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Is Manifestation Millionaire a Scam? – In My Opinion It Pretty Much Is

The Manifestation Millionaire ScamManifestation Millionaire claims to be this “secret discovery” that will bring your greatest desires into your life in just minutes. The guy behind it claims that anyone can change how they think and begin at manifesting better things into their life like the flip of a switch. But is this really true or is Manifestation Millionaire a scam that you should be avoiding?

It is no wonder why you are doing a little extra research and reading my review here. The sales page for this product is absolutely ridiculous and way overhyped. There is that old saying that goes… If something sounds too good to be true than it probably is, and this is one of those things.

While I wouldn’t call this a complete scam, I will say that the person behind it seems to be selling it mostly for the money. The basis on which this whole thing works is very misleading and not entirely true, as I will go over. He claims that it is all based on new breakthrough science but really it is not.

Manifestation Millionaire Review

Manifestation Millionaire is the creation of a guy named Darren Regan. What it is, is an e-book that supposedly reveals this new method he came across where you can change the way your mind thinks and instantly manifest new things into your life.

In the video presentation talks about manifesting yourself a new promotion, a new car, a bigger house and basically just manifesting yourself into a rich person, which everyone seems to want to be these days.

Darren tells you that he has no idea how you came across the Manifestation Millionaire website, but believes that you work “meant to be right here right now. However, this is just some sales marketing to try to make you feel special is that you are more likely to buy the product. It is likely that you ended up on the website after clicking on and affiliate link from someone promoting the product to earn money.

But anyway… In the video presentation he goes on to say that this WILL radically change your life forever.

But Who Is Darren Regan?

He claims to be a guy that once had a family, consisting of a wife and kids, who left him because of his lack of success. He was very unsuccessful until he came across this “secret” from a coworker names, who he said seem to get whatever he wanted without even trying. Apparently Kevin was using some secret manifestation technique you do you good and shared it with Darren.

However, this is likely all a lie and completely made up. I’m not able to verify any of this and there is no way for me to look into this “Darren Regan” character. He gives us no information that I can go out and look up to see if it is legitimate or not, no picture, nothing.

How This “Secret” Manifestation Method Works

Well as he tells you multiple times, this has nothing to do with the law of attraction.

Basically what you are led to believe is that the universe sends back your thoughts. So if you think about limitation then that is what you’re going to get. If you think about not having enough money than that is what you’re going to get. But if you are able to change your thoughts and think about what you want to get, then that is what you will get.

Darren tells you that there is and “activation button” in your mind that you can switch on for instant change. Now of course there is not an actual button, but he leads you to believe that by buying his e-book you will learn this technique that you can instantly manifest things into your life with.

He claims that this technique is so powerful, and so instant that it is like “jumping through a portal”. He tells you that people who have been trying this new method are calling it “the millionaires portal” because you can simply change your thoughts and become a millionaire very fast, or at least that is what he leads you to believe.

Will Manifestation Millionaire Actually Work? NO

The answer is NO, or at least not how he tells you at all. Throughout the video presentation he keeps claiming that this is based on neuroscience and is backed by research from scientists at Harvard and Yale, this is not true at all.

Basically what he does is takes something that is being studied and twists it up to apply to this Manifestation Millionaire product.

What he tells you is that there are “mirror neurons” that able to send out your thoughts into the universe. The example he gives you is that you are at your job, the boss tells you that you are fired if you don’t meet a deadline, so these mirror neurons then send out signals of fear since you scared. These fears signals travel to the people around you and rub off on them. The fear is then contagious.

Very Misleading Info

So I took the liberty of looking into these mirror neurons and found that they work nothing like how he tells you. Mirror neurons do NOT start a fire just from someone’s thoughts like this. There needs to be some sort of action, such as someone physically doing something, for these mirror neurons to begin to fire. And even then they don’t always fire. These mirror neurons will certainly not be activated just from someone’s thoughts like this.

I found a short two minute video on YouTube where a scientist explains this very clearly…

Let’s be realistic here: you can just think about being a millionaire every day and expect to become one. Thoughts do not do much of anything without action. Sure… Have a positive mindset is a big deal, but this alone isn’t going to get you to the end goal.

Personally I think that many of these manifestation products out there are a bunch of crap. And honestly I’m not even convinced that “Darren Regan” believes and what he is telling you. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t believe a word of it and if he does he’s an idiot because the “scientific evidence” that he keeps talking about this method being based off of has nothing to do with the way he claims this manifestation method works

This reminds me of another product I reviewed called Einstein Success Code, which is another product that leads people to believe that they can just change how they think at the flip of a switch and become successful.

Scam or Not?

You can form your own opinion of this. If you like being lied to and hit head on with ridiculous marketing tactics just to buy into some product that will will not work, or at least will not work like they say it will, then you probably don’t think this a scam. But if you’re like me and don’t like being tricked into buying a product like this then you probably are thinking that this very well might be a full-blown scam.

The fact of the matter is that the sales pitch for this product is absolutely ridiculous. He lures people in with the beliefs of being able to manifest anything into their lives instantly, such as bigger houses, nicer cars, things like that… And then tells you that it’s backed by science, which it is NOT.

And then of course you use the old discount trek for “today only” to make you feel like you’re getting the greatest deal ever. Supposedly this product was being sold for $168, then was discounted down to $47, and now it is just $39.95.

Final Thoughts – Avoid

Don’t get me wrong,  I am a huge believer in positive thinking for getting further in life, but I am also realistic. Focusing on negative things that you don’t want will tie up your time and bring you down, and vice versa, but you can just start thinking about something and expect to manifest into your life.

This product is being sold to those who are looking for the easy way out… The people who don’t want to take action to get what they want. It plain and simple DOES NOT WORK. There is not a scientist out there that is going to tell you that the mirror neurons work like Darren tells you.

Darren is playing people for fools. I have the belief that this guy knows his product here is a bunch of crap and is just trying to make some money by suckering other people to buy it. But of course this is just my opinion. Everything here is just my opinion. You can certainly buy this e-book if you want to.


Anyway… I hope you enjoyed my review here and I hope you found at least somewhat valuable to you. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns you can leave them down below and I went back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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