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Is Profit Countdown a Scam? The Don’t Tell You What You Need To Know

profit countdownSo I came across this “system” recently called Profit Countdown that claims it can make you loads of money online with very little effort. It has all the tell-tale signs of a scam but is it? Is Profit Countdown a scam? Or is this possibly that magical opportunity that people wait a lifetime to find?

I decided to write this review because many people are being mislead by this all. Profit Countdown is not as great as they make it seem. Although you can make money with this system its just not like you are led to believe. In this review I’ll be giving you the truth.

Profit Countdown Overview

Ok, so Profit Countdown is just part of a sales funnel to get you to buy into another program. There is no program called “Profit Countdown”. This is nothing more than a website that was set up by an affiliate of another program to get people to buy into this other program so that they can make commissions.

The real program here has been around for a while and the reason for creating this site with the name Profit Countdown is because it sounds like a new untapped opportunity.

The Real Program Here

What you are being funneled into buying here is a program called Aspire, which I am very familiar with because it has been around for years and there are many other small funnel sites like Profit Countdown out there that are promoting it. In fact, I just reviewed a program called Simple Profit Secret the other day that is basically the same thing.

Aspire is an online marketing program that was created by the company named Digital Altitude. Basically what it does is gives you training, tools, and resources to market and make money online. It actually is a good quality and rather professional program but there are some serious downsides to it that I’ll go over shortly.

What You Get

Aspire is one of those “hey.. buy this program and you can make a lot of money getting other people to buy this program” type of deals. While it is possible to apply what they give you to help with any online business, it is mostly focused on getting you and all the other members to promote Aspire to other people and make money that way.

When you buy in they set you up with pre-made sales pages, sales funnels, websites, online business automation tools, and more. All these “pre-made” things are made for you to promote Aspire.

The Hidden Cost

The cost is what really screws people and this is one of the main reasons that I don’t particularly recommend this program.

There are trials that you can join for Aspire that will start off at just $1, but those will soon jump up to their real price of $37 per month. And that is just for the cheapest membership. Their most expensive membership costs $127 per month and you are going to be pushed into buying it because you will receive more commissions from selling Aspire to others if you have it.

And that is not all. Aspire also has other products besides their memberships and these cost thousands of dollars. In fact, their most expensive product costs over $27k… this is not a joke.

Of course you don’t have to buy into that one. But Aspire has a system where you have to buy what you want to sell. You see, when you buy their memberships or products you also get the “licensing rights” to them, which means you can then go out and resell them and earn commissions doing so.

This often somewhat forces members into buying products that they really don’t want or need just to be able to sell them.

Conclusion on Profit Countdown (aka Aspire) – Scam?

Well Profit Countdown itself is definitely a scam. Its just a funnel program that feeds you a bunch of lies and misleading information to get you to buy into Aspire. Aspire itself I would not consider a scam but I would say that it is a very expensive program that is difficult to succeed with.

One thing that I didn’t mention about Aspire is that it is a mlm. It has a pyramid-like recruitment structure where members make money off of those beneath them. This may sound desirable but it actually makes it hard to make money and leads to very uneven wealth distribution, where those at the top are making all the money while those at the bottom are struggling.

There is definitely potential to make good money with Aspire but this is not something that I would recommend, especially for beginners. It is just too difficult and costly.

If you are looking for a legitimate way to make money online then I would suggest reading about my no. 1 recommended program here. I started with this program back in 2015 and am still a member to this day. Its also notable that I am making a living online now and this can pretty much all be attributed to what this program has taught me.

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