The Super Affiliate Network Review
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The Super Affiliate Network Review – Legit or Big Recruitment Scam?

The Super Affiliate Network Review

There are a lot of people out there promoting The Super Affiliate Network as an easy way to make money online, but is it really that easy? How much money are people really making with this program? Could this all possibly be one big scam?

There are definitely a lot of questions that should be answered before buying into a program like this, especially when you see other people saying that The Super Affiliate Network is a scam… You should at least be a bit concerned and do further research.

In this review I hope to provide you with all the necessary information so that you can make a more informed decision on whether or not this program is right for you. I will be going over pretty much everything you can think of in this review, from what exactly The Super Affiliate Network is and what it is focused on, the different memberships, pros v cons, how much affiliates are really making and more.

This review is going to be pretty detailed and lengthy so I have provided you with this nice little quick navigation menu below if you want to jump to a certain section :-)…

What Is Super Affiliate Network?

First up... What exactly is The Super Affiliate Network? And by the way, I will be referring to The Super Affiliate Network as "SAN" throughout this review just to let you know.

SAN is an online affiliate marketing membership training program that was created by Misha Wilson in 2015. The program is set up to give beginners a clear step-by-step blueprint for making money with affiliate marketing and provides many "done for you" features.

Is It really 90% "Done For You"?

It it is often advertised as being a "done for you system" that requires little work. But is this true?

The answer is, yes… It is true. Much of the system is already set up and in place for you, because the focus here is on getting members to promote the system (SAN) to other people.

So you already have the sales funnels in place, the products in place, etc. Essentially all you have to do is go out and promote the system.

SAN In a Nutshell

SAN is low to high-ticket affiliate training program that focuses on getting members to make money online by promoting the various SAN products and memberships. It is similar to Legendary Marketer if you are familiar with this.

Like many other "make money online" programs out there, SAN lures people in with the hopes of making money online and then pushes them to make money online by further promoting the brand.

And when I say it is a "low to high-ticket" program, what I mean is that the entry-level membership in products are low-priced but there are much higher upsells waiting, which will cost you thousands of dollars and you can also make thousands of dollars promoting them.

Memberships & Products

Basic Membership ($47/mo)

The basic membership is the introductory membership that people start off buying into. Whenever you see SAN being promoted this is what they are pushing you to buy into.

It is often advertised with a $1 trial for 30 days, and then $47 per month after that. However, if you decide to skip the one dollar 30 day trial, you can get the membership at a reduced price of $37 per month from the start.

This basic membership starts you off with a three week boot camp which consists of 21 modules. This will give you the basics and teach you about list building, email marketing, selling, in the mindset that you need to have to be successful.

In addition to the training you will also be assigned a coach that will help guide you through the process. However, some people claim that these "coaches" just try to upsell you on the next most expensive product within the SAN line-up.

Premium Membership ($97 one time)

The Premium membership is a one time charge of $97 that will give you access to the Solo Ad Success Formula course, which you can guess is all about solo ads.

What are solo ads? They are email based advertisements that you pay for. Basically what you do here is pay owners of large email lists to advertise your offer to their list.

You have to take into account that advertising like this is another expense that comes with this business model.

Super Affiliate Monthly ($47 one time)

This is a $47 upsell that is pushed on you when you first join the network as a new member. With this Super Affiliate of so you get access to monthly video newsletters from Misha about the current state of online marketing, what is and isn't working, etc.

Pro Membership ($2,497 one time)

And then this is where the "high ticket" products begin. The Pro membership is a whopping $2497, but is only a one time charge. When you are a pro member you access to everything listed above, plus Authority Hacking, Systematic Profits, Magnetic Selling Machine, Push Button Swipe File Collection, Pro coaching and more.

You also get access to the private Facebook group, which in my opinion is a pretty big deal. Here you will actually be able to connect with people outside of the SAN, but still talk about SAN. This gives a little more sense of freedom to communicate.

As a pro member you also get access to the new products second on the future.

Maui Intensive Mentoring ($12,497)

And lastly is the Maui intensive mentoring, coming in at $12,497. This gives you access an in person mastermind event that lasts four days and is hosted in Maui, where believe Misha lives. These events are capped off at a limit of 20 people.

This is where you get some serious inside access and are able to network with the top marketers in the SAN. You also get to meet Misha himself.

Topics discussed here can be about anything really, marketing funnels, sales machines, email marketing, etc.

Confusion About Memberships

There are a lot of old reviews of The Super Affiliate Network which list products that no longer exist and ones that might/might not exist. There is definitely some confusion around The Super Affiliate Network and if anyone could help me clear things up I would greatly appreciate it.

For example, what happened to the gold and silver Pro Membership? Now it seems that there is just one Pro Membership. And also what happened to the "All In Experience" product package that they used to have? This was priced at a whopping $17,000 and give you everything SAN had to offer.

