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What is… Big Old Scam or $500/day Online?

coin4job.comWelcome to my review of This site claims to be an easy way to make some money online. They clearly state on their site that you can make up to $500 in a single day. But we all know how claims like this go. You just never know if you can really trust them or not. What is Is it a scam? Is it legit? Should you join?

In this review I’ll be answering all of these questions. If you were thinking about joining you are going to want to read this. Why? Well because… Spoiler Alert: Its not what it claims to be.

Coin4Job Review

I’ve reviewed other job sites like that that are pretty much the same thing. They tell you about all the money that you can make easily sharing links and getting others to join the site. It sounds like the easiest thing ever to do, which it would be if it were all true. The problem is that the people behind this site are scammers.

This site will not pay out. You can share your link all you want you aren’t going to be making any money.

How It Works

You share your link, get other people to sign up and you make money. They say they will pay you $5 for everyone you refer to join.

But of course in order for them to be able to pay you money they are going to have to be making money right? So what are they doing to make money?

Well what they tell you is that they earn money from the traffic that you help generate to their website when you refer others there. They earn this way from advertisements and the more traffic = more money from ads. However, this is all a lie. Every part of it.

Nothing More Than a Lie

How can they make money from advertisements on their site when their are no advertisements on their site? Makes absolutely no sense.

I checked everywhere on the site and could no find one single ad. I made sure my adblocker was turned off and there was nothing to be seen.

But this doesn’t really matter. Because even if this opportunity did pay out it still would never work out like they want you to believe.

Even if they would pay this would not work out for you. They tell you to share your link on Twitter, by email, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Things aren’t quite this simple. I have been in the online marketing world since 2015 and I can tell you that simply sharing your link like this isn’t going to cut it. This might get you a few referrals but its not going to be much, unless you have an absolutely massive social media following or something like that.

Sharing your link like this is a horrible marketing strategy. They tell you this to make it sound super easy and enticing. But the reality this just won’t work out. $500 per day doing this? Ya right. You won’t even make close to $500 total doing this. You would have to get 100 referrals to make that much and there is no way that is happening.

Nothing Makes Any Sense

The scammers behind this site are horrible at scamming, that is for certain. And this is a good thing of course.

Nothing makes sense on this crappy website. Something else I noticed is that the withdrawal process makes no sense. They tell you that they pay via Paypal, Cheque, MoneyGram, Bitcoin, etc…. Yet they only offer the Bitcoin payments. So what happened to all the other payment methods? They are nowhere to be seen and there is no way for me to select them.

This is just another small red-flag that tells me this is nothing more than a scam, as if there wasn’t enough already telling me this.

Same Old Scam, Different Name

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve reviewed scams like this before. Some of the ones that come to mind include Dollars True, Fix Monthly Income, and Regular Dollars.

These older scams were pretty much the exact same thing as Coin4Job. They told you the same lies… that you could make a bunch of money each week sharing your link, that they make money advertising when they don’t have any ads on the site, and they all had very high pay out limits. The entire site was also laid out the exact same way. Its basically a home page, a signup page, and a dashboard page with your referral link and some FAQ’s. Other than that there is nothing.

The difference between this one and the older ones I reviewed is that this one supposedly offers Bitcoin as a payment method.

What these scams are more than likely doing is trying to capture people’s email addresses so that they can sell them. Email marketing is a big business and things like this happen all the time. They will likely sell your email address, along with many others, to other scammers. So if you start to get a bunch of spam emails then you know why.

Conclusion on – Avoid

If you want to sign up and share your link to see if it works then by all means go for it. I just don’t suggest doing so. The cash out minimum is $300 so you are going to have to waste a bunch of time to reach this minimum before you even find out if its a scam, which it is.

Have I tried this system out? No? Well then how do I know its a scam? The answer is I just know. Nothing makes sense about it. All in all its a very poor scam. I guess I can’t say this with complete certainly because I haven’t gave it a try but I can say it with 99% certainty.

If you are looking for a way to make money online that actually works and is legitimate I would suggest taking a look at how I make a living online. I’ve been working online since 2015 and make good money doing this.

And of course if you have any questions or comments leave them below and I’ll get back to you soon ?

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