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Get This Plan Scam – You Will NOT Be Getting Monthly Checks from the Vatican!

Get This Plan Scam

Get This Plan it is supposedly some incredible new opportunity to make money online that has to do with the Vatican distributing monthly checks. But is what they tell you really the truth? Can this really be as good as they say? Or is Get This Plan (at GetThisPlan.com) a big fat scam that you need to avoid?

Well since you are here reading my review, I am guessing that you probably are very suspicious of what you are told. You are probably thinking that it is all just a scam and too good to be true, and rightly so. The truth is that… It is a scam for the most part. What you are told is far from the truth and in this review I’m going to be exposing what you really need to know… Which you are not told in the video presentation.

I highly recommend that no one buy into this before reading the rest of this review. If you do you will just end up extremely disappointed and probably feeling scammed.

Get This Plan Review

The video presentation is based around some decision that the Pope’s treasurer supposedly made in 2015. According to what you are told, there was some investment decision that was made so that distributes monthly checks.

You are told that this decision was kept secret for legal reasons and that not many people know about it. And of course everyone can get in on this… It doesn’t matter where you live, how much money you make. In fact, you are even told that you don’t even have to be Christian to collect these monthly checks from the Vatican.

The spokesperson in the video says that his name is Teo Vee and he claims to have once been exactly where you are now, which I have no idea how he would know that. He says that he used to struggle to get by and was scammed a lot. Then he prayed is so much for a good opportunity that his prayers were answered. Supposedly some guy in church revealed his secret to making money and is now Teo makes over $20,000 a month.

Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? Sure does, and based on my experience in the many online scams that I have reviewed, this usually means that it is indeed a scam.

Red Flags

#1 – Some Secret Method

Of course this is some secret that no one has ever heard of. It seems that just about every scam that has ever existed claims to be like this.

What really doesn’t make sense is that the spokesperson trips up on his words during one part of the video presentation. At first he claims that this is a “secret” and then later in the video he claims that when this system was revealed “the world was shocked”.

So how can it be A secret and revealed to the world at the same time? Makes no sense.

#2 – Super Easy

That is right… The system is super easy… Or at least that is what you are told. Teo says that after the guy at the church told him about this system, he went home and “clicked a button here”, “typed a bit there”, “followed a few steps” and “BOOM”.

Simple as that and then he was making over 20,000 per month….hmmmmm…. really starting to sound more and more like a scam.

#3 – Not Enough Real Information Given

In the video presentation he doesn’t talk much about what you will actually be doing and how this really works. There is a lot of beating around the bush and not much real information given… Which is typical of online scams.

He talks all about how you will be able to travel the world, go on vacations wherever and whenever, pass this wealth onto your kids, etc. but never actually gets onto what you really want to know… How this is going to making money.

Scams usually do this because they want you to buy into it of course before finding out that it is a scam.

#4 – Doesn’t Really Make Sense

The entire video presentation makes very little sense. If you don’t understand what is going on here than don’t feel bad… It is impossible to understand from watching the video presentation alone.

He talks about getting on some list. All you have to do is get your name on some list of recipients to start collecting these monthly checks.

However, he then talks about being some type of “commerce club”. So does this mean you can just make money from a commerce club by putting your name on a list?? Sign me out! But wait a minute… How does this make any sense?

He goes on to explain how it works like this: people buy stuff online and this money feeds into the Vatican, which then generates cash for people. Makes perfect sense… Wait a minute… No doesn’t. I’m confused.

This explanation makes absolutely no sense in that is because it is all a lie.

It Is All a Lie

The entire sales pitch is a bunch of BS. It is filled with very misleading and deceptive information that gives you absolutely no idea what you are really getting into. There is no money coming from the Vatican. There are no monthly checks being distributed due to some decision that the Pope’s treasurer made. This is all a ridiculous lie designed to sucker people into this scam.

What You Are Really Buying Into

He did hint at some sort of “commerce club” in the video presentation, but there is no way you could have had any clue what this scammy video presentation was really leading into.

This whole thing, the entire video presentation is just a sales funnel for My Ecom Club, which is the creation of Teo Vee. My Ecom Club it is a high-ticket e-commerce training program that focuses on drop shipping with Shopify. That’s right… It is a training program that teaches you how to make money in e-commerce… Which obviously has nothing to do with getting on some list to receive monthly paychecks from the Vatican.

It is all based around drop shipping. Now what is drop shipping? This it is when you run in e-commerce business with no inventory. You sell products that you don’t really have and then have them shipped out directly from the manufacturer, which is usually over in China. I have experience in drop shipping and it for several years but got caught up in other business ventures.

The training will teach you how to drop ship with Shopify. You will create little e-commerce websites on Shopify and sell products which you will then dropship to your customers. Sounds simple… But is much more difficult than it seems and I know this from experience.

The Cost

The cost is potentially a lot more than you may be thinking. Just as they trick you with the BS sales page, they also trick you into buying expensive upsells for additional training/tools that can cost up to $2497 from what I have seen… Maybe more.

This should be expected though, right? After all… They just lied to you about everything in the video presentation, so why not lie to you some more? Can you really trust anything about this training program?

Final Thoughts – Recommended?

So as you can imagine I am not going to recommend that you buy into this. I mean how could I… After all… The entire video presentation was a complete lie. I tend to steer clear of deceptively marketed products/program such as this.

Right off the bat I would not buy into it because of how it is marketed, but the real product here… Which is My Ecom Club is also something that I would not buy into it. Sure, there is definitely some good training in this program that does have value, but there are much better e-commerce training programs out there if you are really looking to get into e-commerce.

For Beginners:

If you are a beginner looking to make money online then my top recommendation would be Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing training program that provides the training and tools necessary to make money with this business model.

For those of you that don’t know, affiliate marketing is when you promote products online and earn commissions doing so. You don’t actually sell the products yourself as you do with e-commerce. Because of this, I think it is a lot easier for beginners to get started with and this is how I started out, which is why I am recommending it.

Wealthy Affiliate is a great place because they provide easy to follow step-by-step training and they offer good support for when you get stuck on something or need help for one reason or another. But anyways… You can click the link below to read my full review of Wealthy Affiliate if interested:

==> Wealthy Affiliate Review

Leave any comments or questions down below. I will get back to them as soon as I can 🙂

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