It appears that SAN is going through some structural changes and I can't help but wonder if this is due to the FTC cracking down on recruitment schemes like this, which I will get into later in this review.

The Compensation Plan

When you first get started in SAN you really have no idea what you are getting too, little do you know that you are entering a funnel system that slowly pushes you to buy the next most expensive product in an attempt to make more and more money.

The affiliate program they have in place is 2 tiered. What this means is that you can earn commissions from the people you recruited in directly as well as the people that they recruit in. However, the amount of commissions you will be able to earn will change drastically depending on what type of member you are. Below I will go over how much you can earn as a basic member, as a premium member, and as a pro member.


Basic Member

As a basic member you will be able to earn 70% from the sales made from your personal recruits and 5% from the sales that those recruits make when recruiting in other people. This his for when you or your recruits sell the Basic Membership.

When you or your recruits sell the Premium Membership you will be able to earn 40% and 5% respectively.

Premium Member

As a premium member you will earn the same 70% and 5% commissions from the Basic Membership, but you will also earn 70% and 5% commissions from sales of the Premium Membership.

Pro Membership

And this is where things crazy. As a Pro Member you will be able to earn 70% from your sales of the Basic Membership and Premium Membership along with 20% from the sales of your recruits.

Additionally, you will be able to earn 34% from your personal sales of the Pro Membership along with 17% from your recruits' Pro Membership sales. This is going to be a pretty large number since the Pro Membership costs $2497. It equals out to be about $850 when you recruit someone in who purchases this membership.

The Catch... A Big Funnel

The catch is that you can only earn commissions on the Pro Membership sales if you are a Pro Member yourself. This is the type of thing you are not told early on and have no idea about when you are first joining.

You have no idea that you will be pretty much forced to purchase the next upsell in an attempt to increase earnings. This is what most people call a "pay to play" opportunity. You first have to dish out the money in order to get the opportunity to make money back on that investment.

Concerns About This Affiliate Structure... Pyramid Scheme?

There are definitely some concerns when it comes to this 2-tiered affiliate structure, which allow you to make money not only from your personal product sales, but also from the sales that your recruits make.

Is a pyramid scheme? I wouldn't call it such, but I would say that it does make this opportunity more likely to be under the FTC's radar because it increases incentive to recruit as many people in as possible, although that was pretty much the goal all along anyhow.

The Real Cost of This

Now that you have read my review this far, you probably have a pretty good idea of how much it actually costs to get involved in an opportunity like this, however I want to discuss it a bit more.

As you can see below, this is often advertised as a good way to make money online even if you are on a "shoestring budget", meaning you don't have much money to spend. However, I strongly disagree with this.

In a perfect scenario what you would do is join as a Basic Member, then make enough sales to purchase the Premium Membership, and then make enough sales to eventually purchase the Pro Membership… Moving your way up the ladder as you earn money. However, this often is not how things actually work and most people will have to invest their own hard-earned money.

Can't Forget About Advertising Costs Too

Furthermore, you also have to remember that there are advertising costs if you follow along with the training as well.

The focus of the training you receive at SAN is on paid advertising. This includes solo ads, Facebook ads, YouTube ads, and PPV… All of which cost money and all of which further make this opportunity not all that great for someone on a "shoestring budget". 

You also have to realize that with recruitment based programs like this there is a lot a competition among members, which drives the price of advertising up and also saturates the market, ultimately making it more difficult to make money. However, the same goes with anything.

Pros vs Cons


  • Step by step training
    • From the research I have done in from what I have heard, the training is very well laid out and leaves no room for getting lost. This is good for beginners that want all the guidance they can get. 
    • Is also worth mentioning that there are lots of video tutorials and the training is presented in a very easy to follow manner.
  • 90% "done for you"
    • This I consider both a pro and a con. It is a pro because… Well… A lot of the work is done for you and he wants to do work anymore, right?
  • $1 trial
    • It's pretty obvious why this is a pro. The one dollar 30 day trial allows you to test out the system with extremely little risk, so that you can get a feel for it in see for yourself whether or not you want to get involved further.
  • Money back guarantee
    • I have seen a few complaints online from people claiming is difficult to get your money back, but it seems that overall SAN does honor their 30 day moneyback guarantee.


  • Can be very expensive
    • Obviously this program can be extremely expensive. In the online marketing world we call these "high-ticket" programs for a reason… It can get extremely expensive if you follow along with the system and buy into the upsells.
  • Focus on promotion of system
    • This is a major con in my opinion. I just don't care for systems that are advertised as great ways to make money online, in than just focus on getting people to promote the system so that they can make money online. This is pretty much the definition of a recruitment scheme in my opinion.
    • Sure, you can definitely apply what you learn here to any online business, but it is overwhelmingly focused on getting members to go out and promote SAN to others.
  • Future concerns
    • As I will discuss in a bit, there are some serious future concerns that I want to touch upon.
  • Misleading promotions
    • I have come across The Super Affiliate Network quite a few times before and many of the promotions I have come across have been incredibly misleading, such as "Super Affiliate Success System" for example. It is often promoted as some incredibly easy way to make massive commissions online and they don't really give you much detail on what you are really getting into. You have no idea the true cost in the true focus of the system.

