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Is Kypron a Scam or Legit? – [Review]

KypronIf you are looking to make money online and are just starting out or you have an existing online business, Kypron claims to be able to help. But is this worth your investment? Or is Kypron a scam that is just going to leave you with less money than when you started?

I have been making money online since 2015 and figured I would review this program because I can give some helpful insight into it and my opinion of it. If you are seriously considering buying this program then I would definitely suggest reading over what I have to say about it.

Kypron Overview

Kypron is an online marketing program created by Kevin Hokoana that is for people looking to make money online. Basically what it does is provides training and tools on lead generation which can then be used to sell products of any kind.

This program mainly seems to be targeting people who have not made a penny online and are looking to make money. It offers a business opportunity where you can buy into the program and be trained on how to sell Kypron to other people.

So basically it is a “hey, buy this program and you can make a lot of money getting other people to buy this program” type of deal. That’s not to say that you can’t apply what you learn here to any online business, its just that it seems the focus of this is getting people to sell Kypron. This reminds me a lot of program like Aspire & MOBE if you are familiar with them.

A Look at Kyrpon L.I.F.E

Kypron L.I.F.E is the training course that they offer for people that don’t have an online business and are looking to make money selling Kypron to others.

Basically this program makes you an affiliate of Kypron and trains you on getting leads and selling it. You will be set up with sales funnels, duplicate marketing campaigns, and training on Facebook, Youtube, and PPC marketing.

When you sell L.I.F.E to other people you will be able to make 70%+ in commissions. This is actually a pretty darn high commission rate I must say. Another thing about it is that you will be making recurring commissions because this program is a membership type program where you and others will have to pay every month.

The Cost to Join

What pretty much everyone is going to be doing is joining the Kypron L.I.F.E program. They offer a $1 trial but this only lasts 3 days. This is more to give you a peek inside the system without risking a lot. But after that 3 day period is up the price will jump up to $97/mo, which is what you will have to pay every month from then on out.

So you can imagine what kind of money you can make with this since you are going to be getting people to buy into this and pay $97/mo, which you will earn 70%+ of in commissions.

How You Get Paid

As far as I know Stripe is the only method of payment that they offer right now. I don’t have any problems with this because I actually have a Stripe account and they are a trustworthy payment processor.

You can kind of think as Stripe as PayPal, but they are a bit different. But anyway I’m not going to get into that. They are trustworthy and I’ll leave it at that.

Another notable piece of info about getting paid is that you will get paid instantly when you refer a buyer. As soon as you refer someone to buy into Kypron, your commissions will go into your Stripe account right away. There is no holding on the money.

Conclusion on Kypron – Scam or Legit?

Kypron is not a scam. You can start making money with this program online if you never have before or you can use the training provided to increase sales for an existing online business. I don’t particularly care for the fact that they seem to push people to join the L.I.F.E program which is all about promoting Kypron, but there are a lot of legitimate companies that do this type of thing so I really can’t complain too much.

Overall Kypron seems to be a pretty good program and there are some good online marketers backing it, like Kevin Hokoana for example.

However, I don’t think its necessarily a good choice for people that are just starting out and don’t have much funds. The $97/mo is a bit pricey and there are more affordable ways to make money online.

If you are looking for a more affordable way to bring in an online income then I would suggest taking a look at this program. I started out making money online in 2015 with this program and make a living now… all thanks to what I learned here.

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