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Is Life Matters a Scam? – 3rd Party Review

life mattersIf you are reading this (which you are) then I’m guessing you were contacted by a representative of the company to join in on the business opportunity but you are hesitant to do so. I’m guessing this because recruitment is a big part of this business and it often makes the business look suspicious.

But anyway… should you go for this new venture or is Life Matters a scam that is just going to lead you on and on with false hopes of making good money? I know there are a lot of people out there questioning this and that is why I decided to write this review. I’ll be going over how this business works, how you make money, the negative aspect of the job and more.

Life Matters Overview

Life Matters is a direct sales mlm company in the health and wellness industry. They sell some pretty cool products that seem to be good quality based on what I have read and heard. Their “claim to fame” is a vitamin drink product called Life Shotz, which used to actually be the name of the entire company. They also sell whole meal replacement drinks, “brain food”, and a few other things.

But anyway… my focus here is one the opportunity. I’ll save the product reviews for another day.

Because they are direct sales company anyone can join as a Brand Rep and make money selling their products. And because they are a mlm anyone can make money by recruiting in other Brand Reps underneath them.

How You Make Money as a Brand Rep

Well as I just said, you will be able to make money by personal sales and by recruiting in others.

You can make money from personal sales in 2 ways: Customer Bonuses & Retail Profit.

You will get customer bonuses when you enroll retail or preferred customers which will be either 5% or 30% of the BV (business volume). The amount you earn depends on how many sales you get each month. You will start out at 5% each month but once you get 4 sales you will then start getting 30% which is a massive difference.

And as a Brand Rep you will also be able to purchase products at wholesale prices in which you can then sell at retail prices. The difference between the 2 prices is what you will be able to keep as retail profit.

Moving on…. Next up is how you can make money by recruiting other reps into the business. You will be able to earn from what they call “Star Bonuses”, which are a cash bonus for moving up the ranks, you will also be able to earn commissions from those recruited in beneath you from the Unilevel Bonus, and you will be able to earn from the initial signup of new recruits.

The Unilevel Bonus has a unilevel structure, as you can imagine. The reps that you personally recruit in make up level 1, the reps that they recruit in make up level 2, the reps that level 2 reps recruit in make up level 3 and so on. Since it is uni-level there can be an unlimited number of reps on each level which you will be earning commissions from.

To start out you won’t be able to earn commissions on from the Unilevel bonus. You will have to recruit in other reps, build up your level 1, then they will recruit more reps and build up your level 2, etc. And as you recruit in more you will be able to move up the ranks which will unlock more of the compensation plan and allow you to earn on these levels.

Here is a chart I found that shows the unilevel bonus structure…

You will also be able to earn a bonus right when you get a recruit to sign up if they purchase a “Business in a Box”, which is a starter kit filled with products/ business materials that you can buy to get started. These cost “only” $875.

A Trustworthy MLM?

One thing that I really like about Life Matters is that they do not make any outrageous income claims and they don’t lead you on telling you about how rich you are going to end up. They make it very clear that they don’t do this.

This is uncommon in the mlm industry. Many mlm’s really try to suck people in by making all sorts of income projections and showing them all the money they can make. And while it is possible to make a heck of a lot of money in mlm’s like this, it ain’t easy.

Not an Easy Business

The way that mlm’s like this are set up make them very hard to make money in. They have a lot of potential with all the ranks and how you will make more money as you move up, but this makes it more difficult that way I see it. The problem is that with a pyramid-like mlm structure like this most people are going to be at the bottom. And when you are at the bottom much of your money is getting taken from you in order to pay commissions to those above you.

This makes it very hard to make money at the bottom. This is just how it is and always will be with a setup like this. You need to recruit to make good money. You need to build up your downline.

MLM’s are known for extremely uneven income distributions where those at the top make all the money. If just recently reviewed Vemma & Pure Romance (2 similar mlm’s) and the same goes for them.

Conclusion on Life Matters – Scam?

Life Matters is definitely not a scam. This is a legitimate mlm business. It does put a lot of emphasis on recruitment and this may even seem like a pyramid scheme to you but this is a legit business at the end of the day.

If you are planning on pursuing this biz opp just know what you are getting yourself into. I stay away from mlm’s because of how difficult they are to make money in, which their extremely high turnover rates show.

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