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Is Zwerl a Scam or Can You Really Make Money As An Expert? – [Review]

ZwerlCan you really make money with the Zwerl app or is this all a scam? If you are interested in making extra money online in your spare time and have a fair amount of knowledge in any particular subject, then this app might be of interest to you. It gives people the ability to make money providing answers whenever they want to.

In theory it sounds like a great choice but is it really as great as it seems? That is what I intend to answer for you in this review. I will be going over how the app works, requirements for becoming an expert, how much money you can make, complaints and more.

Zwerl App Review

Zwerl is what you call an “instant experts” app. What it provides is an expert service where people can ask questions on any topic they want and receive answers in a timely manner from experts on the particular subject. There are other expert answering services out there as well, such as Just Answer, so this is not something that hasn’t been seen before.

There are two types of people that are using this app: experts and the people asking the questions. Normal users that are asking questions will have to pay a monthly subscription fee for their services and the experts will get paid for providing their expertise and helping out the users by providing answers to their questions.

So basically how this app works is it provides a platform for users to be connected with experts. Users ask questions about whatever they want and are matched up with experts that can hopefully provide them with the answers they are looking for in a timely manner.

Categories that you can be an expert in or get answers in as a user include:

  • fashion
  • medicine
  • cooking
  • economics
  • dating
  • sex advice
  • biology
  • chemistry
  • and plenty others

There are many different categories which is one of the great things about this app… You can potentially find answers in just about any topic and/or providing answers for just about any topic.

Who This App Is For

This app is really for anyone who once to use it. Everyone has questions at one point or another and with an app like this that provides access to experts on pretty much anything, anyone should be able to find it beneficial. In particular it seems that instant expert services like this are popular among students.

On the flipside this app might also be a good choice for someone who thinks they have expert knowledge in a particular subject and are looking to make some extra money online in their spare time.

Requirements To Become An Expert

Well of course you are going to need to be knowledgeable in your particular field of choice. They Will give you assessment tests that you will have to pass in order to actually become an expert.

Besides being knowledgeable you will also need to be fluent in English so that you can communicate effectively with users and you have to be good at typing.

How Much Can You Make?

I have seen these expert positions being advertised as providing the potential to make $8/hr but I’m not completely sure whether they actually pay on an hourly basis like this or if this is just an estimate. There is a lot that is still unclear to me about how getting paid works.

One thing that I was able to find out was that they pay via direct deposit or through PayPal and they do so on a monthly basis.

It is also very important to note that the potential amount you will be able to make will vary greatly depending on your area of expertise. Some topics are in higher demand than others which means they will be more questions being asked and more opportunity to answer them and make money. With some topics there will also be much more competition from other experts answering questions which will also affect the amount of opportunity available.

The Work Schedule

The fact that you can work whenever you want is something that is very luring to many people out there looking to make some extra money online. However… Just because you are able to work whenever you want and set your own schedule doesn’t mean that you are actually going to want to do this.

What you will find is that you will have to work according to the demand for answers, which will probably differ depending on what topic you are an expert in. For example: if you are an expert mechanic then the highest demand for answers would likely be during the day when people are working on their automobiles, whereas if you are an expert in a common school subjects such as chemistry the demand might be higher during later hours of the day when students are completing homework and assignments. Now I’m not saying that this particular scenario is true but I do know that the demand will differ depending on what you are an expert in.

You can’t just work whenever you want because there might not be any work to be had at particular times.


I did find a fair number of complaints, mostly on their Facebook page, which you should be aware of before moving forward. Some of the notable ones I came across included…


Most of the complaints had to do with there being glitches with the app, or the app not working properly in one way or another. These include things like not being able to ask questions, answer questions, open up the app, etc.

These complaints should be taken seriously but it is also worth noting that these are easily fixable. As long as Zwerl it’s a good team of developers working behind the scenes on the app then technical problems like this should be easily fixable.

Stopped Paying

There were actually a couple complaints I found claiming that the stopped paying after a few months. Now whether or not this is true is unknown to me, but it is definitely worth mentioning. Of course the main point to becoming an expert for the majority of people reading this is to make money and if you aren’t going to be making money then there’s no point.

Not Much Work

Of course this depends on what particular area you are an expert in. Like I said, the amount of opportunity available to work depends on the amount of people asking questions in that particular area, which will vary a lot.

There might be very little work for some people but then plenty of work for others. This is a legitimate complaint but if you’re going to be an expert in some strange topic that little people have an interest in, then you cannot really expect much.

Time Limitation on Chat

Apparently there is a time limit on the chat which only allows you to be chatting back and forth for two hours. This is a problem because some questions people may have will require more than two hours to answer properly. This could be due to any reasons, such as having to perform research or answering other questions that have stemmed from their original question.

Final Thoughts on Zwerl – Worth Joining?

First off, no Zwerl is not a scam. They do provide a legitimate expert answering service and you really can make money as an expert working through the app on your own time. That said, there is a lot of room for improvement on this app and I would not recommend becoming an expert to everyone out there.

An instant expert Like this can potentially provide a nice way to make a small amount of extra income on the side, but it will not provide the opportunity to make anything substantial by any means. So if you are looking into this as a way to make reliable income I would recommend against it. What I would recommend to anyone looking to get involved as an expert with this app is to start out with very low expectations and find out what is possible. The amount of opportunity available will vary greatly as I have mentioned over and over again, so you first are going to want to test out the waters to see what potential there is in your particular area of expertise.

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