is to get you to buy into the newsletter, which provides options trading advice. Basically what it provides you with is recommended trades, tells you when to trade, helps keep you up to date with the market and so on.

You will get…

  • Weekly newsletter that analyzes the market, trades, new windfall opportunities
  • Trade alerts on new recommendations
  • Market alerts in real-time
  • Q & A sessions

The Kicker…

It all sounds good and dandy up until this point. Right now you are thinking that you are going to get a free computer that makes it super easy to make these trades, you are going to get told what trades to make so that you can earn easy profits…. everything seems so easy and a little bit too good to be true doesn’t it?

And then it hits you…. BAM… $1,995 is the price tag on this…

The whole “free computer” thing is just a marketing tactic used to lure people in. That computer isn’t free by any means. You are paying for it with the insanely high subscription price to this Pure Income newsletter.

Final Thoughts On It All – Scam?

I know I am being a bit harsh in this review but I think it is necessary when there is so much misleading information being provided. People need to know the truth.

That said…. no I do not think this is a scam in any way. They just get a little carried away with their sales pitches and marketing tactics, which is expected since this newsletter is published by Banyan Hill, a company of Agora Financial who is well known for this kind of thing.

So while the advice provide may be good and lead to profit, just don’t expect it to be the magical fairy-tale opportunity that they present it as.

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