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Is Profits Unlimited a Scam by Paul Mampilly? – Honest Review

Profits UnlimitedIf you came across Paul Mampilly’s investment newsletter called Profit Unlimited and are wondering if its the real deal then I’m writing this for you. I came across a promotion for this product the other day and decided to take a deeper look into it all. The sales pitch for Profits Unlimited came off somewhat on the “too salesy” side for me to be comfortable with and I’m guessing that the same probably goes for you, judging from how you are reading my review here an all.

In this review I’ll be going over what exactly Profits Unlimited is, what it includes, I’ll go over a bit about Paul himself, some complaints worth noting and more. Is Profits Unlimited a scam? No its not a scam. I’ll get straight to the point here and let you know that.

Profits Unlimited Review

So as I said already, Profits Unlimited is an investment newsletter that was created by Paul Mampilly.

In this newsletter Paul provides advice on the stock market, specific stock buys and sells that he is going to do or has done, and more. It is primarily focused on investments in the tech industry but is not limited to this. The reason its mostly focused on the tech industry is because Paul sees huge potential here. The IOT, or Internet of Things, where machines communicate back and forth with other machines, is growing exponentially and is one area that is expected to have massive growth in the years to come.

Right off the bat here, I like where this newsletter is focused. I know there is a lot of hype around IOT and it might get a bit annoying hearing everyone’s spiels about how great the future is and all of that. But the truth of the matter is that even if the future doesn’t turn out to be as bright as it is expected to be… it will still more than likely turn out to be pretty darn bright. The only way I see the future not showing serious upside is if some major catastrophe happens here on Earth… but lets hope not.

I’m not saying that the technology behind IOT, in particular some little sensor chips that Paul talks about, is going to be 7 times bigger than the invention of computers, tablets, and smartphones combined, like some of the ads say… but it will grow.

The newsletter is also focused on small cap stocks. Paul is interested in investing in stocks that he thinks have massive growth potential. He tries to get in on investments when they are still relatively cheap before they experience massive growth.

Anyways… who is Paul Mampilly? I’m going to go over a bit about him before I get into what is included in the Profits Unlimited subscription.

Paul Mampilly, Who is he?

Paul has a history of banking and money managing. Prior to providing financial advice with his newsletters, he was a money manager at the Royal Bank of Scotland, Swiss Bank, and even Sears (which isn’t doing so well by the way). Paul has also helped manage multi-million dollar portfolios and was a hedge fund manager for some time.

One thing that I found rather catching was that Paul won a first place award in an investment competition held in 2008 by Templeton Foundation. I’m not exactly sure what the specifics of this competition were but I do know he won for the $50 million portfolio he was managing, which I’m assuming was more profitable than others in the competition.

But anyways… I’m not going to get too much into who this guy is. I just wanted to give a brief background. Paul is a man with a heck of a lot of experience. He has over 25 years of Wall Street experience and has done well for himself and his clients throughout his career.

What Profits Unlimited Includes

Access to Paul’s Portfolio

You will be able to see what stocks Paul is going to be buying, what prices he will be buying them at, where he will be selling stocks, etc.

Weekly Updates

He will give you short weekly updates on current holdings, how potential positions are looking, changes in the market that you should be aware of…

Trade Alerts

You will be alerted when you should make trades. He will also go over how to actually make the trade.

The Monthly Newsletter

Each month you will get the monthly newsletter where Paul will tell you about a new investment he is pursuing. He doesn’t just do a little research on these things online and call it a day. He really dives into them and gets inside information that most people wouldn’t be able to get.

Members Access

You will have access to the websites members area where you will be able to get all that this product has to offer, including all that I just went over.

Why The Complaints?

So if you do some research and just look around Google for information on Paul Mampilly and Profits Unlimited you will find information that is calling him a scam along with Profits Unlimited. Why is this?

Honestly the only reason I can think of that people are complaining is from the promotions for Profits Unlimited. As I mentioned earlier, the ads that you may see for this newsletter are a bit over the top in my opinion. They come off very “salesy” at times and might give potential investors a bit of unease. And on the other side of things maybe some investors as subscribing thinking that the newsletter is going to be better than what it is.

I’m not saying that Profits Unlimited isn’t good. The advice from Paul has proven to perform well, but I’m just saying the sales pitches could be toned down a bit. When people are being lured in with claims like “The Greatest Invention In History… 7 Times Bigger Than Computers, Tables, and Smartphones Combined!”… its pretty much guaranteed there are going to be complaints. Its claims like this that makes me think of other over-hyped newsletters like Freedom Checks and The Altucher Report.

*It also seems that many complaints about Profits Unlimited aren’t specifically about the newsletter itself but rather they are complaints about the company selling the newsletter, Banyan Hill. There have been multiple people who claim to have been overcharged and things like this. Whether these complaints are true or not are not up to me to decide.

Profits Unlimited Performance

I know a lot of people who have money sitting in the stock market that just goes with the overall market prices. It follows the S&P up and down and doesn’t really do anything spectacular. If you are one of these people then you could benefit from the Profits Unlimited newsletter.

Sure there are investments that Paul makes that don’t turn out the way he thought, but overall he does pretty well.

The Cost

The cheapest version of Profits Unlimited is the digital version for $47. There are also more expensive versions that include the $129 deluxe version and the $79 premium.

Is it worth the price? Well its really not that expensive but this is up to you to decide.

Conclusion on Profits Unlimited – Good Investment or Not?

Profits Unlimited is not a scam. Paul is a veteran in this area and he does seem to provide a lot of good advice. On top of this I also think the IOT area that this newsletter focuses on has a bright future and is a good idea to get involved with.

However, if you are thinking about buying a subscription I highly suggest you do your own research. I’ll admit I am holding back a bit in this review because I saw that Paul Mampilly is suing another blogger who posted “defamatory” articles about him and his investment products. So make sure to do your own research.

And if you have any questions or comments just leave them below and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

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