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Institute for Wealth in Networking, Scam or Good Online Business Opportunity? – My Review


IWINIWIN, or Institute for Wealth in Networking, claims to be an amazing business opportunity that anyone can capitalize on regardless of their budget. But is this really true and is it worth your time? After all, there are a lot more opportunities out there that should be avoided than ones that are actually worth your time.

Will Institute for Wealth in Networking scam you or is this going to be the game changing business opportunity of your dreams? In this review I’ll be taking a level-headed approach and explaining exactly how all of this works, how you make money, what all it includes and more. This is an independent 3rd party review and I am not affiliated with this program in any way.

Institute for Wealth in Networking Review

Institute for Wealth in Networking, or IWIN as I will be calling them, is one of those recruitment focused business opportunities where you buy in to make money and then you make money by getting others to buy in. There are a lot of other businesses that use this same basic model, such as Aspire & U-Economy for example.

IWIN has 5 levels that you are able to buy in at ranging from $250 to $3,750. After buying in you will then try to recruit others to buy in and you will earn 90% of sales. Its a bit of an unethical business model in my opinion. I mean they do sell products on top of this which I’ll go over, but basically its just a big transfer of money with very little value being provided.

The Compensation Plan Explained

They call this compensation plan a “delayed 1-up” system and it can sound a bit confusing but its really not. I’ll go over how it works.

So with your first sale you will make 90% and the remaining 10% will get passed up to your sponsor, aka the person that recruited you into IWIN. Then on your second sale everything gets passed up above you. This is called your “qualifying sale” and you do not keep it. However, this then qualifies you to keep 90% of all the sales after that.

So basically you keep 90% of all your sales except for the 2nd one that you make. And the same goes with everyone else. So if you recruit in Bob and then he goes out and recruits in Elise and Alex, Alex then gets passed up to you since its his second sale. Then the same goes for Alex and this keeps going on and on.

How Much Can You Make With This?

The amount you can make depends on what level you are recruiting others in at. There are 5 levels total and they range in price greatly…

  • Level 1 – $250
  • Level 2 – $500
  • Level 3 – $1,000
  • Level 4 – $2,000
  • Level 5 – $3,750

So if you recruit someone in at level 2 you will only make 90% of $250, which is $225. But if you recruit someone in at level 5 you will make $3,375.

Its also important to know that you will have to have bought into these levels yourself before you can make money recruiting others into them. So if you only bought into level 1 and you recruit someone in that buys into level 5, you won’t make anything. You will have to be at level 5 to earn money here.

Is This a MLM?

This is definitely a mlm even though they tell you it isn’t. Its not your typical mlm where you have a large downline with a big pyramid-like structure but nonetheless it is still a mlm.


Because you are still being compensated from multiple levels. They try to act like this “delayed 1-up” system is a game changer but its nothing new and is no better than a lot of the other mlm structures out there as far as I see it.

What are The Products?

IWIN does have products. After all, it would be illegal if it did not have any and wouldn’t really be much different from a Ponzi scheme.

The products that they give you are digital information products such as what you see here…

The products are focused on marketing so that you can recruit more people into IWIN. There are some that are focused on self-development but most are focused on marketing.

At each of the higher levels at IWIN you will get more products and more value.

Are they any good? From what I see they seem to be pretty basic. These are the types of products that you often see as “bonus” products that online marketers give away for free when they are trying to entice people to buy into something. They really don’t seem to be all that valuable.

I think the products are more of a way to add legitimacy to this whole operation. The overall goal here is of course to recruit others in and earn money from doing so. The products will help you do this but there is more to be desired.

They claim that all of their products combined can be valued at over $100,000 but this is far from being true. I don’t know how you would actually evaluate their price but I can’t imagine it being even relatively close to that.

My Complaints

My main complaint about all of this is that many of the people marketing it are doing so in a misleading way. They are trying to get people to buy into it by making it sound better than it really is.

The truth is, as with any business, if you want to be successful with it you will have to put in effort and work. Its not easy.

In one video presentation I watched for IWIN they were telling people that they wouldn’t need to market for leads because people will be passing recruits up to you with their “delayed 1 up” compensation plan. This is such a bunch of misleading BS. If this were true then no one would be recruiting anyone in the first place and you wouldn’t be getting anyone passed up to you.

The truth is that this will take a lot of work. Marketing is not easy and if you go into this with the mindset that it is… there is a good chance you will fail. With this business model its important to keep a steady flow of new recruits coming in if you want to make steady money. If you don’t recruit continuously or are not good at it… you will fail.

Also, one other thing that I found which I do not like is how they paid an actress to make a fake testimonial on the official IWIN website (iwin123.com). The woman in this video talks about how great everything is here and why you should join but she is just saying what they paid here to say. I recognized her as soon as I saw the video because I review scams all the time and its very common for them to pay people on Fiverr to make fake video testimonials.

Conclusion on Institute for Wealth in Networking – Good Opportunity of Scam?

Well I wouldn’t call Institute for Wealth in Networking a scam, although there are people being very misleading when it comes to recruiting new members in out there. However, I definitely wouldn’t call this a good opportunity either. Business models like this that provide really not all that much value and are focused on recruitment this much just don’t seem to work out good.

If you do buy in you will also find that it is much more difficult to recruit others than it may seem. Most people are going to be skeptical of this place just as you are now.

There are much better, more legitimate ways to make money on your own out there. I actually make a living working online for myself and this is something I would probably recommend you check out. I got started back in 2015 and consistently make over $6,000 per month. Its not some super easy program and it does take work, but its legitimate and doable.

You can read my guide for making money online here if you want to learn more. I’ll explain how it all works, how I make money and even how others can get started the best way.

Also, if you have any questions, comments, concerns, etc… leave them below in the comment section and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

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