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K Money Mastery – Scam or Good Way To Make Money Online? [Review]

K Money Mastery Scam

K Money Mastery it is often promoted online as a way to make a six figure income on autopilot. But is this program really as great as people are saying it is or is it just going to leave you with less money and less time in the long run? Is K Money Mastery just another scam that you should be avoiding?

In this review I’ll be going over all you need to know before deciding whether or not this program is right for you. I’ll do a basic overview, go over the training, the work required, whether or not it is still a good way to make money online, the cost, what I like about it and more.

K Money Mastery Review

  • Website: Click Here!
  • Creator: Stefan James Pylarinos
  • Price $97
  • Recommended?: Yes

K Money Mastery is the creation of a guy named Stefan James Pylarinos. He has been in the online space for a while now and has a fairly popular YouTube channel as well as a popular website called projectlifemastery.com. Right off the bat I will tell you that I like this guy. He is not one of the many crooked salesmen that you often see in the online world. He puts out good products that he really puts his time and effort into creating.

That said… as with everything online, the promotional material used to market K Money Mastery (I’ll be calling it KMM for short) can be somewhat misleading. For example he tells you that you can get started making money with Kindle today, which is true… You can get started today… With the training. But you want be making any money today, that is for sure. There is also a lot of talk about being able to make money on autopilot, which is true…but again, this will take a good bit of work to actually get to that point.

But anyways, KMM is a good program overall. It is definitely no scam like Kindle Sniper. Right now the program is the 2.0 version, which is an updated version, and features 21 lessons total from start to finish. It takes you from knowing nothing at all about Kindle publishing to having your own Kindle book out there selling like wildfire… At least that is the plan.

The Training

The training consists of a bunch of video tutorials along with PDFs to accompany them. There are 21 lessons total and each builds on the last. It is a very thorough training guide that takes you through every step of the process… Overall very well laid out and easy to follow even for people who know absolutely nothing about this stuff when starting.

Just to give you an example of what you are looking at here, the first eight lessons include…

  • 1 – Finding A Profitable Niche
  • 2 – Keyword Research
  • 3 – Creating A Title That Sells
  • 4 – Design A Cover That Sells
  • 5 – Kindle Book Creation
  • 6 – Preparing Your Book For Publishing
  • 7 – Creating A KDP Account
  • 8 – Publishing Your Book On Kindle

And that is just a snippet of the training. There is a bunch more on everything from getting Amazon reviews and how to deal with the bad reviews, promoting your Kindle book on Twitter and Facebook, improving your rankings, scaling, and all sorts of stuff.

This training is by no means lacking.

The Work Required

Before actually buying into a program like this it is important to have an idea of the work involved to so that you don’t spend a bunch of time only to quit later on because it is too hard.

There is a fair amount of work involved in creating and publishing a Kindle book like this, along with getting reviews, promoting it, etc. However… don’t think that you are going to have to become an author. You don’t have to write a book for yourself and in the training Stefan goes over the process of hiring a ghostwriter and even provides templates that you can use for agreements.

He suggests that you outsource your first Kindle book and he also suggests 5000 words, which really is not all that much. If you really wanted to you could easily write a book of 5000 words in one day, provided that you have already done the research required.

Is This Still a Good Way to Make Money Online?

Publishing Kindle books can definitely still be a very profitable online business. That said… There is no doubt that it is getting more difficult to profit in this market due to increased competition. It seems that there are tons of people trying to put out Kindle books these days and this makes it a lot more difficult.

It is still definitely a legitimate and possible way to make money though.

KD Spy Tool

One thing that is nice about the KMM program is that you are also provided with some tools to help you out and increase your chances for success in this industry. One of the tools is the KD Spy Tool. This tool allows you to spy on your competition and see things like estimated sales, estimated revenue, price, length of book, and a few other metrics when it comes to other Kindle books that you are going to be possibly competing with.

The Cost

The price is a $97 one time charge, which I think is definitely a fair price considering what you are getting.

And if you are on the sales page and slide your mouse up to exit the page, a pop-up will appear that says you can try it out for only seven dollars as you can see year…

This $7 offer allows you to test it out for one week while only paying $7 and then go from there.

There is also a Full Disclosure Membership that costs $67 per month. This gives you access to training that is updated regularly and is something that you can purchase whenever you wish to, if you actually want to. You are by no means forced into this although there is a good chance you will end up buying into it. The Full Disclosure Membership provides additional training on related paths of revenue and gives you access to the Facebook mastermind group which is a very helpful and easy way to get support from other members who are also doing what you are doing.

What I Like About It

What I like most about K Money Mastery is the fact that it is actually a good quality product that people can actually use to potentially make good money selling Kindle books. Stefan is one of the better online marketers out there that really puts effort into making good quality products.

Also, what you learn from K Money Mastery is more than just publishing and selling Kindle books. You learn a lot of online marketing fundamentals that can carry over into many different forms of online marketing. Outsourcing, find a niche, keyword research… These are all things, just to name a few, that can be applied to various online business models.

Final Thoughts – Good Opportunity?

Have you ever wanted to publish your own Kindle book but just never knew where to start? Then this would be a good option for you. There are different routes you can take within the training. As I mentioned, it is suggested that you outsource your Kindle book writing to make it easier on yourself, but this is definitely not something that you absolutely have to do.

If you do end up buying into this program just make sure that you know this is definitely not for someone looking for an extremely easy route. Making money online legitimately always takes real work in real time… There is no way around this. If you are looking for a way to make a bunch of money super fast, then this is not for you. I know Stefan talks about being able to get started with this program and make money in a very short period of time, which may be he is able to do, but for the majority of people out there who have no experience at all, this is going to be extremely unrealistic.

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So anyways… I hope you enjoyed my review and if you are interested in buying K Money Mastery you can click the link above.

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