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The $20 Bitcoin Blueprint…Scam? – [Review That Isn’t Promoting It]

Seven Figure Formula ReviewThe “$20 Bitcoin Blueprint”, aka the “Secret Bitcoin Blueprint” claims to be able to make you rich in the cryptocurrency market. There is a lot of hype surrounding this product and it is being advertised all over the Internet, I actually came across it after clicking on some ridiculous add that I was curious what it would be to.

Anyway, since you are reading this I’m guessing that you listened to some ridiculous sales pitch about why you need to buy into this and are suspicious of whether or not it is legitimate. Is $20 Bitcoin Blueprint a scam? Is it legit? Will it make you rich? Or is this just going to be a waste of your time and money?

The $20 Bitcoin Blueprint Review

Before I get into reviewing the actual $20 Bitcoin Blueprint product I first want to go over the ridiculous sales pitch that I had to listen to. I am sure there are all sorts of different sales pitches out there for this product, but the one I listen to was a video presentation which I took a screenshot of here…

In this sales pitch the guy kept referring to some “secret bitcoin blueprint”, “secret $20 bitcoin blueprint”, and a few other similar names but as you probably already know this was all just a sales funnel to get people to buy into another product.

As you can see right off the bat they tell you that you can somehow earn a $20 bill into a “massive fortune”. The spokesperson claims that he is going to show you how to use the “red-hot cryptocurrency market to potentially amass a quick fortune”… which makes me think of the Altucher Report product that is being promoted all around.

Anyway… the whole sales pitch hinges on the idea that, the world’s largest retailer, “could” start to accept cryptocurrencies as early as April 27. This is very misleading and not backed up by any evidence. I am active in the cryptocurrency market and keep up-to-date on things, so I have heard talk about Amazon possibly getting involved in more ways than one, but there is no proof that anything special is going to happen on April 27 as the spokesman says.

If something were to happen, I agree with him, the prices of many different cryptocurrencies would increase. There is no doubt about that. If the public sees the biggest retailer in the world hop on board and many are sure to follow, which will drive the price up.

But how do you get in on this “red-hot cryptocurrency market opportunity”?

Well of course all you have to do is follow this blueprint that the spokesman is going to give you which you will be able to get so rich off of that you will have the ability to retire in less than a year… Which is what he tells you. And of course you don’t need to know anything or have any experience. He makes it sound so easy that a caveman can do it.

Later in the ridiculous sales pitch he gives a bunch of really bad examples of cryptocurrencies exploding in price. He gives over all sorts of examples of massive increases in prices and talks about how you could have become rich had you invested.

At the peak of the sales pitch he plays out a scenario of how you could have turned $20 into $1.64 million in just two days. But the example is absolutely horrible but most people watching this probably aren’t aware of it.

Very Misleading & Horrible Salespitch

The example was this: First you could have invested in a little-known cryptocurrency called AMIS that was trading at $1.54 when the “markets opened up on Monday” and rose in price to $458.82 by the end of the day. Then he goes on to talk about how you could have invested that profit in another cryptocurrency, followed by another cryptocurrency to end up with $1.64 million in just three days.

The problem with this example is that AMIS was an awful cryptocurrency that has already died off. It was never any good and never became much. It did skyrocket in price at one point, but that was followed by a decrease in price just as fast. If you would have AMIS today it was worthless. So for one, that is a horrible example, and two, I question if this spokesperson has any idea what he is even talking about. As I mentioned above he talks about the markets opening up on Monday as if they were the stock markets. Anyone who has a little bit of knowledge about the cryptocurrency market knows that it is always open, 24/7. It does not open and close. This is how it is a worldwide and how it has always been.

Something else that the guy kept talking about which was very misleading was these “penny cryptocurrencies”. He acts like they are so great because they are so cheap, but the price of one unit of a certain type of cryptocurrency does not mean anything without looking at the total supply. For example bitcoin’s total supply is 21 million. If you had to cryptocurrencies, both of them priced at $0.50, but the one had a supply of 10 million and the other had a supply of 10 billion, the one with the lesser supply would have much more potential to increase in price because the amount of coins would be more scarce.

I’ve Seen Sales Pitches Like This Before

I have seen sales pitches like this plenty of times before and I can take a good guess at what is going to happen. You see that April 27 deadline is nothing more than a way to make this seem more urgent and to get people to buy in as soon as possible… buy the product that they are promoting of course.

When this date comes and passes they are just going to put a different date up in the near future.

A Look at $20 Bitcoin Blueprint – What Is It and What Does It Include?

All This “$20 Bitcoin Blueprint” really is, is just a misleading sales pitch to get you to buy into another product, which as I am writing this is called Seven Figure FormulaThis is a penny stock investment newsletter created by Greg Geunthner. But I have seen other reviews of this claiming that it promotes different newsletters so I think they are switching things up. They are using the same “$20 Bitcoin Blueprint” sales pitch to promote multiple things.

But anyway…the whole cryptocurrency sales pitch was a bunch of BS. The “$20 bitcoin blueprint” is just a bonus in the newsletter, but not the focus of it.

In the newsletter you get 12 months of information for $49. This includes updates on stocks, market news, trade alerts, and other things related. And of course with the bonus you basically get the same stuff in the realm of cryptocurrency.

Should You Buy a Subscription to Make It Rich?

I don’t know, do you really want to buy into this after that extremely misleading sales pitch? I know that is enough to totally turned me away from this and not even think about buying in, but the choice is ultimately up to you.

I wasn’t able to really find any legitimate reviews from buyers of this newsletter. All I was able to find were other reviews that were fake and created just to promote the newsletter earn money doing so.

Something else you should know is that this newsletter is published by Agora Financial, which receives plenty of complaints and is well known for publishing newsletters that are promoted under very misleading sales pitches such as this one and two others that I have reviewed: “Freedom Checks” and Real Wealth Strategist.

Just to give you some proof about what I am talking about with this company, take a look at their ratings by the Better Business Bureau…

They are not rated by the Better Business Bureau themselves, nor are they accredited, but just take a look at all of the negative reviews and customer complaints. I have looked into this company on other occasions and from what I have found most of the complaints are from people that feel they have been suckered into buying a product without knowing what they were really getting into, and another popular complaint comes from people that have been overcharged and have trouble getting the money back.

Conclusion on Everything

A very misleading sales pitch no doubt, but can you make money? I’m sure you can but there are a lot of things out there you can make money with and a product that claims to make it super easy for you to become rich in the cryptocurrency market is not something I am going to buy into. The bottom line is that it is not super easy to get rich in the cryptocurrency market. Yes there are tons of opportunities in this market and a lot of people getting very rich, but it’s not easy… What is even easier is to lose money in this market.

Anyway, I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on all of this. And if you have bought into this newsletter and have a personal review I would also like to hear that. Please leave any questions or comments below and I will get back to you soon 🙂


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