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Is Beauty Counter a Pyramid Scheme? – Review of This Business Opportunity

beauty counterLooking to join Beauty Counter but worried that it might be a pyramid scheme? Then you are in the right place.

I know there are a lot of people out there looking into this business opportunity but are questioning its legitimacy. This is why I decided to write this review. The recruitment aspect of this business leads a lot of people to ask the question… is Beauty Counter a pyramid scheme?, which is a logical question to ask. In this review I’ll be answering exactly that and will be going over a few very important things that everyone should know about this place.

Beauty Counter Review

Beauty Counter is a mlm company that sells skin care products. Their business revolves around safer skin care products that have been tested and are proven to be healthy.

Now I am a guy and have never actually used any of these products but from what I have read and see online it seems they are good quality and do what they are supposed to.

But anyway… my focus here is on the business opportunity that they provide. Anyone can join this company as a consultant and work on their own time to make money by both selling Beauty Counter products themselves, and by recruiting in other consultants beneath them.

Cost to Get Started

In order to become a consultant you are required to purchase an enrollment kit that costs $85. This kit is basically a bunch of materials to help get your business going. It includes training, your own Beauty Counter website, and other things.

This doesn’t include any products however. They also sell Starter Kits that are not required but recommended. The starter kits include a bunch of products for you to market and and sell. Although its not required you are pretty much going to have to buy one and these start out at $218.

How You Make Money

As mentioned, there are going to be 2 basic ways that you can make money as a consultant here. You can sell products yourself and you can recruit in other consultants beneath you and make money off of them.

Personal Sales

You will be able to make up to 35% commissions on Beauty Counter products that you personally sell. However, you won’t start out earning this high of commissions. You will have to move up the ranks to be able to which I will go over shortly.

On top of these commissions they also give out Personal Sales Bonuses depending on how much product you sell in a given month. This can be as much as 10%.


Beauty Counter pays Override Commissions down to 4 levels. These Override Commissions are commissions paid to you from consultants that were recruited in beneath you.

The consultants that you personally recruit in are level 1, the consultants that they recruit in are level 2, the consultants that level 2 recruits in make level 3, and so on.

Here is a screenshot I took from this part of the compensation plan. As you can see in order to earn Override Commissions on all 4 levels you have to move up the ranks…

They also offer generational bonuses but I’m not going to get into all of that.

How you move up the ranks

There are 8 ranks total and moving up them is all about recruiting in more people for the most part. There is a personal sales requirement but that stays the same at 250 QV for all the ranks except for the highest rank of Managing Director. The main difference is that BV or Business Volume increases with rank a lot. And this is the amount of sales made by you and your downline.

So of course to increase that you will have to recruit.

Pyramid Scheme or Not?

Although this may seem like a pyramid scheme it isn’t. There is a lot of focus on recruitment but they still do require consultants to make personal sales too. Because of this it isn’t a pyramid scheme.

However, it still isn’t a great business opportunity for everyone. Because of its mlm business model which is very “pyramid-like”, this makes if difficult for people to make money with which is why most people in these businesses fail.

The problem is that people that are at the bottom have money taken out of there sales and given to the people above them in the form of commissions. This means they earn less and those at the top earn more. So pretty much in order to make good money here recruitment is key. You need to recruit and build up your downline.

Conclusion on Beauty Counter – Good Opportunity?

Beauty Counter can be a good opportunity but the reality is that most people that get involved will fail due to the business model here. I review mlm’s like this all the time,  Asea & Ambit most recently, and they are all the same. They have lots of potential to earn but only a small amount of people will ever achieve that earning potential.

If you think you can become a recruitment machine then go for it but if you think you will have trouble with this then its probably not the best idea.

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