Is Super Affiliate Network a Scam?

The answer to this question is largely based on opinion, but I think that many people out there would consider it to be a scam. It depends… Do you think that recruitment schemes are scams?

It is pretty obvious that The Super Affiliate Network is a recruitment scheme. They lure people in with promotions of being a "done for you system", in which they are obviously talking about all of the pre-made sales funnels and products that they have in place for making money promoting The Super Affiliate Network to other people.

So is a scam? I'm going to leave this question up to you to answer.

Future Concerns - Will It Get Shut Down?

Whether you think that SAN is a scam or not, the fact of the matter is that the FTC has been cracking down on programs is very similar to this recently and whether or not SAN could be shut down in the future is definitely not out of the question.

Digital Altitude's Aspire program along with the much more similar MOBE program were both shut down by the FTC recently and this raises some concern.

It would really suck to buy into SAN, spend a bunch of money hoping that you can go out and promote the system to make it all back, and then the entire thing getting shut down by the government. When that suck?

MOBE was incredibly similar. It had the same type of 2-tiered affiliate structure and sold the same type of online marketing products/memberships that were geared towards getting members to promote the system to others.

They were shut down in spring of 2018 (or maybe it was early summer) for fraudulent business practices, which I think me and they came down to how the opportunity was often promoted in a very misleading way, which I also just discussed how The Super Affiliate Network is also promoted in this manner.

Who Super Affiliate Network Is Best For

First off... It is obviously for someone who is confident in the system and is not think it will be getting shut down anytime soon. But furthermore, it is also for someone that has some extra money to spend and is looking for in the easy way to make money online, since much of it is "done for you", although it really isn't easy.

This is not for someone who is looking to create their own sustainable business. The reason for this is because of all the "done for you" stuff, which just makes you more reliant on the system. You don't learn how to create sales funnels, create websites, anything like that. All that stuff is done for you and you are pretty much completely dependent on the system… If the system goes under so do you.

How Much Are Affiliates Really Making?

This might be the most important question yet… How much are affiliates making with SAN?

I can say all the negative stuff that I want to, but if affiliates are showing high incomes than SAN must be a good choice… Right? Well… Unfortunately they are not.

According to the official income disclosure statement of SAN, which is legally required, an incredibly minute percentage of affiliates make enough money to live off of, or even close to that. You can check out the table below which I took a screenshot of directly from the official website…

Also on the income disclosure page they state that "the average partner spends between $3000 and $12,000 in expenses per year as they build their business", yet "less than 2% earns sufficient commission to cover their costs of The Super Affiliate Network products".

That pretty much sums it all up right there… Affiliates are spending more money for these high-ticket products than they are making back from trying to resell them to others.

Again, the statistics come straight from The Super Affiliate Network and the only reason they make these publicly available is because they are legally required to do so. 

So maybe SAN isn't quite as "scammy" as the infamous MOBE was, since they are making it apparent that you more than likely will lose money.

*Note: It is also important to note that these figures shown above, only from affiliates of the SAN. There is no way for SAN to measure income from their members that is coming from outside sources. As I stated earlier, it is possible to apply what you learn from SAN to any online business, HOWEVER… There probably aren't going to be many people earning other streams of income because of the main focus being on getting members to promote SAN.

What I Recommend - A Much Better Option for Beginners

While there are some people that have success with The Super Affiliate Network, although very few, this is not something I'm going to be promoting or recommending by any means.

There are a handful of reasons why I would not recommend getting involved with The Super Affiliate Network. The training is great and all, but it is ridiculously overpriced (the higher ticket products)… And it is carefully designed this way to give affiliates more incentive to promote the products, of course after they purchase them themselves.

A Much More Affordable Option

A much more affordable option, and a program that I can say works from my personal experience, is Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate happens to be the same program I got started with back in 2015 when I first started looking for ways to make money online. And now I make a living working online, which goes to prove that it does work.

Not only is Wealthy Affiliate a much more affordable and honest training program, but it also teaches you how to build your own sustainable online business that is not reliant on any one source of income, such as how SAN members become reliant on SAN as a means of income.

But anyways… If interested click the button below to read my full review. I'm not going to go into detail here.

Please leave any comments or questions down below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂 Also, if you have your own personal review of The Super Affiliate Network then I would also appreciate it if you left that down below as well. I'm sure other readers can benefit from what you have to say.

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