Is Insight Global a Scam?

Insight GlobalIf you are looking into getting a job with Insight Global you may be a bit hesitant due to the fair number of bad reviews on this place. Is Insight Global a scam or something? Should you even bother with this place? These are the types of questions you need answers to before you move forward.

To make a long story short… this place is not a scam. I decided to do a little investigating to get to the bottom of the matter and I can tell you that they are legit. In this post I’ll be going over who they are, what they do, common complaints, and more.

Insight Global Overview

Insight Global is a staffing company that was founded back in 2001. They provide employment for fortune 500 companies all over  in areas ranging from Information Technology, to Accounting & Finance, to Engineering, and even Government Jobs.

They require all employees to have bachelor degrees and college graduates seem to be one of their main target groups for employment, which is where many of the complains you may have read come from. Working as a campus recruiter is one of the jobs you can actually get with this company.

Starting Out

Everyone starts out at a recruiter position. You will basically come on board and be mentored by the account manager above you on how to go out and make sales. There will be on the job training for this position so that you know what you are doing right and wrong. Your job will be to recruit other people into Insight Global which will experience the same thing as you. They will start out as recruiters.

Within the first 4 to 6 weeks of being a recruiter, you will get supplemental training. This consists of 3 days of what they call highly interactive training.

The pay as a recruiter is not great. And as you can imagine, this is where many of the complaints come from. However, they do claim you can move up the ranks pretty fast at Insight Global and make more money.

You will be paid on a base salary + commission basis. So as you can imagine it is in your best interest to recruit like crazy.

Moving Up

They claim that the majority of their new recruits are promoted to the role of Account Manager within 6 to 9 months. That is a pretty short period of time to move up the ranks as far as I see it. And this goes for new recruits without any experience whatsoever.

However, there are complaints about this not being true as well.

What I Like About This Place

  • Easy to get a job
  • No experience necessary (you do need a Bachelor’s degree though)
  • Can move up ranks fairly quickly
  • Flexible
  • Training is provided to you


  • Low Pay – This is one of the complaints that I have come across from those who just start out. You probably won’t get paid too much as a recruiter, but this is dependent on how good you are at recruiting. With your Bachelor’s degree there is a good chance you can find a better paying job.
  • Hard to Move Up – I have come across several complains from people claiming they were mislead into thinking moving up the ranks would be easier. I don’t know how much truth there is to this but its something you should be aware of. There is always the chance that their performance was horrible and that is the reason they weren’t moving up inside the company.
  • Entry Position Complaint (my own) – One thing that I personally don’t like about this place is how they start you off as a recruiter. You start off knowing nothing about the company and yet your job is to recruit people in by telling them how great it is… when really you have no idea how great it is.

Conclusion on Insight Global

Well there is no doubt that Insight Global is not a scam. The people screaming scam here are people that are going to be saying that about any job position. They feel that they deserve everything handed to them with no work on their part. The reality of life is that things worth having take hard work and from what I see with Insight Global there is plenty of opportunity to make money and do well.

However, for many people starting off as a recruiter is probably an undersell for them. There is a good chance they could make more  money elsewhere starting out with a bachelor’s degree.

But if you are interested in working with Insight Global don’t be scared of it being a scam. Go for it if you wish.

Questions, comments, concerns? Leave them below in the comment section and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

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