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Is Accelerated Income a Scam Program by Susan Whitman? – [Review]

Accelerated IncomeIf you are looking to by Accelerated Income by Susan Whitman I strongly urge you to hold off on that and read my review here…. it’s going to be a money saver. Why do I say this? Is Accelerated Income a scam or something?

In this review I’ll be going over all you need to know about this program…. how it works, some lies they tell you, the reality of it and more.

Accelerated Income Overview

Accelerated Income is a “make money online” program that is said to have been created by Susan Whitman. Basically what it claims to do is give you the tools and training so that you can make money online via “link posting”.

They claim that anyone can do this and be successful at it. What is also luring is how easy they claim it to be. Susan claims that you can earn extremely good money with very little work.

I have actually reviewed this same program before, only under different names. It keeps getting re-branded and re-marketed under many names to keep people buying. Two of the most recent names it has went by are Xtreme Home Paycheck and Entrepreneur Jobs Club.

What You Get

When you buy this program you get training and tools to make money with this method that they call “link posting”.

You will be provided with a pre-built website, customer records, and training on how to make all this work.

It may sound amazing and like you are set up so that you cannot lose, but once you read over the rest of this review you will see that this program is not what it seems to be.

The Lies Told

There are a lot of lies told in this program. First off, making money via “link posting” is not as easy as they make it seem, but I will go over this more in the next section. Here I want to show you a few blatant lies that were easy to disprove.

The first would be that Susan Whitman is not a real person. She was made up just to promote this scam online. I know this because the story they tell you about here and the picture they show of here are fake and have been used in other scams before. Below is a screenshot of our “Susan Whitman” followed by another screenshot of the same person from another scam who went by the name Kelly Simmons…

Susan Whitman from Accelerated Income:

Mick Moore from Entrepreneur Jobs Club:

They also lie to you about there being only limited openings in your area. This is not true and is just a way to get readers to buy into this program without taking the time to see if it is legitimate or not. If you were to leave the site and come back to it in a week it would tell you the same thing.


Not as Easy as It Sounds

The funny thing is that I actually make a living “link posting”. The real name for this is called affiliate marketing, and this is when you earn commissions from promoting products online.

It works like this: You promote products for big companies via affiliate links, when someone clicks your link they are directed to the sellers site, if they buy the product you will earn a commission on that sale. All of the big companies… Walmart, Amazon, JC Pennies, Target…. they all will pay people to do this online.

Its a great business model and all but it is nowhere near as easy as Accelerated Income leads you to believe, as I’m sure you were suspicious of.

The bottom line is that it takes real work to make money doing this. You cannot spend 2 minutes posting a link and earn $15 like they tell you. This is so far from realistic it is unbelievable.

Conclusion on Accelerated Income & What I Recommend

Accelerated Income is a definite scam. I have been trying to stop it for year, but as I said.. it keeps getting re-branded under different names. I am sure that as this Accelerated Income scam gains popularity I will start getting plenty of complaints about it from people that bought into it and are disappointed with the results.

I would never recommend this to anyone. While it is possible to make a bit of money with it, the entire approach that it takes is very scammy and you will likely earn nothing.

If you are interested in affiliate marketing then what I would recommend is this program here. I joined in 2015 when I just started out. I was a complete beginner at the time and now I make a living online, which goes to show that it actually works.

Its a good, honest program that provides the tools and training without all the BS and hype.

==> Learn more about this program here

Questions, comments, concerns? Leave them below and I’ll try to get back to you soon ?

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