One Bitcoin a Day Scam
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Is One Bitcoin A Day a Scam? – Yup… It Is & Here Is Why

One Bitcoin a Day Scam

One Bitcoin A Day claims to be some incredible automated system where you can profit one whole bitcoin every day. But is this really true? Or is this just another scam that is going to leave you with less money than when you started?

Unfortunately this is just another one of those scams. You will not make any money with this system. It is completely fake and is designed purely for scam purposes. In this review I will be going over why it is a scam and why you need to avoid it. By reading this review you will also be able to learn what to look for in the future so you can avoid other scams that may come your way.

One Bitcoin A Day Review

One Bitcoin A Day claims to be in automated trading software that anyone can use to profit one bitcoin per day. However this is fake. The creator of this incredible software goes by the name of Justin Hagan . However this is also fake.

Everything about this scam program/system is fake as can be and you will see why.

Signs It Is A Scam

#1 – Free to Use

First off it is free to use. Anything that claims to be 100% free you should always be suspicious of. Sure there are some things that are provided for free but normally they are free trials or something along this line, where you will have to pay money in the future.

However this claims to be completely free… Forever. So how the heck did they pay to keep this trading software up-to-date? There has to be a team behind this keeping everything running smoothly so this really makes no sense.

#2 – Ridiculous Income Claims

One bitcoin per day???!! Are you kidding me? That is a heck of a lot of profit and really doesn’t make much sense because you only have to deposit $250 to get started.

So just think about that for a second. As I’m writing this bitcoin is around $10,000 so for you to be able to make one whole bitcoin per day by depositing just $250 this means you would be making 4000% gains every single day.

This is an absolutely ridiculous claim.… It’s your typical get-rich-quick scheme BS where they make insane moneymaking claims and of course make it seem like the easiest thing ever, which brings me to my next point…

#3 – Requires No Work

Of course the system requires no work on your part. All you do is deposit money and it starts cranking out the profits. People always seem to think that it is super easy to make money online when the reality is that making money online requires real work just like any other job.

Any system that claims to be super easy is something that you should either avoid or proceed with extreme caution when looking into.

#4 – Justin Hagan May Not Exist

The guy that is supposedly behind this incredible trading software is named Justin Hagan, however there is no proof that this guy even exists. He is likely just a paid actor that the scammers have paid to help promote the scam. This is not unusual at all to see when it comes to automated trading scam such as this one. I review scams like this all the time and many of the suppose it creators are easily exposed as fakes.

#5 – Makes No Sense

This whole entire scheme also doesn’t even really make much sense. The name is “One Bitcoin A Day” yet they talk about how this system trades in the Forex and binary options markets. So then why the heck would bitcoin be in the name if it has nothing to do with bitcoin or cryptocurrency? Bitcoin is completely different from Forex and binary options so this is just something that really makes no sense to me.

If anyone could explain this I would appreciate it but I’m guessing that it is just something that is unexplainable.

#6 – Unregulated Broker

Of course they refer you to in unregulated broker to deposit your money. Whenever you come across systems like this they always refer you to some broker in the scams always refer it to in unregulated broker that is pretty much out of the laws reach.

Always look into the broker before you deposit money. There are a heck of a lot more scams out there than legitimate trading software so you have to really be careful what you get involved with.

There Is More Where This Comes From

As I said, there are plenty more very similar scams out there, Bitcoin Focus Group, Trident Crypto Fund, and Bitcoin Bonanza just to name a few. I review scams like this pretty darn often and they are usually very similar in the way they operate. Just as this one does, they lure people in with the hopes and dreams of making super easy money online.

They claim to be completely automated, required no work, and the anything you pretty much have to do is deposit money to get started. These trading systems scams usually claim to operate under some new breakthrough algorithm that can somehow accurately predict the market like no others before it can, but it is all just a bunch of BS.

Whenever I look into potential scams like this I always go in with the mindset thinking that they are already scams and look to be proven wrong. Unfortunately with this one there is nothing that proves otherwise. Everything that I see just points more and more to it being a scam.

Final Thoughts – Avoid

Not much to see here… Just your pretty typical get-rich-quick scheme. Luckily for you, you did not get pulled into it. You took the time to do a little extra research and came across my review before making a big mistake.… Or at least I hope this is what happened. If you did already buy in then don’t feel too bad, many people get scammed by these types of fake systems and is nothing to feel terrible or stupid about. You live and you learn.

You can learn more about how to avoid scams like this in a post I wrote here about signs of cryptocurrency scams.

Anyways… I hope you enjoyed my review here and be sure to leave any comments or questions you may have below. I will get back to you soon as I can 🙂

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