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Is GigWalk a Scam? – Some Things You Should Know About This App

GigwalkGigWalk claims to be a good way to make a little extra spending money or even an entire extra paycheck… but is this really true? Or is GigWalk a scam like many of the work from home opportunities are out there?

In this review I’ll be going over what everyone should know before getting involved with GigWalk. And here is a spoiler alert for you: NO it is not a scam. However, its also not for everyone and I’ll go over why I say this soon.

GigWalk Review

GigWalk is a mobile app (available on Google Play & the App Store) that connects people with “quick jobs” in their area. As someone looking for jobs on the app, you are called a GigWalker.

They have all sorts of different clients hiring GigWalkers so the pay you can make will range a lot. They tell you from $3 – $100 per gig. And the time it takes to complete a gig will also vary a good bit.

Overall I like what this app brings to the table. Its kind of like Uber in a way and is somewhat revolutionizing the way the workforce is managed. However, there are some problems with it as you will see.

How It All Works

So what happens is clients submit gigs to GigWalk and GigWalk then posts these gigs for everyone to see that is nearby.

There is no requirement for how much or how little you have to work. You are free to choose which gigs you want to work and when you want to work. When you do find a gig you want to do you will have to apply for it. You will click an apply button and then GigWalk will notify you if your application has been accepted. Since there are short gigs its not difficult to be “hired” like it is for normal jobs.

You will then receive instructions for what you have to do to complete the gig. After it is completed you will submit what you did through the app and wait for the client to approve of it. The client has the right to reject work so you have to make sure to follow the instructions to a T.

Once your work is accepted you will be paid directly into your PayPal account. There is no minimum cash out amount or anything like that. You get paid after every gig you complete.

How Much Can You Make?

Some gigs pay pretty well, but most won’t pay much from what I have seen with all the reviews I have read. They tell you that some will pay up to $100 but I wouldn’t expect that.

They can be pretty good money considering how much time they take, but this all depends. Much of the time they are not even worth driving to so that you can complete them.

This opportunity is definitely best looked at as a way to earn a little extra money on the side. In no way should you try to rely on income from GigWalk.


There are a fair number of complaints on sites like Ripoff Report and others. Here are some of the more common ones…

Not Many Gigs

This depends on where you live a lot, but there are many people complaining about having little to no gigs being offered most of the time. For some people paid survey sites like Swagbucks & PaidViewPoint would even be better choices for making extra money… and that’s saying something.

Too Far Away

Many times the gigs that are offered are too short and pay too little to even be worth driving to. Some gigs can be pretty far away too.

Client Ripoff Problem

There seems to be a problem with clients ripping off GigWalkers by having them complete work and then rejecting it for reasons that should not be allowed, which means that the worker doesn’t get paid. I have read reviews of this happening when people claim they followed the instructions perfectly as well as it happening when clients decide they want to add something else to the gig that was not stated in the beginning.

It seems to me that GigWalk needs to crack down more on their clients because they are ripping off workers a lot of the times and nothing happens to them.

Conclusion on GigWalk – Good Opportunity?

GigWalk can be a decent opportunity but it really depends on what you are looking for. If you are just looking at making a bit of extra money here and there then this is something worth considering. Just be aware of the complaints I just went over though so that you have realistic expectations. This app has its fair share of problems that it needs to work out.

I think that this app has a lot of potential in the future. As more people use it there will be more gigs available which means more work and more money. However, they need to take care of the client problems they are having where they seem to be rejecting work too often and too easily.


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