Is Valentus a Pyramid Scheme? My Review Of This Business Opportunity

ValentusValentus has what can potentially be a pretty lucrative business opportunity for some people. But is this too good to be true? Is Valentus a pyramid scheme type scam? I mean after all, recruitment is a big part of this business.

There is a good bit of controversy surrounding this business opportunity because of the mlm structure and all the recruitment that goes on. Because of this I decided to write this short review for people that are looking for honest answers. I’ll be going over how this business works, how you make money, whether I think its a pyramid scheme or not, and more.

Valentus Overview

Valentus is a mlm company that sells product dealing with energy boosting, weight loss, immune support and a few other things. Their products seem to be very good quality and they claim they are made from natural and pure ingredients.

But the products aren’t my focus here. I’m looking at the business opportunity that this place has. They are a direct sales company. This means that independent representatives, which anyone can become, are the ones that do all the sales and marketing.

As an independent rep you can make money by both selling Valentus products to consumers and by recruiting in other reps, which is the controversial part of it all and is what has people calling this business a pyramid scheme.

Cost To Join

In order to join you are going to have to purchase a product pack to get started. These range in price from $59.95 for the Basic Pack to $499.95 for the Business Builder Pack. Additionally you will have to pay a one time charge of $20 to get your own Valentus website.

The Compensation Plan

There are 7 ways you can earn money with the comp plan that Valentus has in place but these all fall into 2 main categories: retail sales and recruitment.

Retail Sales:

You will be able to earn 25% commission on the sales that you make through your own personal Valentus website. In order to earn these retail sale commissions you must however sell at least 50BV (business value) worth of products each month.


Recruitment is where the big money is at. If you look at all the top earners in a business like this recruitment is going to be a priority for them.

I’m not going to get into how all this works too much here because it gets pretty confusing, but I’ll go over 2 of the ways you can earn with recruitment.

The first is the Legacy Qualification Bonus. Here there is a tertiary mlm structure where there are 3 positions beneath each person. You will earn money here by recruiting in new representatives that reach the rank of Ruby beneath you. Here is a diagram to show you what it looks like..

Another big way to earn through recruitment is with the Dual Team Cycle Commissions. This has a binary payout structure which means that there are 2 positions that need filled with other representatives below each person in your downline…

Pyramid Scheme?

Ok, so obviously there is a lot of focus on recruitment with this business model. If you want to make good money you are going to need to recruit. However, there is also focus on product sales. But the problem that I have with it is that there isn’t really any focus on product sales to the general public… just on product sales in general.

Everything in this comp plan relies on BV of business volume. You move up the ranks by increasing your BV and this is how you earn more money. Increasing BV is all about selling more products. But the shady side of this all is that you can actually increase your BV by just buying the products for yourself.

So you literally could move up the ranks by just buying products yourself. I do not like this and I think there should be more focus on product sales to the general public. This often leads to representatives buying products that they don’t need just to say active or to move up ranks.

But is this enough to call it a pyramid scheme? I still cannot call it one just because I don’t know their revenues and I don’t know how much comes from representatives buying in or how much comes from public consumers.

Conclusion On Valentus – Scam?

The products sold here are legit and good quality, my only problem is with the mlm comp plan and how it focuses so much on recruitment and not enough on product sales (to the public). With a pyramid-like mlm structure like this very few people make good money because most people are at the bottom and struggle. That is why businesses like this have extremely high turnover rates.

I just reviewed 2 mlm’s the other day, Exfuze & Global Wealth Trade, and it is the same sad story with them as well and pretty much every other mlm that I’ve looked into.

So if you are going to pursue this opportunity just know the reality of it, and not the stories that you may hear about how easy it is because they aren’t true.

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