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Is 50 Cent Freedom a Scam? My Review Of It

50 Cent Freedom50 Cent Freedom claims to be one heck of an online money making opportunity. But can you really trust this place when it makes such bold and unbelievable claims? Or is 50 Cent Freedom a scam just like the many other similar scams circulating the web.

I recently came across this program and knew I had to take a look into it after reading about it. The reality is that the income claims made about this program are extremely inflated. Although it is possible to make good money with 50 Cent Freedom it is highly unlikely that you will.

50 Cent Freedom Overview

50 Cent Freedom is pretty much the classic Ponzi scheme. You earn money by getting other people to join in. The amount paid to buy in from new members then goes to pay off existing members. There are no products offered here of any kind and the only way to make money is from recruitment.

They claim this is one of the easiest way to make money available and even say that “EARNING A MONTHLY INCOME IS EASY A CHILD CAN DO IT” with this system. They also claim that if you invest just $0.50 to buy into this program you can turn that into over $8k per month. So pretty much they are telling you that you can easily turn this $0.50 investment into a full-time money maker.

However, the reality is that this just isn’t going to happen and I will explain why shortly.

How It Works

When you join for $0.50 you get place in a 3 x 4 step matrix. Basically what this means is that there are 3 positions open beneath you that need filled and this goes down 4 levels deep, with 3 open positions beneath each person.

Total there are 81 openings in the matrix. You can fill the 3 positions beneath you or if someone else in your upline or downline recruits more than 3 people then the extras will automatically fill openings.

In order to unlock each level of the matrix (4 total) you must pay an entry fee. The entry fee per level is as follows.

  • Level 1 – $0.50
  • Level 2 – $1.50
  • Level 3 – $5.40
  • Level 4 – $100

And if you want any chance of making any decent money at all you are going to have to pay to unlock these upper levels. The potential income per level is as shown…

Additionally, when you buy into this scheme you will also get access to a 10 website rotator where you can promote 1 link and potentially earn money from 10 different sites. This is a common scam advertising technique that I see all the time.

The Real Cost

So as I mentioned you have to pay the additional fees to move up the levels if you want any chance at all. So its going to cost you a lot more than $0.50 as you were led to believe.

Total it will cost you $106.90 if you pay the entry up to the 4th level.

Will This Actually Work Out?

While this absolutely could work out and you could make as much as they say you can…. it more than likely will not. For this to work out everything would have to go perfectly… you would recruit your 3 people in and so would everyone else and the entire matrix would be full.

I just don’t see the likelihood of this happening being very high.

Conclusion on 50 Cent Freedom – Scam?

In closing I would say that yes, this program is definitely a scam. It lures people in with false hopes of making easy money when that more than likely isn’t going to work out.

Not only is this a ponzi scheme, which I don’t care for at all, but it is a low quality ponzi scheme. It provides no value at all and is basically just a big transfer of money from newcomers to people that have already been there.

Making real money online takes real work. There is no “easy” method to making money online. This is the realization I have come to over the years of making my living working online. That is the way it is with anything in life. There are no shortcuts.

Anyway, that’s all I have for this review. I definitely do not recommend anyone count on making money with this program. If you buy into it then its not the end of the world because it is cheap, but just don’t expect much.

Questions, comments, concerns? Leave them below in the comment section and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

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