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Is e Rewards a Scam? – [My Review of e-rewards.com]

e-RewardsAt e-Rewards you can earn money for sharing your opinion. Well.. first you earn what they call Opinion Points, which is like their own currency system and then you can redeem those points for things of real value. You earn these points by sharing your opinion through paid surveys, which you are probably already familiar with.

But there are lots of paid survey sites out there that do the same thing so what makes e-Rewards so great or not so great? And is e-Rewards a scam like some of these sites turn out to be? In this review I’ll be going over how this site works as well as if I think it is worth your time. I would read this over before joining.

e-Rewards Review

e-Rewards is what you call a market research site. They are in the business of collecting market research, which they do via conducting online surveys, and selling this research to companies all over. This is a big business and brands are willing to pay a lot of money for research like this so that they can improve products and services.

When you complete the online surveys they offer, you get paid in Opinion Points, which can then be redeemed later on. So e-Rewards gets paid to conduct the research and they pay you a small amount to take short simple surveys.

One important thing worth mentioning about this place that differs from most other survey sites is that it is only available to join by invite only. This means that you can’t just go to their website and join. You have to receive an email invite from one of their partners (aka the companies that pay them to collect people’s opinions)… And I’m guessing that you probably have received this invite since you are here reading this right now.

How It All Works

Once you receive an invite to join e-Rewards and take a survey, you will go through the basic process of signing up. You will have to complete an enrollment survey after you join which will give them some demographic information on you, which is important.

The amount of surveys that you receive will depend on a few things. First off it depends on your demographic. They match surveys up with certain demographics and some people just won’t get as much opportunity because of this. It will also depend on your preferences. You can go into your settings and set a guideline for how many survey opportunities you would like to receive each week.

However, all that said… you aren’t going to be getting all that many surveys.

When you do get a survey and complete it, you will be credited with Opinion Points. This usually happens pretty much right away after completion but on their website they say it can take up to a week to actually go through. Once you have accumulated enough points you will be able to redeem them for rewards.

The Rewards

You can redeem your points for a variety of things, mainly gift cards. The gift cards start out at $5 and go up to $50+. When you get up into the rewards that are valued at over $100 they include mostly flyer miles, hotel points, and things like this.

The downside to their rewards program is that they do not offer the ability to earn plain old money  that you can spend as you wish… there is no option to cash out via PayPal or receive a check. This is a bummer but there are still good options.


Screened Out

One complaint you will find is from members that are upset about being screened out of surveys. It is not unusual to complete half of the survey and then get kicked out because they didn’t like how you answered a question. This is something annoying that you will find for every paid survey site. My best advice to avoid this is to provide them with as accurate information about yourself as possible.

e-Rewards Currency/ Opinion Points Not Worth Much

One thing that you will find is that the currency they use in their system is not worth all that much. This is how it usually is with sites like this that have their own currency system and is kind-of annoying in my opinion. It makes you think that you are making more than you really are.

Account Issues

I’ve been reading through member reviews on sites like Survey Police and there are a fair number of people complaining about having account troubles…. things like their accounts being closed for no reason, getting locked out and not being able to redeem their points, etc. Typical paid survey site type of complaints.

What I Like

If you do manage to qualify for surveys and are able to make it through the entire survey without getting booted out, you will make more money than most paid survey sites out there. While the normal paid survey sites out there that anyone can join will pay $0.50-$2 or so on average (ex: Swagbucks, PaidViewPoint, etc), you can regularly earn $4+ per survey on this site. But again… that is if you don’t get kicked out.

This is one of the benefits to a survey site that you can join by invite only. They have a much smaller and more trustworthy group of members so they are able to pay them more for their opinions.

Conclusion on e Rewards – Good Opportunity?

E-Rewards is definitely not a scam first and foremost. They are one of the better paid survey sites out there for sure and if you do receive an invite to join I would say that it is worth your time a lot more than the common paid survey sites that you hear about. You can earn more money with your time here than most places which is what its all about right?

That said, you still aren’t going to earn much. You aren’t going to qualify for every survey you take nor will you even receive all that many survey invites. Its a nice way to earn a bit of extra pocket change in your spare time but nothing too special.

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Questions, concerns? Leave them below in the comment section and I’ll get back to you soon ?

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