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The Ad Formula Scam by Jack Heaton – EXPOSED!


Jack Heaton claims that his Ad Formula system can make you up to $3000 per day, starting today… But can it really? Or is this all just one big scam?

Is this really the “most mouth-watering cash creating secret ever released” as he describes it?

Unfortunately you are going to be disappointed after reading this review, especially if you had your hopes up. Ad Formula is definitely not a system I would recommend getting involved with and I have good reason for saying this. In this review I will be exposing it for what it really is, which can be summed up as a scam.

Ad Formula Review

When you first landed on the website there is a video presentation that place. It starts off with a bunch of news clips about working from home. One thing that should be noted right off the bat is that these news clips have nothing to do with this particular system. They simply talk about working from home in general, and do not mention “Ad Formula” at any point.

In the video presentation you are also shown a bunch of people’s account balances, loaded with money coming in which they are supposedly making from the system, but videos like this can easily be faked and there is definitely no proof that these are legitimate, or that these people are actually making money from this system.

According to what you are told, you have been carefully selected and the video presentation is only available in your country in which it will be shown to a maximum of 50 people. Sounds awesome and all, but this is definitely not true by any means and is something that scam systems often tell you. In fact, I just reviewed another scam the other day called AZ Sniper which told me virtually the same thing.

Also, when I came across the system I was in Thailand and it seems really strange that they would be only offering the system in Thailand and that they would make the video presentation in English… Just doesn’t make sense.

But anyways… Later in the video presentation you find that this system is all about banner ads. It is all about e-commerce and banner ads. They claim that these banner ads are very different from normal advertising and act like it is some amazing new revolutionary thing. I mean sure, advertising online via banner ads can be very effective because of how targeted you can make your ads, but banner ads in particular are nothing amazing.

Banner ads are nothing more than online ads with a banner image displayed.

How It Supposedly Works

The way you supposedly make money with these banner ads is by “ad flipping”. Basically the goal is to buy good to be in her ads and earn money when people click on these ads. You can also resell ads that you bought later for a higher price. So a good goal would be to buy an ad for a cheap price, have a perform very well, and then sell it for a higher price.

The ads you can supposedly purchase can be for anything… Brand-name products, big events, services, etc.

It sounds good and all in theory, but this is not how things work. There are lots of red flags about the system and I’ll explain how you’re going to get scammed if you do buy into this thing.

They claim that big brands such as Samsung, Nike, Fila, Sony, etc. are allowing people to buy their banner ads like this, but there is no way this would ever be true. Big brands don’t create ads just to let other people buy them like this… It just doesn’t make any sense. Unfortunately this “ad flipping” idea has been floating around for some time now and there are many scams based on this.

Some Other Red Flags

#1 – Too Much Talk About Money

First off, there’s way too much talk about the money that you are going to be making. There is a lot of fluff and not much real detail. The spokesperson talks about how you are going to be able to buy your dream house, your dream car, go on vacation whenever, etc. He even says you will be making so much money you will not know what to do with it all.

PrettyMuch all online scams are overhyped and talk way too much about money like this.

#2 – “Jack Heaton” Is Likely Made-up

You should also know that this “Jack Heaton” character is likely made up. He claims that he was once flat broke and jobless, but has since became a millionaire within less than a year and is now living the life of his dreams.However, I’m hesitant to believe anything about this guy because I know that the image is shown of him is a fake.

Below the video presentationthere is an image shown, which I performed a reverse Google image search on and found that it is actually a stock photo available for purchase online… Meaning that it is NOT Jack Heaton…

Ad Formula Jack Heaton

In the video presentation he also shows a picture of his wife “Jennifer”, but this is also a fake photo. I performed a reverse Google image search on this photo as well and found that it is used on many other websites online. I’m not sure of its original source, but it is likely just another stock photo available for purchase…


#3 – Contradictory Disclaimer

And one thing that I always like to do is take a look at the disclaimer… Which in this case is quite contradictory from what you are told in the video presentation.

At one point in the video presentation Jack states that this system will produce “guaranteed results”. Now he doesn’t actually specify on what type of “guaranteed results” he is talking about. I guess there are going to be results… Whether you lose or make money, but by him making this statement it would lead one to believe that he is talking about guaranteed positive results, as in making money.

And then if you look at the disclaimer it specifically states that there is “no guarantee that you will earn any money”

#4 – Fake Testimonials

Another major red flag is that the testimonials displayed in the video presentation are completely fake. I was aware of this as soon as I saw them because I have seen the people in these videos before… Making fake testimonials for other scam systems online.

As you can see below, this woman, who claims to be making thousands of dollars with this system, is actually a paid actress available for hire on the freelance digital marketplace called Fiverr…

And the same goes for the other Testimonials that are shown… They are all fake as can be.

So the big question is why can’t he get real testimonials? If the system really is as amazing as you are told, and people really are making up to $3000 per day by doing almost no work than it should be very easy to get people to give testimonials.

What Happens When You Join

As you are told in the video presentation, the system is “free” to use, but this is very misleading. When you actually sign up to join the system you’re directed to a website called BannerBit, which there is no mention of during the video presentation. The video presentation is all about Ad Formula and then you get sent to some BannerBit website… Very strange. However, I know exactly what they are doing here because I am familiar with the BannerBit website.

BannerBit is the site where you are supposedly going to be able to buy banner ads and make money as you were told. But this is actually where you get scammed.

There are a lot of different websites associated with this BannerBit website. Basically what is going on is scammers are creating fake opportunities, such as this Ad Formula opportunity and others like Daily Banner Profits, Clicks Dealer, and others, they are lowering people in and then sending them to BannerBit which handles the financial side of things. Banner Bit is where you would deposit your money and ultimately get scammed.

Conclusion = Scam

Ad Formula. I mean sure, I didn’t actually follow through and buy into it all, but I can at least say that I am 99% sure it is a scam. Just do a quick Google search for Banner Bit and you will find plenty of reviews out there calling this place a scam. There is no one that actually makes money from it because the whole idea of making money with these banner ads, as is explained to you, is made up.

When I first came across the system I was fairly sure that it was a scam, but after doing research I am even more sure. Everything I see about the system points more and more to it being nothing more than a nasty scam.

If you are looking for a legitimate way to make money online, and something that is beginner friendly, I would highly suggest taking a look at how I went from $0 to being over $6000 per month online.

Also, please leave any questions or comments down below and I will get back to you as soon as I can 🙂 And don’t forget to share this post if you found it helpful so that we can help keep others from getting scammed as well.

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