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My Business Venture, Scam or Legit? – Not As Easy As It May Seem

My Business VentureIf you are looking into My Business Venture then you probably think that you can just buy their package and start making money right away with your new online business. But unfortunately this isn’t true and is misleading. They call their online business services “turn-key” that makes you think this is the way it is, but the reality is different.

Is My Business Venture a scam? No, I would not call it a scam. They do provide good value for what you pay for, its just not as easy as they lead you to believe it is to make money with what they give. In this short post I’ll be going over what all you get when you buy MBV and the reality of making money online with it.

My Business Venture Overview

My Business Venture, which I will be referring to as MBV, is a company that provides online business services. Basically what they do is provide near complete online business packages for people looking to make money online.

However, the “turn-key” system that I have seen MBV promoted as being, isn’t as it may seem. This isn’t something that you can just buy and make money with. It will require work as anything does.

The Products

They have 3 different business packages that you can buy… the Standard, Professional, and Enterprise. The prices of these and what they include are as follows…

  • Standard
    • $495.00 down + $99.83/mo for 36 months
    • Ecommerce site
    • 15,000+ products
    • Payment processing
  • Professional
    • $2795.00 one time payment
    • Ecommerce site
    • 15,000 products
    • Payment Processing
    • 24 months of search engine submission
    • Marketing strategies layout
  • Enterprise
    • $3995.00 one time payment
    • Ecommerce site
    • 15,000+ products
    • 24 months of search engine submission
    • Custom logo
    • Custom training (MBV University)

The Reality Here

None of these packages are “turn-key”. Even if you were to buy their best Enterprise package you still would have to put in the work to make money with it and it will not be easy.

With the Standard package you are only going to get an ecommerce store that has payment processing. You will have all the products ready for you to sell but you will have to drive tall the traffic to your site which you will have no help with. Getting website traffic is the hardest part and this is what they leave out here.

With the Professional package you get everything from the Standard package plus you get marketing strategies that are laid out for you. The marketing is how you get your traffic but this still is not easy by any means. I have been running a small ecommerce site since 2016 and marketing is not an easy task by any means.

Even with the Enterprise package you are going to have work. The only difference here is that you get a custom logo so that you can brand your site, and you get custom training. The training you get consists of video tutorial, documents, etc. and is tailored to you based on where you want to take your business. But guess what? You are still going to have to take action on the training and conquer the hardest part of it all, which is marketing.


When I look into products like this I always like to do my own research and form my own opinions. However, its also important to look at other people’s opinions, especially those who have purchased the products and can speak from experience.

Many of the reviews that I have found back up exactly what I am saying here… that this is not as easy as it seems and many people complain about not making money with it. If you go on Ripoff Report there are a good amount of complaints about this.

Another noteworthy complaint that I came across is that the products you will be selling are very overpriced and hard to sell because of this. You see, MBV hooks your site up with a bunch of products. You never have to touch these products, keep inventory or anything. All you do is make sales through your site and the products are shipped out from the manufacturers, which MBV takes care of. But the problem is that there are other marketers out there selling the same darn products at much lower prices and you are going to have to compete with them. I’m not saying you can’t sell them but I am saying this makes it more difficult.

Final Thoughts On MBV

MBV does provides a lot of good things. They set you up with an ecommerce store that is ready to go and there is no doubt that you can make money with it. The problem I have with this place is that I think they mislead people with how easy it is… because it is not easy.

Marketing your products is the hard part of it all and this is the part that they leave up to you. Setting up an ecommerce store is the easy part of it.

So while I don’t think MBV is a scam, its definitely not for everyone. I would only recommend it if you truly understand what you are getting yourself into.

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Questions, comments, concerns??? Leave them below in the comment section and I’ll get back to you soon ?

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