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60 Minute Profit Plan Review – Scam System or Does This Really Work?

60 Minute Profit Plan scamThe 60 Minute Profit Plan is the creation of a woman named Brittany Francis that she claims can make people $30,000 per month from the comfort of their own home. But is this really all true or is this system just another scam that is going to have you running in circles trying to make money doing things that just aren’t going to work out?

In this review I will be going over the truth of what is going on here. You are going to want to read it because much of what was told in the video presentation is misleading and is filled with a bunch of lies as well. It is not some incredible system that is going to have you making hundreds of dollars within your first hour as it leads you to believe it is.

60 Minute Profit Plan Review

When I first came across the 60 Minute Profit Plan I pretty much knew it had to be a scam. It had all the makings of your typical get-rich-quick scheme just like some other recent scams I’ve reviewed such as Insider Profit System and The AZ Code.

Did it make claims of making easy money? Heck yeah did.
Is it supposedly super easy to use? She claims this just copy and paste… “Effortless”.
Is it some secret system that you’re getting special access to? Yep, she claims that some underground system that you you have never heard of before.

Everything about the system sounds too good to be true, but of course you can’t judge a book by its cover so I had to do a little bit more research than just look at it for a second and draw conclusion.

After doing a fair amount of research and looking into the validity of what you are told by Brittany Francis I found many blatant lies that she tells right to your face to try to make this sound better than it as. The first and want to go over are the fake students she claims to have coached and are now making tons of money.

Fake Students

Gina Davis is supposedly one of Brittany’s “students” that made over $30,000 in a month or something like that. She is one of the incredible and very hard to believe success stories that Brittany tells you about, and it sounds great and all but unfortunately none of it is true.

I took the liberty of taking a screenshot of this Gina Davis’s picture and performed a reverse Google image search for it, finding that the picture is used on many other websites as you can see below. Now why is this? Well because it is more than likely a stock photo that anyone can purchase online and use as they wish.

And this wasn’t the only fake “student” that she showed in the video. There was another guy that she showed named “Grayson Parker” who was supposedly making $34,000 per month with this system but his picture was fake as well. And the fakeness doesn’t end there. All those video testimonials from people ranting and raving about great this system is are also fake…

Fake Testimonials

When I look into a potential scam I always look into the video testimonials if as any because I have reviewed many scams at this point and it is very common for the video testimonials to be completely fake. In this case the video testimonials from people who supposedly are making tons of money with this system are indeed fake as suspected.

The people in these videos are paid actors from Fiverr, which is a digital marketplace where you can hire people to film product videos for you as well as a bunch of other different things.

Remember the one guy that was talking about all the money is making with the system who had the accent that sounded like it might have been British or Australian? Yeah will hear a screenshot is of him as well as his profile on Fiverr… As you can see he will “create a professional company spokesperson video”.

And then there is this woman who is also a paid actress from Fiverr. I recognized her right away because I have seen her before and I picked up on her accent. Below is a screenshot of her from the 60 Minute Profit Plan sales video along with her profile on Fiverr.

All of these testimonials are fake. They are just people saying what they are getting paid say and have not actually tried this system.

At this point 60 Minute Profit Plan is definitely sounding like more and more of a scam. As if it wasn’t bad enough to begin with now we know that half of the stuff presented in the video is fake as can be. But the review is not over yet. Maybe this Brittany Francis lady that is behind the whole thing is someone who you can trust.

Who Is Brittany Francis Really?

So who is this Brittany Francis person and is she really making tons of money with the system she created?

While she claims to be a once struggling single mom who rose up and is now making tons of money online with this “loophole”. She has quite the amazing story of overcoming hard times and rising to the top. UNFORTUNATELY… None of this is true and is just as fake as the rest of the sales video.

I took the liberty of running a reverse Google image search of her picture as well and found that is also used on tons of other websites online, which means it’s probably just a stock photo…

Is There Anything Good About This System?

It appears that there really isn’t. It seems to be your typical BS online marketing product that makes big claims and will never deliver. As a full disclaimer I have not actually purchased in tried out the system but based on my research is in no way worth anyone’s money or time, and I’m sure you can tell this just by looking at all the lies and deceit from the sales video.

I came across another review of the system while doing my research from someone who did actually buy into it. Apparently what you get when you buy into this is basically a bunch of very poor training videos that are mostly focused on email marketing.

Conclusion on 60 Minute Profit Plan – Avoid

I never tell anyone what to do with their money but I would definitely recommend NOT buying into this. It’s just another program that lures people in with the hopes of making easy money from home… And lots of it. But as usual is not going to deliver on what they lead you to believe it will. They make you think that this system is going to have you making hundreds of dollars per day and even possibly per hour but there’s absolutely no way you will get to this from going through their crappy training.

When something sounds too good to be true it’s always good advice to proceed with caution or just avoid it altogether, especially when it comes to program for making money online. There are many more scams out there than there are legitimate programs so you really have to be careful these days.

If you want to know something that I do recommend then I would suggest taking a look at my “make money online guide“. In this guide I go over what exactly do, how I make money online, and what I consider the best way for beginners to get started is. And by the way I make a living online if I didn’t say this already.

If you have any questions or comments about anything please leave them below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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