Dark Money Spikes

What are Dark Money Spikes? – Scam Teaser or Investment Miracle?

Are “Dark Money Spikes” really the incredible investment opportunity that they are claimed to be? Or is this just some sort of scam teaser to get you to buy into something you don’t really want to buy into?

I’m guessing you probably came across the video presentation for this new opportunity that collect “massive” gains.

The reason I’m guessing you came across it is because it is pretty ridiculous… which is probably what what led you to believe it might be a scam and brought you to my review here today.

In this quick review I’ll be going over quite a few things that you NEED to know.

The Teaser

So the video teaser starts out with a guy named Jim Rickards (editor for Agora Financial) claiming that he has some urgent message. Above this video it states that you need to watch his “30-second clip before 12:15pm EDT tomorrow”.

It reminds me a lot of other misleading teasers I’ve come across in the past, like Freedom Checks and Seven-Figure Cheats.

Apparently something big is going down within the next 24 hours… or so you would think.

He talks about some “shocking video” released by a former Wall Street executive that is going to really impact the market.

Then the core of the video presentation begins… which is insanely long. If you were able to manage watching the entire thing you deserve some sort of prize or award.

It starts out with a woman spokesperson talking about some incredible system she has developed. We later find out that this woman is Nomi Prins, who is a journalist that regularly speaks out against Wall Street but used to develop high level analytic systems for Lehman Brothers in the 1990s

A Mysterious Pattern..

There is mention of some “mysterious pattern” that 99% of people don’t know about… a pattern that you could have collected up to 11,333% with…. (so she says)

And then we are told that this opportunity is taking place within 30 minutes of “tomorrow”… exactly between 12:45 and 1:15pm.

Is there any truth to this? Probably NOT… and I’ll explain why shortly.

Apparently there is going to be an event where “explosions unleash billions into the market”, which will blast certain stocks higher.

They call these financial explosions “30-Minute Dark Money Spikes” (made up name).

And of course you are told that “you’ve never heard anything like this before”. But it isn’t like I have never heard this sort of misleading statement before.

Examples The Have No Proof

Throughout the presentation there are numerous examples shown of Dark Money Spikes that have sent stocks soaring in price. HOWEVER… I have a bit of a problem with these examples.

The problem is that there is no proof of them being real.

Take a look at the example below. She didn’t even state the stock’s name or the date that this happened for me to verify such. There are other examples where she did mention names but there was also information left out that just increases my suspicion.

“The Dark Money Monitor”

Taking advantage of these Dark Money Spikes comes down to using Nomi’s “brand new investment strategy” that has “never been released to the public” called the Dark Money Monitor.

What this system supposedly does is identifies stocks that are going to be affected possessively from these Dark Money Spikes.

You are then given a bunch of historical examples where you could have supposedly made massive gains with this.

But the problem here is that it is easy to show past stock performance and talk about how much money you “could” have made. It really isn’t hard proof of anything.

Some more “proof” that you are shown of this working is the following chart of from the S&P 500. But does this really prove anything? It looks like the “Dark Money Spikes” are all over the place… leading to uprends and downtrends. I mean sure… the market has continually went up over the long-term but this isn’t really anything abnormal.

Judging from this chart it seems that Dark Money could lead you into a short downtrend.

They’re Getting In Your Head

Most people have heard of “dark money” before and it really seems to peak everyone’s curiosity. It is mysterious and no one really knows much about it… other than those who have inside information of course.

Some of what you are told makes sense and it’s something that a lot of people want ot believe is true. We know that the government pours money to help boost the economy and it makes perfect sense that this makes stocks go higher.

That said… you just can’t really trust what you are being told here.

Lots of Unverified Claims & LIES!

First off… lets talk about this “12:15pm tomorrow” load of crap. This is NOT TRUE. There is not going to be some Dark Money Spike tomorrow at this time. It is all a ploy to get you to buy into what they are trying to sell to you as soon as possible, which I’ll talk about shortly.

How do I know this isn’t true?

Well… because you can leave the website and video presentation anytime, come back the next day or in a couple of days…. and it will be telling you the SAME DARN THING!

And you might also find this interesting…

Below the video there is a little disclaimer stating that “accuracy cannot be guaranteed”.

Are you kidding me? I just watched an insanely lengthy video about these Dark Money Spikes, you got my hopes up and now I’m reading that the information presented might not be accurate????!!

But hey… I guess we all knew deep down in our guts that this was misleading and sounded a little too good to be true, right?

The Purpose of This Teaser

Of course there is a hidden agenda here. The purpose of this teaser for “Dark Money Spikes” is to get you to buy into Nomi Prins’ newsletter called Dark Money Millionaires, which OF COURSE there are a limited number of spots opened for.

The teaser is just a way to lure people into it all.

How much does it cost?

Try not to faint…. because it costs $2,000 for a year subscription.

Yes… $2,000.

Now I’m not saying that it isn’t worth it (because I haven’t bought into it), but I don’t think anyone started out watching the video presentation thinking it would end with being pushed into a $2k newsletter subscription.

Conclusion – Scam?

There is probably some truth to this all but it’s just too hard for me trust the information given. It’s much too “salesy” and the purpose is pretty obvious… not to mention all the unbacked claims made and obvious lies told.

And this is nothing new to me. This newsletter is published by the Agora Financial company which is the publishing agency behind many such misleading teasers. I’ve exposed others in the past and they really have a lot of complaints from people online due to their deceptive and unethical practices.

But anyways…. I hope you enjoyed this quick review and found it helpful. Be sure to share it in order to help spread the word!

Also leave any comments or questions below and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

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