Is Neways a Scam? My Review Of This Business Opportunity

NewaysNeways offers what has the potential to be a very lucrative business opportunity. But is there a catch to this? Is this really as good as it seems it is? Or is Neways a scam possibly that is going to have you running around with little reward?

I decided to review the business opportunity that this place offers because I know there are a lot of questions swirling around about it. I’ll be going over what everyone needs to know if they are looking into this… how it works, how you make money, the downside, and more.

Neways Overview

Neways is a direct sales company that sells personal care, household care, and nutritional products. For what its worth their products seem to be good quality from what I have read and heard. But I’m not here to talk about the products that they have I am here to talk about the business opportunity.

As a direct sales company they rely on independent distributors to do all the marketing and selling. Anyone can become one of these distributors and can make money with it.

How You Make Money

There are 2 basic ways that you will be earning money as a distributor. You will be able to earn retail commissions and you will be able to earn from recruitment.

Retail Commissions

As a distributor you will be able to purchase Neways products at wholesale costs and then turn around and sell them at markup prices. The difference is what you will keep.

The amount you will make here will vary but is usually 10-20% but can get up to around 30%.


Since this is a mlm (multi-level marketing) company you can earn by recruiting in other distributors beneath you. There are several different ways you can earn from recruitment but the biggest way is the team commissions.

You can earn Team Commissions down to 6 levels deep. The distributors that you recruit in are your level 1, the distributors that they recruit in are your level 2, and so on.. all the way to level 6.

You will earn 10% on the first 4 levels and then 5% on levels 5 and 6. This is a uni-level structure so this means that you can have infinite number of people on each level.

The Reality Of This Business

The reality of businesses like this is that not many people make good money. This is because of how the compensation plan focuses on recruitment so much. There is no doubt that in order to make good money here you are going to have to recruit consistently.

MLM’s like this have a lot of potential to move up and to make good money but this recruitment focused compensation plan makes it difficult. You have to have a big downline and many people below you to make good money. And of course there are always going to be more people at the bottom of the pyramid-like mlm structure struggling than at the top. So of course most people are going to fail, while the few at the top reap most of the rewards.

I was not able to actually find an income disclosure from this company. Many mlm’s will show an income disclosure that shows you how much their distributors actually make but Neways does not. However, I have reviewed and looked into dozens and dozens of mlm’s over the years to know that this is the reality of it. In fact, I just reviewed Limu and Tempo Wireless recently and this is the same reality with them.

Conclusion on Neways – Scam or Good Business Opportunity?

Neways is not a scam. They sell legitimate products and the business opportunity that they provide is also legitimate. However… it isn’t as good as many people are led to believe. There is a lot of misinformation out there from other distributors trying to recruit new people in and making it sound better than it is.

Don’t get me wrong… you can make a lot of money here. There is a ton of potential. But the reality is that not many people make it far. And one thing that I like is that the company, Neways, does not lead you to believe you are going to make it rich like many other mlm’s do. From what I see they give you pretty realistic expectations as far as earning money goes. It is the independent distributors that you will see making it seem too good to be true.

If are going to pursue this opportunity just know the reality of it. There is a lot of potential to make a lot of money here… but it is not easy and most people fail.

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