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Is Infinite Nest Egg a Scam System or Can You Really Make 900% Higher Gains? – [Review]

Infinite Nest Egg reviewThe Infinite Nest Egg investment system is claimed to be able to give you over 900% higher returns than ordinary investing and is also said to be 13 times safer than a buy and hold strategy. There are some bold claims made but are they really true? Is this the real deal or is Infinite Nest Egg a scam that is just going to be a waste of your time?

I’m guessing that you’re suspicious of the claims made or else you probably wouldn’t be reading my review of it right now. You probably watched the video presentation for this “system” and think that it sounds a little bit too good to be true. The truth is that it is a little bit too good to be true and that the marketing pitch for the product they are trying to get you to buy is a bit over-the-top and misleading. I still wouldn’t call this a scam. I would just say that is overly “salesy” and there is a bit of deception involved.

Infinite Nest Egg Review

Ted Bauman is the man behind this Infinite Nest Egg system. He promotes the system as a way to sidestep nearly all “financial escapement”, avoiding fees and playing safer investments.

He claims that him and his team did calculations for the past 10 years of market data and found that if you had used his system you could have made over 900% more than in ordinary investing, which would have provided you with over double the gains of Berkshire Hathaway… 

He claims that their historical analysis shows that it is pretty much “recession proof” and that over the past 10 years it would have never lost you any money, even through the bad financial times. This is a point he brings up probably like 10 times throughout the presentation and honestly it was getting kind of annoying to me.

And of course the system only requires 10 minutes of your time each month and is so easy that a 12-year-old can do it, according to Ted.

So all in all three main points that Ted really tries to be into your head throughout the video presentation is that the Infinite Nest Egg system can grow your investments nine times faster than ordinary investments, is crash proof, and is simple to use…

But What Exactly Is This System?

Ted keeps referring to this Infinite Nest Egg as a “system” and at one point refers to as “a tool that eliminates the erosion of wealth”. I had to sit through probably around 30 ridiculous minutes of the video presentation before even getting a clue about what this really is.

So what is it? Well supposedly it’s a system that Ted and his team developed that “uses thousands of roles and strict data points” to analyze the market, identifying big shifts in the market and alerting the team so that they can make necessary trades. And apparently it specifically tells them what stocks to pull out of and where to reinvest the money.

Now is any of this true?

I am very hesitant to believe everything that is told in the sales pitch, mainly because I am familiar with Banyan Hill, which is the company behind this product and I know how misleading some of their products sales pitches can be. I just reviewed another investment opportunity called “Kennedy Accounts” the other day that they were behind which was very misleading.

And it certainly doesn’t help call my suspicions when I find that there are blatant lies within the video presentation. Remember near the end where Ted showed some pictures of people who are supposedly members of the system? Yeah will these are all likely completely fake.

The one guy named “Brian H” was ranting and raving about how great the system is but I performed a reverse Google image search for the his picture that was displayed in the video and found that it is everywhere online. Why is this? Well because it’s more than likely a stock photo that anyone can purchase online and use as they wish. This is not “Brian H” and all of the testimonials are likely made up for the purpose of promoting this system…

What You Are Buying Into… The Real Product

Basically as far as I see it Infinite Nest Egg is just a luring sales pitch to get you to buy into the real product being offered here, which is called The Bauman Letter. If you ended up making it through the whole video presentation in click to the button below the video then you what I found this out yourself.

So what is The Bauman Letter? In a nutshell it is an investment newsletter created by Ted Bauman and published by Banyan Hill, which is similar to Agora Financial. Ted has been involved in the financial world for years and has quite a bit of experience, much of which came from a position he once had as a financial consultant. Nowadays he works for Banyan Hill as a editor of several different newsletters. His particular area of expertise is in low risk investments, which this whole Infinite Nest Egg thing is focused on.

So what you are buying into here is a monthly newsletter that gives you investment advice. This newsletter specifically focuses on ETF’s so that you can save some money on fees. It tells you what to buy and what to sell and at what times.

Is there really the system or tool that Ted talked about in the Infinite Nest Egg sales pitch that identifies these good opportunities for him and his team? Who knows. All I know is that the newsletter provides fairly simple and straightforward investment advice. There is no proof that this system or tool exists but there is also no proof that it doesn’t.

What You Get

The cost of this newsletter is between $47 and $99 per year, depending on which package you buy.

At the core of the newsletter are the monthly issues. You will be provided with a monthly issue that will tell you what to do for that month what to buy and what to sell if any. If you blindly follow the advice given then it will only take you 10 minutes or so every month like Ted tells you in the sales pitch.

In addition to the monthly issues that you will get you will also be alerted of anything that requires immediate action, such as if a stock shoots up or down in price unexpectedly.

Conclusion.. Is This a Scam?

Well the Infinite Nest Egg sales pitch is without a doubt very “scammy” in some ways, but the product itself being sold here (The Bauman Letter) is not a scam. The Bauman Letter is a legitimate investment newsletter and I don’t see any real reason to think that it wouldn’t provide good advice. I wasn’t able to really find much in the way of reviews from members of this newsletter but things seem to check out for the most part. One member review that I did find talked about it in a positive light stating that it provides “nuggets” of information.

I just don’t understand why the video presentation has to be so darn misleading. If there is one reason why I wouldn’t buy into this newsletter the sales pitch would be it. It’s like they are playing me for a fool trying to get me to fall for the crap that was presented in the video. Why can’t they just present this product in a truthful and straightforward manner? Who know. This makes me wonder if any of the “900%” higher gains and “recession proof” claims are true at all.

But anyways… I hope you enjoyed this review and found it at least a little bit insightful. Please leave any comments or questions you have below and I will get back to you as soon as I can if need be 🙂

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