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Seven Figure Publishing Review – Scam Newsletters or Worth The Money?

Seven Figure Publishing is a financial newsletter service that has somewhat of a bad reputation, and for good reason. This is probably why you are wondering if this place is a scam in the first place and I understand why.

So is this place a scam? Can they be trusted?

Lets find out..

In this quick review I’ll be going over some things that I’m sure you will want to know about this place, such as what they offer, complaints, ratings and my overall opinion.

Lets first talk about what exactly Seven Figure Publishing is in the first place…


  • Website:
  • Service: Financial newsletters
  • Division of Agora Financial

In a nutshell this places is a financial newsletter publishing company that is a division of the larger company Agora Financial, which you may have heard a few complaints about in the past.

What they provide is a bunch of different financial newsletters that anyone can subscribe to in order to (hopefully) make some good money off of investements. They often take the approach of the mainstream media being pure evil and trying to hide things from the public and doing everything they can to keep you down… and of course they are here to look out for the little guys and know the “secrets” to getting rich.

They have a number of different newsletter services and a lineup of chief editors, some of which you have probably heard of if you have come across any of their services before, which I’m guessing you have since you are reading my review. Some of their newsletters and the editors of them include…

  • Amplified Income – Mike Burnick
  • Breakthrough Technology Alert – Ray Blanco
  • Hot Money Trader – Joshua Belanger
  • Infinite Income – Mike Burnick
  • Kinetic Profits – Jonas Elmerraji
  • Penny Pot Profits – Ray Blanco
  • Seven Figure Signals – Greg Guenthner
  • Technology Profits Confidential – Ray Blanco

How These Newsletter Services Work

They differ slightly but the core of what they provide is all the same for the most part. Usually what you get when you buy into one of these services is a monthly newsetter along with weekly updates, trade alerts and so on. The point of these services is to provide people with investement recommendations so that they can follow along and grow their portfolio like the model portfolio most of these services allow you to look at in the members area.

For most of the services you can usually expect 1-3 moves per month. The monthly newsletter is the “meat” of what is provided here and usually gives a detailed look at stocks that they are looking at purchasing.

Sounds pretty good in theory, right?… you get to follow a mastermind’s advice… someone who has been involved in finance for years and knows what they are doing. Ya it sounds good.. but unfortunately there are quite a few complaints associated with this service.


Misleading Sales Pitches

Many of the complaints come from the incredibly misleading sales pitches this place seems to love so much. Since you are here reading my review there is a good chance you came across one of these and then got that feeling that it sounds way too good to be true.

The pitches, or ‘teasers’ as they are sometimes called, are often over-hyped talking about some secret formula or something along those lines. The income claims made are usually substancial and very alluring, which is what attracts so many people to them. However, they are always very carefully worded to avoid legal troubles.

Most people would consider these marketing tactics “sleazy” and misleading because they make the services seem much better than they really are.

For example, I reviewed Greg Guenthener’s Seven Figure Formula a while back, which was promoted as some “secret formula” to get rich off of penny stocks.

These teasers also usually tell you that you have to get in before some specific date in the near future… which is almost always complete BS. The purpose of this is just to create a sense of false urgency to get people to buy in quickly.

Agora Financial

The company behind it all is Agora Financial. Seven Figure Publishing is just a division of them.

When it comes to complaints about Agora, there are tons. Complaints about being mislead, being billed for a service they didn’t subscribe to or didn’t even know they subscribed to, difficulty canceling subscriptions and more.

You can take a look at some of the many complaints with the BBB.

Many such complaints are from “problems with product/service”, which stem from the fact that the promotional material is misleading and people are buying in without really knowing what they are getting into.

Newsletter Ratings

Who really cares about the promotional material… if the newsletters are performing well, as in making you tons of money, then who cares, right?

Ya… well unfortunately the ratings I’ve come across aren’t too pretty. I wasn’t able to find many good sources of reviews and ratings for these different newsletter services but I did find the following ratings from StockGumshoe for two of their more popular newsletters…

As you can see the ratings are not good. And many of the people giving such bad ratings were doing so due to the misleading promotions and getting suckered into something that they thought would be different as well as being pushed to subsribe to more expensive memberships.


I have read over multiple complaints about the performance of different recommendations being very low. The model portfolios, which are portfolios in which all the suggested buys and sells are made, are often not what you might expect.

I have heard that they sometimes show very poor profits. Much of the teasers that lure people in only mention the money made, but not the money lost.

Conclusion – Scam or Not?

While I don’t care for how this places conducts business I’m still not going to call it a scam. Now if you want to call it a scam or not that is up to you. Now you have some more info on it all so hopefully you can form a better opinion based on what is going on here.

One thing is for sure though, I don’t care for how this place conducts business at all. They seem to be all about the money… that seems to be all they care about. Their newsletter promos lure people in with deceptive marketing trickery and then shake them for more and more money.

What are your thoughts on all of this? You can share them in the comment section below…

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