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Is Cash for Patriots a Scam – Wow This Is Misleading…

Cash For Patriots ProgramThe Cash for Patriots program presented by Zach Sheidt is something that he claims anyone regardless of their age, income level, social status, etc. can make money with. He basically leads you to believe that you will be able to sign up for some list and get checks in the mail like clockwork. But is this really all true or is Cash for Patriots a scam program that you should avoid altogether?

While it’s not a scam but it is extremely misleading and in this short review I will be going over why. Can you make money with this? Sure. But are you going to be signing up for some list in receiving checks in the mail like he leads you to believe? Absolutely not.

Cash for Patriots Review

I’m guessing you are suspicious of this program after watching the ridiculous video presentation put on by Zach Scheidt, as I was. The video presentation went on and on for probably around 45 minutes or so and really didn’t tell you much of anything, reminding very much of the “Freedom Checks” sales pitch that you may have heard of.

Basically what you were led to believe by Zach during the presentation was that this is a program that takes advantage of president Trump’s new tax code. Throughout probably around half or maybe even over half of the presentation Zach just talks about all the money that people were making getting these checks in the mail.

He talks about a “Bob S” that has made $6010…

And then there was “Suzanne V who collected $20,758. Then there was “Jessica P” who had supposedly made $51,000 so far…

And the list goes on and on. To be honest it was getting pretty darn annoying hearing him talk about all these people making all this money and providing absolutely no proof of any of it. All he was doing is stating people’s names and claiming that they made certain amounts of money with this but there is no way for me to dig in any deeper and actually find out if these claims are true or not.

Are they true? This is something you can form your own opinion about but in my opinion is a good chance they are not. Why do I say this? Well because I have reviewed plenty of misleading sales pitches by Agora Financial products before, which is the company behind this product, and the sales pitches are often filled with lies and misleading information.

What This Program Supposedly Does

Zach tells you that this program he is going to be letting you get into today will show you exactly how do collect these checks. All you have to do is follow a few simple instructions to enroll in the program and add your name to some list.

Unlike Social Security, there are no requirements to collect these checks. There is no certain age you have to be, no certain income level you have to have, etc. And unlike Social Security these checks do not come from the government. They come from the private sector.

But this is all confusing… What the heck is this program really?

What This Program Really is…. VERY MISLEADING

It took a fair bit of research and digging around trying to find out what this program really is. And I’ll tell you what it is not, which is some program where you just add your name to the list and start collecting checks.

When Zach started talking about money being “stranded” overseas this is when you get your first clue of what the program really is about.

What he is talking about is how US corporations hold tons of money overseas which is in a sense stranded and that Pres. Trump’s new tax code will be able to bring it back to the US where it will be distributed to patriots like yourself.

The reason money is stranded overseas by these corporations is because of how the taxes work. They don’t want to bring the money back into the US because they know that they will have to give an arm and a leg in taxes if they do.

What Zach is saying is that when these companies do bring home their fortunes under Trump’s new tax code they will distribute much of the money in the form of dividends and if you are a shareholder in the company you will capitalize on this.

So there is no real program called Cash for Patriots or any sort of program at all. This Cash for Patriots sales pitch really is just for in information product that will give you advice on what investments you can make to hopefully be able to get these dividends from certain companies when they bring money back to the US.


In order to get this free Cash for Patriots info product you must first subscribe for a free trial of Zach’s newsletter called Lifetime Income Report. This newsletter is a publication by Agora Financial which is well known for financial newsletters such as this.

If you sign up you will get a free year subscription but after that year you will have to pay between $49 and $89 depending on what subscription package you decide to go with.

The main part of this newsletter are the 12 monthly issues that will be given out to members every month. In the monthly issues Zach and his team will provide investment advice and look into different opportunities that they are planning in getting involved with. Basically what it will do is provide advice telling you what they think you should invest in. You will also get email updates on the market and any urgent alerts if there is a great buy-in opportunity or if you need to sell right away for some reason.

Conclusion on Cash for Patriots – Scam?

I would not call Cash for Patriots a scam. I would just say it’s a very misleading sales pitch. But yes you can make money with it, just know that is not the magic fairytale program that it claims to be. Basically this all seems to be a sales pitch to lure people in to subscribing to the Lifetime Income Report newsletter. After all Zach has to make money somehow right? The end of the newsletter is the only thing he is actually selling here and can make money with.

As far as Lifetime Income Report goes this is in no way a scam. It’s just Zach and his team providing decent investment advice. You can read more about this newsletter in a review I read about it here if you wish to.

Anyway… That’s all I have to write for you here today. I hope you found this review insightful and helpful. Please leave any questions or comments you may have below and I’ll get back to you when I can 🙂

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