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Is Total Life Changes a Pyramid Scheme? – What to Know Beforehand

Total Life ChangesWondering is Total Life Changes a pyramid scheme? Then you are going to want to read my review here. I’ll give you a spoiler alert right now and tell you that no I do not believe they are a pyramid scheme, however… I’ll also tell you that its not really a great choice for most people out there.

There is a big recruitment component to this business model because it is a mlm opportunity. So its definitely logical to wonder if it is a pyramid scheme or not. As an Independent Business Owner (IBO) for this company you can earn money by recruiting in other IBO’s and by selling Total Life Changes products to customers.

So products seem good an all to me but I’m not concerned about them here. In this short review I’ll be going over how the business opportunity works and what you need to know about it beforehand….

Cost To Get Started

In order to become an Independent Business Owner and make money here you will first have to sign up for an autoship of at least one product. You will also be required to generate at least 40QV (qualifying volume).

You see each products has a product volume assigned to it and and you must generate at least 40 volume before getting started. So this could require 1 or more product purchases.


There are also business packs that you are pushed to buy that range from around $100 to $300.

Getting Paid – How It Works

Retail Profits

Once you become an IBO you get set up with your own Total Life Changes website. When people buy products through your site you will earn retail profits from them.

Fast Start Bonus

Here you get paid when you recruit other IBO’s into the company. You will earn a commission of 50% on their order volume. So if the IBO buys a one month supply of  Iaso Tea or NutraBurst you would earn $20 off of that purchase.

Binary Pay

This is one of the main parts of the compensation plan.

With the Binary Pay structure there are 2 open positions beneath each person. In order to be able to earn money from this you will have to personally recruit in 2 IBO’s minimum. Although if you are serious about it you will want to recruit in much more than this.

You will earn commissions each week from the volume of products sold in your downline, aka from the people recruited in beneath you. The pay will be dependent on the amount of products sold on the lesser side of the structure.

Matching Bonus & Lifestyle Bonus

These are 2 different bonuses but I’m putting them in the same section because I’m just going over them briefly.

Basically what you need to know is that the Matching Bonus pays you for the money made from your downline. This is all about earning from recruitment. Whereas the Lifestyle Bonus is a bonus given out to people in the high ranks that is intended to help them cover some of the expenses of doing business.

Pyramid Scheme or Not?

Ok, so a product based pyramid scheme is one that sells products but mostly to IBO’s instead of the general public. Pyramid schemes like this will force IBO’s to purchase products in order to be able to make money. These can be sneaky and sometimes seem legitimate. Sometimes pyramid schemes are difficult to spot.

Obviously Total Life Changes does force IBO’s to buy products in order to participate but is this enough to consider it a pyramid scheme? After all, they don’t require you to go out and purchase a ton of products like some other mlm’s do.

Judging from this I would say that no they are not a pyramid scheme, and honestly I have seen other mlm’s that are a lot worse in this regard that still operate legally. So I really wouldn’t be worried with this being a pyramid scheme.

Recruitment is a big part of the business but its just not a pyramid scheme as far as I can tell.

Good Opportunity?…. For Some…

With mlm businesses like this there is a lot of opportunity to make a lot of money but the reality is that most people will not. Their pyramid like structure makes it so that only the top few percent make the majority of the money.

I was not able to locate an official income disclosure for this place but I’ve reviewed dozens and dozens of mlm’s with similar compensation structures to know that this is how it works.

Life Force & Life Matters are 2 other mlm’s in the same health & wellness niche and its the same story for them.

Conclusion on Total Life Changes – Good Opportunity?

If you want to make good money here you are going to need to be good at recruiting in other people. Most people are not successful with this and that is the reason most people fail in these businesses. Recruitment is a big part of this business and if you want to take advantage of the compensation plan then it is a must.

But if you think you would be good at recruitment and like the products that Total Life Changes sells then go for it.

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