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The Bitcoin Advertising Scam – Yes… Another Major Scam

The Bitcoin Advertising software claims that if “flips” bitcoin ads online and can generate investors an average of $13,000 per day. Now that’s a heck of a lot of money. Can it really live up to the bold claims made? The answer is no it cannot. The Bitcoin Advertising software will scam you out of your money and just leave you with less than when you started it all.

I’m guessing that you were already suspicious that this place was a scam before reading this. You took the time to do a little extra research and came across my review so you must have been thinking in the back of your head that this place is a scam. In this review I’m going to be going over some major red-flags that scream “scam!” at the top of their lungs.

Bitcoin Advertising Review

When you first land on the website, which is (they may have other sites too), you are greeted with large text that states “bitcoin advertising is making people rich and you can become the next millionaire”. These are some pretty big claims to make. And it gets even better…

I went down to the FAQ part of the sales page and found some really insanely ridiculous answers to some questions.  They claim that members profit a minimum of $13,000 per day doing less than 20 minutes of work, and that some members have became millionaires in just 2 months of using this software…. WOW.

$13,000 for just 20 minutes of work? Sounds great to me. Where do I deposit my money?

But in all seriousness…. when something sounds way too good to be true then it probably is. In this case this saying really fits.

What is Bitcoin Advertising?

So you may be wondering… what the heck is Bitcoin Advertising?

Well they really don’t tell you all that much about what it is. Pretty much all they tell you is that it is some new “ad flipping” software that has laser accurate performance, superior technology, and is award winning.

They tell you that this this software app performs at 99.4% accuracy, which is higher than any other software in the world!… but what does it do so accurately? What do they mean by this?

They also say that it is ahead of the online advertising market by 0.01 seconds which they claim is a big deal and “if you know anything about advertising, you know this is a huge deal.” Well I’ve been online marketing since 2015 and know a fair amount about online advertising having made a living doing it for years not but I have absolutely no clue what the heck they are talking about.

Then they say that their app got an award for being the number 1 app in the “flipping category” from the US Advertising Association. This is such a load of crap. I looked into this and I can’t even find any organization called the US Advertising Association.

Summary of what it is:

To summarize this section, Bitcoin Advertising is an ad flipping application (doesn’t make sense) that performs at 99.4% accuracy (doesn’t make sense), is 0.01 seconds faster than any other advertising software out there (doesn’t make sense), and was awarded an award from a made up organization (doesn’t make sense).

The only logical conclusion here is either that I’m an idiot and can’t understand a thing about this or that this is a scam. My guess is that its a scam and there are a few other reasons why I think this…

Some More Red-Flags

#1 – Its Too Easy

Whenever something just sounds too easy this is a red-flag and a common characteristic of many scams. For Bitcoin Advertising they claim that you can profit all this money just from 1) filling out your registration, 2) funding your account, and 3) clicking Start to begin making money.

This is one of the most ridiculous scams I’ve come across in a while and its almost to the point where its comical. Its just so unrealistic.

#2 – No Information on The People Behind It

Of course there is no information given on the people behind the software,… those who created it. Legitimate softwares always make this public and if you don’t that usually means there is something to hide.

The reason these people are keeping their identities hidden is because the software doesn’t exist and this is all one massive scam.

#3 – Its Completely Free

They claim that the software is completely free to use and that they charge no commissions at all. Well if this is true then how the hell do they make any money? They have to make money to keep the software updated. There is a lot of work that would have to go into keeping things running and without money how are they going to fund this?

Free trials and things like this are fine, but being 100% completely free forever just doesn’t make any sense.

Overall this software exhibits many of the common signs that cryptocurrency trading scams have. And by the way I wrote a post on some signs that are common among crypto scams that you can read here. It might help you avoid scams in the future.

Conclusion on BitcoinAdvertising – Scam

As far as I see it this whole BitcoinAdvertising thing is a massive scam. There is just nothing about it that makes me think otherwise. When I first started to look into it all I was thinking that it was a scam for sure and was looking for it to prove me wrong. But there is nothing about it that proved me wrong… everything I found just pointed to it being the scam that I suspected it was.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency scams like this are a dime a dozen. I review scams similar to this all the time, including the recent Bit Bubble Tech and Banking on Blockchain scams. With all the hype surrounding the crypto industry there are a lot of scammers out there ready to capitalize. The scammers prey upon those entering the industry and looking to make money fast. However, I would say that there are plenty more ways to lose money in crypto rather than gain it. You just need to be careful what you get involved with and of course never invest more money than you can afford to lose.

You can go ahead and invest in this whole Bitcoin Advertising thing if you want to but I sure wouldn’t. Its free to use but what’s going to happen is they are going to steal your money once you fund your account, which is required. But anyways… invest if you want.

On a different note, you can check out one of my top picks for making money online here. This has nothing to do with cryptocurrencies but I find that many people looking into opportunities like this Bitcoin Advertising thing are just looking to make money online. I’ve been doing so since 2015 and make very good money with it. You can learn more here.

Please leave any questions or comments below and I’ll get back to them soon ?

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