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Is PayPal Money Adder a Scam? – Avoid This Software!

PayPal Money Adder is a software that claims to provide the ability to earn free money in your PayPal account. There are many different variations of this software out there but they all claim to do the same thing… Give you free money. Some claim to provide up to $500 per day for each PayPal account that you have.

But are these PayPal Money Adders really legitimate? Can you really make free money like this or is PayPal Money Adder a scam that you need to stay far far away from?

Unfortunately these free money generators are complete scams end in this review I’ll be going over why.

PayPal Money Adder Review

These things go by many different names. Of course there is PayPal Money Adder as I’ve been saying, but they also go by PayPal Money Generator, PayPal Money Adder Generator, etc… There are all the same thing.

These free money adders art downloadable software that allow you to enter your PayPal email address, enter and how much money you want to receive, and choose to add the money to your account. And as I said there are different variations of these money adders. Many of them will require human verification to make sure that you are not a bot. This means you will usually have to complete an offer or a survey, or something along those lines.

There are many different websites out there for these money adders and there are lots of different looks. Below are a few screenshots I took of three of the different PayPal Money Adders I had come across recently…

PayPal Money Adder Scam

As you can see the look different but they are all pretty much the same thing.… They require you to enter your email and the amount you want to send at the very least.

I can definitely see why these softwares are so luring. They offer free money and who doesn’t want free money? Everyone wants free money including me, but like I said these are complete scams.

These Are Nothing But Scams

I know that many of the websites that are providing these software’s will show you proof that they work. They will show you screenshots of people who have supposedly been using them and have gotten paid. They will also be sure to tell you that they are not scams and make up some strange reason for how they work and how they are able to provide you with free money.

Its All a Lie!

If something sounds too good to be true than it probably is, and this is one of those things. Getting free money sounds way too good to be true. No one has made money with the scams. Everything they tell you and show you is a lie… The payment proofs, the screenshots, and all the information given. It’s all a lie and a scam.

I review scams that are too good to be true all the time so seeing fake payment proofs, screenshots, etc. is nothing new to me. Clicks Dealer and Computer Instructors are 2 complete scams that I have recently reviewed and exposed like this.

Why These Scams Exist

To Take Your Money

Not all of these PayPal Money Adder software scams Will take your money, but some will. Some will require you to pay for the software before you can download it. So of course what is going to happen is you are going to pay for this software that does not do anything and then you will have no way of getting your money back because there is going to be no sort of refund policy.

Do NOT pay to download any sort of software like this. In addition to you getting ripped off by paying for it, you also might be scammed in some other of the following ways…

Email Harvesting

Some of the scams also exist to collect emails. Now you may be wondering… What is the point of this? Why would they want to collect emails?

Well believe it or not you can actually make money selling emails. Email marketing can be very lucrative for online businesses and people will pay money for lists of emails that they can market to. So simply capturing your email by tricking you into entering it, which all of these scams softwares do, could be another reason for the scams.

Paid Offers

As I mentioned earlier, some of the scams will require you to verify that you are human by completing an offer over taking a survey. But why not just have you enter a captcha code or something simple like that to verify you are a human?

While the reason is simple… It is because the scammers behind these softwares are getting paid when people complete these offers or take surveys.

All Sorts of Malicious Software

Of course you have no idea what you are actually downloading to your computer. It may be some sort of malicious software that attempts to steal credit card information you have saved on your computer, it could be software that spies on you, and all sorts of things.

The point is that you definitely cannot trust any sort of software like this that claims to provide you with free money because it is obviously a scam from the start.

If you have already downloaded this sort of software I would immediately delete it from your computer, run a few virus scans, and maybe even wipe the computer clean.

PayPal Account Login Info

Another thing that these PayPal Money Adder scams could be doing is trying to steal your PayPal login information.

One thing you should know is that in order to get paid from PayPal you only have to give someone your email address that is associated with that PayPal account. There is no need to ever give any login information so if you are ever asked for that you know it is a scam.

Now most of these software scams will not require you to give any sort of password information but this is something you should keep in mind just in case the one you came across does.

Final Thoughts – Avoid At All Costs!

When I look into potential scams like this I am very careful with what I call a scam and what I don’t. If I’m not completely sure that something is a scam that I’ll let you know, however I am completely, 100% sure, that this is an absolute scam.

Free money systems like this just don’t exist. This is not how the real world works even though it would be awesome if it was. Believe me, if these things did work I would be using them every day and I would have multiple PayPal accounts to collect money.

You cannot just get free money like this. There are plenty of ways to legitimately make money online, but this is not one of them. You cannot just do nothing and expect to earn something. I have been making money online since 2015 in what I have learned is that every way out there to make money online requires work, real work.

PayPal Money Adder is an absolute scam but if you are looking for a legitimate way to make some money online then I would suggest taking a look at how I do so. I got started back in 2015 and am currently making very good money working online for myself. You can click on my #1 Recommendation below to learn more about what I do, how it all works, and how beginners with no experience can get started doing the same.

And of course leave any comments, questions, or concerns below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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