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Ultimate Paydays Scam by Rick Owens – Review Exposes It

Ultimate PayDays Scam

Ultimate Paydays is supposedly some amazing new system created by Rick Owens that anyone can make thousands of dollars per day with doing very little work. But is it really? Is this system really the incredible opportunity that it is said to be? Or is Ultimate Paydays just another scam system that is going to leave you discouraged and with less money than when you started?

In this review I will be exposing this system for what it really is, which is nothing like you are led to believe. It is not the incredibly amazing opportunity that you are told it is. In short, Ultimate Paydays it is another online scam that I definitely do not recommend, and you will see why.

Ultimate Paydays Review

Ultimate PayDays Review

Upon landing on the Ultimate Paydays website, you are greeted with a video presentation. Above the video presentation it states that this is some “brand-new foolproof system” that is making the creators up to $1216.69 per day. And of course you are able to copy and paste this system to make similar profits.

Right off the bat things are seeming a little bit too good to be true. It’s already sounding like the typical get-rich-quick scheme, similar to Tube Crusher and Money Message Machine, which I recently reviewed.

The video presentation is put on by a guy named Rick Owens, who claims to have created the system. He says that this year it is “incredibly easy” to make money online and that with this system you can set up your computer to bring in up to $1300 every single day… Simple as that

He goes on to say that this is all thanks to artificial intelligence, but does not elaborate on what exactly he means by this.

But anyways… He claims to have been using this system for three years now and is generating an average of $15,000 per week. And of course… He is barely working at all, only 30 minutes per day.

He claim that the reason he only has to work 30 minutes a day is because this is a “set and forget system”. Apparently just set up once and it does the rest for you.

BUT… Don’t fall for the tracks. This is just another scam system in reality. It is not the incredible $1000 per day system that he tells you it is.

Red Flags – Signs of a Scam

#1 – Massive Income Claims

Making over $1000 per day online is quite an accomplishment. There are people that make this and more, but it isn’t easy.

Whenever you come across a system that claims to be able to make you thousands of dollars per day very easily, you should be very skeptical and proceed with caution. Luckily you were skeptical and are proceeding with caution, after all… You are reading my review right now.

This is a very common sign of a scam and when it is coupled with being “super easy” it is even more likely a scam.

#2 – Little Work Involved

As mentioned, Rick tells you that you only need to put in about 30 minutes of work per day to make this automated system work for you.

If it really were this easy all be all over it and I would have all my family and friends using as well. But of course it is not. This is just another common sign of a scam is used to lure in people who are looking for super easy ways to make money online.

#3 – This “Rick Owens” Guy

The guy claims to be named “Rick Owens” but there is no way for me to verify this statement. For all I know Rick Owens could just be a made up name and I am actually guessing that this is the case.

I have reviewed hundreds of online scams on this website and many of them are promoted under fake names. This is because of course the real creators behind them don’t want their names known since they are scams and people are going to be upset.

Rick Owens is likely a fictitious character made up just to promote this scam.

#4 – Strange Background Story

“Rick” talks all about how making money online is actually not that difficult once you interpret the technical “jargon”. He goes on and on talking about this jargon and how once you are able to see through it things become easy.

It is just a really strange story that doesn’t make all that much sense to me and is a definite red flag.

#5 – Giving It Away Out of The Kindness of His Heart

Like just about every scam out there, this guy claims to be giving away this system out of the kindness of his heart. If this system really could make you thousands of dollars per day with only 30 minutes of work, then he could easily sell this for tens of thousands of dollars. But of course Rick is such a nice guy in just wants to help people out. He is selling it for only $37.

Another big red flag and common sign of a scam right here.

#6 – Lack of Infomation On How It Works

You aren’t really told all that much about how the system works. This is something else you see with many scams. They will provide you with very vague information and then you will have to actually buy in before finding out what you are really getting into.

How The System Works

You are told that the system works via a simple three-step process that goes…

  1. You need a product to sell
  2. Need visitors to buy these products
  3. You get paid

The first step is that you are going to need a product to sell and Rick tells you that he is going to show you how to access thousands of products that you can get paid for. My guess is that he is probably going to be showing you sites like ClickBank, which is a digital marketplace and has thousands of products on it, that is no secret and is well known.

Then for step two you’re going to need visitors to buy these products. Of course Rick has all the answers and he is going to show you how access millions of people who are eager to buy.

Then step three is you get paid… Simple as that.

You Aren’t Told a Thing

He acts as if this is some secret system that is all of a sudden working really good when this is nothing new and is definitely no secret. This three-step system explains every form of e-commerce online. First you need a product and then you sell that product. Am I missing something here? Because this is definitely no secret.

But I guess the actual method and strategy isn’t the secret… Of course it is this amazing system that he is going to set you up with that is the real secret.

Can You Really Trust This Place?

The answer is no, you cannot.

Ther is absolutely no reason that you should trust this place. Just think about it… What reason are you given to trust what is going on here with Ultimate Paydays? Everything about this place seems like a scam and you don’t even know if this Rick Owens guy even exists, which he likely does not.

When I review of systems like this that seem to be obvious scams from the start, I always start out assuming that they are scams and looking for any reason to be proven wrong. Unfortunately, there was absolutely nothing I found about this system that proves me wrong. The more and more I look into it the more and more things point to it being a scam.

Final Thoughts – Scam

As a full disclosure, I have not actually purchased this system for myself so I cannot say with 100% certainty that is a scam, however I can say with 99% certainty that it is a scam. Everything about it is pretty typical of your common get-rich-quick scheme. The scam lures people in with the hopes and dreams of making super easy money online, which of course everyone wants.

The unfortunate part of it all is that there is no “super easy” way to make money online. If you have been scammed before and want to avoid being scammed again, then you have to stop looking for these easy and fast ways to make money.

I have been making money online since 2015 and the reality I’ve come to know is that there is easy and fast way to make money online. There are lots of different ways to earn, but they all take real work in time. The people that you see making tons of money online have put in the work and the time to get to where they are. They didn’t just all of a sudden start out making thousands of dollars per day.

Recommendation for Newbies

If you are a beginner looking to make money online then I would suggest taking a look at this program. I got started with this program back in 2015 when I first started looking for ways to make money online. To make a long story short, I now make a living working online which goes to show that it does work. You can learn more by clicking the button below…

Questions or comments? feel free to leave them below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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