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Money Looper Is a Scam! – Review of Mike Thomas’ System

So there is this new system being promoted online called Money Looper that can supposedly make you a bunch of money with these “loopholes”, but can it really? Is this the real deal or is it just another stupid scam that is going to be a waste of your time and money?

And who is this “Mike Thomas” guy anyhow? Can you actually trust him?

Well… As soon as I came across the video presentation I knew I had to write a review on this, the reason being that this is just another stupid scam. I’m guessing that you are probably suspicious of this. After all, you are reading my review right now.

But anyways… In this review I am going to be going over why it is a scam and exposing the truth…


Money Looper Review

First off, the guy who recorded the video needs a better microphone. It sounds like he is in his garage working on his car at the time of the video recording… Not very clear cut audio and very unprofessional. When you expect some guy he was making millions of dollars automatically online to have a better microphone for recording a video like this?

I sure what… But anyways…

He claims that this is the “only one proven concept” that has made him millions online and he gives a sense of urgency by saying that the video could be taken down at any time, because of course the gurus out there are trying to stop him.

He supposedly is making all this “huge automatic income” by using “other people’s efforts” and claims that it is “stupidly effortless”.

The guy goes on to talk about how 99.5% of systems out there are scams, but of course this is different. His system is all about stopping the scammers… Or at least that is what he tells you. But, truth be told, at this point is system is very much sounding more and more like a scam itself.

Near the middle of the video presentation you find out that the guy goes by the name of “Mike Thomas” and supposedly has had one heck of a rough life… Working as a janitor, losing his job and really struggling… And then finally come across this way to make money online.


Lots of Red Flags

The entire background story just sounds way too good to be true. I mean this guy sounds like a modern-day Robin Hood trying to stop these greedy online marketing gurus and giving money to normal people, like you and I.

And then the whole “money loophole” thing just sounds a bit strange. It seems that just about every scam out there claims to have some “secret” or has discovered some “loophole” to make you money.


Re-hashed Old Scam?

It wasn’t until he started talking about how he used to be a janitor that I started realizing that this is just a rehashed old scam. And then, after reading another review I found online my realization was further confirmed.

You see, a while back I reviewed this system called Rich Janitor. It had the same sort of sales pitch… A guy talking about how he used to be a janitor at a school struggling to get by, and that up getting scammed a bunch online, and then as he was trying to take revenge he discovered some new way to make money, which is what he is now trying to sell to you.

However… The strange thing is that in this other Rich Janitor scam the guy’s name was Mike Dee… But I’m guessing he is the same guy as this “Mike Thomas” character.

Likely both of the names are completely fabricated and made up. Of course when you are scamming people by selling a scam system like this Money Looper crap, you don’t want to use your own name.


How You Supposedly Make Money

Well at first you are led to believe that there is some “loophole” that you are filling. He claims that the one guru scammed him and his wife had some loopholes in his affiliate marketing model, which he was able to then make money off of.

He then says he hired some programmers on Craigslist and developed a software for identifying these loopholes.

But what the heck are these loopholes? Well… When he explains it more just sounds like normal affiliate marketing. He talks about how you promote products online via affiliate links and whenever someone clicks on your link and purchases the product, you get paid a commission… That is just regular old affiliate marketing which I am very familiar with (I make a living affiliate marketing).


Things Just Don’t Add Up

Not much of what he tells you actually adds up.

First he tells you that he needs your help to make money with this system and you are led to believe that you are somehow going to help him make more money. But then later he tells you that you just need your help to stop the gurus from making all the money, which doesn’t really seem to benefit him at all financially.

In that is just one of the many things that doesn’t really make much sense. Seems that most of what he tells you is a bunch of hype and “fluff”.


Its Not a System

After watching the video presentation you probably think you’re getting some system. After all, he tells you that his team has developed this software that identifies these loopholes. You probably think that you simply “plug and play”, without doing any work.

However, later in the video presentation he talks about how when you buy into this you will get a series of training videos where he shows you how to make money via affiliate marketing. Well… This doesn’t sound like much of a “system”, it sounds more like a training program that takes a lot of work.


Conclusion = Scam

While this might not be a complete scam I certainly am not going to recommend it to any of my readers and I’m sure a lot of other people out there would rather call it a scam than legitimate.

Just think about it… You are misled through the entire video presentation, you are never really given a straightforward answer on how you will make money, we don’t even know if this guy “Mike Thomas” even exists, and so on.

Can you really trust this place?

Heck no… You will probably just get a bunch of low quality training if you do buy into it that will just lead you down the wrong path and waste a bunch of your time.

As I mentioned earlier, I actually make a living doing affiliate marketing online and have been making money with this since 2015. If you want my advice, start with the Wealthy Affiliate training program. They provide the tools and training you need to get started… And I have never seen a better program.


Comments or questions? Please leave them down below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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