AdsCrypto Review – Scam Bitcoin PTC Site or Good Way to Make Money?

AdsCryptoWelcome to my AdsCrypto review.

This place claims to be a great a great way to make an income online but is it really? I’m sure we have all heard claims like this before and it seems that more times then not they are false. What they bring to the table is something new. They bring Bitcoin into the mix making rev-share, PTC, and traffic exchange. This seems like it might have potential to be a good opportunity and in this review I’ll go over what is important.

AdsCrypto Review

AdsCrypto is a bitcoin rev-share, traffic exchange and PTC company. They are similar to sites like Traffic Hurricane but different, mainly because they claim to be involved in making money via bitcoin trading.

What this site does is provides a platform for advertising. People can purchase adpacks and advertise to people on the site as well as to 3rd party sources.

The main part of the site is the rev-share. This allows people to receive a share of the revenue brought in from people purchasing adpacks.

How It Works

In order to qualify to share some of the revenue you are required to view at least 10 ads per day. These ads that you view come from people that have bought adpacks and are paying to advertise on the site. This is how they keep advertisers happy by requiring members to view their ads. You will also make a little money by clicking and viewing these ads, which is the PTC part of it all.

The adpacks that people purchase will give them a certain number of views per day. You can advertise any site/ offer that you want to.

These adpacks will earn you a profit each day of 1.2 – 2.5% they claim but this depends on the amount of revenue that AdsCrypto brings in for that day. They mature somewhere around 120%.

The Cryptocurrency Part of It

When you buy adpacks you will have to pay with bitcoin. You will also only be able to withdrawal bitcoin. They say that this is the most stable and profitable way to hold the value of your investment so that is why they do this.

On top of this they also claim to be involved in cryptocurrency trading and profit 1.5 – 3% a day. However, there is next to no information on this and certainly no proof of it happening.

How It REALLY Works

Lets be honest here… the traffic that you get with these adpacks is not good. In fact.. its horrible. If you advertise on this site you are just going to get a bunch of visitors that have no interest in what you are advertising. They are simply clicking on your ad to view their required 10 ads for the day so that they can participate in the rev-share. These people will visit your site, wait the required time, and then leave just as quick as they came. This is about as cheap of traffic as you can possibly get here.

The real way to make money is by buying adpacks and referring other members to join and buy adpacks. This is a pyramid scheme in a way because many of the members here that are buying adpacks are doing so only to make money from the rev-share, not for the actual product of advertising.

The compensation plan also puts emphasis on referring new members to join. You want them to join and buy adpacks as well because you will make commissions off of what they buy.

As far as I see it the whole traffic exchange part of it is more of just a coverup to appear legitimate while the core of this company is a pyramid scheme that relies on new members buying adpacks.

Conclusion on AdsCrypto – Scam?

There have been plenty of companies like this in the past that are rev-share traffic exchanges. The only difference here is that AdsCrypto ads a little cryptocurrency twist to it (so they say).

I don’t really have enough proof to call this place a scam but one thing I will say is that I would definitely stay away from it. The only way you are going to make good money here is by buying a bunch of adpacks and referring a bunch of people. And I sure as heck wouldn’t do this because companies like this collapse after the new members stop pouring in.

This just isn’t a very legitimate nor stable money making opportunity.

If you are looking for a more legitimate and less risky way to make money online then I suggest taking a look at how I make a living online. I wrote a post all about it that you can read by clicking the link below. In this post I go over what it is that I do, how it all works, and how others can get started doing the same.

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