Is Noble 8 Revolution a Scam? – What You Should Know

Noble 8 Revolution Review

Since you are reading this review and questioning whether or not Noble 8 Revolution is a scam, and I am guessing you were asked to join the business for a small price of $25. You probably were told about all the money that you can potentially make without paying any more than the initial $25. It probably sounded way too good to be true which then led you to doing some extra research and landing upon my review here.

Well it’s a good thing you did take the time to do some extra research, because this place is not what it may seem to be. From a first glance it may seem like an incredible business whose focus really is on bettering the world through charity, but if you dig a little deeper there seems to be something else going on here. In this review I will be going over what you NEED to know before you get involved.

Noble 8 Revolution Review

Noble 8 Revolution has the mission of giving over $1 billion to charitable causes around the world. This is the focus of the business, at least as far as they tell you. There charitable donations are focused and eight different areas, which they call the “eight pillars of noble giving”. These eight different areas of charity that they donate toward include…

  • Humanitarian causes
  • Disaster relief
  • Innocent victims
  • Disabled heroes
  • Youth programs
  • Animal abuse
  • Health research
  • General giving funds

Now you may be wondering where did they get the money to donate to these charities? The answer to this question is from people like you. Noble 8 Revolution sells personal development courses and with each course sold they donate a certain amount of money to charity.

This all sounds good so far, in fact it sounds great. A company focused on personal development that donates to charity… This sounds a company that we all should be supporting, including myself. However… Things are not always the way they sound at first. What you will see shortly is that this company is running a recruitment scheme that you might want to stay far away from.

The Products

They offer what they call Life Mastery Academy which is a series of personal development courses that include E courses, weekend seminar retreats, cruise educational vacations, and so on. The leadership team that mentors people throughout the Academy as hundreds of hours of experience in business, team development, and supposedly just being great at life.

The curriculum focuses on business skills, communication, self-confidence, financial independence and more.

To purchase the initial introductory level course it will cost you $25. This is where everyone begins to joins in on the opportunity.

The Opportunity

They talk about how everyone wants to be financially free but this dream is something that few achieve. And of course Noble 8 Revolution is going to help you achieve this dream, and that all starts with a small purchase of $25.

The lead you to believe that a small $25 purchase is all it takes to make it rich with this opportunity, you will see it is much more than just this.

How It Works

On their website they outline the opportunity in three steps…

1) First you need to have the desire to help fund their $1billion philanthropic vision

2) Must purchase an entry level Life Mastery Academy course for $25 (Eight Steps to a Dynamic Life)

3) Must get at least 3 other people to do the same

Did step number three catch your eye? It should have. After purchasing the first entry-level Life Mastery Academy course for $25 you will then have to go out and recruit three other people to do the same. This will then qualify you as a IBL (Independent Business Leader) and when you reach this point you will earn your first $25 commission.

After that it is all about recruiting more and more people into the Life Mastery Academy and earning more commissions. You buy personal development courses, aka life coaching courses, and then get others to buy in. Sounds a bit like Prosperity of Life and U-Economy to me..

There our four different levels of this Life Mastery Academy, which they call campuses. There is the Novice Campus, the Apprentice Campus, the Mentor Campus, and the Master Mentor Campus. The initial $25 course that you are required to purchase is part of the Novice Campus. However, as you move your way up the courses get much more expensive and peak at $250,000 for the most expensive course in the Master Mentor Campus.

The the goal is to be able to move your way out through all courses and eventually purchased this $250,000 course. But how can you possibly do this? They said that all you would need is an initial $25 purchase, right?

Well the goal was to keep recruiting people in so that you can purchase the next highest course level with the money that you just turned from recruiting people in.

Below are some screenshots I took of the different campuses, the courses include in each, the prices, sales volume, charity donations associated with each course and more… I found these on Noble 8 Revolution’s compensation plan page.

Recruitment Scheme?

This business seems to be mostly focused on recruitment and making money off of new members rather than charitable donations. From what I have seen other people or just recruiting others in for the business opportunity and no one, or at least not many people, seem to be joining for the actual courses being sold or at the charity.

The whole scheme runs on a 3 x 5 matrix. At level 1 there are three positions. Once you recruit in those three people and fill those positions you earn a commission and it then cycles into level 2, at level 2 there around nine positions that need to be filled and once those positions are filled his cycles down to level 3, where there are 27 positions. Then at level 4 there are 81 positions and at level 5 there are 243 position.

It is just a big scheme of recruiting people in, filling up levels, earning commissions, and buying the next course.

Do They Really Give to Charity?

Yes they do give the charity. As you can see above in the screenshots I took, they give a certain amount of money to charity for each product they sell. This is great and all, I am glad that they are giving to charity, but what you have to realize is that the reason they are giving to charity is because they are selling these massively overpriced courses and have tons of money to give away in the first place.

I mean just think about it… You have a personal development course here priced at $250,000 and then another one priced at $50,000… Do they really need to be this expensive or are they overpriced for the sake of giving members the ability to earn massive commissions recruiting others in and for charity?

Final Thoughts – Not a Good Opportunity

First off, this whole thing just seems to be one big money scheme and although they do give to charity this part of it seems to be more of a ploy to come off as a legitimate charitable business that everyone wants to join. The real goal here that they don’t tell you seems to be more along the lines of selling massively overpriced products to earn tons of money.

You are more than welcome to join if you want to. After all it is your money in your life, however I will not personally be recommending this opportunity and I hope you see why now. They lure people in with the talks of being some amazing charitable business, but then once inside you find that it’s all about recruiting others in, and them recruiting others in, and those people then recruiting others in, and so on.

But anyways, I hope this review has served you well. That’s all I have for you here. If you have your own opinion or review of this business all love to hear it below in the comment section and I’m sure other readers would appreciate it as well. You can also leave any comments, questions, or concerns down below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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