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Is Life Force International a Scam? – A Look at The Business Opportunity

Life ForceLooking for a review on the business opportunity that Life Force International offers? Well then look no further… I know there are a lot of people out there looking at this business and thinking about joining but are hesitant to do so. Some are even questioning is Life Force International a scam or not?… Because of this I took the liberty of doing some research on this place and writing this review.

If you came across this opportunity by someone that is already in the business, maybe by word of mouth or social media, then there is a good chance you didn’t get the full story. The truth is that there is a lot of potential to make money in this business but there is also one major downfall to it.. I’ll be going over all of this.

The Life Force Business Opportunity

Life Force International, aka Life Force, is a health and wellness mlm company that was founded back in 1984 in sunny California. They sell a lot of products and for what its worth… they seem to be good quality and get good reviews. You can find products for daily health, joint support, athletic performance and a bunch more.

But as you can tell by the title of this post I am not going to be reviewing the products that Life Force has. I’m looking at the business opportunity here.

Anyone can join this company as an independent distributor (associate, member, whatever you want to call it) and sell their products to consumers. This is because this company has a direct sales business model. On top of that they are also a mlm, and this means that you can also make money by recruiting in other distributors.

A Look at How You Make Money

Life Force is a pretty typical mlm when it comes to making money. There is a lot of room to move up within the business with lots of rank levels and increasing rewards for moving up the ranks. As a member (distributor) you will be able to buy products at factory direct prices and then sell them at retail prices, pocketing the difference. These retail sales are a core part of the compensation plan but if you really want to move up the ranks and earn good money you are going to have to recruit other members in beneath you.

There are several ways to earn from those beneath you… I’ll go over a few…

They have their Infinity Bonus where you can earn from up to 5+ levels beneath you. The members that you go out and recruit into the business make up level 1, the members that they then go out and recruit in make up level 2, and so on. With this bonus you will be able to earn commissions from what those beneath you do.

Then they have their Generation Bonus. You can earn down to 4 generations deep but only people with a Diamond rank will be able to get this bonus. Basically this bonus is a bonus on another “team”. When someone in your downline makes it to the Diamond level they (in a way) form their own team, you can then earn commissions from that entire team with this.

A Lot of Potential Here… Whats The Catch?

MLM’s like this have a lot of potential. There is a lot of room to move up within the company and each step up you can earn more money. The problem with all of this is that it makes it more difficult to start out.

You see those that are high ranked earn from many people beneath them. Its a pyramid like structure where commissions from sales at the bottom trickle up into the bank accounts of those higher up. The few percent at the top reap most of the rewards while those at the bottom have money taken out of their sales in the form of commissions that pay those above them.

Most people fail with mlm opportunities and its no wonder why. The structure makes it this way. There will always be many more people near the bottom of the pyramid structure than at the top.

Just Know This

If you are thinking about pursuing the business opportunity here then go for it. Its not like you have to worry about getting scammed or anything, this place is legit. You just need to go into this with realistic expectations. Most people fail and that is because it is darn hard to make it in mlm businesses like this.

I review mlm opportunities all the time, most recently O2 Worldwide & Life Matters, and they are all the same when it comes to the extremely uneven income distribution where those at the top make all the money.

In order to make it to the top you need to recruit recruit recruit. And this is easier said than done. Personally I stay away from mlm’s because of their difficult nature.

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