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My Opinion Now Survey Site Review – Scam or Easy Money?

Welcome to my review of the My Opinion Now survey site!

Is this place any good? Is My Opinion Now a scam? How much money can you make from taking surveys, if any?

Don’t worry I’ll be answering all these questions for you so that you have a better idea of what you are looking at here and whether or not this place is going to be worth your time.

Keep reading to learn all you need to know…

My Opinion Now Review

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Believe it or not, it is possible to get paid by taking short and easy surveys online. Now if you are new to all of this then that may sound amazing, but it often isn’t nearly as good as it seems.

My Opinion Now is one of many different paid survey sites out there. You also have popular ones like Swagbucks and PaidViewPoint. They claim to have paid over 1 million people from taking surveys but they still are not even close to being the most well-known out there, and honestly I do not consider them your best choice.

But can you make money? Yes.

You might be wondering how they can afford to pay people money just for sharing their opinions. Where does the money come from in the first place? They have to be making money somehow, right?

The answer is Yes, they do have to make money and the money does come from somewhere of course. Basically how it works is they get paid by all sorts of companies to collect peoples’ opinions so that they can improve products and services. It’s actually a really important business, but don’t think you will be making a lot from these surveys.

How It Works

The first thing you have to do is join, which is completely free to do. You will be rewarded right away for doing so with 1000 points. And these points can later be redeemed for things of real value, but I’ll get into all of that more in a bit.

When signing up you will have to enter information such as your name, birth date, email, street address, country, ethnicity, how many people live in your household, annual income, and more.

After that you will receive an email with a confirmation link that you will have to click. Then you will have access to the member’s area.


The first thing you will want to do, and that you will see under the surveys section, is a “First Profile Survey”. This is important to complete. You will be providing them with additional information about yourself and the reason it is important is because they will use this information to match you up with appropriate surveys.

Anyone who has taken paid surveys online before knows how annoying it can be getting disqualified over and over again. If you fill this out as accurately as possible it should decrease this problem.

You also won’t have any real surveys available when you first sign up so this is the only thing you can really do anyhow. After that, like I said, they will be able to match you with appropriate surveys.

Once you do start getting surveys you will not qualify for everyone you take. This can be frustrating and is one of the major downsides to doing this, but you will encounter this no matter what site you go to.


After taking surveys you won’t get paid right away. Instead, you will earn points. This is typical for these types of sites. You earn points and these points can later be redeemed for real money later on.


This place has different reward levels and in order to reach these levels you need a certain amount of points, as shown below.

  • Level 1 – 20,000 points = $20
  • Level 2 – 40,000 points = $40
  • Level 3 – 60,000 points = $60
  • Level 4 – 80,000 points = $80
  • Level 5 – 100,000 points = $100
  • Level 6 – 120,000 points = $120
  • Level 7 – 140,000 points = $140
  • Level 8 – 160,000 points = $160
  • Level 9 – 180,000 points = $180
  • Level 10 – 200,000 points = $200

So you will need a minimum of 20,000 points before you can actually get rewarded.

Did you think that the 1,000 sign up bonus was going to help?

Ya… well think again. Sure, it helps some, but you will still need to put in a decent amount of effort in order to get up to 20,000 points where you can finally cash out.

Is This Place a Scam?

I know there are always concerns when it comes to things like this. When you deal with businesses online it is hard to know who you can trust.

That said, at first look it seems you can trust this place. I did some looking more into their reputation and found that they have been accredited by the BBB since 2007, which is about as good as you will find with these types of sites. They have an A+ rating al well.

I know that privacy is also a concern with survey sites. After all, they are gathering a lot of personal information and you may not want that being shared all over the place. But from what I can see you can trust this place. Their privacy policy covers all the big concerns.

But I still have some concerns…

Something that I find incredibly strange is that there is only one user review on SurveyPolice. For those of you who don’t know, SurveyPolice is a website that provides reviews of survey sites and individual users can leave their own reviews there.

Some sites have hundreds and hundreds of individual reviews from real users… and this places only has one. The reason this is so strange is because they claim to supposedly have paid over 1 million people online…. yet they only get one lousy review… hmmmmm?

Not to mention that the review is a negative one…

The person complained about being promised a $10 incentive and not being able to get in contact with the site to actually receive this money.

All in all it seems that this place is pretty much a ghost. There isn’t much talk about it and that is because not many people use it, or at least that is how it seems.

So while they don’t have any complaints with the BBB, and they do have an A+ rating, it might not mean all that much.

It’s hard to say.

How Much Money Can You Make?

You will NOT make much. That is for certain. Even if you do get paid.

Paid survey opportunities are often presented as being better than they really are, but I’m giving you the truth here.

There are tons of different survey sites out there but they all have this characteristic in common… the characteristic that they don’t pay survey takers very much. And the reason is simply because they don’t have to. It is cheap and easy for them to collect people’s opinions online. They have no need to pay much.

Generally speaking you are looking to make much less than minimum wage taking paid surveys online. Most paid surveys pay less than $1. And once you factor in the time you waste getting disqualified from surveys… it is hardly worth it.

I mean, of course you have the benefits of being able to complete paid surveys at any time of the day and from anywhere you like, which is nice. But I just want to make sure you have realistic expectations with these types of sites.

Conclusion – Worth Your time or Not?

Obviously I’m not too big a fan of these survey sites. However, if you do want to join one I would definitely recommend something more reputable, like Swagbucks. My Opinion Now just doesn’t have a great reputation. In fact, they hardly even have a reputation and are almost unknown. Swagbucks is well know to be legitimate, they do pay their member’s, and… they offer additional ways to earn rather than just taking surveys.

For anyone looking to earn real money online I would recommend taking a look at how I went from $0 to over $6,000 a month online. This has nothing to do with paid surveys but is also something you can do on your own schedule from anywhere you want, which is the reason I think you might like it. Plus it has a lot more earning potential.

Got any comments or questions? Leave them below and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

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